World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 108 - Joep Luijckx

Pointillistic paintings, photos, ceramics and sculptures by Joep Luijckx could be admired recently in Amsterdam MLB Gallery. His latest work also gave the title of the exhibition: ‘Zindering’ (Vibration).

I speak Joep Luijckx in the gallery. With long curly hair, a big beard and a band around his head, he gives enthousiastic explanation of his work. It becomes quite cozy when an old art-colleague, who he has not seen for almost forty years, and his wife joins us. “I make ethereal art. I try to articulate the elusive, the thrill of the landscape in art. Hence the title of the exhibition.”  

Infinite light

When he was 12, 13 years old, he read a statement from Socrates: ‘Everything is nothing and nothing is everything’. Suddenly he understood something. “That was in line with my thoughts on the ‘elusive’. I did find it fascinating how life is in everything.” Luijckx is a believer, he says, “but not in a religion. We have created ourselves.” 

With his art Luijckx gives shape and content to life. “I try to show that silence is more important than noise and that love is more important then anything else. I show the silence and beauty of the landscape. For that you also need the storm. Without storm no serenity, without love no hate. You can emphasize the positive side, or the negative. I’m rather positive, but I’m not always able to.”

Has Luijckx a key work, a work that acted as tilting moment? Joep Luijckx: “I have so many key works. It is difficult to respond with an answer. But one painting I can never make again. That is the work ‘Zindering’. It is also on the poster of the exhibition. You see a landscape, the horizon, an infinite universe. I never sell it. You see infinite silence, infinite light. The light is seen as positive. Leonard Cohen sang: ‘There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in’.”

At the exhibition hangs another painting entitled ‘1953’. “It’s about the biggest disaster, but even then there is always light. Light always emerges, it’s the hope. Without the light man can not live. Light gives heat, but fire destroyes as well.”

Spiral-like form

Joep Luijckx has been a lifelong artist. “When I was six years old my father said that I should go to the Academy later. I already drew in perspective. I also made sculptures and when I was eleven years old I got a camera. I could never choose between sculptures, drawing and photography. I do what I feel like. I do not worry about the established order.”

The versatile artist Luijckx attended the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. He lives 41 years on Goeree-Overflakkee. The way he paints is realistic, surreal or abstract, he has a preference for the latter. He always looks for new ways and challenges. Thus he makes in his workshop tabel-top pictures. Using reflective objects, wipes, colored paper and small homemade objects he creates abstract or surreal worlds that he captures on photo.  

After a period in which he made little ethereal drawings, he went from one day to the other to spiral shapes. At present he paints sizzling pointillistic paintings, work that consists of numerous small dots. In 2014 Luijckx received the Rabobank Cultural Award. The jury described his work as a special interplay of color and light that reaches beyond any light source, powerful work to which you want to keep looking.


There’s also very nice photowork in the exhibition, abstract work created in Iceland and Ameland. He likes to come in Iceland. He’s been there ten times. He tells eagerly about it. When his art-colleague says he has there been too and tells of his experience, he gets very enthusiastic.  He also makes sculptures, most are in the gallery garden. “For eighteen months I make sculptures of serpentine.” It is reminiscent of the spiral-like shapes of his early paintings.

On his laptop he shows a picture / video of a bird-like object he had built on top of an old tree trunk. The object appears to ‘fly’ when the wind blows. The object was created as part of the annual art manifestation on Goeree-Overflakkee, ‘Kunstkijk’ (Art Watch), in which he is active. Luijckx: “That’s important. People need to do fun things together. One should should not compete, but inspire each other.”

“Every human being is a thrill”, he concludes. “There is nothing except the vibration. I want to paint the vibration of the world. The wonder is there every day. Life is beautiful, if you only have an eye for it.” 


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