World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 3 - Ivo Arnaudov

Art and Science once were one. So the ancient people called this magic. Behind every great art and creation lays technology in order that the magic would happen. So, CREATE YOUR OWN MAGIC. That is the creed and belief of the Canadian drawing and sculpting artist Ivo Arnaudov.  

Ivo Arnaudov makes drawings on big polyester silk screens. His sculptures are cast in bronze. Initially, the drawings on big screens started as projects of sculptures of big size. Gradually they developed into individual pieces of art.

Two sided screen

The central theme in his art as a figurative artist is the human being. Ivo says: ‘See the origin of man in the work ‘Adam’ and the birth in the art piece ‘Pregnancy’. This theme is important to me, because the Human Being is the main object of the art. The emotions, interactions between the genders, and the creation of new are always intriguing me.’

Many years ago, Ivo created a big two-sided transparent screen. It depicted three figures, blended in one. He called this piece Adam. ‘Since then I couldn’t create something that expressive or philosophically correct. The picture is 2,5 meters in height and 1,2 meters in length. The screen is a two sided drawing. The figure is half woman and half man and giving birth of a baby.’


‘So: Three figures in One. This is the main social family unit and cell of the society. This is the first man, Adam, giving birth to all humane kind. According to Plato, the man once was female and male in one body. The Gods split it in a man and a woman.  And since then, these two halves attract each other to reunite and make the whole. And bring new life. ‘

This is one of the philosophical aspects of the artwork. ‘If you would be inclined to dismiss the above as a fairy-tale, the scientific facts are that there is NOT a significant difference between the male and the female skeletons. Both genders have nipples, although the man is not nursing. I believe that a good piece of art raises questions and discussions. This is why I consider this artwork of mine – Adam – as my masterpiece.‘    

Family of artists  

The two sided drawing is a typical feature of Ivo Ardaunov’s art. He draws on the front and on the back of the drawing surface. ‘I am seeking for a connection between these two sides using the transparency of the material polyester silk.’ This is an implementation of his belief that every 2D surface provides not one, but two sides for painting. ‘This is contrary to the classical view of the painting as a window, or as a frame with linear perspective.‘ 

Ivo Arnaudov grew up in a family of artists. All his life he was an artist. ‘I finished Art College in Sofia, Bulgaria. After that, I became Master in Art at the Art Academy in Bulgaria. I finished a couple of art classes that were valuable for me – a total of 12 years in classical art education.’

Still learning

Twelve years ago he moved to Canada. As a long time member of OSA – Ontario Society of Artists, the biggest and oldest art association in Canada – he started to work on his own style. He is still learning. ‘For me, the life of an Artist is essential to keep me alive and to express myself. It gives a meaning to the existence.   I developed a disability that is a major obstacle now.  So the art is my life-pillar that keeps me connected with reality and with life.'

Finally, Ivo says: ‘I do what I do. If the public likes it - I consider it an extra benefit.’ 





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