Amsterdam Light Festival 2023/24

Amsterdam Light Festival 2023/24

Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 asked artists to consider the effects of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) on our everyday lives. “The ways in which we communicate, engage and create are all impacted by technology and AI. What is the impact on the human condition? How does society change because of this digital evolution? And where are the boundaries?”

The different perspectives will be highlighted during Edition 12, revealing Art, AI and Tech.

The route consists of more than twenty light artworks by the hand of international artists. From renowned names to surprising newcomers and everything in between. “We dive deeper into our relationship with personal tech, the mobile phone being at the forefront – we cannot live without it, but sometimes you wish you could throw it in the canal. Subjects such as swarm intelligence, self learning algorithms, facial recognition and motion capture are also explored. What will be next?”

From Thursday 30 November until Sunday 21 January, the lights will be on every evening from 5.00 p.m. Depending on the day, the lights will go off at 10.00 or 11.00 p.m.

Education project

Together with the municipality of Amsterdam, Program Bridges, a collaboration has been entered into for an education project.

For one of these works of art, an artist collaborates with hundreds of primary school students. This contribution is important and often indispensable for the work.

A workshop program has been put together for the students in which they work as artists and are inspired and guided by the artists and experienced cultural education teachers. The workshops include real-life encounters with bridge builders who teach students in an interactive way about the heritage of their own city and technology. They also learn about light art and the ins and outs of the festival. At the end of the project, the parents are also involved: they sail with the class on the tour boat to visit the festival and their own work of art, with the children providing guides and telling the stories of the works of art.

“I really liked the idea behind the project. The children also found the lessons very interesting. There was the right balance between listening and being active.” - Nautilus primary school teacher

Next Connection

The theme of Edition 12 is artificial intelligence and technology. In Yasser Ballemans' educational artwork and project Next Connection, students investigate connections. Connections between the students themselves, with other children in the city, connections necessary for the internet and artificial intelligence and the literal connections between the residents that are created by the many bridges in the city.

These are the artists of edition 12

•  Aram Bartholl

Through his work, Aram Bartholl (DE, 1972) addresses social issues, such as surveillance, data privacy and technology dependence. Next to being an artist, Bartholl is a professor in art and digital media at HAW in Hamburg.

•  Arnaud Laffond

From his atelier in Lyon, videographer Arnaud Laffond (FR, 1986) makes virtual environments and computer generated work. He creates video installations, animations and impressions, often on the verge of science fiction.

•  Atelier Haute Cuisine

This design collective was founded by Bernd Tyskens (BE, 1982) and Benny Conings (BE, 1983). As their name might suggest, they mix different ingredients to contribute to a greater whole.

•  Daan Johan & Joris Strijbos

Tilburg-based Daan Johan (NL) and Rotterdam-based Joris Strijbos (NL, 1989) both work with light, images and sound. They are part of the Macular Collective that focuses on art, science, technology and perception.


Australian technology studio ENESS was founded in 1997. The studio creates temporary and permanent artworks for the public space. They strongly believe in the power of art to bring about joy, relief, beauty and happiness.

•  Florian & Michael Quistrebert

Brothers Florian Quistrebert (FR, 1982) and Michael Quistrebert (FR, 1976) have been working together since 2007. They live between The Hague and Nantes and have received multiple international awards for their work.

•  Frank Foole

Architect Frank Foole (NL, 1958) is interested in the speed and the ease with which we make ourselves acquainted with the new digital image culture. Foole has participated in the festival before, during Edition 7 (2018-2019).

•  Gali May Lucas

Graphic designer Gali May Lucas (UK, 1992) makes illustrations and photos. She lives in Amsterdam and works for an international design agency in Londen. Lucas has participated in the festival before, during Edition 7 (2018-2019).

•  Gáspár Battha

Light, mirrors and new media technologies are all characteristics of Gáspár Battha’s (HU, 1988) work. He specializes in motion design and creating multimedia exhibitions. For his artwork he worked together with light designer Andras Nágy (HU, 1972).

•  Herman Kuijer

The colourful light installations by Herman Kuijer (NL, 1953) cannot be grouped under one form of art. However, light and colour always play an important role in Kuijer’s work. Never excessive, but always in accordance with the environment.

•  Jacqueline Hen

Artist and spatial designer Jacqueline Hen (DE, 1989) creates large-scale performative installations. Her work is often at the crossroads of physical and virtual habitats with which she explores social transformation.

•  Joan Giner

With the combination of sculpture, video projection and sound, Joan Giner (FR, 1981) creates digital interpretations of our reality. He makes use of technology and virtual tools to come to new forms of storytelling.

•  Jon Voss

Jon Voss (UK, 1977) has a background in architecture and has a passion for art and design. He currently lives and works in the south of France where he makes illustrations, sculptures and kinetic installations.

•  Joris Strijbos

Joris Strijbos (NL, 1981) focuses on the relation between moving image and sound and explores subjects like swarm intelligence, cybernetics and communication networks. Strijbos participates with two artworks in this edition.

•  Liam Campbell

As visual artist and senior creative, Liam Campbell (UK, 1990) creates dystopian and provocative work. With his light artwork Campbell wants people to consider their relationship with technology.

•  Marleen Sleeuwits

Originally trained as a photographer, Marleen Sleeuwits (NL, 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in The Hague. She makes solo and group exhibitions for museums and art fairs worldwide.

•  Mischa Kuball

Mischa Kuball (DE, 1959) is a conceptual artist, who has been working in the public and institutional spheres since 1977. With his works he offers platforms for conversations between the artist, the public and its surroundings.

•  Peter Vink

Another ‘festival veteran’; Peter Vink’s (NL, 1974) specialty is creating site specific works. He wants to break through the conditioned perception, changing the ways in which we experience our environments.

•  Studio MAST

MAST is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Amsterdam, founded by Matteo Renna (IT, 1989) and Stefan Fahrngruber (AT, 1982). Renna and Fahrngruber share a passion for immersive experiences and storytelling.

•  Universal Everything

This international media art and design collective from the United Kingdom was founded in 2004. With different display techniques they try to create new forms of image. Their work is often immersive, interactive and sometimes explores the domain of VR.

•  Vendel & De Wolf

Artist duo Vendel & De Wolf consists of Paul Vendel (NL, 1964) and Sandra de Wolf (NL, 1966), who are true festival veterans. Next to light art installations, they make works for exhibitions and public spaces.

•  Vibhor Sogani

Creative professional Vibhor Sogani (IN, 1967) has a passion for using materials. His favourite is steel, which is the recurring material for most of his installations. He has exhibited worldwide with his diverse set of artworks.


Justus Bruns (NL, 1987) and Mingus Vogel (NL, 1989) met as students at Delft University of Technology and have been working under the name VOUW since 2017. They work on the interface of design and technology and created their first artwork for our festival last year.

•  Yasser Ballemans

Visual artist Yasser Ballemans (NL, 1981) is interested in the role of art in rituals, like parades, campfires and commemorations. He wants to investigate how aspects of ‘old fashioned’ rituals can be used in today’s society.

30 november 2023 / 21 januari 2024
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