An explosion of cutting edge creativity at the Student Hotel

This is the first time a Dutch festival connects creativity across multiple disciplines: sports, fashion, music, film, photography, architecture, design, advertising, arts. Whatever the shape, form or medium, it all starts with our most important skill, the one thing that differentiates us from animals and robots - creativity.

The organizers aim to unite leading Dutch creative professionals, talent and brands to learn and connect, to celebrate the very best Dutch creativity, and to unleash the creative potential of Dutch society. How will they do this? By creating a platform for new connections and collaborations, by challenging visitors to understand how creativity creates impact, offering chances to learn from the masters and shapers of Dutch Creativity, and empowering them to grow as a creative professional or brand.

Melle Bos, Global Brand & Communication Director, The Student Hotel:
“ADCN and The Student Hotel are co-hosting the Dutch Creativity Festival. With a shared passion for creativity and design, and as respective platforms for creative talent, we believe in facilitating future generations. That’s why our hybrid co-living and co-working spaces cater to the insatiably curious; those who appreciate ever-learning, are unafraid to fail and always challenge the norm. We welcome you to The Student Hotel. Stay curious.”

7th and 8th of June 2019

The Student Hotel Amsterdam City

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7 juni 2019 / 8 juni 2019
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