Border Sessions 2019: Previous BAD award winners take the stage

Border Sessions 2019: Previous BAD award winners take the stage 

During the festival night at Korzo on thursday the 13th of June, three previous Bio Art and Design (BAD) award winners will take the stage. Angelique Spaninks will interview the artists and scientists involved. After this panel session the BAD award 2019 ceremony will take place.  

Artist Charlotte Jarvis will be discussing her most recent work, In Posse. Over the past six years she has been working on a series of pieces collectively titled Corpus, which aim to find alternative spaces of discourse for the human body in this new context. Read more...

Isaac Monté will talk about the use of deception by humans to achieve perfection in society, art, and science. Reacting to this through art, we have taken discarded pig hearts and transformed them into elegant vessels for new life by decellularizing them and re-populating them with various techniques, into aesthetically improved hearts for humans. Read more...

Extracting iron from the blood contained in human placentas and turning it into a metallic compass needle conveys the outline of “Haem” the Bio Art & Design Awards 2016 winning project by artist Cecilia Jonsson and researcher Rodrigo Leite de Oliveira. Read more...

BAD award 2019 
Thursday, June 13th 

The Bio Art & Design Award, BAD Award for short, is a unique competition since 2010, that aims at stimulating young artists and designers from all over the world to experiment with bioart and design and to collaborate with renowned Dutch research groups. The BAD Awards aim to stimulate interest, excitement and debate about the Life Sciences through high-quality, original artistic practice; to examine the social, cultural and ethical contexts of the Life Sciences through the arts; and to promote high-quality interdisciplinary practice and collaborations between art/ design and science/technology.

The BAD Awards of €25,000,- each are assigned by an international jury to the three most promising and original proposals in the competition.

13 juni 2019
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