David Hockney on Vincent van Gogh | FULL INTERVIEW

From 1 March 2019 till 26 May 2019, the colossal works of David Hockney were on display in the Netherlands. For the first time, this spectacular exhibition offered an extensive and colourful exploration of the common ground between the work of Vincent van Gogh and David Hockney.

Hockney: ‘His paintings are full of movement. What people love about Van Gogh’s paintings is that all the brush marks are visible and you can see how they are painted. When you’re drawing one blade of grass you’re looking and then you see more. And then you see the other blades of grass and you’re always seeing more. Well, that’s exciting to me and it was exciting to Van Gogh. I mean, he saw very clearly’.

‘The world is colourful. It is beautiful, I think. Nature is great. Van Gogh worshipped nature. He might have been miserable, but that doesn’t show in his work. There are always things that will try to pull you down. But we should be joyful in looking at the world’. - David Hockney –


Production: Mals Media
Director: Kay Lindhout
Interview: Else Siemerink
Production: Anna Jordans & Else Siemerink
DOP: Victor Horstink
Edit: Tobias Cornelissen
Sound: Koos van der Vaart
Music: Arling & Cameron / Modern Day Composers
Translation: Joey Meeuwisse
Online edit & color grading: SALT Amsterdam
Audio post processing: Bob Kommer Studio’s  

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With thanks to David Hockney, the David Hockney Foundation, David Hockney inc.

Van Gogh Museum, 2019  


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