“Illuminate the World · 2022 Qiandao Lake International Biennale of Light Art” | Hangzhou

 “Illuminate the World · 2022 Qiandao Lake International Biennale of Light Art” | Hangzhou

On Jun. 29, “Illuminate the World · 2022 Qiandao Lake International Biennale of Light Art” opened at the Yue Guang Island, Qiandao Lake Scenic Spot. The Biennale was co-organized by China Academy of Art and Chun’an County People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and was China’s first biennale focusing on art of light as medium.

While continuing to build China Academy of Art’s “Illuminate the World” art platform, the exhibition was committed to promoting a long-term mechanism for the integration of public art and local culture.

258 works from 208 artists from more than 10 countries

The first “Qiandao Lake International Biennale of Light Art” took the form of both public solicitation and specially invited proposals. The curatorial team carried out a preliminary investigation in December of 2020 and solicited art proposals from around the world on Feb. 20, 2022. As of Mar. 28, 2022, a total of 258 works had been collected from 208 artists from more than 10 countries around the world. After multiple rounds of evaluation by the art committee, 26 works were finally selected.

It was expected that the Biennale would combine public art works with the nature and history of the Qiandao Lake. After nearly four months of preparation and production and overcoming lots of technical difficulties, all works were successfully displayed in the water space (including on water and underwater).

Bringing public art into natural space 

Among them, 1/4 of the works combine the interaction between the audience and the water, and realize the ecologicalization of the creation process while bringing public art into natural space. Nearly 1/3 of the works involve the underwater world and blend in with the history of the Qiandao Lake in artistic language. And 1/3 of the works integrate with the view of lake and mountain of the Qiandao Lake.

Zheng Jing’s Explore lets the audience explore the historical space under the water of the Qiandao Lake through interaction. Dutch artist Maik Mager’s KRANS and Chinese artist Zang Xue’s Underwater Light both use water as a medium to connect the present and the past of the Qiandao Lake. Zhang Zengzeng’s All Things Grow, Kou Shude’s Water and Moon Glowing, Li Jiayi’s Weaving with Light, Chen Zhihao’s Bulu and French artist Niek’s Thickness of Water combine the art of light with the regional characteristics of the Qiandao Lake either through the representative metasequoia trees of the Qiandao Lake, or through the tourist cableway of the Yue Guang Island of Qiandao Lake, or through combination with the hemp embroidery patterns in Chun’an traditional skills, or through the play with the fish in the lake with sound and light.

The spirit of Chinese art 

In addition, taking advantage of the Qiandao Lake’s “the first beautiful water in the world”, a large number of works present the spirit of Chinese art — “The state of mind is bright, clear and serene, and nothingness reflects the nature.” For example, Guan Huaibin’s Fisherman’s Realm conveys the Eastern interest and charm in the Qiandao Lake with the images of “fisherman” and “boat” in Chinese culture. Wang Zhong’s Mirror Moon presents the fun and content conception of “walking with the moon”. Jing Yumin’s Falling Feather creates an aesthetic conception of “a white feather on the cold autumn water”. Chen Ke’s Moonlight Surges into the Clear Mind depicts the natural laws and human world that “the moon dims or shines”.

A lotus flower rising from underwater 

In Yu Chenxing’s Winding Path to a Secluded Quiet Place, the light moves with the bridge and takes the audience into poetic optical space. Zhao Ming’s Clear Water and Cloud-shaped Shawl highlights the romantic sentiment of a lotus flower rising from under water in Chinese culture. French artist Jean F. Gavoty combines the image of the Qiandao Lake with global energy issues through his travel adapter. The rest of the works also create diverse cultural outlooks for the serene Qiandao Lake from different perspectives, such as Bulgarian artist Assadour’s Walking on Water, Hu Quanchun’s Plop, Li Zhen’s Seed-000223.Rosa, Yao Haolan’s The World Looks Here, Liu Yuanjie’s Fantasy Qiandao, Xu Ge’s Ring of Light, and Yin Bao and Lai Xiangjian’s Swing.

1 juli 2022
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