Liquid landscape premieres at Arte Sella in Italy | Studio Roosegaarde

Liquid landscape premieres at Arte Sella in Italy | Studio Roosegaarde

A playful dialogue between people and nature

The contemporary open air museum Arte Sella in Italy premieres the new artwork Liquid Landscape by artist Daan Roosegaarde. Visitors experience an unexpected fluid movement when stepping on this surreal landscape of grass. Liquid Landscape creates a playful dialogue between people and nature, revealing our symbiotic relationship with the environment. 

What may at first seem like a small dune or Dutch dike, transforms into a liquid landscape the moment you set foot onto it. By walking onto the 50m2 artwork, the surface begins to move, and gentle ripples occur in the grass. A carefully designed collage of local soil and water is buried in the Italian ground, and covered with a custom flexible container of nutrients and grass. As more visitors step onto the artwork, the ripples become more vibrant and symbolize the ecological footprint. Watch the special movie at

Create a challenging framework

Liquid Landscape is the permanent public artwork commissioned by the contemporary open air museum Arte Sella in Italy. Daan Roosegaarde was asked to create something with a challenging framework: no use of electricity, no use of artificial light, low maintenance, robust for decades, yet interactive to people.

"Liquid Landscape is radical new sculpture thinking; as an anti-sculpture it is almost invisible in which the visitor is invited to become the artwork." - Emanuele Montibeller, art curator Arte Sella. By inviting visitors to interact and play, Liquid Landscape challenges conventional expectations of sculpture, and our perspective of materiality with a solid transforming into liquid.

The change in our climate

Against the background of the solid Alpine mountain surrounded by nature with its seasons, the artwork symbolizes the change in our climate. We think our world is static, but it is not; it is continuously changing. As a call to action, Liquid Landscape playfully inspires visitors to re-appreciate their relationship with nature and the impact on Earth.

Liquid Landscape is exhibited at Arte Sella, 38051 Borgo Valsugana, Trentino in Italy. With special thanks to the Embassy of the Netherlands, the consulate-general of the Netherlands in Italy, the teams of Studio Roosegaarde and Arte Sella. Photography by Roberto Conte. Movie by Daan Roosegaarde with Media.Monks and dancers Ilaria Marcolin and Giacomo Citton of Dancing Museums.

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