Maša Gala makes Techno Landscape in old Printing Factory

Not so long ago we wrote an article about Maša Gala. She is an emerging artist from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Her works of art are characterised by continuous experimenting with various materials. By using building materials and different painting techniques she tries to surpass their classical use.

Her working together with architects and the construction world is therefore not that strange. As is shown in a new project in which she participates: the MUSES project. This project is being shown at the international Month of Design in Ljubljana ,in collaboration with Zavod BIG and SloART. The Month of Design is taking place at different locations around the city of Ljubljana.

Old printing factory

The best architects, product-, graphic- and fashiondesigners show together along with visual artists and photographers. The title of this year’s Month of Design is IT IS POSSIBLE.

The name of the installation/room is YESTERDAY and TOMORROW. Curator Goran Rupnik – RIBA Architects writes: ‘The ambient of the old printing factory, which time has expired, it feels like a modern techno landscape. The big format painting and the glass installation look like as they have always been there. The table of oiled oak, probably made from scrap of some natural disaster, the carpet with strong pattern, which modern design is afraid of, is woven from the materials of another factory, which has a future. And Saint Urh, he will eat the fish and drink a glass of wine. He is proposing a toast. Then he will listen to what is coming tomorrow.’

Maša Gala has been invited to participate at the Muses project and build new art works for the the environment of an old abandoned printing factory at the centre of Ljubljana. In collaboration with RIBA architects and antiquities Gallery Ažbe she built a space as a proposal of a modern up to date living room.

Techno landscape

The architect Goran Rupnik and Maša Gala worked closely together for month to design a contemporary eclectic fusion that reflects Yesterday / history, the roots, and predicts Tomorrow, how the future techno landscape will look like as an inspiration.

Maša Gala made a complex big format that connects the environment of the abandoned printing factory (the past) with contemporary materials, metal colours and mixed media. She painted the future in a work that got the title DreamMACHINE (190 x 300 cm).  This work  - a visually beautiful and complex interior of the computer - is to the artist a machine we use every day in our lives.

The interior, the mechanical parts, the wires, bytes of the machine produce constantly new dreams. And we adore it. The reality of the computer on the other hand is purely technical and cold.   

Light source and sculpture

Along with the painting she also made a glass installation titled MotherBOARD as an essential part of the room. It is a light source and sculpture at once. It is an architectural element to make a barrier in a space, and it is visual, it connects the painting with the rest of the elements in the room with its motive: the motherboard of a new line of computer. Gala used paint and photomaterial.

Both art pieces together form a unity in the space and connect perfectly the past and the future. It is a great fusion of antique pieces and contemporary artwork.  

Both art pieces together form a unity and connect perfectly the past and the future. It is a great fusion of antique spaces, classical design furniture, modern design pieces and contemporary artwork.

Photo credits (all photos): P.K. Photography, Polona Kumelj



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