Miró-Picasso | Museu Picasso Barcelona

Miró-Picasso | Museu Picasso Barcelona   

The Miró-Picasso exhibition is a joint and unique project of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona and the Fundació Joan Miró that will take place simultaneously at both institutions, between 20th October, 2023 and 25th February, 2024. Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, who maintained a close friendship for more than fifty years, chose Barcelona to bequeath their work in the form of monographic art centres.

The exhibition is organised around six major chronological and thematic axes and will bring together a set of more than 250 works from public and private collections from all around the world with the aim of exhibiting, one beside the other, two artists who transformed 20th century art with their own voice and an unprecedented plastic intensity. From the time they met in 1917 in Barcelona to their last monumental projects, including the episode of the Pavilion of the Spanish Republic in Paris in 1937 or the interest in the ancestral technique of ceramics, the visitor will also discover how these two artists and friends shared many transcendental moments of their careers.

Picasso Celebration 1973-2023

Miró-Picasso forms part of the events of the Picasso Celebration 1973-2023, which includes a total of 50 exhibitions dedicated to Picasso that will take place around the world between the autumn of 2022 and the spring of 2024. 


20 oktober 2023 / 25 februari 2024
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