NEU NOW 2016

Amsterdam’s annual international art festival, NEU NOW, returns in September to showcase the work of a young generation of exceptional artists that are emerging from academies across Europe and beyond. A carefully selected group of creative talents from all disciplines are invited to present their work and to participate in a programme that is designed to empower, catalyse collaboration and create future opportunities. NEU NOW promotes the fluid character of the artistic disciplines and is proud to present a jam-packed programme with exhibitions, performances, workshops, films, and artist talks. NEU NOW 2016 presents 35 artworks from emerging artists from 23 countries at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam Keep an eye on this event page and our website for future updates regarding the participating artists and programme: Participating artists include: DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE Emilia Strzempek-Plasun (PL) Emma Dahlqvist (SE) Katalin Júlia Herter (HU) Stine Aas (NO) FILM/ANIMATION Andrea Alessi (IT) HXZ (BE) Marek Jasan (SK) Sophie Dros (NL) Yaron Cohen (NL) MUSIC/SOUNDS Jo Goes Hunting (NL) Steven Hoes (NL) Teresa Doblinger (CH) Topos Kolektiv (CZ) THEATRE/DANCE Destiny's Children (CH) Hsu Chen Wei Production Dance Company (TW) Nína Sigridur Hjalmarsdottir (IS) Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer (BE) Zapia Company (SP) VISUAL ARTS Alicja Symela (PL) Di Franca Massimiliano (BE) Jaeyong Choi (DE) Jonas Böttern (SE) Lana Ruellan (FR) Lea Schiess (NL) TSAI, YI-TING (TW) Viktorija Eksta (LT) Vladimir Novak (CR) Alberto Condotta (UK) Eva Giolo (BE) Stef van den Dungen (NL) NEU NOW is an initiative of ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts, an independent network organisation for higher arts education.

14 september 2016 / 18 september 2016
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