OtherNetwork is now online

OtherNetwork is now online

OtherNetwork – a brand new platform that connects independent art spaces through digital infrastructure – is now online. OtherNetwork has been developed by Cookies in collaboration with ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen to provide visibility to art spaces that exist outside of mainstream institutional frameworks.

The project stems from the Fragile tour that Cookies worked on with Wolfgang Tillmans from 2016–2022, where connections were made with a number of collaborators in Accra, Johannesburg, Kinshasa and other cities across sub-Saharan Africa. As part of a longstanding investigation into the role of architecture in the production of cultural projects, Cookies initiated OtherNetwork in order to understand the connections, influences and dependencies between hundreds of art spaces that are firmly rooted in their local communities.

Visit othernetwork.io, and please share the project with your contacts to help the platform grow. For more questions, get in touch with info@othernetwork.io.




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