Tech Culture Festival Border Sessions also this year in The Hague

Border Sessions will hit the city this June. Over the course of 4 days you can explore an extensive programme with labs, summits, a festival night, movie screenings, and more. 

Festival night on June 13th. 

Charles Foster wanted to know what it was like to be a beast. So he lived life as a badger for six weeks, sleeping in a dirt hole and eating earthworms, he came face to face with shrimps as he lived like an otter and he spent hours curled up in a back garden in East London and rooting in bins like an urban fox. His book is an intimate look at the life of animals, neuroscience and psychology, but also a journey of extraordinary thrills and surprises, containing wonderful moments of humour and joy, but also providing important lessons for all of us who share life on this precious planet.  

What if you have the opportunity to genetically modify their offspring at conception? Bryan Bishop will give a high-level overview of germline genetic engineering of human embryos, which has certain advantages over somatic cell therapies, allowing for choices to be made concerning traits such as height, longevity, memory, intelligence, etc. This talk will dive into the future of this technology, address the ethics and limitations and some of the implications.

The Life and Death of a Sex Robot follows the lifecycle of Robin, the first ever sex robot in The Netherlands. A series of pop songs, created by Lindertje Mans and Roald van Oosten, tell her story: from the factory where she’s made, to the first use, ending with recycling. The oldest, most human of desires meet the latest developments in technology. A theatrical concert that stimulates all senses. Are we ready for a new, intimate, relationship with our technological devices?

Take a look at the new website. In the next weeks you can expect weekly updates with new confirmations for the festival night, labs, summits and special events. Sleep with one eye open!

Labs, day-long workshops, 12 - 14 June

Are you looking to learn, interact, share knowledge and meet new people while at it? Join one of the labs! Take your pick from more than 30 labs, spread out over 3 days and more than 15 locations in The Hague. 

During a Border Sessions Lab you can dive into a specific topic or theme together with a diverse group of around 30 - 50 people. It is an opportunity to tinker, think and build together towards a clear mission and goal and find common ground to innovate and kickstart future endeavours.

Topics range from the future of food, biohacking and circular cities to tech and human rights and extreme space design.

12 juni 2019 / 15 juni 2019
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