Tech Culture Festival Border Sessions – time to reconnect

Tech Culture Festival Border Sessions – time to reconnect

Online Session - 15th February 2022, 16.00 hours

Marije Remigius / Circular Learning   

It’s time to reconnect! Border Sessions organizes the Out of Chaos edition of Border Sessions on June 9 & 10 in The Hague. Live & in person.

Border Sessions is happy to offer you energizing sessions in the coming months to get in the mood. On the 15th of February they will host the second monthly online session and we can listen to Marije Remigius. 

Fiction Factory

Marije is the sustainability manager at Fiction Factory, Amsterdam. After 20 years of working as a project manager she decided to change the way she and the factory were working. In collaboration with their clients and other stakeholders they are now changing the way of building interiors and are closing the system by taking responsibility of the interiors they produce. Not only by taking them back but also to reuse and repurpose the materials. 

By giving presentations and workshops to architects, students and in companies she is learning others to do the same. She is working in European funding projects on reducing wood waste with open source and digital solutions. And with her 7 loops to circular exhibition building she is actively involved in changing the way our cultural heritage is presented.

At this moment she is involved in producing 3 biobased & circular pavilions and 2 exhibitions at the Floriade 2022 in Almere The Netherlands.

Border Sessions is about punk innovators who are guiding us in new directions. Who would you like to meet, connect and engage with them? What should we discover together? Which questions do you carry around? Who should we invite? Who would you bring along? This and more is what Border Sessions wants to discuss with you to prepare for the Chaos Edition in June.

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15 februari 2022
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