The 2020 Prince Claus Fund Laureates

The 2020 Prince Claus Fund Laureates

The Prince Claus Awards honour individuals and organisations for their excellent, ground-breaking work in culture and development. 

The Principle Prince Claus Award 2020

Ibrahim Mahama, Visual Arts, Ghana

Ibrahim Mahama is a visual artist who is actively involved in improving social conditions. His powerful artworks use provocative materials and sites to examine and expose histories, uphold the role of labour, challenge authorities and criticise mismanagement of resources. Directly addressing lack of opportunities and facilities in his home region, he has set up an open­ access cultural centre and other social projects providing employment, education, studio space and creative activities.

The Prince Claus Awards

Açik Radyo, Istanbul, 1995  

Açik Radyo is an independent, collectively owned radio station, run and programmed mainly by volunteers. Founded by Ömer Madra, a former professor of international law and human rights, ‘Open Radio’ fosters fundamental human freedoms and pluralist democracy. It provides critical in-depth news, local information and insight into a vast range of political, cultural and social topics, and encourages alternative voices, engaged debate and active listenership.

Diamantina Arcoiris, design, Colombia

Diamantina Arcoiris is a fashion designer who uses her knowledge and skills to help those marginalised by society. In the challenging environment of one of Bogotá's barrios, she has set up Fundación Rediseñándonos (Redesign Ourselves Foundation), which offers a welcoming community and inspiring workshops. Drawing on the therapeutic aspects of creativity and creative production, she is empowering people to explore alternative possibilities and redesign their lives.

Fendika Cultural Center, Music, performance, culture &development, Ethiopia

Fendika Cultural Center is a cultural hub and vibrant creative hotspot in the heart of Addis Ababa. Owned and run by dancer and choreographer Melaku Belay, it is a melting pot of traditional and contemporary cultural expression, where artists of all generations experiment with new forms and reinvigorate old forms in all artistic disciplines, from music and poetry to visual arts and performance. It is a popular and unique catalyst for Ethiopian culture.

Tunakaimanu Fielakepa, cultural heritage, Tonga

Tunakaimanu Fielakepa is a committed activist for Tonga’s living cultural heritage, its language, traditions, values and customs. Alongside her lifetime involvement in education and community development, she is an expert on koloa, the textile arts of Tongan women. She works with communities to sustain and revitalise all aspects of this unique practice, and contributes through research, exhibitions and publications to maintaining and promoting koloa’s social and aesthetic value in Tongan society.

M7red, architecture, Argentina

m7red is an independent network of socially engaged architects and spatial planners. They work with citizens, especially under-represented communities, to counteract developments that impact negatively on communal spaces. Rejecting top-down processes of public decisionmaking, m7red collaborate with stakeholders, network with relevant experts and create innovative tools that clarify power relations, vested interests and political pressures, thereby empowering people to claim their rights in public space.

2020 Next Generation Laureate, Hira Nabi, film & visual arts, Pakistan

Hira Nabi is a filmmaker and visual artist who examines the multiple elements of contemporary reality with political insight and poetic intensity. She explores in detail the local consequences of overarching issues such as globalisation and environmental degradation, boldly contrasting harsh fact, inventive narrative and lyrical imagery. Combining critical research and a personal aesthetic vision, she demonstrates the next generation’s ability to resist mass populism and reclaim individuality.

3 december 2020
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