Upcoming: Waterlicht Germany Premiere

Upcoming: Waterlicht Germany Premiere

Roosegaarde’s monumental light installation WATERLICHT is back and celebrates its German premiere in Oberhausen. As a virtual flood of light WATERLICHT will immerse the Peter Behrens Building in blue light and raise awareness of rising water levels worldwide. In doing so, WATERLICHT questions how we as societies can deal with rising water levels of different origins in a local and global context.

In Oberhausen, the artwork is set in relation to the challenges of eternity. As a result of coal mining, the Ruhr region has sunk by up to 25 meters. Without the constant pumping of groundwater, large parts of the region would be flooded and a lake landscape of up to 90km in length would be created. Intensive research is being conducted not only into how the water can be extracted but how the heat of the water from underground can be used to generate energy.

Welcome at Future 21 WATERLICHT 5 and 6 November 19:30 till 00:00 in Oberhausen, Germany.


5 november 2021 / 6 november 2021
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