Vegan Cannibal Picknick at AVL Mundo Sculpture Park

Vegan Cannibal Picknick at AVL Mundo Sculpture Park

Dear fellow human, 
‘Only anthropophagy unites us’  

After having trained ourselves for weeks and weeks in social distancing, our craving for bodily contact has risen to immeasurable heights. Luckily AVL Barbaar has some therapeutic agents on offer:

On the 19th, 20th and 21st of June, from 12:00 to 18:00 we offer a Vegan Cannibal Picnic to anyone who can’t wait to grab a bite of human flesh.  

In the midst of the sculptures at the AVL Mundo Sculpture Park (Keileweg 18) you can pick up and enjoy this ‘boxed’ performance on site as lunch or mid-noon snack.

Vegan Cannibal Picnic is hosted and designed by Joachim Robbrecht, Jan Brokof  (woodcut), Lars ExitBrânză Albă + Bigg Head Baby (Keep It Business, Berlin) (music), a.ACHAT (costume), en Contemporary Glory Contemporary Cash (service)
Hope to see you in our park!  

For more information check out our event here. With the Vegan Cannibal Picknick box ticket you can also acces the Running in Circles Exhibition at the Barbaar. 

PS :  Cannibal Vegan Picnic is inspired by Oswalde de Andrade’s Anthropophagic Manifesto which proposes cannibalism as a cultural practice of digesting the other and otherness.

19 juni 2020 / 21 juni 2020
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