An incredible history of the Chicago Cubs #1

The Chicago Cubs won their last  baseball' World Series in 1908. They played in their last World Series in 1945. It has been a long, long drought for Cubbie' fans. But this is the year! This is an historic year because the Cubbies are seen as the best team, of the 29 baseball teams, in the two major leagues of the American game.

In a sense, the owners of the Cubs have taken inspiration from the films The Magnificent Seven and Seven Samurai. In those movies, with an identical script, a town pays seven hired guns to rid them of the bad guys. The Cubs, too, brought in hired-guns for this years season to add to their wealth of outstanding young players.

Jon Lester, who signed on with the team for $155 million over six years, sums it all up: "The biggest draw is the fact that helping the Cubs and win a World Series. That's been the big draw the last two years for guys to come here. I know Zo (Zobrist)  and Heyward and Lack (Lackey)  turned down more money in other places to come here because of that, that allure of winning a World Series in Chicago. For me, it wasn't a deciding factor, but it was definitely a factor in our decision-making."

They may be hired guns, but they do have an altruistic agenda.