Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #12

There was only one gallery with a blush of red dots last weekend. Pity. Pity, because there was much that was good. Really, folks, you gotta do something about this. And ONLY you and a few others can do it. But, as always, you have another chance this coming weekend. Not to mention some rather interesting events. There is an artist that spent 21 days sitting on a chicken egg so as to incubate it into hatching. Did this "mother hen" succeed? Go and see for yourself. 

Hey, maybe this will tickle the heart of the average and stereotyped Dutch person. An avant-garde gallery is having a two day "Garage Sale." The announcement says: ""The First and Last Time." On offer is everything from paintings, drawings, photographs to books and records. Priced to SELL! Kid you not. Also, under the rubric Bits & Pieces 3D attempts to correct last weeks mistakes. Mistakes? Life is hard. Photos? You bet. Last week, three photographers snapped 3D in action....And more, and more, and more....the beat goes on...


Bits & Pieces:

What You Missed Last Week:

What Is Happening This Week: 

This is from a 3D List' reader, Sheila G., "...in Las Vegas...there are more Catholic Churches than casinos...some worshippers...will give casino chips rather than cash...The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in. This is done by the 'chip monks.'" [chipmunks] Hmmm, sounds too cute to be true. But you never know. Las Vegas is a strange place...or so 3D has been told. 

Jan D. reports that 3D got it WRONG...again...and it's all about the "pigs." It was part of B&P on last week's list. The proud owners of the micro pigs are David and Posh Beckham and NOT "Spice and David Beckman." Oh!...But, hey, folks, who gives a damn? 

Getting it WRONG another time, too. Last week's list mentioned the docu "When We Were Kings" that was to be shown at W139 as being about the Muhammad Ali and "Joe" Foreman big fight in 1974. The announcement, from W139, listed "James" Foreman...3D KNEW that was WRONG and corrected it to "Joe" which is also WRONG. The correct Foreman was "George." Whew!

"A Dutch House With Some Serious Whimsy," by Gisela Williams (New York Times, 17th Feb). Don and Sylvie Murphy built a monolithic house in the suburbs of Amsterdam (see photo with article). The result, "People have shouted abusive things at us." https://nyti.ms/1KHXXtg 

Multiplex: Transnatural (TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127). Exhibitions, workshops and lectures from the 19th of February through the month of March. The purpose is to "show young and old the most interesting attempts from art, design and science to fuse technology with nature. A glimpse of a new and rich world with trans natural architecture, installations and more." Entry 7.50 euro. For more info and the complete program see: https://bit.ly/2LplGVW 

Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Counter-Campaigning Workshops." Well, 3D suggest you check out their web-site for more detailed info because it is too complicated to go into here: https://bit.ly/2vC2IzX or ask, via e-mail, Deborah Meibergen: deborah@mediamatic.net . You must also register and there is a 10 euro charge for each day of workshop with two days on offer. 


Got any old Polaroids laying around gathering dust, mildew and turning a pretty sepia shade? Then you gotta read this: "Artists' Polaroids going under the gavel," by Carol Vogel. Edwin H. Land invented the Polaroid in 1937. It would become a victim of the digital age and in 2001 the company filed for bankruptcy. Now a court order has decreed that a selection of the collection of 12,000 images be auctioned (Sotheby's, New York, 21st and 22nd June). The collection began when Land started a project called Artist Support Program "after realizing how important artists' input was in improving his products." 

Barbara Hitchcock, the collections curator said, "Experimentation was encouraged by Polaroid. The mantra was: experimentation, creativity, innovation, push the envelope of photography." Ansel Adams met Mr. Land in 1948 and became a friend. In his autobiography, Adams recalled his introduction to a Polaroid when Mr. Land took a picture of him with a prototype camera. "As it was peeled from its negative, after 60 seconds, the sepia-colored print had great clarity and luminosity. We were both beaming with the satisfaction of witnessing a photographic breakthrough come alive before our eyes. For Land it represented confirmation of a dream; for me it was a thrilling experience relating to the future of the craft." 

The collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Robert Frank, Robert Mapplethorpe, William Wegman, Rob Rauschenberg, David Hockney and Lucas Samaras. Several have been estimated to bring from $100.000 to $500,000. The June auction will offer only 10% or 1,200 images from the collection. www.iht.com 

You won't believe this..."Artist's gaze is too much for Uzbek court," by Ellen Barry (www.iht.com, 12th February). "Umida Akhmedova, a photographer and documentary filmmaker, was found guilty...of slandering and insulting Uzbek people." How can a photographer slander a country?: "...By showing people with sour expressions or bowed heads, children in ragged clothing, old people begging for change or with images so dreary that...a foreigner unfamiliar with Uzbekistan will conclude that this is country where people live in the Middle Ages." Well, the government got that right! "Foreigners" will indeed conclude that Uzbek is still in the depths of the Middle Ages as long as they prosecute photographers for documenting what they see. The camera's lens doesn't lie! 

An "Advertising Supplement" in Friday's Int Herald Tribune (12th February) is titled, "In pursuit of the fine things: THE ART OF COLLECTING ART." "How is an art collector born? Some inherit artworks and build on an existing collection. Some have always been art lovers and just follow their passion. Others hope it will be a good investment. One thing is sure, however: once they catch the bug, few can shake it." Amen! 

An editorial cartoon, by Gable, in the Int Herald Tribune, and reprinted from The Globe & Mail, Toronto, has two kids of maybe eight, nine or ten staring at an ordinary looking book. The one boy says, "It's called a book...not sure where the batteries go." A comment directed at the new iBook, whatever, recently introduced by Steve Job of Apple. 

...That cartoon reminds 3D of one of his all time favorites from 30 or 40 years ago. Two goats are behind a Hollywood studio building and chewing on film cans that the film reels are carried in. The one goat says to the other: "The book was better!" 

The Club of Amsterdam met last Thursday for an evening of lectures on Bio sensing. This is a new field of medicine which will formulate the next revolution in medicine. The technology is all in place and it is only economics of scale that is delaying its development. And what exactly is bio sensing? One speaker summed it up with this short paragraph: "We grew up thinking we could only see with our eyes. But it is now possible to see with your nose. It is your brain that 'sees' not your eyes." Not too sure what he meant about seeing with your nose, but perhaps that is where they will inbed the miniature video camera that will record the visual images and digitally transmit them to the area of the brain that does do the "seeing." And that same blind person can navigate the world without "seeing" by the use of GPS chip and bio sensors that can direct them to any spot on earth. 

That bio sensing is HOT is not new. Projects and research programs have a ready access to funding from various EU agencies. The potential applications are as numerous as have been for the laser: "Bio medicine to food production, environment to security and defence." Thirty-five years ago the "Six Million Dollar Man" was a sci-fi star on TV. Today, he is a reality. Artificial limbs are already in use where a prosthetic arm and hand can grip an object and pick it up with the user only willing to do it. 

The Club's next program will be presented on the 25th March with this topic:"The Future of Sports." https://bit.ly/2nlASUj. Plan ahead. Bio sensing was SOLD OUT.


...It was a dark and cold winter night. A very cold winter night! 3Ds' nose was as brittle as an ice cycle and all because of his love for art. Anyway, 3D thinks that that is how Snoopy ("Peanuts") would have written it if he had tried to get into De Appel's inauguration show at their new location. 3D arrived a little over an hour after the doors had opened. There was a line to the Ferdinand Bolsstraat. I went to the end and there I talked with a 3D reader who told me, "I have been in line for nearly an hour and haven't moved more than two meters." Whoa!!! With this knowledge, I left the line and went to the door and the head of the line. Hey, the press has privileges...But not THIS time. I was told there was a guest list and my name wasn't on it. Hmmm. I've only been attending their functions since the early 80s. Go Figure. I wasn't about to freeze my booty off (it's the only one I got), so I left. 

As I was turned my bike onto the F. Bolstraat I glanced up at the windows. It is an old school with very large and plentiful collection of see through glass windows. What got 3D's attention was the lack of a crowd inside. I began to suspect that the line was a bogus one and meant to infuse one's desire to get in like those before a disco/club are meant to do. There had been a problem at the old location, on the Nieuw Spigelstraat, that resulted in the necessity of waiting in line. After the New Years Eve fire, at the disco in Volendam, the fire department told De Appel that they could have only so many people in the space at one time. If you ever visited the location you will remember that it had only one entrance and one exit and they were one in the same. And because of the odd configuration of the building's layout, a fire would have created chaos had there been a large crowd of people. Since the new location is in an old school one must assume that there are several existing fire exits. Therefore, 3D is assuming that the line was meant to imply "chic" and "by invitation only." In fact, that's another thing: If there was a guest list, did that mean someone not on the list who waited in line for an hour or more only after they reach the door would be told they were NOT on the guest list and would have been refused entry? This is inhuman, insensitive and----should I add---just stupid. 

Laser 3.14 says: "The Mirror Saw Me Sad." Another romance ended? Say it ain't so, Laser. Seen at Haarlemmerstraat 93 

Do you lay awake at nights wondering how to make the perfect omelet? 3D has lost a lotta sleep over this topic. Here is one chef's, Jacques Pépin, idea on the subject and you can see him do it via a video at: https://www.delish.com/. Actually, he forgot to add the tablespoon of cold water for each egg. Some omelet expert. 

...And while we are on the subject of food, let's talk about the sexy side..."Top Foods to Put You in the Mood," by M.C. Oz M.D. and Michael Roizen M.D. "Chocolate contains a compound phenylethylamne, PEA, that stimulates the nervous system...creating the feeling similar to being in love." And, yes, oysters is on the list. It's the zinc in them that does the magic. Read more at: www.msn.com. Search by title and author. 



At the Melkweg Galerie (Marnixstraat 409; via Eat @ Jo's Cafe) it was an early celebration for Carnival. The show is for Mandra Wabäck and titled, "Carnaval." Fancy that. The photographer specializes in portrait photography. This particular exhibition focuses on people participating in the carnival days leading up to Ash Wednesday---and the beginning of Lent---in the Catholic Church. The event encourages people to go wild and to lavishly assert themselves in every which way. The artist captures their exuberance for the festivities surrounding the celebration in all its grotesqueness, humor and color. 

Ah, the color. Nearly all the portraits are against a black background that enhances the colorful aspects. Of course, the costumes range from what you mighty expect to those that are nearly undefinable. One that got 3D's attention was a man dress as a traffic light. Kid you not! He is standing in the middle of the street in a stationary position; perhaps that has to do with the fact the the "walk" icon was on "red." (70x105 cms., @ 1,000 euro; 100x150 cms., @ 1,500. All printed on 3mm dibond with U-profile.) Until 7th March. https://bit.ly/2zRmU82 


The anniversary celebration at Galerie Paul Andriesse (Withoedenveem 8; Detroit Building) continues with "25 or 30 YEARS GALLERY: Part II: Papier, Paper, Papel, Carta" or simple put: works on paper. This is an excellent retrospective of drawings styles since 1973; and it is even more remarkable that all 25 artists did show their work at the gallery. There are forty examples with an all-star line-up of names. Some nearly historical and many still contemporary. Marlene Dumas leads the field in quantity with 17 examples of her work; Réné Daniels hangs four pieces; and there is also A. R. Penck, Sigmar Polke, Jo Baer, Erik Andriesse, et al. 

Last week, the 3D List mentioned that one of the artist included went by the name: Farrah Fawcett. I pondered over the possibility that it could be THEE Farrah Fawcett of "Charlie's Angels" fame. Surprise! It was. So the lady wasn't just another dumb blond. Actually, to make it in the Hollywood film industry "dumb blonds" must be very smart...But, I digress. In this show, she is working in collaboration with Keith Edmier on two works. 3D asked a gallery assistant what FF contribution was, but they didn't know. I studied all three pieces with Edmier's initials and the two of the three with FF's initials added. The two with KE and FF were a touch erotic. One titled, "Study of Orchids Mascula," shows a flowered plant but its "root" is a penis. Another, "Study for Phalaenopsis Fig Leaf" has a flower inserted in the drawing that resembles a vagina where you would expect the clitoris. The one solely credited to Edmier is just another flower drawing. No eroticism. The work in this show ranges from the representational---sort of---to the abstract, to the conceptual. No price list available. Until 20th April. http://www.paulandriesse.nl/ 

At AYACS (Kiezersgracht 166) is the work of Johanna Gloge (German) who paints conceptual figurative oils with a touch of German Expressionism from the 30s and with a little Francis Bacon thrown in for good measure, but still in an unique voice. Symbolism is a major element in these colorfully subdued paintings. Number 10 (80x60 cms., oil @ 550) is an exceptional example of a conceptual portrait. (30x40 cms., drawings @ 250 euro; 94x160 cms., oil @ 1,500 euro; 135x255 cms., oil @ 3,500 euro.) 

Also showing is Vincent Schultz (Russian/German). His work shows a strong influence from the Munich School of the Blau Ruijter movement under the leadership of Wassily Kandinsky. The work is expressionistic and colorful with some examples including geometric abstraction. One piece is unusual in that it combines all those mentioned styles then adds a figurative element that seems to be somewhere between fantasy and symbolism. The work projects from the canvas. (111x111 cms., @ 1,800 euro; 140x180 cms., @ 3,200 euro.) Until 13th March.  


Hans Deuss is exhibiting at Galerie Mokum (OZ Voorburgwal 334) with a style and technique that relates directly to the 18th century Dutch school. His "modernizes" that style of realism with both fantasy---like the wall that is magically disintegrating or his penchant for painting skeletons. His other inspirations are architectural forms ranging from castles to ancient ruins. The fantasy pieces are collections of weird animals and even more weird figures which look almost human. The skeletons relate to those images because they are both animal in form as well as human. All pieces are on panel and small in size with an average size around 21x28 cms. Each piece is beautifully framed which enhances them greatly. (From 7x5 cms., to 30x120 cms., and priced at: 950 euro, 1,650 euro, 3,900 euro to 13,500 euro.) Three red dots and one green dot at opening. Until 14th March. http://www.galeriemokum.com/ 

Galerie De Witte Voet (Kerkstraat 135) is showing the ceramic work of Ad Swinkels. It is all about conceptual forms fabricated in ceramics. Some are colorful, others in gray or off-white. Some look like ancient symbols that you could expect to see on the cave walls of a Neanderthal to contemporary ideas, symbols and forms. Nice work. (450 euro, 700 euro; 1,00 euro; 1,500 euro.) Until 17th March. https://bit.ly/2NSLxnD 

An American, Kathleen Kucka shows at Galerie Roger Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198). Kucka has a truly unique voice and that's saying something since her style is geometric abstraction. You would not be amiss with thinking that everything imaginable had been explored within this genre. The closest 3D can come to describing her style is to say that she paints "swirls" and in such a way that they appear to be three dimensional. Neat trick. I picked up a book with her name on it and it described the technique. It involves several phases and one includes using sand paper. (30x40 cms., acrylic and oil @ 1,500 euro; 51x51 cms., acrylic and oil @ 2,500 euro; 82x72 cms., acrylic and oil @ 4,800 ruto; 122x122 cms., acrylic and oil @ 8,500 euro.) Until 13th March. https://bit.ly/2NhsOAX 

Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2) is showing two photographers and they could not be more different from the other in style not to mention color. Jefferson Hayman (USA) is, in a sense, a retard. 3D says that with both affection and as a compliment. He turns back the clock not only in the subject matter he selects but also with the b/w style he uses to convey the emotions of New York or a simple baseball as metaphor for the game itself. The Flatiron Building (a former business address of 3D) looks as if the photo was snapped during the 30s or 40s. Not so. Try last year, in fact, ALL the photos are contemporary. As to subject matter, well, you'll see a little of everything. The editions range from 10 to 25 and the prices are reasonable: 400 euro to 1,600 euro. And that includes the frames which are all antique or handmade.

Showing with him is the work of Lisa Holden who does the exact opposite. She hangs large color photos---all with female subjects---that have an ethereal quality. 3D has no idea what the technique is nor the various stages necessary to formulate the complex imagery, but indeed it is attention getting. (Later, the gallery holder explained to me that all the works were self-portraits that she combines with various images and as many as 50 layers plus the magic of PhotoShop. Some take up to three months to complete.) (Two sizes; two prices; different editions: 80x49 cms., Ed. 5 # 2,300; 100x70 cms., Ed # @ 3,200 euro; 165x75 cms., Ed,. 5 @ 3,650 euro; 180x80 cms., Ed 3 @ 4,650 euro.) Until 27th March. https://bit.ly/2lZLxFJ 

Marjan Teeuwen's "Verwoest Huis" is at Cokkie Snoei Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 11) with conceptual photography and it comes in all sizes. The photographer uses conceptual redundancy as a theme. The imagery is a collection of similar objects like computer parts or books. They are arranged in a linear but chaotic way. Some piece emphasize the b/w dichotomy. A video portrays one piece in 3D. (35x34.8 cms., ink jet, Ed. 10 @ 1,150 euro; 91x71.5 cms., ink jet Ed. 10 @ 2,500 euro; 160x236 cms., ink jet, Ed. 7 @ 10,500 euro.) Until 14th March. http://www.cokkiesnoei.com/ 

At "witzenhausen GALLERY" (Hartenstraat 60) is the Korean artist Sanghee Song in a show titled, "The message from the sea." This is a conceptual show that tells a story both graphically, symbolically and in words. The story begins with a video that traces the history of mammals, dinosaurs and amoebas with added graphics---like rain---to emphasize different points. The video "Mohang" is "based on the massive oil spill of...December 2007" and brings the story full circle. There is a quote also from Genesis (The Bible) which is six stanzas long and in a relief and hangs on the wall. No price list. Until 13th March. https://bit.ly/2zCqZwM 


At ABC Treehouse (Voetbookstraat 11) Harald Seiwert (German) is hanging photography that has been digitally enhanced with PhotoShop and by using the collage technique. He imagery is in several categories: symbolism, surrealism and homo-erotic. Some of the work is humorous and some just plain weird. The collage pieces are interesting in that they sometimes take on the illusion of being in 3D. (30x30 cms., and large; 60 to 120 euros. No edition numbers.) https://bit.ly/2mtllDP 


Reminder: The (?) indicates the info may be INCORRECT. And the "*" means that the time could be WRONG. You are advised to check the gallery's web-site or telephone. This is a DISCLAIMER or whatever. 

FRIDAY: 19th February

17-19:00 2x2PROJECTS (Veemkade 350). "Linda Molenaar spent 21 days, at home, sitting on a couch, using her own body heat to incubate a chicken egg." Okay, but what was it a boy or girl...Perhaps it is more accurate to ask, rooster or hen? The results are seen as objects, a video and a performance. The latter is scheduled to be repeated, at various times, over the length of the show: Today @ 18:00; Sat., 27th Feb., @ 15:00; Sat., 6th March @ 15:00; Sat., 13th March @ 15:00; and Sat., 20th March @ 17:00. www.2x2p.com Bring a frying pan. If you don't like the exhibition you can always eat the results. 

17-19:00 "outLINE" (Oetewalerstraat 73). "Watermusic," with visual artist Susan Haire (UK) and composer Stephen Dydo (USofA). An installation using sculpture, paintings, sound and music to explore the power of water. More info at: https://bit.ly/2muiLNU 

(?)17-19:00 Vous Etes Ici (Lijnbaansgracht 314). Hidenori Mitsue (Japan), paintings. http://www.francisboeskeprojects.nl/ 

(?)17-19:00 Lumen Travo (Lijnbaansgracht 314). "Dialogues," a group show including Jimmie Durham, Stephen Wittalts, Ni Haifeng, et al. A collections of sculptures, drawings and photography. w.lumentravo.nl 

(?)17-19:00 Akinci (Lijnbaansgracht 318). "Le Cerce In Fernal," new work by Hadassah Emmerich. She has also invited Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez (Costa Rica), objects and video; and Veronica Brovall (Sweden), sculpture work. http://akinci.nl/ 

(?) Galerie J. Jongma (Gerard Doustraat 128). Guido van der Werve, "Nummer twaalf." https://bit.ly/2L4HHtT 

SATURDAY: 20th February

16-18:00 "Galerie bart" (Bloemgracht 2). Jules van Hulst, paintings; and Henrique van Putten, textile animals figures. Music by the duo, IINFRAROOK. https://bit.ly/2m4yS4n 

16-19:00 Serieuze Zaken Studioos (Lauriergracht 96). "The Garage Sale: The First & Last Time." Work from 1995-2010 by twenty artists + collector's items + books + records + photo works. Also on Sunday from 14-18:00. https://bit.ly/2mrkyDb 

16:00 Galerie W. van Leeuwen (Hazenstraat 27). Toshio Enomoto (Japan), "Kagirohi," b/w photographs. http://www.woutervanleeuwen.com/ 

16-18:00 "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552). Jos van der Beek, abstract paintings. https://bit.ly/2O2dGJ6 

17:00 Chellerie (Raamgracht 58). Raluca Stroe with "In fact, we never really met," 16 portrait photographs with invented stories of the subjects. Stories by Stroe and Anca Baciu. No web-site on invite. 

20:00 PUNT WG (M. van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 15). Ana Ladas asks," How does empty space manifest its fullness?" The second session in a two part series. https://puntwg.nl/ 

SUNDAY: 21st February

14:00 Jos Art (KNSM-laan 291). Group show titled "Niets te zien," non-figurative art. https://bit.ly/2L8ASr8 

14-18:00 Serieuze Zaken Studioos (See Saturday listing). 

TUESDAY: 23rd February

20:30 W139 (Warmoesstraat 139). "Collateral," a film by Michael Mann (2004). A cab driver is forced to drive an assassin through the night streets of LA (now that's scary). Starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox. FREE. https://bit.ly/2JitdRx 

THURSDAY: 25th February

10-17:00 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134). "Sonic Acts XIII: Poetics of Space will take place Feb. 25th to 28th in Paradiso, De Balie, STEIM, Melkweg, NIMk and the Planetarium. The first part is on the 25th Feb., at STEIM from 10-17:00 and is FREE. Limited to 30; RSVP: knock@steim.nl. A full schedule is on tap. Some events are FREE and some you got to pay. There are seven web-site with info on the announcement. 3D suggest you try: www.steim.nl or http://sonicacts.com/portal 

17-19:00 NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). "Sonic Acts XIII. (See above.) A three day program. More info at: https://bit.ly/2Jxtwrz 

The ART SCENE in Amsterdam always sounds to good to be true...and it is too good. Thank your lucky stars you live here and not some cultural deprived area. Amsterdam is even superior to London, New York and certainly Paris because it has not only the abundance of venues, events, happenings, etc, etc, etc, but it is so available because the city is small and easy to navigate via foot, bike or public transportation. But it is still up to you to get up from the chair, turn off the TV eye-candy and GO! Do it TODAY! And please don't forget 3Ds' mantra: Buy! BUY!! and BUY!!! some more. Over and out...

Photos: 1) 3D ponders a mystery: "If this is a flower...It must be spring...If it is Spring...Why is it so cold?" At Eudard Planting Fine Art Photographs for the Lisa Holden exhibition. Photograph by: Ehrenfeldt Guillaume, 2)  3D bestows a kiss on Sleeping Beauty..."Damn, now where did that frog come from?" At Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs for the Lisa Holden exhibition. Photograph by: Peter Dumont, 3)  Why doesn't he hurry up and snap the shutter...I gotta pee!", At "muzyQ" for the Robert Pennekamp exhibition, Photograph by: Maartje Pronk