Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #13

The half way point of the Amsterdam Art Season for 2009-2010 is history. There has been no disappointment in the art that has been offered, but certainly a BIG disappointment in the selling aspect. The economy has turned around. All indexes shows pluses...except: the art market. The readers of this list can do something about that. What are you waiting for? The cold weather is history too---at least that is 3D's hope. But, so what? You need the exercise. Shake off the wintertime blues. Get out of the house and visit a gallery near you and Buy, baby, BUY!!! 3D will keep hectoring you until there is an epidemic of red dots. Kid you not!


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A 3D reader replied to one of the jokes listed under this rubric last week. Woes van Haaften is a project and concept designer and included an illustration by Ferry Bertholet. The title is, "But the Book Was Better." Remember the two goats...well, this is different: https://bit.ly/2O48l48 
TEFAF Maastricht has set the dates for their annual art and antique show---which is considered the finest in the world---for 12th to 21st March. There will be 263 exhibitors from 17 countries. One of Paul Gauguin's last major works is on offer for 18 million euro. Hmmm. Will they accept a personal check? https://www.tefaf.com/home 
The Chinese did it first! An article on the business page of the Int Herald Tribune (8th Feb) titled "Ruling Undercuts Viagra Patent," states that The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office said "the impotence drug was not different enough from a Chinese herb known as Horny Goat Weed...A chemical ingredient found in the herb is an enzyme inhibitor similar to the one in Viagra." 
"Tallulah Bankhead still in the limelight," by David Belcher. A Hollywood star during the 30s and 40s and an early performer on 50s' American TV, she was known for her flamboyant living style. The article states, "Bankhead's infamy offstage or offscreen is one reason or her endurance. In a business known for it excesses she could be considered a true theater rebel: uninterested in a movie career, she was a hodgepodge of thrilling talent, ego, drunkenness, bisexuality and drug use." She once commented, "Daddy warned me about men and alcohol, but he never warned me about women and cocaine." Perhaps her most famous film was "Lifeboat" (1944) directed by Alfred Hitchcock. www.iht.com (8th Feb.) 
A 3d List' reader, Cappy J., passed the following along from The Huffington Post that had published these excerpts under the heading: "Creepy Classifieds." 

"Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 322, Oakview, CA 93022. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before." 

"If You Have No Idea What To Get Her For Valentine's Day...Imagine How Overwhelming Arranging Her Funeral Would Be...Give her the perfect gift, make pre-arrangements as a couple with the affordable funeral service...Compassion is our passion..." 

"Information: Mentally Ill Needed: To interview For Novel. Must be successful and interesting." 

"Now I know what to do the next time my parents die..." 

"200 Playboy magazines and other Adult Magazines, will trade for guns." When 3D discovered girls he gave up guns!

"Used Toilet Paper --- For Sale. I have a wide selection of brands and designs. Call for details and prices." 

There are more...Google: huffingtonpost.com/200/02/8/creepy-classifieds- 
Apologizes to Guillaume Ehrenfeldt whose name was reversed on last week's List #23. Ya gotta get it right! Damn.
...And if that wasn't bad enough it seems that one caption was too subtle for some readers. The caption for the b/w photo, by Peter Dumont, read, "3D prepares to kiss Sleeping Beauty...Damn, now where did that frog come from?" Some of you may have read the fair tale where the beautiful maiden kisses a frog and it morphs into a handsome prince. Well, with 3D, the opposite took place. Hey, I get no respect!
Forbes, the American business magazine has listed the "20 Most Miserable Cities" in the USofA. Ohio and California have the most cities included. It takes into account things like taxes (sales, income, property, etc), commute times, violent crime and how the city's pro sport teams have fared during the last two years. Ready? 1. Cleveland (3D won't argue with that); 2. Stockton Calif. (never been there); 3. Memphis, Tenn (Hey, they do have some great BBQ ribs houses and Blues joints); 4. Detroit (3D's pick for #1, but that's personal); 5. Flint, MI (not far from Detroit, but not really what 3D would refer to as a city); 6. Miami, Fla (No argument if only because of the weather); 7. St. Louis Missouri (Don't agree! I like this city. I did my university undergraduate and graduate work there); Buffalo NY, (Okay); Canton Ohio (Not really a city); 10. Chicago (No way. I love Chi Town); New York came in # 16. Well, they got a lot of it right and some of it wrong. That's life, folks. 


WOW! for the Japanese artist Hidenori Mitsue and his exhibition titled "Lightning Dust" at VOUS ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314). It is East meets West! Hitsue was a textile designer living in his native Japan until four and one half years ago. At that point, he made a career change. He applied to AKI in Enschede to study painting. Then it was on to Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. In his first show at the gallery he hangs paintings that are expressionistic in the Western way, but with an accent and nuances that are pure Japanese. The latter we see in the color selection as well as emulating the wood block style combined with traditional Oriental representational brush strokes. To all this he adds a little spray paint. What it all adds up to are unique canvases that sometimes radiate the luminosity of Tokyo's Ginza neon and the sense of cherry blossom time. Nice work. (90x80 cms., oil and spray paint on linen @ 2,00 euro; 200z60 cms., same materials @ 4,400 euro; 250x200 cms., same materials @ 5,400 euro.) Until 3th March. http://www.francisboeskeprojects.nl/ 
Next door at LUMEN TRAVO is a group show. Jens Pfeifer uses a technique that harks back to a style form the 19th century. There was a school that did b/w cut-outs. Generally they were profiles of people but also landscapes or just a tree. This is what Pfeifer does but he does it in metal. The work is then hung about two centimeters from the wall thus the existing light projects shadows which enhance them...Jimmie Durham does minimal mixed media collages. Very simple both in form and color. But, hey, you gotta see for yourself. And there are others. https://bit.ly/2NlXt0m 
Hadassah Emmerich hangs her present work and brought along two friends to share the spotlight. Her present work is more accessible than the dark works of prior shows. There is geometric abstraction with lots of swirls and these expressionistic paintings. (100x100 cms., acrylic, ink, watercolor, spray paint on paper @ 5,500 euro; 59.8x47.5 cms., mixed media on paper @ 2,000 euro.)...Veronica Brovall (Sweden) does conceptual objects/sculpture but approaches the style from several different directions. A piece that stands out (see photo) is a 200x106x50 cms., object all in black: black feathers, black tape, black rubber and even black electric fans., mixed material @ 4,800 euro; 20x06x50 cms., @ 9,600 euro...Tatiana Echeverri Ferandez (Costa Rica) does something different. She takes banal ceramic vases from various cultures stacks them atop each other and paints them black, almost. Almost because she leaves a long three centimeter strip unpainted which shows the ceramic vase's patterns along the 200-260 cms., length of the combined piece. (260x40x40 cms., vases and lacquer @ 8,500 euro.) Until 20th March. http://akinci.nl/ 
"outLINE" (Oetewalerstraat 73) presents an installation titled "the power of water music," by Susan Haire (UK) and Stephen Dydo (USofA). Well, the show is mounted and presented as an installation but everything is offered for sale separately. Haire is into water and watery concepts. That's the simple description and this is a conceptual show and the conceptual tends to be complex while remaining simple. Huh? But, I digress. 

The focus of attention is on an object/sculpture piece with eleven plastic tubes, each in a diameter of two centimeters, emerging from a mirrored platform and extending nearly three meters high. There is a water pump that continuously interjects the water into the tubes. This is accompanied by a musical score (Stephen Dydo's contribution). The sounds are minimal and reflect the work of Steve Reich, John Adams and Brian Eno. As a result the pulsating water sort of dances through the tubes. 

On two walls are giant collages. Both are about three by three meters. The one is made of large torn sheets of paper which have been dipped into a large vat with blue pigments added of different material. The final result is marbled paper which she then arranges into a giant collage. On the other wall is another paper collage. A few years back Haire bought a collection of sheet music of 19th century Edwardian romantic ballads. She has cut up the pages and glued the parts in a pin wheel like configuration and mounted them on the wall. Nice. (Watermusic, 300x300 cms., marble paper, water music CD @ 1,000 euro; Desert music, 300x300 cms., 900 pages of sheet music, Desert music CD @ 1,000 euro: Water painting, acrylic on board 30x20 @ 300 euro.) Until 27th February; Open every day from 13-17:00. https://bit.ly/2muZ6x1 

Jules van Hulst is showing his paintings at "GALERIE bart" (Bloemgracht 2). In a sense he paints figuratively/portrait works. This is a challenge for any contemporary painter because it is difficult to be unique. And how do you excel Rembrandt, Vermeer or even Francis Bacon? While the intentions of Van Hulst may not be to paint a portrait per se, but only to interject the figurative imagery into his composition isn't really a factor. It is what results in his combining impressionistic strokes and color concepts against an expressionisitc/abstract background. His compositions are unusual in that the geometric and linear elements accent the figurative. Two large paintings have classical themes and pay homage to the 19th century. (80x80 cms., oil @ 2,200 euro; 70x200 cms., oil @ 3,500 euro.) 

Showing, too, are the objects/sculpture work of Henrique van Putten. Well, is it sculpture work or are these seemingly fantasy representations of animals really objects? It's not important! Only the results count. One object is a young horse, sort of. Sort of because it has no hoffs. In place of the hoofs there are "clumps" that kind of resemble boxing gloves with three, four or more thumbs. A head looking like a mountain ram (the artist called it a "bull") hangs from the ceiling (See photo...Sorry, she refused to send the photo. Said it was "too humorous" and she takes her work seriously. Okay. But then why make humorous work?). It is a rich maroon with a paisley patterned gold colored set of horns. Another piece is whimsical and without any hind legs. Not sure what it represents. (50x40x80 cms., textile-horse @ 3,800 euro; 50x50x40 cms., textile "bull" @ 2,200 euro.) Until 27th March. https://bit.ly/2m4yS4n 
Fun, fun, fun...That's what it was all about at the Gnome's "The Garage Sale: The First & The Last Time." As 3D enter Serieuze Zaken Studioos (Lauriergracht 96) I had to hold the door open for two people who were exiting; one carried a large canvas wrapped in bubble wrap; and the other person had a wrapped piece that looked like it was ceramic. The walls were filled 19th century salon style with paintings, photos, works on paper, etc. On the floor, and stacked against the wall, more canvases and framed work. The names read like a lexicon of 80s, 90s and contemporary artist. There were three large tables at the entrance with books, book and more books. Also records. And under the tables, posters and other whatnot. It was just like an American garage sale. And the prices? Well, like 3D said, just like a garage sale. Works with list prices of 4,500 euro for 2,500. Discounts from 25% to 50%. And that was the expensive stuff. A lady, with a warm smile, showed 3D a Buddha like statue and when I asked "How much?" She answered, "Voor nix." (Nothing.) Echt waar! In fact, 3D selected two silkscreens on paper---one by Rob Scholte---and when I asked how much? Rob Malasch---aka The Gnome---said, "Take it along." He lived up to 3D's nickname for him. The Gnomes are those smiling creatures that inhabit English gardens. They are said to have magical powers and prone to do whimsical things and are supposed to guard the earth's treasures underground. And you still have a chance to experience the event...The sale continues until the 28th March. But hurry before everything has been picked over or given away. https://bit.ly/2mrkyDb .
At Galerie W. van Leeuwen is Toshio Enomoto (Japan) with "Kigirohi." All b/w photography that captures the colors of cherry blossom time. How is that possible? Well, you gotta see it. Several photos are very dark but somehow manage to project both the pathos and nuances of the moment and sometimes result in a linear abstraction as created with ambient light. In addition there are a few examples of motion photography. Until 27th March. http://www.woutervanleeuwen.com/ 
Jos van der Beek is exhibiting at "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552) with minimal conceptual paintings which reflect Cy Twombly had he been a true minimalist. The canvases are basically white with gray nuances; and from time-to-time a strong statement in black, but, again, minimally. His view on color? "I can do without colour in a magnificent way." 

What make the work exceptional is the fact that the "minimal" is the result of a lot of painting. Like Mondrian's linear abstractions, Van der Beek's work looks simple but it is still ALL about painting and he does a lot of it to achieve the minimal effect and that''s what makes the work so special. (60x60 cms., acrylic on linen @ 2,400 euro; 00x00 cms., acrylic on linen @ 5,200 euro.) Until 20th March. https://bit.ly/2L7k0jZ 


"NIETS TE ZIEN? non figurative kunst" is the title of the group exhibition at Jos Art (KNSM-laan 29). A very good survey of the abstract and the minimal. Geert van Fastenhout is still reinventing the geometric abstraction of the rectangle with all the imagination he had 25 years ago. (45x42 cms., @ 3,600 euro.)...Guy Vandenbrander does basically geometric abstractions but with an interesting and unusual mix of colors. (00x00 cms., @ 4,000)...A.F. de Baat does squares, rectangles, circles, half circles but with colors you wouldn't expect. (0x00 cms., @ 3,600 euro.)...Erik Oldenhof emulates Piet Mondrian in an unusual way. He paints linear abstractions, but in a completely different way. The linear lines are parallel to each other and scrolled continuously down the canvas. There is a series in white and gray. But there are also paintings in red, blue, one in pink, one in black, but all in parallelism. (95x95 cms., @ 3,800 euro.)...Lace [sic] hangs a 60x60 cms., piece that consists of 85 one by one centimeter squares (3D counted them though I had to take off my shoes to do so). Each square is recessed to the one next to it. He has painted the surfaces of the squares in different shades of gray. Nice. (@ 2,400 euro.)...Bram Bogart has three mixed media pieces in the show. One is a vertical work (33x38 cms., @ 22,000 euro) and is in red,. blue and white...Bart Kelholt works in bronze. He makes small rectangular wall hangings that are simple in form. On display is a diptych ( each 10x10x10 cms., @ 1,500 euro) and a triptych (each 10x10x10 cms., @ 2,600 euro). Until 2st March. https://bit.ly/2L8ASr8 


Reminder: Remember that when you see (?) it indicates that the info could be WRONG. And the "*" urges you to check the times. Phone ahead or click-on to the gallery's web-site...But don't blame it on 3D.

THURSDAY: 25th February, 2010
THURSDAY: 25th February, 2010

18-20:00 Amstel Gallery (N.B. @ "witzenhausen GALLERY," Hazenstraat 60). Klaus Verscheure, paintings. https://www.amstelgallery.com/ 

17:00 NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). "Sonic Acts XIII: Poetics in Space." The exhibition consists of subtle light installations by Carlo Bernardini and Yoko Seyama, a sound work by Jacob Kirkegaard, spatial composite machines by Ralf Barcher and HC Gilje, standing waves architecture by Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag and videos by the late Nan Hoover and Steina Vasulka. At 18:00 "Brandon La Bella will perform his lecture:"'Q&A, or the future adventures of a sonic body.'" www.nimk.nl. For a full program for the festival: http://sonicacts.com/portal 

FRIDAY: 26th February
FRIDAY: 26th February 

17-20:00 Gelegenheidsgalerie 'Het Kantoor' (Prins Hendriklaan 26 II). "In de ecxhte wereld," Lotte Klaver. Exhibition days are only Sat and Sun from 13-18:00. 

17:30 "foam" (Keizersgracht 609). "It might seem familiar." An Amsterdam born photographer who "set off for New York in 1979 and quickly became a significant documentor of alternative youth culture in America throughout the last three decades." The retrospective ranges from grainy b/w to monumental color photographs. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

18:00 BeemsterArtCenter (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21). Hoshyar Saeed Raseed (Kurdistan). https://bit.ly/2NOQuhv 

20:00 PUNT WG (M. v. Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 15). "Wortkorper und Korperworte (Wordbodies and Bodywords)." A performance by Christine Tauber, that examines "a journey under and over the skin, below and above the word and sentence." https://puntwg.nl/ 

SATURDAY: 27th February
SATURDAY: 27th February 

15:00 Galerie Petit (NZ Voorburgwal 270). Joost Speet. https://bit.ly/2uFfPSi 

16-18:00 Galerie Clement (Prinsengracht 843). Ysbrant Van Wyngaarden aka "Ysbrant." https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 

16:00 "retort" (Aalsmeerweg 103). "Café Bakker." Wietzo Dorsman, paintings. https://bit.ly/2uoD5Vh 

16-19:00 C3 De Conceptstore (Jan Evertsenstraat 335). Ahmed Marcouch. 

16-18:00 Galerie Witteveen (Keizersgracht 538). Rineke Marsman, children portraits. https://bit.ly/2NR0zdF 

17:00 Galerie SLEWE (Kerkstraat 105). Jeoroen Henneman, expect sculpture work, objects or paintings or any combination of the three. https://www.slewe.nl/ 

(?)16-19:00* RON MANDOS (Prinsengracht 282). Katinka Lampe, paintings. https://bit.ly/1NONWvU 

17-19:00 Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Elandsgracht 34). Jodie Carey, "Traces." "Her customary materials are ash, paracetamol, blood and cement. For this show she has reduced these elements to their simplest form: powder or dust." https://bit.ly/2mjOOQt 

(?)17-19:00 E. de Bruijne Projects (Rozengracht 207). Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz and Jesper Nordaht. Photography and video. https://bit.ly/2mtlPtp 

19:30-21:30 SmartProjectSpace (A. Biemondstraat 111). "Escape," experimental video program curated by J J Kegan McFadden. FREE. https://bit.ly/2ufXTyc 

22:00 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Bardot Proviant Klub: Final Party." Music by singer/songwriter Nive Nielsen (Greenland) and rapper "Peand el" (Greenland). FREE. www.mediamatic.net/page/135662/nl 

SUNDAY: 28th February
SUNDAY: 28th February 

14:30 Storm Galerie (3e Oosterparkstraat 201). "Diversity IV," the first anniversary celebration. Expect a group show of all styles and techniques. https://bit.ly/2zTEBDT 

15:00 De Balie (Leidseplein). A presentation for a special edition of "Tubelight" [the uniquely designed art magazine] featuring the results of ''masterclass for upcoming journalist called 'critical writing about art and digital medium' organized by Virtual Platform and Domein voor Kunstkritick.'" This is part of "Sonic Acts XIII: Poetics of Space Festival." Also a "Post-it kino performance," [3D has no idea what that is] by Emile Zile and with an intro by Ine Poppe. No web-site address. 

16-20:00 WM Gallery (Elandsgracht 35). Aimée Zito Léma (Argentinan/Dutch), "It's a family affair." Interviews, video and photos. Plus paintings and drawings by her grandmother and cousin. http://gallerywm.com/WP/ 
As always there is a great variety of artistic activities taking place over the next days. Remember the songs "Love Is All Around" or words to that effect. The same is true in Amsterdam. You will find it not only in all the traditional location like galleries and museums, but in cafes, coffee shops (both kinds), shops and 3D reviewed a group show a few years back at a show repair shop. The Dutch love art and obviously they DO support it, but sometimes not enough. This is one of those times. Do your part...and 3D closes with his mantra: Buy! Buy!! BUY!!! Gosh, hope you are not bored with hearing that.  

Photos: 1) A green moustache? If he can grow a green moustache maybe he can tell 3D how to grow green hair. Hey, why not? It would be better than the bald spot, 3D comtemplating a change in style with Theo Kley, artist & performer, as inspiration, Photograph by: Guillame Ehrenfeldt taken at Serieuze Zaken Studios, 2)  3D as The Thinker thinking about the Big Black Blob by Veronica Brovall at Galerie AKINCI, Photograph by: Gosia Stepien, 3) It's a dog-eat-dog world...but the Gnome was giving away ART at his "The Garage Sale" last weekend. Pictured are two views of Rob Malasch as "The Younger" (upper right hand corner standing with Warhol) and the current model (holding his Polaroid of Andy), Photograph by: Guillaume Ehrenfeldt taken at Serieuze Zaken Studioos, 4) 3D trying to get into the head of Vincent Schulz, pictured in front of a painting by him, at his exhibition at AYACS,
Photograph by: Johanna Gloge