Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #21

Last week, 3D reported that a luxury company was overjoyed that their sales were up. This week, it is closer to home. The electronics firm Philips had a net profit of just over 200 million euro in the first quarter this year. A year ago, they were singing the blues with a loss. Sales have increased 12%. Hey, let's make it happen in the art world. And, of course, you can do your part. 3D did see red dots last week and what's more important he saw great work at very good prices. The galleries have adjusted to the recession---that is now OVER---by lowering the cost of buying art. Take advantage of it. 


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More fall out from the Ash Attack. Tony Ward who was to present a book signing at ABC Treehouse, last Sunday, didn't make the scene. He was stranded in England with no way to get to Amsterdam. He was one of eight million people inconvenienced by the Icelandic volcano here in Europe. 
...Have you noticed that the Icelandic volcano doesn't have a name? 3D went looking for it, but all references referred to the "Icelandic volcano." One did mention that it is directly beneath the "Eyjafjallajokull glacier." That may account for it. How many journalist will be able to remember how to spell it? How many TV' talking heads will even make an attempt to pronounce it? 
Some 500,000 bikes were stolen last year, well down from the total for 2006 when 750,000 came up missing. https://www.dutchnews.nl/ 
Hermitage - Amsterdam has announced that 100,000 vistors have checked out the "Matisse to Malevich" exhibition since it opened on the 6th of March. Hurry, before the summer influx of tourist begin to line up.
Laser 3.14 seems to have stepped unto the bandwagon of those effected by the wayward sexual practices of Roman Catholic Priest. He penned this, "The Priest Who Loved Me." (Across from Marnixstraat 409.) Can't wait for the sequel. 
"I keep a pair of rubber gloves around for that." So said Brenden McElroy, a self-taught iPhone repairman, "asserting that the worst phones to repair are not those dropped from great heights, but those dropped in the toilet." (www.iht.com, 17 April.) 
Traveling to Paris? An article titled, "A new era of casual dining in Paris," Christine Muhlke, (http://www.iht.com) lists "excellent" restaurants with dinner menus from 31 to 65 EUR: L'Agrume, 35 EUR; Frenchie, 31-35 EUR: La Gazzetta, Italian, 38-50 EUR; Le Chateaubriand, 45 EUR; Jadis, 32 EUR; and Yam'Tcha, French/Chinesse, 65 EUR. 
...Still hungry? This is for Isabella D., now traveling in France, The Michelin Guide latest effort is to offer "discounts and perks in restaurants. Inserted in the 2010 French red guide is a card...entitling the bearer to deals at over 1,000 restaurants in France, through June 21st." Details at: https://bit.ly/2uVMHXE 
Is getting to work on time causing you to loose sleep? Check out this article "Is there a reason you're late..." by Kate Lorenz at: http://www.theworkbuzz.com, (17th March 2010). Here are a few examples of "good" excuses: "I got mugged and was tied to the steering wheel." "My deodorant was frozen to the window sill." "My car door fell off." "It was too windy." (In Holland this one is acceptable.) "My dog swallowed my cell phone." "I dreamt I was already at work." The last one reminds 3D of a recurring nightmare. I dream through the night that I am awake and can't fall to sleep only to be awaken when the alarm sounds. Life is hard! 



At Salon Culturel (Oude Waal 32) are the paintings of Dorrit Klomp who is a contemporary impressionist, but she does it differently than her 19th century counterparts. All the color is there that you would expect, but very softly and subtly. She has a series of pond paintings however, unlike Monet, there is only one or two flowers floating on the surface. As to the rest of the composition, it all looks blue except for the nuances which range from hues of red, pink, green, aquamarine, ochre, etc. She has been influenced in her technique by Vincent van Gogh. Like the master she is wont to "draw" the imagery onto the canvas as opposed to "painting" it. 

Her seascapes reflect the drama of William Turner (1775-1851), but, again, without the intensity of color. Subtle nuances captures the vague imagery in quiet ways. Her figurative work is ironically enough very colorful and the technique, again, is more drawing than painting. The imagery itself is of 19th century ladies with their large and opulent hats. (10x15 cms., @ 475 EUR; 60x80 cms., @ 1,950 EUR; 170x70 cms., @ 2,750 EUR; 100x140 cms., @ 3,100 EUR.) Only one day remaining to see the work: 24th April; from 13-18:00. https://bit.ly/2v7a5Rk 
"Prints&TheRevolution" is more than just prints. This is a floating gallery...one without a home. They are now sponsoring a group show as an anti-squat at Albert Cuypstraat 151/Gerard Douplein 90. Martine Johanna specializes in female figurative drawings. The imagery reflects fairy tales and sci-fi. She then makes Giclée prints, but at this show she includes a few originals. (100-300 EUR.)...Raymond Teitsma does gouache on paper. The imagery is always figurative and each figure appears to have the same clown face. (60-300 EUR.)...An artist doing geometric abstraction on wood is unidentified. Pity, since the work is original and special. (950-1,250 EUR.)....Marcel Veldman mounts 50+ b/w photos. His style is decomposition/composition. Nearly all are portraits but always with humor. (35 EUR inclusive frame.).

Sander Plodrman does colored drawings that range from the humorous to the grotesque with much in between. (15--450 EUR.)...Arne Toonen has humor as well. His style is contemporary pop school (pop-con). One piece shows Muhammad Ali with a Dali-like moustache. The added typography reads "M. Dali." Cute! No price listed...Leendert Masselink shows drawings made in the style of an 18th or 19th century engraver in that hatching is the element used to create the imagery. Available, too, is a poster that looks like the ones you see for Olga ice cream bars. But it is the "writing" of the names of each confectionery that gets your attention: "Lick me," "Twisted Forever," "Cold Hearted Bitch." The poster is 7.50 EUR. All price are very reasonable. Until 22nd April. https://bit.ly/2mKKz0v 

Paul Beumer is at Wetering Galerie (Lijnbaansgracht 288) with paintings. His work is very colorful and chaotic in its imagery. He "paints" figures with what looks like a cake decorating tool. He adds collage pieces ranging from images of people to chateaus and these, too, are sometimes embellished with the cake decorating tool. One piece is reminiscent of a Jackson Pollack drip painting but done in Beumer's unique style and technique. (200x160 cms., oil, "lakverf," imitation diamonds and collage @ 4,000 EUR; 190x210 cms., oil, "lakverf," and collage @ 5,500 EUR.). Until 22nd May. https://bit.ly/2KZbO69 
At "aschenbach & hofland galleries" (Bilderdijkstraat 165c) is the geometric abstract work of Jens Wolf who paints of triplex. Unlike the run-of-the-mill geometric abstractions these wprks are both reckless and carelessly executed. Gone is the smooth lines of Vasarely (1903-1997) or Bridget Riley (b. 1931). Like those artists' works, his abstractions are linear in form but it is the "reckless and careless" that makes them interesting, unusual and unique. He works on tri-plex composite wood which is as much apart of the imagery as the painted design. Of the nine pieces hanging, five are only in b/w. Three are b/w and orange; and one in orange and white. (80x120 acrylic on triplex @ 5,500 EUR; 185x140 cms., acrylic on triplex @ 8,500 EUR.) Until 29th May. http://www.xs2art.com. Hmmm, they seem to have once again changed their web-site address. This is getting confusing. 
A group show is at "g_i_s_t amsterdam" (Bloemgracht 82) with five artists showing. Thomas Weinberger does photography and has an unusual technique. He sets up his camera on a tripod to photograph, let's say, a construction scene of high rises at Burj Dubai. He takes a photo in the sun and one at night without changing the camera's location. The results are interesting. (67x80 cms., C-print, Ed 7 @ 3,782 EUR; 125x151 cms., Ed. 5 @ 7,563.)...Steve Johnsonhas come up with a clever idea for a series of work. He paints watercolors of simple themes like a roadside snack bar. Then he paints the ground below the scene. The layers of soil, clay and rocks that make for the foundation. He also has made a 3D maquette of a watercolor that is a wall hanging with 2/3rds of it comprising "dirt" and the other 1/3rd is a building surrounded by trees. (Watercolor, A3 @ 2,200 EUR; Object @ 8,700 EUR.)

Josef Schulz creates realistic geometric abstractions with a camera. He selects buildings that look like there are prefabricated and/or modular; and their color is an important consideration. Nice. (100x129 cms., Ed 6, C-print @ 5,050.)...Maartje Overmars paints expressionistic oils on mdf, but sometimes you see something representational poke through. And for expressionism. the colors are very soft. (30x40 cms., oil on multiplex @ 960 EUR; 75x93.5 cms., oil on mdf @ 2,050.)...Evol works with old cardboard. Transferring architectural imagery onto it. But the work is more about abstract linear forms than it is architecture. The pieces are in the color of drab browns you see on the stucco-sided buildings throughout Germany. The price list said that he sprayed painted on the cardboard, but how he does it is a mystery to me. (43x26, spray paint on cardboard @ 3,000 EUR; 90x112 cms., spray paint on cardboard @ 9,000 EUR.) Until 30th May. http://www.gistgalerie.nl/ 
"tegenboschvanvreden" (Bloemgracht 57) is exhibiting Sander Breure and Witte van Huizen in a show titled "Eternal Return." This a duo presentation; they have worked together on three parts of the show. In Turkey, they made a video which is a parody of a pot-boiling Turkish TV soap opera as well as a study of composition. Then they segregated specific stills and mounted them as photographic pieces. Finally, on the floor, is an installation consisting of wood pieces either in the form of rectangular boxes or long strips of wood-like molding found in a house. It is meant to relate to the "room scenes" of the homes featured in the soap operas. (100x77 cms., Ed 3, lambda print on dibond. Progressive pricing: 1/3 @ 1,200 RUR; 2/3 @ 1,300 EUR; 3/3 @ 1,400 EUR.)...Independently, Witte van Huizen hangs drawings that range from the simple figurative line drawing to the more intricate using ink, blue wash and pencil. The imagery is from an angel dancing with a man to the erotic. (A3, drawings @ 500 EUR.) Until May 29th. https://bit.ly/1ijJJ6u
Another new gallery, LWW, has opened; and is just around the corner from the one above (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 5c). Marianne Wijermars, now showing, is a sculptor. She creates conceptual figurative forms from Belgium hard stone. The work is streamlined and simple. The results are elegant. A diptych of two heads is special because each one swivels. You arrange the composition you prefer. (30 cms., high, Belgium hard stone, lead and plaster @ 575 EUR; Diptych, hard stone @ 3,500 EUR.) Until 22nd May. https://bit.ly/2Af5IJH 
Katinka Lampe comes to RON MANDOS (Prinsengracht 282) likes she's on a religious pilgrimage. She paints portraits of young women, but, in this show, a few are pictured wearing a crown of thorns or the Islamic burka. It doesn't really matter. You need not have an affinity for the religious element to appreciate her simple way of using color to create realistic images. There is a vagueness to the imagery, too, which creates an abstraction aspect which enhances the attraction to her work. (24x30 cms., oil @ 2,200 EUR; 50x60 cms., oil @ 3,850 EUR; 210x170 cms., oil @ 11,400 EUR.)

In the back galleries are the work of two artists doing something completely different from Lampe. Sybille Pattscheck is a conceptual minimalist whose paintings come very close to being monochromatic. But are far from it. She starts with what you might describe as a "theme color" and works it into a background of white pigments. The result is mellow and unprepossessing (60x60x6 cms., en caustic on Plexiglas @ 2,800 EUR.)...Jus Jucktmans is a soul mate to Pattscheck in that he is also a conceptual minimalist and sometimes his resulting pieces are indeed monochromatic. One work, however, resembles a rainbow with its soft hues of yellow, purple and green. (50x40 cms., acrylic @ 3,200 EUR; 120x90 cms., acrylic @ 7,500 EUR.) Until 29th May. https://bit.ly/1NONWvU 
RudolfV (Kerkstraat 427) is presenting the work of five artist. In the front gallery is Caroline Havers with large oils paintings that are expressionistic? Impressionistic? Sometimes you think you see flowers; sometimes a pond of water...but ALL the time it is an array of colors that gets and holds your attention. Strong and assertive work. As decorative as it is artistic. (160x120 cms., oil on paper and canvas @ 2,750 EUR.)...In the same room are bronzes and, well, if you were to drop acid this is probably how you might see the human form. In Jissy Keuenhof's work the imagery is surrealistic with wings. It all comes together as whimsical, comical and just plain fun. (500 to 1,250 EUR.)

Ready for this? Zsuzsanna Györgyövics does something completely different. She takes copper wire and twist it into tree-like limbs; and takes more of these strains and twist them into what resembles a tree trunk. What results from all this twisting and turning is a realistic 3D rendering of various varieties of trees. Each piece comes across in a dramatic way as it hangs on the wall. You forget the imagery and concentrate of the abstraction of the copper wire so meticulously twisted into natural appearing forms. Three red dots at opening. (50x40 cms., copy wire @ 950 EUR; 70x90 cms., copper wire @ 1,100 EUR.) 

Luc Peters makes construction objects which feature several artistic elements not to mention materials. There is the aspect of conceptual redundancy where he repeats the same object over and over and the materials range from paper---looking like ceramic---to linen, to epoxy, etc. The final composition is complex in its imagery. (50x40 cms., @ 950 EUR; 40x60 cms., @ 1,200 EUR; 120x110 cms., @ 1,950 EUR.)...Willem Overtoom hangs photographic nudes...Well, conceptual nudes might be a more accurate description. A series of three feature six photos mounted as one composition. The imagery ranges from figurative to abstraction-figuration. Four works could be homages to Eedweard Muybridge's (1830-1904) "Animal Locomotion" series from the late 19th century. A series of 30+ females nudes appear side by side in slightly different poses. (80x60 cms., 6 photos as one composition @ 600 EUR; 60x40 cms., @ 485 EUR; 120x32 cms., A series of 30+ nudes and in parallel @ 650 EUR.). Until 22nd May. https://bit.ly/2mdb7ay 

Beppe Kessler is at Galerie Josine Bokhoven (Prinsengracht 154) with pointillist styled paintings done in a contemporary way. In fact, the work is really expressionistic but in a mild and subtle manner. In a few examples she has shaped the canvas thus creating an illusory depth. With another series, she draws in pencil on white canvas which sometimes has a structure surface and these linear abstractions take on an added depth perception. There are also mixed-media canvases. In a couple, small holes have been drilled; in another what looks like small pins with colored heads attached creates the illusion of a field of dandelions in an expanse of grass. Nice work. She has a unique voice. (30x30 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 1,500 EUR; 50x50 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 2,500 EUR.). Until 1st June. https://bit.ly/2JHGNOt

REMINDER: Always be alert! When you see "(?)" it is meant to indicate that the info could be WRONG. The "*" after the time means the same thing. Click on to the gallery's web-site or phone ahead. 


THURSDAY: 22nd April, 2010
THURSDAY: 22nd April, 2010 

17:00 Galerie Libbe Venema (Hogeweg 2a). Hans Dillesse, paintings; Hanneke Nobel, landscape paintings. https://bit.ly/2AdmGbo 

FRIDAY: 23rd April
FRIDAY: 23rd April

17:00 Motive Gallery (N.B. @ Maison Descartes, Vijzelstraat 2). Lecture by Christophe Gallois, "A different sound in each ear: Stories of temporalities in the work of Domanque Petitgand." The talk is concerned with the latter's relationship to the work of Steve Reich, a minimalist avant garde musician. In English. FREE. RSVP:enter@motivegallery.nl http://www.motivegallery.nl/ 

17-19:00 AYACS (Keizersgracht 166). Henrik Kröner, "Mastermind," paintings.  

17-19:00 WG KUNST (M. v. B. Bastiaansestraat 28). "H.F. van Steensel, Alte Kameraden Papiertjes monumenten." Astrid Oudbeusden, Jeroen Kee en Keuin van der Cammen. https://bit.ly/2v9vxoX 

18:30-22:30 CBK Amsterdam (Oranje-Vrijstaalkade 71). "MAF Fashion Battle," Catwalk show. "Dress code: Fashionable chique." Rosa Blanca, NOMI, Dalal Yajet and Iris van der Linden. + a DJ. http://mafb.nl/ 

20:00 Streetlab_Projectspace (Postjesweg 2). "ENTER SPACE: De Verhouding Met De Ruimte on Ons Heen Als Personage." Six artists and photographers. http://www.streetlab.nl/ 

SATURDAY: 24th April
SATURDAY: 24th April

10:00 STEIM meets Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). For a day...well, make that two days it is "MusicHackDay." "The main goal...is to explore and build the next generation of music applications. It's a full weekend of hacking in which particiapants will conceptualize, create, and present their projects. Music software + hardware + art + the web. Anything goes as long as it's music replated." FREE. RSVP: http://www.amsterdam.musichackday.org/  Program's schedule at: http://www.amsterdam.musichackday.org/

10-22:00 Lloyd Hotel (Oostelijke Handelskade 34). "EXPO'70 OSAKA," A reunion of ladies who worked for six months at the World Exposition at Osaka Japan in 1970. they will spend two days showing "artefacts they kept as reminders" of the experience. https://bit.ly/2K3ORJt 

16:00 Gallery Vriend Van Bavink (Geldersekade 58). Aukje Dekker. http://www.vriendvanbavink.nl/ 

16:00 Galerie Roger Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198). John O'Carrol, "Equilibrë." https://bit.ly/2ObCIFC 

17:00 Annet Gelink Gallery (Lauriersstraat 187). Meiro Koizumi (Japan), "Total Ecstasy." Videos, sculptures, photos and work on paper relating to the Japanese society and its history. At 18:00 he will do a performance titled, "Melodrama For Men #4-Historical Fuck.".. The gallery's "In The Bakery" section becomes "The Drawing room." A total of 26 artists will hang their work. https://bit.ly/2u9Hxa3 

17-19:00 "witzenhausen GALLERY" (Hazenstraat 60). Michael Chelbin, "The Black Eye," photography. https://bit.ly/2zCqZwM 

17:00 Galerie M. van Zomeren (Prinsengracht 276). Ol' Lucy Stein (UK) is back in town. Well, she's not THAT old. In fact, she isn't old at all. But that's another story. The title is, "Everything Rhymes with Your Condition." http://martinvanzomeren.nl/shows 

17:00 Galerie D. Stigter (Elandsstraat 90). Amitia Pica with "babble, blabber, chatter, gibber, jabber, patter, prattle, rattle, yammer, yada, yada, yada." Sure! Okay. But what's the encore? https://bit.ly/2LcyITk

18:00 Sociëteit De Kring (Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 7-9). Jesse Faber's "The Golder Age," oils. http://www.jessefaber.nl, https://bit.ly/2uqZEsr 

20:00 De Service Garage (Stephensonstraat 16). "Amsterdam - Berlin," Group Show, 15 artists. "The project Amsterdam - Berlin shows Dutch and international artists who are inspired by working in the city Berlin." Music by DJ Mappe. https://bit.ly/2m7z16Y 

20:00 OT 301 (Overtoom 301). "RoomService presents: BLOCKING (blok-ing)" An installation and video work by Marija Danilovic and Avi Krispin. No web-site.

SUNDAY: 25th April
SUNDAY: 25th April 

10:00 STEIM @ Mediamatic BANK (See Saturday for info.) 

15:00 Lloyd Hotel (Oostelijke Handelskade 34, room 28). Presents a lecture on "the role of the museum for contemporary art in the city." Invite did not specify the language. FREE. RSVP: rsvp@valiz.nl, More info: http://www.valiz.nl. Also, see Saturday for info on "EXPO'70 OSAKA." 

16:00 BeemsterArtCentre (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21). Ziad Haider, (1954-2006, Iraq).  

WEDNESDAY: 28th April
WEDNESDAY: 28th April 

20:00 "agentur" (N.B. @ Tropen Msueum, Linnaeusstraat 2). "Duet for Cannibals," films, videos and talk. This session focuses on Gordon Matta-Clark, Andy Warhol and Susan Sontag. Bring your own lunch...bring a "friend." Entry: 7.50 (includes one drink). http://www.agentur.nl, https://bit.ly/2NSmxwa 

THURSDAY: 29th April
THURSDAY: 29th April 

17-19:00 Stichting outLINE (Oetewalerstraat 73). Yvonne Dröge Wendel, "Relational Thingness." "What is a thing? What is the essence of things? What does it take to be a thing? What is it that things actually do?" Everything you think you never thought you wanted to think about a thing...Or something like that! https://bit.ly/2ArNqoX 

__?__ Nieuw Dakota (Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b, NDSM-werf, free ferry from CS). "Common Ground," "A growing exhibition with the participation of leading galeries, institutions, artists and collectors." http://www.nieuwdakota.com, Contact: info@nieuwdakota.com 

18:30 The Club of Amsterdam (N.B. @ Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Singelgrachtbebouw, Rhijnspoorplien 1). "The Future of Music" a lecture with the themes: "Music & Games;" "Music & Creative Projects - online & wireless;" "Music & the Brain." ENGLISH. Entry: 30 EUR; discounts available; students 10 EUR. More info: https://bit.ly/2nlASUj, tickets online: https://bit.ly/2nlASUj 
Remember, the 2009-2010 Amsterdam Art Season is quickly winding down. So if you want a good selection of things to see, you gotta go see what's on offer. How many times has 3D been at an opening and heard someone exclaim, "Oh, my, this piece has been sold! Too bad, I would have bought it." More often than not, 3D assumes it is only a blowhard's BS statement, That is, take away the red dot and his next words would be, "Damn, I left my money at home." But, be it as it may, don't take a chance of not being able to buy the piece that gets your attention because you got there too late...But first you gotta GO! 

Photo: 3D finds true love...an object of affection...Or something like that. The object, by Robert Pennekamp as seen at "muzyQ." Photograph by John Melskens.