Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #25

Good news...3D attended the "finnisage" (the closing party) for a show where I had missed the opening and got a very nice surprise: NINE RED DOTS! (see below). There seems to be a momentum building as far as the economy is concerned. Even General Motors reported a first quarter profit for this year; less than a year from bankruptcy. ING did likewise. Its too bad the 2009-2010 Art Season is nearly over. When you get on a winning streak you want to keep the game going. 


Bits & Pieces: 
Art Fair: KunstVlaai/ArtPie
What You Missed Last Week:
What Is Happening This Week: 


The Stedelijk Museum will reopen for a temporary period on the 28th of August until January. The occasion is to celebrate and commemorate the original building's opening in 1895. The new wing is now expected to be completed during the second half of 2011. https://www.stedelijk.nl/nl
"galerie ra" must move to a new location. The building, where their space is located, is to be renovated. Unfortunately, as of this date, they have not been able to find a space and/or location that meets their specification and/or budget.
OT301 (Overtoom 301) is presenting a varied film program and entry is only 4 EUR. The flics range from "A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn" by Japanese director Daisuke Goto to "Alice in Wonderland XXX" the porno version directed by Bud Townsend. Strange, but there is no web-site on the newsletter page. 
At KunstVlaai, 3D picked up a card promoting "theoneminutes" video program. Most readers, of this list, should be acquainted with what it is. One minute videos are made on any and all subjects. Originally, the concept was developed by the Sandberg Institute, but now it is supported by several foundation and organizations; and it is international. "'The One Minutes' foundation organizes an annual competition, workshops, festivals, assignments for artists, screenings, exhibitions and (digital) television broadcast." There is also a division for children's work. For more info: http://www.theoneminutes.org, https://bit.ly/2M82dGv 
The trials and tribulations of the new Openbare Bibliotheek keep piling up. For the last two weeks the clock on the third floor has not worked. So 3D asked, "Why?" The librarian replied, "The batteries are dead. It seems to be hard to get a replacement batteries around here." Well, for the last two weeks, there have been two racing bikes, on the ground floor, for people to try out and see how fast they can go (they are mounted on a treadmill). 3D thought if they can keep those operating why not the clocks. As I was leaving the library yesterday, I noticed a sign in front of the bikes: "Fiets Defect." Well, at least they are consistent.
Check this out: "Awkward Family Photos go from blog to book...15 million people a month visit the site to ogle families posing at their embarrsssing best." See: https://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ 

ART FAIRKunstVlaai/ArtPie (Westergasfabriek) 

KunstVlaai/ArtPie is NOT just another art fair. It was originated by the Sandberg Institute---a post-graduate art academy---back in 1997, as both an alternative and complimentary adjunct to ArtAmsterdam, the premier Dutch art fair. The purpose was to offer a venue for what 3D refers to as Art Spaces. These are not traditional art galleries because they are not-for-profit; in fact, they generally never offer work for sale. An art space is meant to bring to the attention of an art loving public young, experimental, avant-garde, cutting edge artists. Since paying the overhead---most are subsidized---is not a consideration, they don't have to cater to current market whims. With that said, what should you expect from this year's edition of KunstVlaai?

...A lot! And that's what you get. 

The fair divides the exhibition space amongst various buildings at the Westergasfabriek. The Zuiveringshal  West is the primary location and the biggest. On entering, there was an unusual performance taking place. It was two people doing mime. So well done that 3D didn't noticed them when he entered but only when he was leaving. On walking into the main space, and to the immediate right, is "The Animated Carousel" by Rop van Mierlo and it's fun. It is about two meters in diameter and in continuous motion with colored thin plastic sheets that are "shuffled" sort of like a deck of cards..."God is a Player," by Sander Reijers and David Eishout, is a "playful" installation. A series of ten "footballs" in a Buckie-Ball configuration are all illustrated with figurative representations. One large "football" is made of different fabric samples and has "breast." Hmmm..."Never...Everland," is an installation done as a group project with eight artists contributing. The work is from conceptual to impressionistic figurative. One even talks...sort of.

A series of 25 wooden fruit boxes are arranged into a linear abstraction. Each one is topped with old potatoes already sprouting tentacles and is by "IANWALD."...Anama Ponce is, unfortunately, stuck was back into a corner in this large hall. Unfortunate, because her ceramic installation is rather spectacular if only because of its elaborate simplicity. Now, that's a neat trick. There are about 150 ceramic miniature "arches"---somewhat like the front grill piece of a room space heater---all in the same basic shape with many of the same decoration nuances and in a variety of colors, but all different.

Next to it is an elaborate installation titled "Our Condolences" which consists of a horse drawn hearse (without the nag); a coffin made from wood pallets and silk lined; a marble tombstone that features the logo design, "O.C;" plus two bouquets of yellow roses and two wreathes. The "O."C." stands for "Our Condolences," and is by Albert Westerhoff and Fabian de Boer. A take way card gives us a little background story to the installation: "Copyright has been spiritually neglected during the last years of his lifetime. His sole reason for existence was that of protecting our intellectual property. He was always there for us. Therefore it pains us to realize that Copyright was unable to protect himself while he was out protecting us. Now Copyright has found his place of rest, we however will face restless times. You will always live in our thoughts." 

A 350x400 cms., wall is covered with a b/w checkerboard patterned cloth. Attached to it is a wall hanging and is, well, something else. The "something" is about 200x130 cms., and made up of oddly shaped "pillow-like" fabric objects in black or, again, b/w checkerboard design with white pom-poms. From the center emerges a dog-like snout composed of a linear abstraction of white string attached with nails protruding from the snout. Cool! No artist attribution.

Directly next door, in the Openbare Verlichting, is what looks like an integrated installation mounted by several artists. Well, call it an experience. The room is dark. What light there is comes from 14 video overhead screens and a few theater spotlights here and there. There are hundreds of beer bottles on the floor which meander through a large corner of the space in a linear composition. A small "house" is inviting and there is a flat screen TV inside showing a video. A "straw man" is real size stands not far from a wooden doll-like figure also full size.

Directly across from the hall is the Machine Gebouw. A large installation is on the immediate right as we enter a darkened room. It is, itself, a room. As we enter the rear of the space we see about six or so video projections on the wall. It tells a story which takes place in the room we have passed...In the other gallery there is a commercial deep-freeze case---the type found in supermarkets---and it is labeled as: "Avant-garde Below Zero." Inside are various "products"---and all are for sale. Here is a sampling: T-shirts with a logo by STYLOMONTAGNE @ 50 EUR; "INSTRUCTIONS" which includes a 45 rpm record and a series of "instruction" literature. (Ed. 10 @ 63 EUR; A series of "12 demos" of "singles at 5 EUR/example); plus "NEW YORK POSTER/eBoy/118.9cm/84.1cm/print:CMYK offset, 2st [sic] edition/hello.eboy.com/20EUR/stuk." Well, you get the idea. A little of everything and everything unique in its own weird way. It is sponsored by De Brakke Grond and Verbeke Foundation.

...On to the Gashouder which is the second largest venue at KunstVlaai. An installation---with a performance which will be continuous every hour of everyday until the close of the fair---immediately catches the eye. There are two hospital beds---the type you see in an ICU ward. Two female artist---one bare breasted---did an animated "dance." Perhaps describing it as a conceptual "dance" would be more accurate. The theme is developed around the objects present in the "hospital" room. Five video screens presented an eclectic program that ranged from conceptual 3D to a simple, but silent, interview. Four performers alternate through the day making the continuous performance possible. The piece is by NeoPopDadaArt-collective and PlanetArt (For a photo montage see: https://bit.ly/2M9GspI )... Kenichiro Taniguchi presents an interesting visual display. A 3D wall-hanging, in yellow, is unusual in its formless shape. It is flanked by a felt-pen drawing on transparent paper which compliments the object. 

The "house" that Grolsch built. Well, anyway, that could be the title for this installation. A space is filled with perhaps hundreds of case of Grolsch and forms a linear abstract configuration. Photos portray beers cases as accent decoration to small office buildings that appear to be empty...Seven electric fans---each with a b/w pin-wheel face---swirls with the visual affect of a choir. If you can imagine that! By Open Impact Channel...A six meter+ high pink mouse dominates the space...This building is also the best location for seeing prints, drawings, paintings and mixed media pieces. Several artists show their work and a few have combined their efforts to create one work...Outside, and along the canal, there are 65+ mattresses all in a line. 3D saw kids and adults running across them like going through a gauntlet. 

KunstVlaai continues until Sunday the 23rd of May and between the hours of 12-18:00 with several performances and music daily. The 7 EUR entry fee allows you into all locations. Don't miss it! https://bit.ly/2mUdE9U  



Daishin Sumimoto (Japan) hangs paintings at Van Zijll Langhout Exposities (Brouwersgracht 161); and both the subject matter and resulting imagery seem to be of secondary interest to the artist. That is, the subject matter was selected because of its form and perspective elements. The same goes with the imagery. His work is about composition and how everything else falls into place. The largest canvas is a self-portrait with the artist laying in an hammock composed of contrasting colors. There is also a hint of humor in that a tiger (is it an image on a t-shirt; a real tiger; or a stuffed toy?) pokes an eye at the viewer. A circular dip-tych portrays perhaps the same room but with its contents in different dimensions. (75x60 cms., ol @ 1,350 EUR; 150x300 acrylic @ 4,500 EUR.) Until 2nd June. https://bit.ly/2miHB38 


NIMk (Keizersgracht 264) is showing a series of videos. This is an overview of what to expect. In Space 2, Mounira Al Solh talks to herself and takes the voice of various animals to talk back to herself. Huh? Well, there is a certain amount of fantasy associated with what you see and hear. Actually, it sounds like a story from a children's book. There is also a series of photographs featuring the artist along the walls...Space 3, according to the FREE booklet detailing the show, Emily Wardill expresses "In these narratives about love, trust and deceit the artist illustrates ideas prompted by the stained glass" found in churches. There is a soundtrack of Gregorian style music...In Hayley Silverman's short 50 second video we follow a large beach ball like object as it meanders down a street and eventually turns into a watermelon.

Space 4, is where to see the work of Nina Yuen which could be described as a conceptual self-help video with the moderator, on the screen, proclaiming that today is a new beginning, "Get out and kick ass!" Good camera work and framing with kitschy colors...Space 5, is interesting. Ola Vasiljeva has produced a video fantasy of a woman without legs and her pursuit of finding and restoring them to her torso. The soundtrack ranges from a musical adaptation of 10CC's "Not in Love Again" to 40s Bee-Bop. The imagery is fascinating, fun and whimsical and there is the story. Until 24th July. Entry: 4.50 EUR; 2.50 with student discount, FREE with museum card. https://bit.ly/2m4s9Hy  
It's only a ferry ride away...At Motive Gallery (Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41a, NDSM-werf) is the work of Pierre Leguillon in an exhibition titled, "A Silent Show." It is almost exclusively in b/w. The work on display ranges from prints to drawings to fired clay to porcelain. The porcelain work consists of several small objects each have their own unique shape and surface definition. They are sold as an "installation," that is, as one piece. The drawings are also sold as a set. The imagery is conceptual linear abstraction though they do have a sense of being representational in that they reflect the clay work. The latter pieces look like chard wood. A series of posters is the only break with the b/w theme. And the imagery is eclectic without any discernible theme. The "performance" consisted of the artist laying the posters along two walls. (Porcelain, 2 vitrines, 90x52.5x97 cms., @ 16,000 EUR; pen/ink on paper, 2 vitrines, 90x52.5x97 cms., @ 12,000 EUR; reliefs, black clay, 42x40x10 cms., @ 3,200 EUR; ink jet print on paper, 120x160 cms,., Ed. 5 @ 1,800 EUR.) Until 10th July. http://www.motivegallery.nl/ 
...And through the door, in the wall, to the gallery space next door called "Nieuw Dakota." Better to call it an "art space." This is a new initiative organized by 15 museums ("foam," Schiedam, SMBA), galleries (Fons Welters, Lumen Travor, Annet Gelink, et al), a few individuals and the AKZO Nobel Art Foundation. This first exhibition shows various artists ranging in style from conceptual to, well, maybe what you would describe as representational. 

You enter by walking along a red carpet which is indeed an "object" and part of the show...A construction piece by Otobong Nkunga (Lumen Travo) is architecturally inspired...A 200x350 cms., oil by Carla Klein (A. Gelink) could be mistaken for a photograph though in reality it is a linear abstract painting. Nice...Zilvinas Landzbergas (F. Welters) is a delightful full scale sculpture/object of a three wheel utility truck and made completely of cardboard...SMBA is represented by three artist. Roman Pas, Jill Magid and Jakob Kolding (currently showing at SMBA's primary space). There is also a take away poster by Kolding that is available FREE...Looking over all this is Folkert de Jung's "sailor man." It is made from scum foam and decorated in baby blue and pink. It is easily missed since it is on a second level overhang. Some pieces are for sale and others are not. Until 20th June. https://nieuwdakota.com/ 


Galerie Witteveen (Keizersgracht 538) is showing Lydia Schouten who does mixed media work, but that it is not readily apparent. In fact, from a distance of three or four meters, you think you are looking at a pastel and/or color pencil drawing. Get up close and closely scrutinize the work and you see that indeed that's accurate but only to a point. You also see that a photograph(s) has/have been added and is/are an integral part. She selects photos of landscapes, old farm houses, boats, interiors of rooms, etc. She then draws around them and/or paints over sections to continue the color scheme, the imagery and to enhance the composition. Typography plays and important part in many pieces and in a clever way. The results are sort of a contemporary interpretation of the 19th century academic school paintings thus are aesthetically pleasing to both the "classical" art lover and those with a bent toward the avant garde. (75x48 cms,.,m mixed media @ 2,100 EUR; 70x100 cms., mixed media @ 2,600 EUR; 100x140 cms., mixed media @ 3,500 EUR.) Until 19th June. https://bit.ly/2NR0zdF 
At "GALERIE bart" (Bloemgracht 2) is the work of two artists. Stephen J. Englisch shows his "night photos" which have indeed been snapped after the sun has gone down. However, that does not mean there is not artificial illumination. Most pieces have a focal point which is lit by a spotlight which brings emphasis to the spot. However, there is one important exception. "Ruckle Provincial Park Campground" (35x232 cms.) is a panoramic view of an harbor where only ambient light illuminates the scene. But it is amazingly detailed when you get your nose right up to it (80x100 cms., C-print on Dibond, Diasec Ed. 5 @ 2,000 EUR; 102x130 cms., C-print on Dibond Diasec Ed. 5 @ 3,000 EUR.)...Sabi van Hemert displays three sculptured pieces. Each look like a small child crawling along the floor. However, the magic comes in when you look how each is constructed. The artist has taken leather strips and curled them to made for a honeycomb like structural form and pinned them over a human form skeleton. Nice. (49z40x87 cms., leather, plastic pins @ 4,950 EUR.) Until 19th June. https://bit.ly/2m4yS4n 
The title of the exhibition at Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs is "Three Dutch Surrealists." Peter van de Wijngaart shows an unusual series of "night" photographs. He cruised through East Amsterdam, at night, with a couple of spotlights and a battery pack. When he found old furniture, he made an arrangement and captured it on film (80x100 cms., C-print, Lambda, Ed. 5 @ 2,000 EUR)....Orna Wertman has created a unique style of mixed media photography. The imagery is generally banal scenes like a castle in the Austrian Alps, but she structures the imagery as if it was a complete jig-saw puzzle with all the curves and cuts associated with a puzzle. (55x75 cms., C-print, Ed. 6 @ 2,250 EUR)....Laura Samsom Rous has a technique and style that really defies words to describe it. Indeed, the results are surrealistic. The imagery is unimportant and there is no need to define it. Just enjoy. Curious? Go see! (30x40 cms., dip-tych, C-print, Lambda, Ed. 15, framed @ 2,000 EUR; 90x120 cms., C-print, Lambda, Ed. 10 @ 2,500 EUR). Until 19th June. https://bit.ly/2lZLxFJ 
Often quoted under the Bits & Pieces rubric is "Laser 3.14," the Amsterdam street poet. The short sentences or phrases have become something akin to to along playing soap opera with no end in sight. But that's only one side of the Laser coin. This show, which closed, on Saturday, at RADAR:Architecture & Art (1e Rozendwarsstraat 17) shows the opposite side of the coin. There were small "shadow boxes"in which he made three dimensional scenes which are sometimes humorous, sometimes surreal and sometimes historically satirical. Of course there were a few examples of his philosophical witticisms like: "Women And Rats First," like a sign you might see on a sinking ship. Nine red dots at closing. (2x25x69 cms., screen print, signed and numbers, Ed. 20 @ 250 EUR; 23x23 cms., mix media shadow box @ 650 EUR; 90x150 cms., dip-tych, mixed media @ 2,600 EUR.) Closed. http://www.radar-amsterdam.com/
A rather interesting overview of contemporary American style football by Brian Finke is at Galerie W. van Leeuwen (Hazenstraat 27). The title "American Cheerleaders and Football Payers" really says it all. American football is played---like world football (soccer)---on all age levels beginning at six or seven years old. The cheer leading element begins also at an early age and has become an integral element to the actual game. Finke captures all these aspects and from several perspectives. (40x50 cms., Ed. 10 @ 1,500 EUR.) Until 19th June. http://www.woutervanleeuwen.com/ 
A group show is at "VERVERS: modern and contemporary art gallery" (Hazenstraat 54). Vincent Uilenbroek has a corner in the space. On the wall, he has created a figurative montage which seems to tell us a story. He has highlighted this with framed mixed-media pieces that reflect in some ways the work of Francis Bacon meets the graffiti school. (420 EUR/drawing.)...Papa Adama continues his evolutionary development from African artist to European artist. His work here is expressionistic with linear aspects. What has not changed too much is his metal sculpture work. On display, and on the floor, is a crocodile done in iron. Believe it or not, there is something whimsical about it. It looks like it would made a great pet. (paintings, 800-2,000 EUR; Crocodile @ 1,800 EUR). ..Klenneke van der Goot drawings are a combination of styles: linear abstraction, expressionistic and representational. Add them all together and in a single composition and you get visually exciting work. A large work hanging, in pencil, is unusual for several reasons especially the conceptual redundancy and subliminal imagery. (350 EUR, 150x300 cms., @ 3,900 EUR)..."Black Ink Lab" is a nom de plume for one artist. The artist produces conceptual figurative and/or conceptual pen & ink drawings. They are visually captivating and more often then not humorous and whimsical. But it is the abstraction element to the representational form that gets your attention. (350 EUR/drawing.) Four red dots at opening. Until 19thJune. https://bit.ly/2mkqkqc 


"kunstENhuis" is hard to find the first time. The address is "Polonceaukade 26." It is part of the Westergasfabriek, but "No. 26" is a couple hundred meters further on from "No. 24." It is generally worth the effort to seek it out since it is operated by a group of artist and not with any commercial motivation. The current show is "Quest" with the work of Gerda Kruimer whose career 3D has been following since I saw her "last exam" at the Reitveld Academy several years ago. At the beginning, she was more minimal than now. But she quickly developed an individual and unique voice and has continued to reinvent it. She uses NO color; b/w and shades of gray and that's it. 

This exhibition is the first in which her emphasis is on her Plexiglas wall hangings. But it not a departure from her paintings nor her drawings but an extension of them. One drawings that hangs is the prototype to several of the Plexiglas pieces. She makes the drawing, photographs it, scans that into a computer and using a program to highlight/eliminate certain aspects and then feeds the program into a machine that activates a laser beam which does the fine cutting. The results are simple and minimalistic Plexiglas wall hangings that are also complex and detailed. All are in black; some a flat black and other a gloss. In addition are two cut-out paper forms in a circular/tubular configuration---all in white---standing 180 cms., high. The cut-out designs accurately reflect and compliment her drawings and paintings. Some pieces have a three dimensional quality even though there are flat. Nice work. (A4 Plexiglas @ 150 EUR; 120x35x.5 cms., Plexiglas @ 900 EUR; 120x170x.5 cms., MDF @ 2,500 EUR; 105x150 cms., panting, gesso, charcoal on cotton @ 3,500 EUR; 140x200 cms., drawing, charcoal, Conte crayon on paper @ 4,995.) Until 31st May. http://www.gerdakruimer.nl, https://bit.ly/2v62TG5 
VOUS ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314) celebrates their 20th anniversary with a group show of the artists that they have represented over that time. For the first ten years, the husband and wife team of Francis and Hans, operated as print edition publishers. Thus, much of the work in this show are examples of pieces from those editions or individual pulls. But it's more than just prints. It is an incredibly eclectic representation of styles, techniques and conceptual inspirations ranging from drawings in pencil, ink, mixed media, collages to even neon. As far as the prints go, again, a variety of techniques from Piezoprint, silkscreens and lithos. A few of the artists to expect: Charlie Roberts, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Paul de Reus, Walter Dahn, Frank van den Broeck, Tim Ayers, Karin SanderAlan Uglow, Jan van der Ploeg, et al. About 25 artists total. The price range is from 200 EUR for a 29x25 cms., silkscreen by Tim Ayers to 11,000 EUR for the 200x40x37 cms., neon work by Pep Llambias. Until 27th June. http://www.francisboeskeprojects.nl/ 
...And it's across the hall to LUMEN TRAVO with the work of Dianne Hagen in collaboration with Sanjeev Sinha. And what we see is that kitsch is alive and well at Lumen Travo. Some of the work can be described as figurative expressionism and other pieces kitschy expressionism. That is, there is an array of color with added elements like beads and sequins plus other things attached to the canvas. There is a series of "inkblots" done a little bit differently than the one you expect to see from your friendly neighborhood shrink. A small installation is made up of colorful pillows accented by flowers. (30x30 acrylic @ 900 EUR; 105x75 cms., mixed media @ 3,500 EUR; 160x216 cms., "pillow" installation @ 7,500 EUR.) Until 10th July. https://bit.ly/2NlXt0m 
Excuses to to Andrei Roiter and AKINCI. 3D arrived just as the door was closed...Late again....


Reminder: The (?) indicated that the info could be WRONG; and the "*" means the same damn thing. So...call the gallery or click on to their web-site but DON'T put the blame on 3D...

THURSDAY: 20th May, 2010
THURSDAY: 20th May, 2010

12-18:00 KunstVlaai (Westergasfabrieke). See comments under "Review: Art Fair." Remember there are daily performances by different groups and organizations. One of the most active is De Brakke Grond. See for more info: https://bit.ly/1Th5K2k and https://bit.ly/2mUdE9U 

FRIDAY: 21st May
FRIDAY: 21st May

12-18:00 KunstVlaai 

17:00 KunstKapel/Virtueel Museum Zuidas (Prinses Irenestraat 19). "Ons Soort Mensen." RSVP: info@virtueel-museum.nl You must e-mail before 20th May. https://www.virtueelmuseum.com/ 

17:00 Open Studio/M4gastatelier (Marble Hall, Bilderdijkstraat 165B). "EFFLUVIA project," by Francesca Grilli. 

17:00 Chiellerie (Raamgracht 58). Rietveld Photography Expo, "From one spot." Seven young student photographers. 

18:00 YOUR:OWN (Oude Waal 35). "IT'S YOUR WORLD," a new exhibition by Panik. https://bit.ly/2AugPyt 

18:00 Galerie Brandt (Prinsengracht 799). Yigal Ozeri, "Olga in the Park," paintings. A new gallery opens its doors. http://brandtgallery.com/ 

19:00 Schijnheilig (Passeerdersgracht 23). Inga Cholmogorova, "Cleaving," a site-specific installation. https://bit.ly/2M9CugO, https://schijnheilig.nul.nu/ 

20:00 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Processing Salon," Daniel Shiffman (USofA); Jer Thorp (Can). "Presentation about data-visualization, the use of Processing in digital arts and the beauty and versatility of this programming language." FREE. "RSVP by clicking on to the pink button." Hmmm, a problem: NO pink button...But that's Mediamatic. (3D e-mailed them about this and the reply said, "The Pink button is on another page." Oh! Try: http://www.mediamatic.net then go to the next page...Good night and good luck...

20:00 NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). "Backstage Keren Cytter (Israel)." "During Backstage the public is given a chance to look behind the scenes with an artist." Moderator of the event is Maaike Gouwenberg. RSVP...Hey, sorry NO address given on invite. Try this; maybe you can find a "pink button": https://bit.ly/2m4s9Hy 

20-Midnight Streetlab_Projectspace and "foam_lab" (Postjesweg 2). "LOMOGRAPHY EXPO." An exhibition of "the work of various young 'lomographers' who capture Amsterdam in their own unique way." No web-site on invite. Go figure. 

20:20 IMC 5533 (M4gastatelier, Da Costakade 158). IMC is an Istanbul based art initiative. https://bit.ly/1LyYyO4 

SATURDAY: 22nd May
SATURDAY: 22nd May 

12-18:00 Open Ateliers - Westelijke Eilanden (Central Exposition @ KunstKerk, Prinseneiland 89). The official opening party will be at this location and begins at 18:00 today. During the three day weekend, there will be a large variety of activities ranging from workshops to music to performances. 70 artists will open their doors to the public. More info: http://www.oawe.nl/ 

12-18:00 KunstVlaai...same neighborhood as above Open Ateliers

17-19:30 Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Elandsgracht 34). Nadja Bournonville (Sweden), "To Be Undone." This is her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Expect photography and work on paper. https://bit.ly/2mjOOQt 

17-19:00 SLEWE (Kerkstraat 105). Krijn de Koning. https://www.slewe.nl/ 

(?)17-19:00* E. de Bruijne Projects (Rozengracht 207). Mijchiel Kluiters and Marianne Viero. https://bit.ly/2mtlPtp 

18-20:00 1K projectspace-de Ekster (1e Keucheniusstraat 13). Linda Herritt (USofA), "TEXT BOX," mixed media work. https://bit.ly/2AwmFQ8 

SUNDAY: 23rd May
SUNDAY: 23rd May 

12-18:00 Open Ateliers - Westelijke Eilanden (see Saturday for info)

12-18:00 KunstVlaai closes today 

MONDAY: 24th May
MONDAY: 24th May 

Open Ateliers - Westelijke Eilanden (see Saturday for info) 

WEDNESDAY: 26th May 

18:00 ArtAmsterdam (RAI). This is the "private viewing" night and is open by invitation only. Contact your favorite participating gallery and ask for one. The Fair is officially open to the public as of tomorrow, Thursday. See the 3D List: Week #37 for a review of the Fair.

Finally spring has really arrived...Anyway, that's 3D's hope and based on today's (Thursday) beautiful sunshine and mild temperature. While this is great weather for doing galleries and the open atelier' route, 3D is aware that you might be tempted to do Vondel Park instead. Well, if I catch you there it will mean demerits and retribution for all members of the 7A Club. Anyone remember that? It was an acronym for the "Amsterdam aesthetic art..." Whatever...But, I digress. Keep the red dots sprouting and BUY something artistic this week! 

Photo: CARHARTT Store Amsterdam; Elzo and 3D inspired antics, photo:Piet van der Meer.