Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #26

The news is ALL good. The Dutch jobless rate fell between February and April by 9,000. It is the first time that has happened since the summer of 2008. And more of "the news is ALL good" is that there were few openings last week, however, at three, a lotta red dots.

3D doesn't want to see the Amsterdam Art Season, of 2009-2010, end. We are on a roll! Keep those red dots coming. And YOU are the one to DO IT! The really BIG show of the year is upon us: ArtAmsterdam (see review below). And what better place to open your wallet with so many galleries exhibiting the artists they consider to be on the cutting edge. Here is how you do an art fair: GO, LOOK and BUY! And in that order. 

P.S. Because of time constraints, the color highlighting of artists' and galleries' names have been excluded this week...


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Art Fair Review: ArtAmsterdam 2010

What You Missed Last Week:

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"Sitting With Marina," by Arthur C. Danto (23rd May), is the latest article, in the New York Times, concerning Marina Abramovic's current show at MoMA, New York. It speaks of her major perfomances and points the spotlight on her current one. And Danto says in reference to it: "The performance has brought MoMA itself to the cutting edge of contemporary artistic experiment...." 
Congratulations to PLANETART who was awarded the KUNSTVLAAI PRIJS 2010 for their non-stop performance of "Neverporn Community." (Reviewed on List #36.) See photos of the winning exhibition at: https://bit.ly/2KjZTdY        WARNING: XXX Rated.

For what it's worth: Arthur Brooks, in his book, "The Battle," observes that "the key to happiness is not being rich, it's doing something arduous and creating something of value and being able to reflect on the fruits of your labor." From an article by David Brooks, "An angry voter's story," (Int Herald Tribune, 22nd May.) 
...And more insight...Karl Marx (yeah, that Karl Marx) in his work "The Eighteenth Brunmaire," said, "Men make their own History, but they do not make it as they please. They do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already given and transmitted from the past." Perhaps the same could be said for "art." 
ATTENTION GALLERIES: Do you have a need for cheap labor? Well, that should get everyones' attention. For the last few openings at Witteveen Galerie there have been two very young ladies who serve the drinks and clean the space afterwards. They are efficient, delightful and sweet. So 3D took away one of their calling cards and it says: "voor bediening, voorbereiding en schoonmaakhulp op feesten en openingen. samen vragen wij 15 EUR per urr. Josine Immos, tel:; Anouk Friedli," Oh, almost forgot, they are adding catering to their list of "to do" things. 
FONDS BKVB (Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten Vormgeving en Bouwkunst) has added the promotion and development of strip art to the list of styles for which they offer subsidies. 3D is pleased that this style of art is finally getting recognition from traditional quarters that it so richly deserves. Contact Gert Jan Pos. And 3D will see you in the "funnies." https://bit.ly/2vbuxBf  
WORKSHOP for CHILDREN on book binding. Designed for ages 11 and 12. This weekend. FREE? Looks like it. More info: annemarie.behrens@gmail.com 
Preparing for the world cup? ING conducted a survey and the results show that 18% of Dutch "fans eat ready made meals on match days and 15% will drink more alcohol...And 18%...would go on a bread and water diet for six days if it would guarantee the Netherlands the world title." https://www.dutchnews.nl/ 
...And more from the same source...What does Malta, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have in common? We pay the most for mobile telephone use in the EU: 24 cents, 21 cents and 20 cents/minute, respectively. Latvia is the cheapest EU country at 04. cents/minute. 

ART FAIR REVIEW: ArtAmsterdam 2010, under the direction of the new director, Edo Dijksterhuis

ArtAmsterdam is once again upon us. Its first manifstation was way back in 1985. 3D was there and hasn't missed on since. There have been a multitude of changes over the years. Some for the better and some for the worse. Is this year the "best of?" Hey, in art and in judging art fairs, it's all subjective. This one is different and some of the difference are worth the trip---not to mention---the entry fee of 20 EUR. It took 3D four hours and 30 minutes to do the show which is about the same as for the last three or four years. Needless to say, it is NOT possible to review each an every gallery and/or artists. This is an overview and with emphasis on "No Holds Barred" (NHB). A new concept introduced by the new director, Edo Dijksterhuis, who said, at the press conference, it is his way of putting his stamp on ArtAmsterdam. All participating galleries were invited to submit a concept to fill a defined space; 90 responded and 15 were selected. 

Ayako Robakaku, a young Japanese lady, is back for her fourth appearance and "performance" at AA and this time she has really taken over the gallery's space. She can be seen building her dream house? It sort of resembles a "gingerbread house." There is even a lawn and several "trees."...Wim van Krimpen, who started it all back in 1985, returns as an exhibitor showing Aaron van Erp who paints panoramic canvases with a dark twinge and the style is akin to what you might describe as avant-garde naïve...At Phoebus (Rotterdam) they have turned the booth into an "installation." 3D assumes everything is individually offered for sale, but the presentation---covering all the floor space---is as one.

Galerie Nouvelles Images (Den Haag) is celebrating their 50th year, in the art business, with a very large booth featuring COBRA to the avant-garde (hey, they have real radiators as wall hangings...kid you not!)....Madeleine Berkhemer has both a room and a wall at "witzenhausen GALLERY." The wall is a 350x500 cms., collage developed around an annotated magazine advertisement like you would have seen during the 40s-50s in The Saturday Evening Post (Norman Rockwell did their covers). The room shows her unique "pinwheel" constructions made from "legs" featuring boots or high-heel shoes. A cabinet is really cool with pantie hose that have been stretched into a linear abstract design and includes, again, boots and shoes.

Galerie Maurits van de Laar shows a monumental 300 cms., high ceramic piece that could be for an church altar. The artist, Elmar Trenkwalder, hangs 20 drawings, in pencil, most of which are preparatory drawings for the ceramic work...Galerie Fons Welters sponsors one of the NHB work which is a 450x500x400 black cube that can be seen two ways. From one angle, you see only the black surface, but from the opposite one, you see inside the cube and, inside, their is a complete bedroom...Cokkie Snoei's (Rotterdam-Amsterdam) booth explodes with a kaleidoscope of colors. They all emit, in an arc form, from a corner, on the floor, and they cover all the walls and floor as well. No name listed anywhere.

A NHB; In Situ, shows the work of Loek Grootjans and it is a space that consists of 25 linear dimensional abstract drawings in black wash. There are also 25 uniform boxes filled with "junk" and all covered with dust that form a linear abstract on the floor...Jan van Hoof, Galerie Den Bosch, offers two 200 cms., high "teddy bears" all in white. There is also an eclectic mix of paintings from representational to expressionistic...Galerie Willy Schoots (Eindhoven) offers one of the most unique installations/sculptor/performance pieces 3D has ever witnessed. There are 12 metal industrial cages (each 100x100x70 cms.) along a wall and they "house" four people dressed in plastic and one with a drum. From time to time, the drummer beats his drum and the other "inhabitants" scream like trapped rats. Oh, yeah, I forgot the drill and a few other things. The gallery holder assured 3D that they would be fed.

Galerie Baer (Dresden) presents a solo show for Stefan Lenke who could be a contemporary successor of the De Stijl group, but he does it with less color and slanting lines and geometric abstraction...Galerie Maria Chailloux has lined the walls, of her booth, with a mural reminiscent of the decorations found on 18th century farmers wedding cabinets. Paintings grace the wall. There are two artists represented. One paints in the style of the Russian icon painters and the other does geometric abstraction that look as if they could be designs for stained glass windows...Gallery Skape (Korea) has a space that appeared to be in the middle of construction and is part of NHB. There is a work bench filled with tools, tape, gloves, and whatnot. In the center, of the room, is a wooden crate (150x150150 cms.,) and it is suspended in space by guide wires. It is attributed to Hyvenjus Kim and Jihyun Jung. The gallery's actual space has a series of 100 cm., high figurative sculptures Asian style. An arm chair with two "dogs" are all made of cardboard boxes---complete with labeling---and stands out..."dr. julis ap" (Berlin) offers a collection of linear, three dimensional geometric abstractions made of wire and thousands of paper pieces meticulously cut out into patterns. Nice. Other linear constructions made from metal or composite wood is also displayed.

Galeri Helga Hofman, from faraway Alphen a/d Rijn, shows an "installation" of six full size red wolves by Stefan Pietryga. There are also nearly 50 doll-like clay figures by Volker März. They range from a five cms., high piece to one in the likeness of Nelson Mandela that stands at 90 cms...A duo effort by "ATM-Art," and sponsored by Willem Kerseboom Gallery, is a NHB contribution. It consist of a "supersized" McDonald Big Mac container (180x150x150 cms.) and it is open. On the inside is "A Melting City." Really! the "city" is fabricated from lard/fat which will slowly melt during the life of the fair. The total weight of the lard is equal to the total weight of the two artist. Along the walls is a linear schematic city scape. Across the way at Kerseboom Gallery's space there are five...well, 3D can't give a name to the technique. Call it "mixed electronic video" for want of a better term. Each piece is in a box with a back light. There is a transparent screen at the front (I was later told it is the "flat screen" of a flat screen TV). On the screen we see a video projection which fits into other imagery that makes up the box. Got that? Probably not...You really gotta see it. Cool. Very cool.

"The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project: Desire of the 14th Generation" by Koon Vanmechelen is probably the most unlikely installation your can expect to see at AA. A 250x300x300 cms., wooden cage---covered with chicken wire---houses three chickens. Live, no less. One happy rooster with two hens. The hens look like they are genetic mutations of an experiment gone wrong. They are fluffy white (not feather-like) and each have a black face. Directly to the right, there is a video of a man eating a chicken dinner. Sick! There's more...and just as interesting...but you can discover for yourself. Presented by Venice Projects (Venice, IT).

W139 recreates their most recent exhibition "Doktor Fautus," with their booth's walls completely filled with graffiti-like drawings that reflect the walls of their art space..."artipoli" (Voorweg) features a two wall (corner) montage drawing (Conte and pastel) consisting of several different size segments. This creates a grid pattern which acts as a nuance to the imagery which is basically anatomically inspired. "S.Teddy D" makes sculpture objects that are both representative and figurative in a surrealistic manner and with humor. The geometric abstract paintings of Jac Bisschops compliments the linear steel wall hangings next to them by Riki Mijling...A NHB by Arik Levy presents a simple but dramatic space. It is ALL white: ceiling, floor and walls. With a single and bare light bulb hanging from the center of the ceiling. 19 black axes---of various sizes---interject and segment the space.

St. Art Gallery---now that is a good name for a gallery---sponsors a room for NHB which is a very good example of minimal meets conceptual art. One wall, of the room, is lined with "cabinet drawers" that have been painted on in gray. There is one exception; an open drawer in red and it is dimensional. There are also 15 "boxed" dress shirts and all are white. However, when the lights go out---and they are set on a timer to do so---we see hand prints on the shirts in fluorescent pink/red. And the seven boxed shirts, that are on the wall, appear to have blood running down from them. The title: "No Blood On Your Hands."

The Thiema Award will be announced sometime today (Thursday). Last year's winner, Gijs van Lith, "GALERIE bart," has a solo exhibition space provided by Thiema as part of his prize. His work is not the same as last year. His style has evolved dramatically---while staying virtually the same---because it is now more abstract than before (the representational aspect has disappeared completely). One piece is b/w with infinite shades of gray. Beautiful! describes it best...Rasche Ripken (Berlin) show a collection of architecturally inspired paintings (actually geometric abstractions) on ceramic. Clever idea with great results...Ron Mandos exhibits Int Hernandes contribution to NHB with a large construction made of wood and mirrors. It looks like the dais for an award presentation (perhaps Thiema could make use of it as a podium for announcing their prize), but, in reality, is a geometric abstract object. 

For drawings check out Patrick Heide Contemporary Art (London). A variety of techniques from simple pencil drawings to felt tip pen ones. The styles range from geometric abstraction to conceptual...De Witte Voet hasn't missed an ArtAmsterdam since the first. A few years ago, when the jewelry, glass and ceramic galleries where eliminated from participating, De Witte Voet was the exception since their shows are always the cutting edge in the art of the ceramic world. This appearance is no exception. In the booth is the work of Pieter Geraedts with "...somewhere between the chaos and form..." and what you see are huge symbol like objects (wall hangings and a floor piece) that he creates from simple elementary materials: newspaper pulp mixed with 25% clay. The result is a gray imagery that reflects the detritus of society. Across from this is the gallery's contribution to NHB. Anne Ausloos has created "Earth Reflections." She collected dirt from Belgium, the Netherlands and the USofA (New Mexico). The interior climate of the RAI will affect the suspension of the dirt and water and bring out the "true character of each type of dirt." The artist's describes it thusly: "An installation as a movable feast. I am driven to explore in a poetic manner the intrinsic values of the raw material that crates landscapes." What you see are four circles measuring 80 to 150 cms., in diameter each with earth colored pigmentation that are filled with water; and there is leakage which forms its own nuances on the floor around the objects. Along the wall are smaller examples. Nice. 

If you drive to the RAI you get an extra treat. Reitveld Academy students were invited to create and curate an exhibition/environment in the parking garage and advised of all the constraints associated with the endeavour including the needs of security. Also, There is a VIP program which consists of various events throughout Amsterdam. There are shuttle buses provided from the RAI to get you there in comfort and with no need to worry about parking. 

Select the day you want to attend and go to: http://www.amsterdamartfair.nl/   and click-on to "day to day" which is the program for special happenings taking place during the fair such as lectures and debates; workshops for young collectors, etc. 

The daily opening times are listed below under "What Is Happening This Week." 

There are FREE tours daily and on the hour. At 13:00 and 16:00 the tour is conducted in English. See: http://www.aimatart.nl for details.

Entry: 20 EUR at the door (discounts for students and 65+ with ID). If you purchase on-line you save 5 EUR: http://www.amsterdamartfair.nl/ 



The FONDS BKVB (Brouwersgracht 276) is showing the work of TYPEX who is an illustrator, comic strip artist and one who does more traditional "art." At this exhibition, we see a sampling off all his styles. However, it is the more "traditional" art that is highlighted. He hangs seven 150x110 cms., charcoal drawings which bring together the comic strip element with the flavor of the 18/19th century metaphysical engravings of William Blake. Sometimes you see the Blake view of hell in his work which has a much to do with the imagery as the grim "blackness" provided by the charcoal. Blake described evil as an electrified tiger prowling the forests of night. You get that impression from TYPEX's work. On the lighter side, there are the strip like drawings. Some are jokes, some satirical remarks and some, well, 3D liked the one of a dog staring into the sky and looking at a cloud shaped like a big bone. Aaah, heaven. Until 18th June. https://bit.ly/2vbuxBf 


A new space opened called Galerie Brandt (Prinsengracht 799). The artist for the inaugural show is Yigal Ozeri (Israel/USofA) with "Olga in the Park," and it is impressive. 3D looked at all the work hanging---sometimes at a distance since it was very crowded---and thought it good photography and emulated the paintings of Andrew Wyeth since, in each work, is the same model and generally she is seen in a pastoral setting. Surprise! It is NOT photography. Each work is a PAINTING. More surprisingly it can't really be classified as "hyper-realism." In the latter, it is very difficult if not impossible to discern any brushstrokes. In Ozeri's work, once you get your nose to the canvas you can see them. His work does have a relationship with photography however. He arranges the scene and poses the model; then photographs it. Back at the studio, he paints the picture. (31x46 cms., oil on paper @ 12,000 EUR; 107x152 cms., oil on paper @ 32,500 EUR.) Three red dots at opening. https://bit.ly/2n1A9tk
The "VIRTUELL MU SEUM ZUID AS" [sic] is at the KunstKapel (Prinses Irenestraat 19) with a group show of 35 artists/sculptors and 3D rates it as WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! But, I'm getting ahead of the story. Before we were allowed to enter the viewing space, we sat or stood outside in the glorious sun sipping wine or beer and watching two ladies stroll between the tables. Both wore shiny metal masks reminiscent of the knights of yore. They also wore what looked like avant-garde style wedding gowns; one, all in white, and, the other, all in black. Their hoop-like skirts had rectangular "pockets" that were sequent from the waist to their ankles. In each individual compartment there was a small black or white paper bag. Each was filled with chips, nuts or whatever. 

Over to the side, there was a large industrial like steel structure with pulleys and hooks attached. It someone reminded 3D of Charlie Chaplin's film, "Modern Times." Three people, all in blue industrial work clothing with matching body paint, conducted a performance using all the elements of the machinery...much like Chaplin did. They are called "tukkersconnexion." 

Finally, we were invited to go inside for the exhibition. However, there was a wait. Only so many people were allowed in at any one time. The reason for this was that while the space is large there were indeed 35 pieces and some where very large; some delicate; and some just needed space for viewing. The theme could be: "Figurative interpretation of the human form from several angles, styles and techniques." Well, the work varies that much. Jaap Mutter's piece looks like someone in an ICU ward of a hospital with all the wires attached. About three meters from the "patient" there is a "control panel" with the human form schematically outlined. Press one of the buttons, on the form, and the "patient" responds with that element of the torso or limb. Cool! www.VreemdWild.nl

Directly behind this piece is an installation all in white. It consists of several parts and is indeed monumental. By Nadia Naueau...At the entrance, to the space, there is a polyester figure leaning over a table that holds the info material for the exhibition and it is by Van Lieshout...A Darth Vader like figure is perched atop nine layers of oranges. The contrast between the lead sculpture piece and the artificial oranges is dramatic. To my surprise, it is by an artst in my collection, Hans van de Ban...A figurative-conceptual pieces by Patrick Farzar is fascinating because of the dichotomy between reality and the conceptual. The figurative is a banal image of a man, but he "carries" a load of wood which is represented as a linear abstraction.

A man/boy, about one meter high, is seen from the back as he draws what could be a representation of the sun---with its extending rays---on the wall. From time to time the back of his head lights up. By Paul de Reus. Nice...Henk Visch presents what might best be described as an avant-garde contemporary Henry Moore type of human form...Folkert de Jong offers a contemporary interpretation of a Degas pastel of a ballet dancers. Great colors...An installation piece is both fun and monumental. It "represents" AJAX supporters and is by Mattijs Bredewold and Ulrik Kristensen. 

Again, there is a lot to see. The work reviewed was selected to established a balanced overview of the style and techniques to be seen and in no way is meant to imply that any one of them is any more superior to pieces not mention. Hmmm...that sounds like a disclaimer if 3D ever heard one. But don't take my word for ANYTHING...go see this show for yourself. Until 25th July.  


Max is back! Max Natkiel is a photographer who works in b/w. His chief claim to fame was his historical chronicle of the punk crowd that congregated around the Paradiso and Melkweg during the late 70s and 80s. Later, during the 90s, he spent over three years traveling through India. In this exhibition, we see the "best of..." both endeavors and it is this work that is featured at Serieuze Zaken Studioos (Lauriergracht 96). There is something in common with these two series of photos and that is the emphasis is always on the young. Some in his punk photos are as young as 12 and 13; in India, even younger. And also what each period has in common is the poignant aspects of the photos. Those taken in India are depressing---the obvious poverty---as they are joyous---the family groups and camaraderie between friends arm and arm. There is also one example of a new series Natkiel is working on. He has gone to Italy to photograph the statues commission under Mussolini's fascist government during the 30s and 40s. A video, on view, from 1998, is interesting because the maker went looking for the punks from the photos to see what they looked like now. Some didn't make the cut and have been laid to rest. (50x50 cms., Ed. 6 @ 1,500 EUR; 50x50 cms., Ed. 10, "punks," @ 1,200 EUR.) Six red dots at opening. Until 21st June. https://bit.ly/2mrkyDb     Oh, yeah, you missed a performance by the Dutch actress, Diana Ozon. 

At Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Elandsgracht 34) is a mixed-media exhibition by Nadja Bournonville (Sweden) with heavy emphasis on photography. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the photos is the absence of any one discernible theme. She seems to photograph everything and anything but often there is a twist. The "twist" is sometimes natural and at other times contrived. It makes no difference which since the imagery tends to be captivating. There are also three pencil drawings or should 3D describe them as "written drawings?" If you get your nose up to anyone of them you will see that the "lines" are really lines of script and that all the segments of written script is readable or gives the illusion of being readable. Perhaps if you understood German, it will make even more sense. A video slide show is a series of self-portrait photographs of the artist playing musical chairs with herself. ((45x45 cms., photo, Ed. 5 framed @ 1,500 EUR; 100x70 cms., graphite @ 4,000 UR; 20x110 cms., @ 4,000 EUR.) Ten red dots & one green at opening. Until 27th June. https://bit.ly/2mjOOQt
SLEWE (Kerkstraat 105) is showing the work of Krijn de Koning. Linear abstraction is an important element of the visual landscape of any city. It is ubiquitous on every block. De Koning makes this obvious with his rectangular box abstractions. He combines forms into three dimensional compositions. He emphasizes them as monochromatic all in yellow or all in red, as well as, multicolored. An example of the latter is the most elaborate piece on view and is sort of interactive. That is, you are invited to rearrange the 30+ pieces into any configuration that gets your fancy. As the artist said, "It like a game! But, with no rules. Do what you want!" Cool! On the walls, of the gallery, there are drawings and photographs (sometimes fused together) that extend the idea of abstraction. (42x59.5 cms., digital photograph and acrylic paint on paper @ 2,850 EUR; "Modular for building," Ed. 5, wood @ 18,500 EUR; 160x181x175.5 cms., wood, six parts @ 32,000 EUR.) Until 19th June. https://www.slewe.nl/ 
At 1K Projectsapce (1e Keucheniusstraat 13 hs) is the New York artist Linda Herritt. Well, first of all, this must be the smallest art space in Amsterdam. 3D paced it off at 2 and 1/2 by 4 and 1/2 meters. Fortunately, the gallery holder has the good sense not to hang too much. In fact, there are only two examples on view. However, the two are enough to give an idea of the artist's mind set. The large piece (2x2.5 meters) is made from plastic chains and frilly frillies like you see on a Flamenco's dancers dress trim. Surprise, it also spells out: Caffeine, Nicotine and Sugar. So, this is typography at its most conceptual representation. The drawing does the same visual trick and creates an illusion of a linear abstraction in three dimensional form. Nice. (drawing @ $2,000; "installation"/wall hanging @ $6,000.) Until 13th June. https://bit.ly/2M7XXHa 

Reminder: Here we go again...The (?) means that the info may be WRONG. And the "*" says the same thing about the time...Got It?


THURSDAY: 27th May, 2010
THURSDAY: 27th May, 2010

11-19:00 ArtAmsterdam (RAI) See review above. 

12-? NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). This is a special program that continues daily until Sunday, 30th May. It is being done in coordination with MoMA, New York, and the Marina Abramovic exhibition/performance (everyday starting at 16:30 there is a live feed from MoMA with Abramovic). Aside from that, NIMk will show video performances by Abramovic and Ulay that is in their video collection. See this week's "Bits & Pieces" for info on an article concerning the performance. https://bit.ly/2m4s9Hy 

17-19:00 Moooi (Westerstraat 187). Necklacs from "Ina." https://www.moooi.com/nl

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse is back in town at: Westerstraat 187 with "A Tale Of A Blind Resistance Fighter," Ariel Schlesinger, Kelly Nipper and Daan van Golden. And to celebrate this event there are openings everyday, at the same times, until Sunday, 30th May. So there is NO excuse to miss this event. http://www.paulandriesse.nl/ 

18-21:00 Dutch Design hotel Artemis (John M. Keynesplein 2). This is their fifth anniversary. Expect art and design. There is a guest list and they check. RSVP: expo@aeonplazahotels.com. More info: https://bit.ly/2BGBNFK 

20:30 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Kein Schmerz=No Pain." "A trashy fashion show on a bike track." Hey, why not? After all, it is Mediamatic. Oops, you gotta pay: 3 EUR and RSVP at their web-site: https://bit.ly/2vC2IzX 

FRIDAY: 28th May
FRIDAY: 28th May

11-21:00 ArtAmsterdam (RAI). It stays open extra late today. (See review above)

12-? NIMk (See Thursday)

14-21:00 Minimarket (Magazijn, OZ Voorburgwal 153). Six galleries---including three who didn't make the ArtAmsterdam cut---show their artists. But who can come? All three of the invites, that 3D received, read the same, "Invitations are strictly personal and plus one." So 3D clicked on to the web-site: https://bit.ly/2M8I2bn   and it was identical to those sent to me; and t NO mention of an entry fee nor any more info concerning anything except the names of the six galleries that will show. Go figure...And go at your own risk...Hey, maybe they'll even let you in...If you wear shoes.

17-19:00 SM Bureau Amsterdam (Rozenstraat 59) Nicolone van Harskamp, "Any Other Business." https://bit.ly/1uSN1xM 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (See Thursday) 

17:00 Chiellerie (Raamgracht 58). Charly Roussel and Rebekka von Zimmerman. both are Rietveld students. NMo web-site on invite. 

18:00 Museum Van Loon (Keizersgracht 672). "Seek & Hide," Laurence Aëgerter (France). https://bit.ly/2OFm9Cq 

18:00 Nieuw Dakotoa (Ms. Van Riemsdijkweg 41b, NDSM-werf, FREE ferry from CS). An expansion of the current show, "Common Ground." Plus a talk with Margriet Schauemaker, head of collection for the Stedelijk; and Frank Reijnders, art history instructor at Univ. of Amsterdam. They will discuss the principles behind this new art space. In DUTCH. https://nieuwdakota.com/

21:30 PLANETART (De Volkskrantgebouw, Wibautstraat 150). "Politiek incorrecte texten als urban screens," by Anne-Jan Reijn. http://www.planetart.nl/ 

SATURDAY: 29th May
SATURDAY: 29th May

11-19:00 ArtAmsterdam (RAI). (See review above)

12-? NIMk (See Thursday)

14-21:00 Minimarket (See Friday) 

16-19:00 Punt WG (M.v.B. Bastiaansestraat 15). "All Is Far In Love and War," [sic]. by Piet de Kar and Jelle Kampen. 3D uses the actuall spelling on the invite; I have no idea if there is a mis-spelling and if the title should read, "All Is Fair In Love And War." https://puntwg.nl/

(?)16:00 Galerie Rademakers (Prinsengracht 572). Ine Mulder and Rachel Nieborg. https://bit.ly/2JvtSz2 

17-19:00 Galerie RudolfV (Kerkstraat 427). Martine Deleu, paintings; Henk Zwanenburg, mixed-technique; Wanda Michalak, photography; and six sculptors working in stone. https://bit.ly/2mdb7ay 

16:00 A. Gelink Gallery (Laurierstraat 187). Glenn Sorensen, "The Valley Floor," paintings; Sharon Houkema, an installation with a projected animation in "The Bakery." https://bit.ly/2u9Hxa3 

(?)11-17:00 A-Gallery (Konijnenstraat 16). Robbert de Goede. https://bit.ly/2OD4CKP 

(?)17:00* Galerie LWW (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 5c). Michiel Verweij. https://bit.ly/2LSAL2G 

17-21:00 VK Gallery (Ceintuurbaan 263). "Reflected Reality," with Alexander Shappo, sculptor; Viktor Minko, sculptor; Ksenia Shappo, sculptor; and Victoria Kovalenchikova, paintings. The gallery specializes in Belarusian contemporary art. http://www.vkgallery.nl/ 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (See Thursday). 

20:00 De Service Garage (Stephensonstraat 16). "Revisit Exquisit," a duo exhibition with Kaleb de Groot and Roosje Klap. At 22:00 the music begins with Nathalie Bruys and Emile Zile. This is the last show at this location. https://bit.ly/2m7z16Yhttps://bit.ly/2LJg8qz , https://bit.ly/2v8MVuN 

20:00 NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). An evening of performances "focused on the relationship between contemporary performances practice and the Internet." Six people will present different programs. Entry: 5 EUR; students, 3.50 EUR. RSVP: https://bit.ly/2m4s9Hy 

SUNDAY: 30th May
SUNDAY: 30th May

11-19:00 ArtAmsterdam (RAI) (See review above)

14-21:00 Minimarket (See Friday)

12-? NIMk (See Thursday) 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (See Thursday) 

MONDAY: 31st May
MONDAY: 31st May

10-17:00 STEIM (Achtergracht 19). A workshop presented by Chris Carter and John Richards, "Dirty Electronics." FREE? Well, there is NO fee listed on the announcement. http://steim.org/ 

20-22:00 STEIM @ De Zwijger Pakhuis (Piet Heinkade 179). "Musiclab # 2." "A talkshow about music and technology." FREE. No mention of what language is to be used. Expect Dutch. https://bit.ly/2OD0Gdp 

THURSDAY: 3rd June
THURSDAY: 3rd June 

18:30 The Club of Amsterdam (@ World Trade Center, Metropolitan Boardroom, D-tower, 12th floor, Strawinskylaan 1). The topic this month is "CERN." That is the new particle accelerator---and the world's biggest scientific machine---which may unlock many of the remaining mysteries concerning the universe. Dr. Sergio Bestolucci and Humberto Schwab will talk. Tickets are: 30 EUR---discounts available; 10 EUR for students. Buy on-line at: https://bit.ly/2nlASUj. Be warned: their events are often "sold out." More info: https://bit.ly/2nlASUj 
The big happening this week is the newest edition of ArtAmsterdam. The times are flexible enough that it will be hard for you to find a reason not to GO! So do it, already. But if that isn't enough to satisfy your art addiction there is more in the city...much more. Try not to notice how nice the weather is and visit a gallery and get out of the sun. Or something like that. Doing "art" is like doing drugs: You always want MORE...And this is the city that can provide it.

Photo: "3D waiting for his chocolate letter...and if he doesn't get it, the big guy with the beard will be nixed from the 3D mailing list. Kid you not!", Photos and Webmaster :Piet van der Meer