Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #27

Already it's June...The last month of the Amsterdam Art Season 2009-2010. As always, the season has passed too quickly. 3D is often asked if he gets tired of seeing art? That's like asking if I ever get tired of looking at a beautiful lady; or sitting down to a great meal.

When 3D gets tired of any of those three things, it will be time to checkout from this life. What will there be to live for? A great piece of art can do for one's psychic awareness what an attractive person can do for the libido. Kid you not! Find out for yourself and visit a gallery or museum near you this week. And guess what? A helluva lot is happening. But, hey, this is Amsterdam and there is ALWAYS a hell of a lot happening! Read on...


Bits & Pieces:
What You Missed Last Week:
What Is Happening This Week:


ArtAmsterdam 2010 has announced that 22,205 people visited this year's fair. That is slightly down from last year's figure of 25,000, however, in 2009, the Queen came and the fair celebrated its 25th exhibition.
...And speaking of the fair...The Thiema Art Award was presented to Paulien Oltheter who is represented by Galerie Fons Welters.
Every Wednesday through Sunday, throughout the month of June, De NieuweKerk presents a musical concert and all with a religious theme. The style ranges from the classics to the young artist of today. The times of day vary. It is part of the church's celebration program for its 600 year: 1410-2010. 3D remembers its opening fondly...But, I digress. https://www.nieuwekerk.nl/ 
The Dutch design agency LAVA has won the "European Design Agency of the Year" award. A partner and the strategic director, Paul Hughes, describes LAVA as a design company that "differentiates itself through a creative/strategic approach. Often strategic agencies produce thick reports that are filled with much research and few creative possibilities. 90% analysis, 10% solution. Our way of working is exactly the opposite. Analysis is about the past, our focus is on designing the future." This is the third time that the 3D List is quoting Mr. Hughes. 3D assumes that that is because he has something to say. https://bit.ly/2AEQQog       https://europeandesign.org/ 
"At five p.m. Monday [31st May] the longest piece of performance art on record, and certainly the one with the largest audience [via Internet] comes to an end. Since her [Marina Abramovic] retrospective opened at the Museum of Modern Art [New York] on March 14, the artist has been sitting, six days per week, seven hours per day, in a plain chair, under bright klieg lights, in MoMA's atrium. When she leaves that chair Monday for the last time she will have clocked 700 hours of sitting." She has sat in a chair and invited other to sit opposite. Close to 1,400 people have done so. "Some for only a minute or two and a few for an entire day." Celebrities have joined the performance: Bjork, Lou Reed and Isabella Rossellini to mention a few. "A daily live feed on MoMA's Web site, www.moma.org, has had close to 800,000 hits. A Flickr site with head shots of every sitter has been accessed close to 600,000 times...By the museum's estimate, half a million people have visited all or part of the Abramovic retrospective." This from an article titled, "700-Hour Silent opera Reaches Finale at MoMA,": by Holland Cotter (http'//www.nytimes.com, 30th May). 
The Int Herald Tribune (29th May, Sat/Sun edition) has two article of interest to the Dutch. One, is a front page article titled, "Dutch candidate runs on platform of integration," by Russell Shorto. It is a profile of Job Cohen, Amsterdam's former mayor, who is now a candidate for Prime Minister. "Go, Jobbie. go!" 

The article also mentions that "Amsterdam ranked first in a count of cities [of the world] with the most nationalities; its 177 distinct groups out paced even New York." 

Indirectly related to this article is a book review for "Nomad: from Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations," by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It is reviewed by Nicholas D. Kristof, a New York Times op-ed columnist who travels Asia and Africa extensively reporting on social problems and the plight of the female in third world societies.
Quotable quotes: Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California and the former Hollywood "Enforcer," said, "I was also going to give a commencement speech in Arizona. But with my accent, I was worried they would deport me back to Austria. So I cancelled that idea right away." This was his reaction to the recent passage of a law which gives the police the right to stop anyone "looking like an alien" [Arizona is on the border of Mexico and has a large Hispanic population] and ask for identification showing that they are American citizens. 

Hey, for those who have e-mailed 3D asking him to join their Facebook account, I have---and without exception---NOT done so. While there are several reasons for that, the American comedian Betty White (in her 80s) had this to say about the whole idea. "When I first heard about the campaign to get me on Saturday Night live [through the Facebook network], I didn't know what Facebook was. And now that I do know what it is, I have to say it sounds like a huge waste of time." The lady took the words right out of my mouth.

The CEO of British Petroleum, Tony Hayward, said, "The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation." Hey, tell it to the sea life, Tony. Better yet, take a bath in the water, from the Gulf, for a week, and report back to 3D. 
Rolling Stones magazine has announced their selection of the "Greatest Songs of All Time." 3D enjoys these very subjective list generally because of the absurdity of many of the selections and/or arrogance of those who made the selections. But this one isn't all that bad. Let us count down, starting with number ten: Ray Charles, "What I'd Say;" #9, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Nirvana; #8, "Hey Jude," Beatles; #7, "Johnny B. Goode," Chuck Berry; #6, "Good Vibrations," the Beach Boys; #5, "Respect," Aretha Franklin; #4, "What's Going On," Marvin Gaye; #3, "Imagine," John Lennon; #2, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction," Rolling Stones; and---drum roll---NUMBER 1..."Like A Rolling Stone," by Bob Dylan. Damn, Buddy Holly didn't make the top ten cut. Where is "Peggy Sue" when we need her? 
Laser 3.14 says: "If My Feelings Are True, Then Where the Hell Are You." [sic] He forgot the question mark. Sounds like his latest romance is going off the deep end. Seen at the corner of the Keizersgracht/Vijzelstraat. 
Did 3D already mention this? The 50 best restaurants in the world can be seen at: http://www.theworlds50best.com and two, or is it three? are in Holland. 



Should 3D begin the current review of the exhibition at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis with a look at the art and design first or the FOOD? Hmmm. If I begin with the food, it will make me hungry and I am writing this on a Monday, my fast day. Why torture myself. So...the art...

Dave Keune is a designer of lighting and furniture pieces. His wall clocks are unusual and resemble a schematic presentation of the atom with the particles circling or the planets or our solar system with the planets making their journey around the sun (95 EUR). A cabinet, of his, is a conceptual design which means it is not only modern but unique in the way the storge space is arranged...Teun Fleskens is another of those creative wonders who graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Here you can see an extravaganza of designs for chairs, tables, cabinets, planters and lighting. He does it all! The designs range from functional to conceptual. The light objects are more of an after statement to lighting. Call it minimal. (Hanging lamp, 650 EUR; table, 300x100 cms., @ 2,850 EUR.).

As to the art, Petra Hart is an illustrator/cartoonist. Her imagery is playful, colorful, whimsical, surreal and almost always with a female cartoon-like figure at the center of it all. And what sets all these elements off is the composition which is never what you would expect in the "real" world...Whatever or wherever that is. (50x70 cms., Giclee print, Ed. 8 @ 1,250 EUR; 70x100 cms., Lambda on Dibond, Ed 8 @ 1,850 EUR.)...Menno Baars emulates the late Karel Appel in his colors, imagery and brush strokes. He parts with the master in composition and tends to have an even more expressionistic slant on it all (100x100 cms., acrylic @ 2,195 EUR; 180x110 cms., acrylic @ 3,995). 

More design in the way of clothing and accessories comes from the hand of Anne Kiwiet. She works in leather and makes both purses and shoulder bags in beautiful pastel colors ranging from shocking pink to a calm aquamarine. Some of her designs reflect American Indian designs with their geometric symbols and fringe work. She also hangs a very nice print in purple shades against a white background. (Bag @ 250-425 EUR; jacket @ 2,500 EUR; silkscreen print @ 600 EUR.) ...Call the new jewelry designs by Atelier Sud, non-jewelry. There is a pleasing kitschiness to the necklaces, ear rings and bracelets. The materials range from beads, marbles to "junk." Nice prices, too: 16.95 to 49.95 EUR. Until 1 September. 

The FOOD: Well, the food at an Artemis opening tends to be as imaginative and creative as the art on the wall. And that is as it should be. 3D considers cooking to be one of the two "highest" arts. What's the second? Guess...but, there I go again, digressing...Cooking like good art demands a mastery of technique which in turn allows for the artist to reveal their "soul." The major-domo, of the Artemis kitchen, shares the limelight with his young staff. He encourages them to come up with new food ideas that go to the cutting edge of the culinary experience. And, sometimes their ideas and creations work wonderously on the palate and only a few times has 3D thought something came up short. But there were no losers this time. 

You like croquettes? hey, forget FEBO and even Van Dobben. these luscious deep fried gems consisted of four different fillings: crab meat, prawns, vegetables and, get this, goat cheese. Each and everyone got the attention of my taste buds. You can't judge a book by its cover and a few people did when they picked up a glass filled with what looked like the makings of a fine dessert. After they tasted it, they recoiled in shock and left most behind seeting on a table. Pity. They missed a healthy concoction of a mousse made from cabbage, covered by a salad of diced beets covered all over with a carrot sauce. My mouths is watering...And it is good for you. A win-win! And that was not the only offering that was an illusion to something else. "Twist-R" was served in a paper cup with a Mondrian design and, again, looked like a "dessert." It wasn't! It was a mousse made from goat cheese with a sauce from blackberries served with a sugar cookie wafer and a pecan in the middle. Indescribable describes it best! There was also a Huzarensalade with greens, peas and whatnot. Nice and simple and 3D had two helpings. 

On entry, we were offered an aperitif made from Calvados brandy, Cointreau plus Calva, a type of champagne, with a touch of strawberry sauce added poured over crushed ice made from apple juice with a slice of a Granny Smith apple that had been soaked in calvados for 48 hours. And, it was served by a lady with strawberry blond hair. Does it get any better? Sure does! Towards the end of the opening, waiters brought around coffee and a tray of Bob-bons. The bon-bons were the creation of Arie Pons (http://www.ponskoekbonbons.nl/) who was commission to formulated something special for the fifth anniversary of the hotel. He created three chocolates and two cookie concepts. One chocolate, had a five pointed star atop it and was a bittersweet chocolate; another was mocha with four stripes and a slash atop it; and the last had the Japanese character for "5" on top and the chocolate was flavored with "five spices." One of the cookies had the Roman Numeral "V" and the other five stripes. No comment how many chocolates 3D sampled. All these delicacies will be on the hotel's restaurant's menu; and the chocolate and cookies will be served complimentary with the after dinner coffee. Enjoy! http://www.artemisamsterdam.com/ 


If you are in the neighborhood of the new Openbare Bibliotheek, near Central Station, check out an installation on the patio of the entrance titled, "Unlimited Urban Woods." This is a great concept for crowded urban spaces. You enter a cube that measures 250x250 cms., and inside is featured one tree at the center of the space. However, all the walls are made from mirrors. As a result, you find yourself visually in the center of a small wood. Cool! Concept by, DUS Architects. Open from 10-22:00 Until 27th June. http://houseofdus.com/  https://bit.ly/2MeOspD

Galerie Paul Andriesse (N.B. @ Westerstraat 187) has opened its new space with a group show of five artists. However, the emphasis is on two. Peter Welz does video, but he does it differently. On entering the space---which shares the ground floor with the design gallery, Moooi---we are confronted with a 300 cms., high by 400 cms., video screen. Directly behind it----about a meter distance---is another screen. This one is connected perpendicular to still another big oversize screen. The first two are directly related in their imagery, but independent of each other...sort of. These two each show independent imagery that is combined together on the first screen. Got it? Yeah, gotta see it to understand...Pae White brings back the tapestry as seen in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. But he does it with the touch of the avant garde in that its design is a geometric abstraction. But like the earlier versions, it is very large and measures 350 cms., high and 785 cms., long. That would be enough to get any one's attention, but White has created an incredible sense of depth. The parts of the composition looked like a pile of clothes ready for the wash. Nice.

Ariel Schlesinger did a piece that 3D actually overlooked. As I walked into the back galleries, I passed a well used Amsterdam bike. Later, when I asked an assistant where I should look for the Schlesinger piece, he pointed to the bike. It was then that I noticed that from the air nozzles on the bike wheels was a flame sprouting like from a big BIC lighter. The bike's tubes are filled with gas. Hey, make a great night light for your hallway...Kelly Nipper presents a conceptual "dance" video with sound. Three photographs further illustrate the central figure...Daan van Golden, a photographer, isn't offering any photos but does present his first video work. You could describe it as "Art viewing art." It is both whimsical and "historically artistic." No price list available. Until 1st August. http://www.paulandriesse.nl Oh, yeah, the title of the show is, "The Tale of a Blind Resistance Fighter." 3D has NO idea how it relates to what you will see, but, hey, what in a title anyway?
For those who have never visited the Museum Van Loon (Keizersgracht 672), well that's a real pity! It is like walking through a time warp into another century; actually several centuries. The Heren house itself was built at the beginning of the 17th century by Willem van Loon the founder of the Dutch East India company, and has been in the family ever since; though it is now a foundation. The original furniture and art work collected over the centuries is all still there to be appreciated. What makes this "living" museum even more special is that in each an every room are family photographs sitting on the tables. It is like the family has left on a short holiday. Most of the exhibitions 3D has seen there have in some way accented the space and its collection. In this show, "Seek and Hide," the photographer, Laurence Aëgenter, hangs C-prints composed with tongue in cheek and the result is fun compositions. He starts by taking a photo of a 17th or 18th century painting like "Allegory of the Six Sense"," and adds a rainbow of colors looking like silk sheets which flank the imagery in the original work. In "The Marriage of Bruiloft Willem van Cook and Margaretha Bas," by Jan M. Molenaar, he has transposed unto the imagery a gathering of ghost. In fact, this was the concept behind the theme of the show which was the spirit world. It comes from one of the Van Loons of the early 20th century. A woman who was much into the spirit world. There is an excellent video of an interview with her niece which tells her aunt's story. And what a story it is. Don't miss this aspect on your visit. https://bit.ly/2OFm9Cq 
[Dé is Ka] is a "floating" gallery. Its home is wherever it lays its hat. Their exhibitions sorta sprout like morel mushrooms, you never no where or exactly when one will pop up right under your thumb. The current show is at the former space for Amsterdam's first really authentic disco, Mazzo (Rozengracht 114). Aaah, the nights that 3D danced away at that joint...But that's another story. 35 artists have come together to exhibit 200 works of art. The styles range from representational to conceptual with everything in between. The techniques are as varied: photography, drawings, paintings, sculpture, objects, video to that which is hard to describe or even explain. It is both unfair and impossible to single out anyone artist or four or five works. Nearly everything deserves your attention or gets it. Call it a Reader's Digest of current Amsterdam art movements; or see it as a condensed version of ArtAmsterdam. Until ___?___. https://bit.ly/2Mf3ATS 


Galerie Rademakers (Prinsengracht 570) presents "Girls & Guns!" And they ain't kidding. The artist are Ine Mulder and Rachel Nieborg. The former studied design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven and the latter did photography at the Foto Acadmie te Amsterdam. Together, they make installations, objects and often both these elements are part of a photograph. The imagery, of the photographs, is staged "action" shots of still lifes. The action might be an exploding light bulb; a broken egg "exploding" over a table set with a dead pheasant in full feather, two heads of cabbage; a flask of egg yolks. Delft Blue china is an element in several pieces---if you like it shattered. In two examples, the table settings appear to be reacting to an earthquake. You can almost hear the tinkling of breaking glass and porcelain. At the gallery entrance---on the right---is a cement table with an antique lamp---no bulb---and a very nicely designed book featuring the work of the duo. Above all this is a contemporary photo of a female with the flavor of a Vermeer painting.

An installation, at the rear of the gallery, has a slide show as a focal point. It is flanked by an old white chair with seven candles in cement/bone candlestick holders. All the candles where afire. There is a 500x180 xcms., cloth fabric suffering from a bad case of mildew that starts at the "rifle rack" next to a Delft Blue teapot. In fact, there are three real air rifles in the rack...And there is more...An interesting artistic experience. Note that some of the small "installations" are available for sale as such and some are not. (20x26 cms., photo, Ed 50 @ 450 EUR; 27x37 cms., photo with aquarelle paint @ 2,250 EUR; 120x90 cms., photo, Ed 7 @ 3,750 EU.) There were numerous red dots, but since nearly everything, on view (photos), was in an edition it was not possible to determine how many had been sold at the opening. Until 13th June. https://bit.ly/2JvtSz2 
Another new gallery has opened its doors. A-Gallery (Konijnenstraat 16a) is showing the conceptual geometric linear abstractions of Robbert de Goede. The work is unusual. He makes shadow boxes in various sizes and fills the space with polyester wire and always red wire. The imagery ranges from conceptual interpretations of the straight line to grids that intersect and in every imaginable way. In one small gallery, of the space, the piece merges with two walls and the ceiling and measures 850x400 cms., and, again, all in red. A catalog is available of the work on display. (53x43 cms.,, ink on paper @ 395 EUR; 16.5x16.5x5 cms., MDF, red thread, glass, foam board and acrylic @ 1,100 EUR; 66x66x9 cms., MDF, red thread, glass, foam board and acrylic @ 6,200 EUR.) Until ___?___. https://bit.ly/2OD4CKP 
At "annet gelink gallery" (Laurierstraat 187) Glenn Sorensen hangs his minimal style representational paintings. In fact, some of the flower paintings make you think that you are looking at a dried flower that has been pressed between the pages of an old dictionary for a hundred years. His technique is also minimal and the colors are generally white, black with one additional color which is either aquamarine or rose. (21x29 cms., oil on canvas @ 3,100 EUR; 40x40 cms., oil on canvas @ 5,100 EUR; 50x60 cms., oil on canvas @ 7,000 EUR.) 

In "The Bakery" Sharon Houkema hangs a single and simple paper construction. It measures 150x200 cms., and projects from the wall about 10 cms. It is crumbled which gives it the dimensional and visual effect that resembles a mountain range as seen from 10,000 meters high. An overhead projector not only illuminates it but adds to the imagery in the form of projecting small dots that as they are added give the impression of a trail being blazed by explorers. In essence this is a video work with the crumbled paper acting as the screen. Clever. Until 26th June. https://bit.ly/2u9Hxa3 
A group show is always the feature at RudolfV (Kerkstraat 427) and generally with five artists. This exhibition features six established artists who had all participated in a Masterclass for stone carving. It is a nice selection that ranges from the monumnetal to the geometric abstract to the conceptual. Also, from work that could be labeled post-Amsterdam school to a contemporary interpretation of Stonehenge. One example per artist; and they are: Fieke de Roij, Frank Beek, Jantien Kahn, Ingrid van Osch, Joh Roijers and Jan Herbink. The work ranges in price from 1,250 to 6,150 EUR.

In the front gallery, there is the work of Martine Deleu with her acrylic paintings on canvas. These are landscapes that could be described as minimal both in their brushstrokes as well as their imagery and even color. However, there is color and it is complimentary to the imagery. Nice work. (750 to 5,250 EUR.) Photos by Wanda Michalak range in style from motion photography to skyscapes and seascapes. Most are in a unique edition. (450 to 1,400 EUR.) ...Henk Zwanenburg's works are drawings made from pencil, charcoal and watercolors. Basically, they are scenes of city streets with accents that are architecturally inspired with emphasis on linear abstraction. (60x40 cms., @ 490 EUR; 50x70 cms., @ 920 EUR.) Until 10th July. https://bit.ly/2mdb7ay 
At the Gallery VK (Ceintuurbaan 264) hthre are two sculptors, ne print maker and one painter; all are Belorussian. Ksenia Shappo does very detailed and symbolic elongated figurative bronzes (5,500 EUR.) ...Viktor Minko shows bronze work that gets your attention if only because of the imagery. One piece is that of a female head that is morphing into a snail and there are horns...Alexander Shappo does lithos. His emphasis is on the female form, but in several different ways and visualizations. Some of the pieces are conceptual and all is in b/w and sometimes with a hint of color.

Victoria Kovalenchikova's work has gone through a major evolution. Somewhere along the line, she has discovered the color red. And, for some reason, this seems to have influenced the imagery. Gone is the city scape replaced by an assertive expressionistic canvas. The work is bold and projects itself from its canvas. But there are still a few canvases that have elements of architectural imagery and influence. Overall, what we see in Kovalenchikova's recent work is a departure from the representational past but with the same emphasis on form, color and expressionism. Nice. (120x80 cms., @ 2,800 EUR; 130x70 cms., @ 3,600 EUR; 200x130 cms., @ 11,000.) Until ___?___ http://www.vkgallery.nl/


Margot Homan is a sculptor who works in marble, bronze and steel. It is said by those who work in marble and stone that in every block of the material they see an image trying to escape. On piece on show at Galerie Utrecht (Prinsengracht 576) exemplifies this perfectly. The work stands 70 cms., high. the bottom 3/4 is a monolith. But at the upper end there is a head which is breaking through and you see a shoulder emerging with a struggle to release itself like a chick from a hatching egg. Her themes are classical: Greek, Roman and the Renaissance. Especially, the fine detail we associate with Michelangelo. However, add contemporary elements to these classically inspired figurative expressions and you see the Homan is on the cutting edge of what's happening. A major work stands about 110 cms., high (bronze). At its base is a woman, in a leaning position, and she has the upper torso of a man balancing on her and above her head. (63 cms., high marble @ 19,000 EUR; 70 cms., high, marble @ 32,000 EUR; 45 cms., high bronze, Ed. 7 @ 8,000 EUR; 120 cms., high bronze, Ed. 6 @ 31,000 EUR.) Until 11th July. https://www.morrengalleries.nl/ 


Reminder: Here we go again...When you see (?) ---and you will in this week's listings---it indicates that the info could be wrong...Oh, so sorry...And the "*" means the same damn thing about the time...Now that we have that out of the way...On to the shows...

THURSDAY: 3rd June, 2010
THURSDAY: 3rd June, 1020

10-17:00 De Zwaan Auction House (Keizersgracht 474). A good overview of 20th century Dutch art. Tonight, there is also viewing from 19-21:00. Catalog on line. https://bit.ly/2Mh8gJ4 

18:00 Jewish Historical Museum (Waterlooplein, Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1). Mayer July (neé: Kirschenblatt) (Poland, 1916-2009). "At the ge of 73, [he] began painting his memories of growing up in Poland before the Second World War...Weird and wonderful folk tales come to life." Plus, Three literary figures "have chosen their favorite gouaches from the series Life? or Theatre? by the artist Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943). https://bit.ly/2KplHoq 

17-20:00 Van Zijll Langhout (Brouwersgracht 161). Alexander Demenkova, (Russia), photography. http://www.vanzijlllanghout.nl/ 

17-19:00 WGKUNST (M.v.B. Bastiaansestraat 28). A group show of 28 artists. https://bit.ly/2v9vxoX 

17:30 "foam" (Keizersgracht 609). "For your eyes only," Simon Walklasowski, photography. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

18-19:30 E. de Bruijn Projects (Rozensgracht 207). Book presentation for Uta Eisenreich. https://bit.ly/2mtlPtp 

20:00 Museum van der Togt (Dorpsstraat 50, Amstelveen). Ans Markus, paintings. https://www.jvdtogt.nl/ 

20:30 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134). "STEIM Hotpot Lab #6," "Dirty, Throbbing, Bowing and Golden." Does anyone remember the group "Throbbing Gristle?" (c 1980). Chris Carter, from the group, is teaming with Dirty Electronics Ensemble led by John Richards. FREE. http://steim.org/

20:30 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Failliet of niet: de fiets fabriek," a film night with Frans Bromet. 3 EUR entry; RSVP: https://bit.ly/2vC2IzX 

FRIDAY: 4th June
FRIDAY: 4th June

10-17:00 De Zwaan Auction House (See Thursday)

17:00 Galerie Weesperzijde (Weesperzijde 94) An exhibit by 11 young curators. https://bit.ly/2LWwTO3 

18:00 VOUS ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314). "It was twenty years ago today - Part 2." This is the work of 9 artists and mostly on canvas. https://bit.ly/2vwApoe 

SATURDAY: 5th June
SATURDAY: 5th June

10-17:00 De Zwaan Auction House (See Thursday) 

15:00* Galerie Clement-Printshop (Prinsengracht 843). Harrie Gerritz, paintings and sculpture. https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 

16:00 Vriend Van Bavink (Geldersekade 58). "The Lisbon Connection," Marco Rooth, drawings and paintings; Rodney Beddal does Portuguese culture.. 

16-18:00 Galerie Mokum (OZ Voorburgwal 334). Peter Hartwig and Nico Heilijgers, both representational painters. http://www.galeriemokum.com/

16-18:00 "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552). Andrew Clausen (USA) "Serauezza Steel," collages fabricated from steel. https://bit.ly/2uCbyPs 

16-18:00 Wetering Galerie (Lijnbaansgracht 288). A group show featuring, "Works on Paper." Lotte Klaver, Chiaki Kamikawa, Arie Berkulin, Karin van Dam, Hinke Schreuders, Jonathan Bragdon and Hamid El Kanbouhi. https://bit.ly/2KZbO69 

16:00 Galerie De Rietlanden (Rietlandpark 193, behind Lloyds Hotel). Bert de Turch, "Schilder met de camera." https://bit.ly/2AD6aSi

17-19:00 "BORZO modern & contemporary art" (Keizersgracht 516). Christine Philipp (Belgium): "Spelen met de waarneming." https://bit.ly/2maQxaC 

17-19:00 Huis Marseille (Keizersgracht 401). "Summer Loves," is based on summer themes like hangin out, taking strolls, travel. 26 photographers show work with flashbacks to earlier times. https://www.huismarseille.nl/ 

17-19:00 "aschenbach & hofland galleries" (Bilderdijkstraat 165-C). A group show of nine artists curated by Koen Delaere. http://gerhardhofland.com/en/ 

17:00 "g_i_s_t" (Bloemgracht 82). Koen Doodeman, paintings and Judit Hettema, photography and video. http://www.gistgalerie.nl/ 

17:00 "tegenboschvanvreden" (Bloemgracht 57). "Painting: Five Perspectives," Marie Aly, Marc Oosting, Jowas van Barneveld, Amis Tirandaz and Marjolijn de Wit. https://bit.ly/1ijJJ6u 

17-19:00 Galerie Rob Koudijs (Elandsgracht 12). "Broochmania," a project by Ädellab of Konstfack University, College of Art, Stockholm. Brooches by 13 artists of the university.

17:00 Galerie M. van Zomeren (Prinsengracht 276). "Both Ends Burning," Group show of six artists. http://www.gmvz.com/ 

17:30-19:30 Upstream Gallery (Van Ostadestraat 294). "Upstream Cinema," video works by David Haines, Jeroen Jongeleen, Christobal León and Jen Liu. http://www.upstreamgallery.nl/

20-22:30 de Test-Portal gallery (Westerdok 272). Renta de Andrade's (Brazil) "trash IT UP," graffiti, photography and "garbage," and Stanza's (UK), "Soul of the City," virtual visualization of the city as an organism. https://bit.ly/2A8K75G 

SUNDAY: 6th June
SUNDAY: 6th June

10-17:00 De Zwaan Auction House (See Thursday) 

14-17:00 Storm Galerie (3e Oosterparkstraat 201). A group show of 20 artists showing 150 works. Expect all styles and techniques. https://bit.ly/2AChluB 

15:30-17:30 Galerie Josine Bokhoven (Prnsengracht 154). Zhanhong Liao, examples from her recent day book series. https://bit.ly/2JHGNOt

16:00 Galerie Wies Willemsen (Ruysdaelkade 25). "Vorm et Verte," Vladimir Bakun (South Sideria), mixed media; Nico Hemelaar, landscape paintings. http://www.wieswillemsen.nl/
There you have it. A busy, busy AND typical Amsterdam' cultural week. It's the sense of nirvana all over again...You are part of it. So take advantage...And, please, don't forget: Artists need your support. You can do that by BUYING something...Now where did 3D hear THAT before?

Photo: Mediamatic BANK. A perplexed 3D: "Damn! How do you spell posti,' 'poste,' 'pasto,' 'pasti'...Whatever...Where is the spelling corrector when you need it? Damn, again!" Photo by Gosia Stepien