Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #28

...And the red dots keepa comin'. That is GOOD! Let's keep up the momentum. And this is probably the last very busy week for the Amsterdam Art Season, 2009-2010. Take advantage of it or you will have to wait come September...And that's a long way off.

Many of the shows, coming up this week, are group exhibitions and focus on either an over view of new talent or a digest of the gallery's artists. So you will more than likely see a lot. Last week, on Saturday, 3D visited 11 galleries and saw the work of 38 artists. This week's list includes three new galleries having only their second or third show. Check them out. Of course, what would a late Spring weekend be without an open atelier route to indulge it. It is ALL happening, this week in AMSTERDAM. Hey, where else?


Bits & Pieces:

Review: The Club of Amsterdam, The Future of CERN

What You Missed Last Week:

What Is Happening This Week: 


De Nieuwe Kerk continues its 600th year anniversary celebration with a full music program from 10th June to 16th June. For the complete program see: https://www.nieuwekerk.nl/ 
...Are you lonely tonight..." Amsterdam's Expats Network offer "Everything you need to connect, share, and collaborate with the English speaking community in and around Amsterdam." https://bit.ly/2LZq7aj 
The ABC Treehouse offers "Theaterworks/WordPlay" which is a monthly event with monologues, short scenes, storytellers and comedians. Next date is 18th June at 20:00. RSVP and/or to sign up as a performer: https://bit.ly/2Jp6HX6  
Last Tuesday, the annual "De HaringParty, 2010" [sic] took place at the Hilton Hotel. It was the day that the rains came down...There really was a downpour, a near deluge. But a little after five, miraculously, almost, the drops quit falling on our heads and people began to gather at the rear of the hotel, in the patio, and waited for the arrival of the boat with the "Nieuwe Haring." The boat itself was a small barge with an "igloo" like structure on its deck that measured about seven meters long, three meters wide and two meters high. The music playing over loudspeakers was, "You're as cold as ice..." by Foreigner. A man appeared with a chain saw and began to cut away the ice. Shortly, a another man appeared from the center carrying a wooden crock and a woman in traditional Dutch dress held a tray with the haring. Ironically, after the ceremonies ended, the rains came down once again. 

As to the new haring, as always, they were first class in quality, but less plump and "fatty" then in years past. 3D had four...But that's another story. 
Last week, in this space, 3D quoted Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, concerning the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. He has had more to say. In a TV interview he offered "a hollow-sounding apology. Then quickly added, 'I'd like my life back.'" Hey, Tony, when big oil spills happen, thousands of ordinary people rarely ever get their lives back. Join the crowd. https://nyti.ms/1KHXXtg
...And here is an example of those people who are trying to get their lives back. Also in the same issue of the IHT, is the article, "The oil spills we don't hear about," by Anene Eijke. The present Gulf oil spill is now being called the worse then the Exxon Valdez off the coast of Alaska. It asks you to imagine an "Exxon Valdez happening every year for 50 years. Pretty unimaginable. Yet, this is what residents of Nigeria's oil producing Niger Delta have been living with for 50 years...Some 13 million barrels of oil have be spilt." The damage to the eco-system, the people's food sources, etc., cannot be calculated. On the job to convey this info, to the world, is Greenpeace and Amnesty International who "need not exaggerate, but even with indisputable factual evidence they can't get international attention." The Nigeria situation, unfortunately, hits home to those of us in the Netherlands since it is Royal Dutch Shell that is mainly responsible. 
...But on the lighter side of the news---and where Holland is a positive contributor---is yet another article, in the same issue of the IHT, titled, "Dutch soccer factory starts young," by Michael Sokelove. He writes about the youth academy for Ajax called, "De Toekomst," [The Future]. 

Ajax trains at any one time, 200 players between the ages of seven to 19 which is comparable to America's baseball's Little League and professional minor league system. The very long article says that Ajax has become the merchandiser for world football [soccer] superstars. Five recent graduates have netted the club 80 million euro. It sites Wesley Sneijder [Inter Milan] as the supreme example. He started in the Ajax "academy at seven. Real Madrid [originally] acquired him when he was 23 for 27 million euro." 

It goes on to quote David Endt, a former Ajax player with an "unofficial role as the club's conscience and historian." He says of Ajax Academy, "You can feel the atmosphere of what is Ajax people from clubs around the world that come to visit and they always want to know 'What is the secret?' But it is a matter of earth and air. We are in Amsterdam, so we are a little bit adventurous, a little bit artistic, maybe a little bit arrogant. You can observe what we do, but it is something you cannot copy." Amen, says 3D. 

Who to watch now in the Ajax system? His name is Delano van der Heyden, he plays with the Quick Boys in Katwijk, outside of Leiden. The writer, of the article, who watched him play, said that he was small for his age. "The ball at his feet came up to almost his knees...He is playing up, competing against boys as old as nine...he was exactly as advertised, remarkable." Oh, yeah, his age. Delano is five years old and "small for his age." 
In the 5th of June edition of the Int Herald Tribune there is an article, by Deirdre Bair, concerning the 40 year marriage breakup of Al and Topper Gore. He was Bill Clinton's vice president and ran against George W. Bush in 2000. But, I digress..."Divorce lawyers [say]...the fastest growing segment of their clientele is the middle-aged and elderly." It also quotes Margaret Mead, the anthropologist, who said, "Every woman needed three husbands: one for youthful sex, one for security while raising children and one for joyful companionship in old age." She failed to mention how many wives man needed. 
CORRECTION: 3D has been told he pulled off another transsexual conversion without the recipient being aware of the fact. 3D referred to Laurence Aëgerter (at the Museum van Loon) as a "he," but "he" is a "she." Sorry, lady. ..But, common, how did it feel to be a man for a week? Don't answer that...

REVIEWThe Club of Amsterdam, "The Future of CERN" 

It is the largest scientific instrument ever fabricated. It is also the most costly. CERN can be simply described as a super-microscope. Over 100 nations have contributed both scientist and money to support its development and construction. All this to recreate a fraction of a second before there was even such a thing as "time." If fact, the idea is to look at the first .0000000000001 second after the Big Bang. (3D has probably left out a couple of zeros.) 

The machine is located one hundred meters below the surface of the earth. It is a circular contraption that has a circumference of 27 km (17 miles). It is equipped with thousands of superconducting magnets cooled to about 263 degrees below zero Celsius. There were a few distinguished scientist who lobbied to have if ban from beginning operation because they sincerely feared it would create an artificial black hole and "absorb" the world. 

But several other factors make this an incredible step forward for the world. It is uniting scientist from different countries and different cultures. Pakistanis work along side of Indians as do Iraqis and Iranians. This has not happened very often in the past. "CERN is an open program with no secrets," said Sergio Bertolucci PhD, the director for research and computing for the project, "...And CERN can open up a totally new era." The particle accelerator---or more accurately, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)---will unlock so many secrets about the university that at this point no projections, predictions or even science fiction writers can imagine where those secrets will take us. Today, we can see ONLY 4% of the universe's mass and energy. With this scientific "toy" we will unlock the secrets of the universe much like the electronic microscope has unlocked the secrets of the human cell. 

At some point, the term "dimensions" was interjected into the discourse. During the question period, of the program, 3D said, "I understand up to four dimensions. However, I read an article, several years ago, in which the physicist said there may be as many as 22. What is meant by "dimension?" Well, Bertolucci tried to give a simple answer then suggested a book titled, "Flatlands," by a man named Abbott. So I Googled that and it seems that the book was written in 1884. 

Finally, Dr. Bertolucci said that "Science is the least democratic of all disciplines, but it must be done in the most democratic way." He then added that Faraday, who harnessed electricity for the first time, when asked by a government minister, what good it was, replied, "I don't know! But one day you will put a tax on it." 



Less@home is the title of a book of cards by Eric Kampherbeek and Geert Limburg as well as their exhibition at the Melkweg Galerie (Marnixstraat 409, enter Jo's Cafe). A few weeks back, the 3D List reviewed an artist who travels, at night, through the streets of East Amsterdam. When he finds furniture, office equipment, rugs, lighting, etc he arranges it all into a "composition/installation" and uses battery powered lights to illuminate the scene and then photographs it. 

Kampherbeek and Limburg does something much the same but in a completely different way and from another approach. They build sets (installations?) in public spaces such as a walking street, a park, on the beach or in the middle of the forest. The scene can be as banal as a common "bathroom" which they constructed on a beach with two walls. The resulting photo shows a woman in the bathtub, a man shaving at the mirror and a washing machine with a human head projecting the open door. In another photo, we see three men and a bear, sitting at a table, playing a game of cards, in the middle of a wooded area. 

Nearly all the work is whimsical in some way. However, the object of the exercise is very serious. They are making a comment on the "consumer society." The pieces that make up the installations comes from the streets' detritus and is the same material used by the homeless to create some sort of life for themselves. In fact, they apply to the police for a permit as a request to "demonstrate" for the homeless. Limburg is a visual artist that creates the scenes and Kampherbeek is the photographer that records them. On the mezzanine, of the gallery, there is an installation. It is composed with a great deal of irony as a focal point. But 3D doesn't want to spoil the fun for you. The opening was also an occasion for a book presentation, "Less@home cardbox," which is a box containing 14 cards reproducing the photos hanging in the exhibit. ISBN: 978. 15 EUR. To order: https://bit.ly/2OJbE0L, More info: https://bit.ly/2vzcqVn 


"foam" (Keizersgracht 609) is showing, in the library, Simon Wald-Lasowski's "for your eyes only." The linear notes, on the wall, at the entrance to the gallery, state, "[He] uses themes developed around the myths of Medusa and stories of Cyclops." But such information is unnecessary for an appreciation or an understanding of the exhibition. Most of the photographs are collages and one is in three dimensions. The latter has an oversize stick-pin sticking from the eye of Cyclops and is about 25 cms., long. Three works combine reproductions of science-fiction paperback book covers balanced with other collage imagery. A wall covering 300x170 cms., is comprised of hundreds of cartoon-like eyes and in b/w. Until 25th August. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl

Galerie Weesperzijde (Weesperzijde 94) is not an art space and not a commercial gallery. Perhaps it is for this reason that 3D is late in discovering its existence. The owner of the space is an architect that has his offices on the floors above. He allows artists and organizations to make use of the space free of charge. The idea for the current exhibition "1 van 11" was conceived by Els Reijnders, Ernst Houdkamp and Edwin Beckers. They invited eleven artists to be curators; to see the other side of the coin, so to speak. The artists divided the duties of curating an exhibition into individual disciplines: funding raising, promotion, selection of art, etc. The show was five months in the making. The point of the exercise wasn't coming up with a concept, but making a concept WORK. How do you make it into a reality? 

The resulting exhibition is eclectic. The central theme is "gray" and "gold." But those elements don't really come through to the casual viewer. As an example, there are several TV sets. Each one is adjacent to a work of art. But while the TV is on, there is nothing on the screen except the horizontal and fuzzy lines like when the set is tuned to a non-channel: visual static. But it is all in shades of gray. Diversity is a key aspect to this show. About 40 people and 15 museums, galleries and organizations were involved in its creation not counting the artists. The artist were: Anna Abrahams, Julia Ninck Blok, Suzzanne Bohnen, Madelon Brouwer, Rini Hartman, Eline Houtkamp, Rolina Nell, Janke Niebor, Tamara Rookus, Lieke Verreussel and Anique Weve. A 16 page tabloid size publication was printed for the show. Hey, you missed it ALL. The show closed on Sunday, 6th June. Here today and gone tomorrow. https://bit.ly/2LWwTO3 
VOUS ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314) continues their anniversary celebration with "It was 20 years ago, today: Part 2, Mainly on canvas." And it is truly an eclectic collection of styles and techniques and nearly all are indeed on canvas. There is something for every one's taste. For the conventional, there is Mary Waters "Three Women Facing Left." It is in the style of a 17th century portrait painting but done with contemporary overtones (120x180 cms., oil @ 22,800 EUR)....Tim Ayers hangs an orange on white simple abstract/expressionistic piece measuring 200x173 cms., @ 10,500 EUR...Martijn Schuppers is back with acrylic paintings on linen which look like photographs of the arctic but are not. There are five canvases lining the wall each different and each in unity with the others. They are geometric abstractions in orange and infinite shades of gray (100x450 cms.---in 5 sections; acrylic and oil).

Lieven Hendriks creates an unusual illusion. The piece looks like a very large bathroom mirror that has been fogged over by the steam from the shower. It looks as if someone has taken their finger and scribbled all over the surface. But it is acrylic paint on canvas. Nice. (163.5x115 cms., @ 7,200 EUR)....Anyone for potatoes? "Driessens and Verstappen" exhibit 28 aluminium potatoes on a table. Hey, they looked good enough to eat...Pass the mayo...Jos van Merendonkhas created a very large painting in five sections and arranged in a rectangular abstraction. (100x520 cms., 5 sections @ 40,000 EUR). In the gallery's office there is a geometric abstract wall painting. It is a great piece. However, it would probably be a detriment to work in any one's office space. It is distracting, but in a playful and pleasant way. Damn, 3D asked whop the artist was, but forgot to write it down. Sorry. Until 27th June. https://bit.ly/2vwApoe 


Gallery Vriend van Bavink (Gelderskade 58) presents the work of two artists working on paper. Marco Rooth does figurative expressionism water colors. The background ranges from quiet browns to bright reds. The figures look like ghost dancing across the compositions (A3 @ 250 EUR)...Rodney Beddal makes drawings in the comic strip style. However, there are avant-garde elements like geometric abstraction and conceptual redundancy which elevated the work to true art status. But, and in keeping with the comic strip influence, the imagery is often whimsical and humorous and does that without captions. (10x10 cms., ink and color pencil @ 200 EUR; 30x30 cms., pastel @ 350 EUR; 70x50 cms., pen and ink @ 550 EUR). Until ___?___. https://bit.ly/2AId7BC 
Harrie Gerritz has been showing at Galerie Clement (Prinsengracht 843) forever...and that's a long, long time. It probably has a lot to do with two factors: his work is unique and he sells. At the opening of this show---and only 30 minutes into the exhibition---there were five red dots. Once you have seen four or five pieces by Gerritz you will always recognize his style. Even work of 25 years ago and while the imagery has changed---there is less figurative aspects now---the symbols and colors of today relate to those of yesterday. 

This exhibition shows a new step in his ongoing evolution. Several paintings feature black and silver paint and sometimes with an added color or two. His catalog of symbols are all present but arranged in a different matter of composition. Another aspect of the show is the simple sculpture objects. They, too, adhere to his lexicon of symbols but dimensionally. (24x18 cms., oil @ 900 EUR; 40x50 cms., oil @ 2,800 EUR; 85x100 cms., oil @ 8,500 EUR; 42 cms., high, bronze @ 2,750 EUR.) Until ___?___. https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 
Wetering Galerie (Lijnbaansgracht 288) closes out their season with a group show of young artists working on paper. Lotte Klaver hangs several b/w and black wash drawings that range from funny to sympathetic figurative. Her style is very simple and there is an elegance to it. (A4 @ 200 EUR.)...Arie Berkulin does what look like conceptual landscapes in watercolor (27x37 cms., @ 600 EUR)...Karin van Dam is a WOW! The work is listed as mixed-media but it goes far beyond that designation. All the pieces are dimensional and most with three dimensional features. She makes drawings on paper, enhances them with additional drawings that are partially cut-out and folded, again, dimensionally, then adds photos or sate sticks or plastic sewing thumb guards, etc. The results are spectacular. (700-900 EUR.) 

Jonathan Bragdon does conceptual abstract line drawings of landscapes. (28x37 cms., @ 1,500 EUR; 29x77 cms., @ 2,500 EUR.)...Chiaki Kamikawa draws whimsical figurative compositions that you could probably write a dissertation for each of them. (38x28.5 cms., @ 200 EUR; 70x100 cms., @ 600 EUR.)...Hamid El Kanbouhi does ink wash drawings. The figurative element is done cartoon style. The imagery is busy and the compositions unusual. (30x42 cms., @ 850 EUR; 42x60 cms., @ 1,300 EUR.)...And finally, Hinke Schreuders is back with her mixed-media works on linen. She uses a photograph (really subdued) then stitches over the imagery with linear and geometric designs. Her work is dark as usual, but that does NOT give them a moody disposition. (27x17x5.5 cms., @ 1,200 EUR.) A note: It was a nightmare to review the work in this show. There were NO names on the wall nor numbers indicating what was what. There was a price list with five of the artists listed and two others each had a price list for themselves. So, take this as a disclaimer if I have mixed up the artists. It was not intentional. Until 3rd July. https://bit.ly/2KZbO69 
Andrew Clausen (USofA/Italy) is showing steel collages at "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552). He cleans the streets of its scrap metals like steel and iron. Both new and shiny; old and corroded. The scraps range from rusted shovel heads to circular chain saws to amp meters to iron gaffs and duct piping. You name it, he found it and used it. As a former welder he understands metal and has a natural love and affinity for it. Therefore it is logical that his arrangement of divergent types and condition of the material into collages have a natural feel and balance to them. Surprisingly, the work is relatively small considering the material and each piece is designed and fabricated as a wall hanging. (7.5x42x18 cms., steel, stainless steel @ 1,200 EUR; 16x62x66 cmas.m, steel, stainless steel, wrought iron, brass @ 2,000 EUR; 12x69x56 cms., steel, stainless steel, electrical parts, porcelain, brass @ 3,000 EUR.) Until 3rd July. https://bit.ly/2uCbyPs 
Just down the canal, at "BORZO modern and contemporary art" (Keizersgracht 516), is an exhibition for the painter Christine Philipp who says of her work, "I like it when paintings have something awkward..." Perhaps that is why the work defies any one category of style. While the paintings are conceptual in nature it gets murky in trying to describe them further. There are many elements of linear and geometric abstraction; other works use geometric symbols though nearly subliminally like "Wand" (120x160 cms., @ 4,500 EUR). The latter features imagery you would expect to find on wall paper from the 20s and 30s, but that imagery has been painted over lightly and the final result is it looks like a large sheet of corroded metal. Several pieces are nearly monochromatic black with a hint of "light" showing through forming a linear perspective. Good work. (30x40 cms., oil @ 1,100 EUR; 50x70 cms., oil @ 1,900 EUR; 140x180 cms., oil @ 5,100 EUR.) Five red dots at the opening. Until 26th June. https://www.borzo.com/nl/
Here is an exhibition not to be missed! Huis Marseille (Keizersgracht 401) is showing...well, a lotta photographers. Nearly all the "names" are here and several which may be obscure to the general public. The theme is "Summer Loves." 3D immediately began to take notes as he entered the small gallery off the reception desk. I assumed it was all by the same person. WRONG. (in fact, there are 27 photographers represented.) Therefore, I quickly decided that it would not only be impractical, but nearly impossible to review EVERYONE. But, as always, there are a few exceptions like the series of Sally Mann (USofA) photos "At Twelve" from 1988. Then there is a surprise at the top floor gallery which is a solo exhibition for Nono Reinhold, probably the oldest contemporary photographer in the show. She is both an exceptional artist and person. She studied print making at the Stanley Harter studio in Paris during the 50s. Over the years she has had shows in several countries. Along the way she married Edy de Wilde who would become the director of the Stedelijk Museum for nearly 20 years. He once told 3D that she was a major influence on many of the shows he mounted at the museum. After his death, she took a trip to Peru, but with a camera at her side. The result are two styles of photographs. One features the landscape. The examples here are panoramic in their scope and capture the grandeur of the Peruvian countryside. Then there is another subject matter that got her attention. That was the architectural structures and symbols of ruins. She captures this imagery with a strong understanding for their geometric abstraction. 

In between, you will discover that each gallery has its own theme within the overall theme. "Walking into the silver day" features nine photos in a room "devoted to this intense experience of the summer landscape." There are even vintage film clips like the one by Billy Wilder and Fred Zinneman from "Menschen an Sonntage" (!929) and from Gerrit Kiljan(1930). The range of styles is truly amazing not to mention educational. Call it a short course in photographic technique, nuances and appreciation. There is so much to recommend about this show. The surprises are abundant and there are no disappointments. Until 29th August. https://www.huismarseille.nl/ 
At "g_i_s_t" (Bloemgracht 82) there are two artists. Koen Doodeman paints geometric abstracts which he expresses expressionalistically. Huh? Hey, come on, that's a nice phrase. What it means is that every piece looks like something...But, what? Makes no difference because each one makes you think about it once it has gotten your attention. He does all this without overwhelming us with colors. Much b/w and sometimes with a touch of red or a grayish aquamarine. (35x35 cms., oil @ 420 EUR; 160x150 cms., oil @ 2,850 EUR; 180x280 cms., oil @ 4,250 EUR.).

Judi Hettema shares the space. She expresses and focuses on linear abstraction where she finds it. It can be the lobby of a building with its tiled walls and reflective marble floor or a tiled an empty swimming pool. Then there is a pile of fisherman's nets with several colors refracting off the nets' grid courtesy of an intense tropical sun. (53.5x125 cms., photo, Ed. 5 @ 2,500 EUR; 224x175 cms., photo, Ed. @ @ 5,400 EUR.) Until ___?___. http://www.gistgalerie.nl/ 
...And directly across the canal at "tegenboschvanvreden" Bloemgracht 57) is a group show titled: "PAINTING. PAINTING. PAINTING." Marjolijn de Wit is a figurative geometric abstract expressionist who does color very well and keeps it in balance and never allows it to overwhelm the visual experience. (30x40 cms., oil @ 910 EUR; 165x200 cms., oil @ 4,750 EUR.)...Marc Oosting is a linear abstractionist that creates illusions of typography by using paint, tape, posca and glass. Minimal in form and color; infinite shades of off-white. (206x165x5 cms., @ 5,000 EUR.)...Amir Tirandaz has a wall of oils and ALL in black and shades of gray. The imagery ranges from figurative to a seascape featuring a sinking ship. The largest piece is rather whimsical because it focuses on someone----seen from the rear---pulling down their under paints. (20x20 cms., oil @ 480 EUR; 30x40 cms., oil @ 840; 90x70 cnms., oil @ 1,920 EU.) 

Marie Aly has a primitive style which borders on the naïve. The imagery is figurative and representational, but the emphasis is on color. (65x45 cms., oil @ 1,800 EUR; 110x160 cms., oil @ 3,600 EUR.)...Jowan van Barneveld is into the dark side of life. His paintings are devoid of any color. They are nearly monochromatic black. What imagery there is comes through like light seen through stormy clouds. Hey, it's good work. (130x170 cms., acrylic @ 4,200 EUR; 230x170 cms., acrylic @ 5,600 EUR.) Four red dots at opening. Until 10th July. https://bit.ly/1ijJJ6u 
Daniel C. De Roo is back at RON MANDOS (Prinsengracht 282) with his light illusions. The methodology of his technique continues to develop. The works are becoming more complex in their compositions and conceptual approach. One piece on display is a maquette of a Hollywood sound stage. But how to explain what you see. It is three dimensional, it is film and includes cut-out "shadow" box effect. Got that? There's more. In a back gallery, he has an installation where he has taken his technique and expanded its actual dimensions and Incorporated photography and used a slide projector to create an amazing illusion. But you really gotta see it! (170x76x70 cms., mixed media, video, etc @ 3,500 EUR; 120x300x160 cms., mixed media, video projection @ 8,000 EUR.)...Ron van der Ende makes these large relief wall hangings from found wood. The imagery ranges from a fighter jet plane to an early 19th century steam engine entering a service garage. His emphasis is on perspective and its dimensional aspects. (65x85x10 cms., mixed media @ 8,500 EUR; 212x130x15 cms., relief in salvaged wood @ 18,000 EUR.) 

Oliver Boberg makes photographs almost as an after thought. You look at the photos on display here and assume that they are shacks in a third world shanty town. But they are not real. Nor are they the result of PhotoShop. He makes miniature maquettes (in this case using the rib portion of cardboard boxes) paints them and "landscapes" the exterior. Nice. (58x50 cms., C-print on Dibond, Ed. 5 @ 2,500 EUR.)...Martin Luijendijk photographs crumbling buildings looking for a vague architectural and monumental representation to convey a sense of geometric abstraction. Basically, all the photos are in shades of gray with one "colorful" exception. (70x60 cms., Lambda on Dibond, Ed. 10 @ 2,200 EUR; 122x162 cms., Lambda print on Dibond, Ed. 3 @ 4,600 EUR.)...Maurice van Tellingen constructs scale model maquettes but he adheres to simple composition and those that emphasize linear abstraction. An example is the simple park bench or the stairs descending into the floor. (53x33x31 ccms., MdF, paint, metal, Plexiglas @ 6,000 EUR; 87x70x45 cms., MdF, paint, metal, Plexiglas @ 8,000 EUR.) Until 17th July. https://bit.ly/1NONWvU 
At P///AKT (Zeeburgerpad 53) is "Beyond Lines," by Charlotte Markus. An installation or multiple installation, not sure if it is one or not. One segment comprises a six meter frame structure reaching to the ceiling with nine individual sections in which five have large photographs that are back lit. The imagery looks like a pile of fabric. The colors range from off-white to gold and purple to blue. The color theme carries over to another section of the space. We see a geometric linear abstraction in cobalt blue facing two walls and a floor painted black. Hanging on the wall, of this section, there are seven color photographs (40x30 cms.) The imagery is abstract/expressionism in a variety of colors with two in b/w. Nice presentation. No price list. Until 4th July. https://bit.ly/2LTHPwH

There is also another gallery that shares the same space. "apice for artists" uses the stairwell and the small room that it leads up to. Kristine Hymotter's "And Where Is My Make-Up," offers another installation. It is on the ground floor of the stairwell. It consist of painted wooden sticks---round, rectangular and square---and two circles. All are painted in colors of maroon, blue, aquamarine and white. Photos are on the wall. the photos are the focal point. Figurative imagery is accented---and partially hidden---by colorful rectangles and circular discs. A video is an animated slide projection comprising the same theme and imagery. Sorry, forgot to ask for a price list. Until ___?___. http://www.apiceforartists.com/ 


STORM (3e Oosterparkstraat 201) is an artist operated gallery. This is important to note because the prices of the work reflect that fact. And pricing is an element of the current exhibition at least for two artist. Jeannette Kommer's work is a refreshing new take on geometric abstract/expressionism. The forms, symbols and even the figurative elements are nearly subliminal because of the way everything interplays and interacts. The colors are not what 3D would describe as standard. There are bright pastels and in unusual combinations. The pricing is an interesting factor: 50x70 cms., acrylic @ 225 EUR; 92x120 cms., acrylic @ 999 EUR; 120x160 cms., acrylic @ 1,750 EUR. However, below each of her works is a paper form with about ten lines. You are invited to make a bid. At the end of the show she will decide on whether to except or reject the highest offer...Lucienne Kaaij is a contemporary impressionist who specializes in flowers and garden scenes. Good colors and composition. (40x50 cms., @ 150 EUR; 60x80 cms., @ 400 EUR; AN.B. She is using the same "bidding" system as Kommer.) 

Anneke Hendrikx paints unusual landscapes. In fact, everything about the work---the colors, composition and even the representational aspect---is original. (90x100 cms., oil @ 650 EUR; 80x100 cms., oil @ 560 EUR.)...Ellen Koning does figurative and representational oils and with colors reminiscent of Mondrian's luminosity/naturalistic period and to good effect. (40x50 cms., @ 300 EUR.)...Chantzs Perkins (USofA) was reviewed on the 3D List last May for her show at ABC Treehouse (There, she sold three works). She is displaying here her carved svelte nude torsos. The stone is alabaster and comes from the American state of New Mexico. A nice feature of the material is that, unlike marble, there is a natural abstract/expressionistic pattern of color and an organic natural arrangement of it. She also has four cement torso on show. (73x19x13 cms., stone @ 1,300 EUR.) 

Zhanhong Liao (China) returns to Galerie Josine Bokhoven. In a previous review, 3D marveled at her "day books." She makes a real book with real pages and fills them with color and sometimes collage additions. Each "book" is framed so that you can easily turn the page. You get perhaps five to ten original works for the price of one. But there is something new to her oeuvre. She is now making very large collages from photographs that she then scans onto canvas. She has developed the series with financial assistance from a Rotterdam cultural fund. She placed ads in various publications asking people to submit one photograph for the project; 400 people responded. What we see in each piece is a pair of hands folded in the Buddha spiritual greeting. But all the imagery is formed from the 400 photos submitted to her. One work measuring 100x150 cms., has 15,000 photos that create the figurative form. Hey, 3D counted them. Sortta. (Day book, mixed technique on rice paper from 750 to 1,800 EUR; 100x150 cms,.m, computer/photo work @ 2,500 EUR.) 
ABC TREEHOUSE (Voetboogstraat 11) hangs a show titled, "Sacred Spaces," by four artists. Sara Naumann (USofA) mixes several elements photography, paintings, typography and collage into small canvases (13x18 cms.). Some of the photographs are actually glass photo plates from the 19th century. Nice. (150 to 325 EUR.) ...Ulrike May (Germany) selects environments that are ubiquitous to our cultural and commercial landscape and even the personal like a bathroom. Then she ads captions---which she is quoting from people that are present in the photo. The liner notes either explain the motivation of the photograph or expresses her artistic motivation. (40x60 cms, photograph @ 168 EUR). 

Eilam Llan's photos are more or less conventional as to light and colors, but it is the compositions and the way he balances it which make them stand out (350 EUR.)...Yoko Silk (Japan) offers two techniques: acrylic on paper and ceramics. The work on paper is expressionistic with muted colors. Her ceramic work is interesting for its conceptual approach. She makes globes/orbs that appear to be sprouting, well, a variety of things. Maybe even an alien or two. There is an organic sense to each piece. (57x76.5 cms., acrylic on paper @ 1,200; 17x17x11 cms., ceramic @ 350 EUR.)...Christiaan van Tol does paintings which are representational and often includes a portrait. In the latter examples, the backgrounds are loaded with symbols and often cartoon-like characters. Other pieces are landscapes but the colors and linear abstraction of the scenes put them in their own unique category. Nice. (Oil on canvas @ 350 to 450 EUR.) Until ___?___. https://bit.ly/2Jp6HX6 


Reminder: As always, be warned that (?) indicates that the info may be WRONG. And when you see "*" then you should check on the time. 

THURSDAY: 10th June, 2010
THURSDAY: 10th June, 2010

17-20:00 OutlandStore (Zeedijk 22). "Project: ASA, It's all about character." 11 artists with names like: The London Police, Bue the Warrior, Faunagraphic, Bushit, Pez, Galo, etc. Go at your own risk! https://amsterdamstreetart.com/ 

FRIDAY: 11th June 
FRIDAY: 11th June

17-20:00 Schrank8 (Wagenaarstraat 331). Michiel Schuurman shows "Altering typography...sometimes psychedelic imagery." This is a new gallery presenting their third exhibition. Hansje van Halem is the owner. She reports that at the last show she served: 168 beers; 18 bottles of wine; 6 liters of orange juice; and 4.5 liters of mineral water. Just thought you would like to know. https://bit.ly/2vx5fNu

18-20:00 "The THOUGHT gallery" (Molsteeg 11). "Cut It Out," "Fake, Ortica Noodles, Team Hansfred(RECAL&IVES)" Don't ask 3D...he's only the messenger. https://bit.ly/2vhCwgt 

18-20:00 "outLINE" (Oetewalerstraat 73). Emilio Novani, he is the winner of the "AanZet, 2010" award. A dialog between him and Isle van Rijn is part of the program. https://bit.ly/2LzEjXq 

20:00 Galerie Ei (Adm de Ruijterweg 154). Lisa Elsenburg, photos from Ghana. No web-site on invite.

20:00 DasArts (Mauritskade 56). "Master of Theatre presents: Open Lab/Work in Progress of Master Proofs." Four students present; also on Sat. Slightly different program. https://bit.ly/2LaqQBY 

20-22:00 Arti et Amicitiae (Rokin 112). Group show. https://www.arti.nl/ 

SATURDAY: 12th June 
SATURDAY: 12th June

12-18:00 Boven 't IJ/Open Ateliers (Central Exposition at: Bredero College, Meeuwenlaan 132). "Living Art, art survival; See life lived for and by art in industrial buildings, along dikes, in fishing villages and in the wide watery landscape." https://bit.ly/2KpSeKQ 

16-18:00 Art A Casa (Kerkstraat 11). Li Xiaofeng (China), "Spirits of Flowers," oil paintings on rice paper and print work. https://bit.ly/2JL0Mff 

16-19:00 KochxBos (1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 3). "Summer Show, 2010," with Yoko D'Holbachie (Japan) artist and game designer; Leendeert Masselink (NL) illustrator; Chris Reccardi (USofA), Pop-surrealist; Daniel Lim (USofA); not sure what he does. https://bit.ly/2LTG7LN 

16-18:00 AdK (Prinsengracht 534). A group show of the gallery's artists. 17 will show. https://bit.ly/2LRt0qC 

16:00 "SEELEVEL photo gallery" (N.B. @ ACF, Bethanienstraat 39). At 16:00 there is an artist talk. At 17:00 the exhibition opens for Ruth de Beek, Kim Boske, Koen Hauser, Dirk Kome and Diana Scherer. http://carolineobreen.com/ 

16-18:00 Galerie R. Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198). A group show of the gallery's artists. https://bit.ly/2Kr1deQ 

17:00 & 19:00 "witzenhausen GALLERY" (Hazenstraat 60). An artist talk with Boris van Berkum who "reveals his inspiration sources found in the great cultures of India, Nigeria and ancient Greece." Duration of each talk is 30 minutes. RSVP and indicate which time you will attend and number of guests: info@witzenhausengallery.nl 

(?) TORCH (Lauriergracht 94). "Who am I?" Gordon Clark. https://bit.ly/2L7qYSK 

17-20:00 Gallery WM (Elandsgracht 35). "aNTHROPOLGIiSTS iN aRT." "Staged photographs by legendary Polish Art Group Lodz Kaliska: The Early Years." Founded in 1979. http://gallerywm.com/WP/  

(?)17-19:00 GRIMM (Keizersgracht 82). Alex Dordoy. https://grimmgallery.com/ 

17-19:30 Canvas International Art (Gerard Doustraat 142). Youjin Lee, sculpture. https://bit.ly/2ApFogh

20:00 DasArts (See Friday for details)

20:30 PUNT WG (M. v. B. Bastiaansestraat 15). Isabel León, photographer and video artist who uses both in her performance pieces. https://puntwg.nl/ 

SUNDAY: 13th June
SUNDAY: 13th June

12-18:00 Boven 't IJ/Open Ateliers (See Saturday for details) 

12-17:00 KEA Kunstronde (Westelijke Eilanden). Nine artists showing at different venues. Plus dance and live music. More info and addresses at: https://bit.ly/2LzeE19 

15-17:00 NP40 (Middenweg 22). Miekle Gardner (USofA), paintings. https://bit.ly/2vBBYB5 

16:00 "retort" (Aalsmeerweg 103). Two "White Russians" showing: Lena Soulkovskaya, wall paintings; and Lena Davidovich, mixed-media work. https://bit.ly/2uoD5Vh 

16-18:00 Casa Luna (Leliegracht 14). "Stad In Bloei," the graphic work of five artists. https://bit.ly/2L4RcFi 

MONDAY: 14th June
MONDAY: 14th June

19:30 Lloyd Hotel (Oostelijkke Handelskade 34). A meeting with Stefan Kaegi, a "maker of intriguing theatre productions like 'Cargo Sofia-X' and 'Calcatta in a Box.'" There will be an informal discussion. FREE, but you must RSVP: receptie@eurocult.org 

TUESDAY: 15th June
TUESDAY: 15th June

20:00 Lloyd Hotel (see above). Opening night for "Vladivostok," a film by Oxana Malevanik. In Russian with Dutch under titles. FREE. Sorry no web-site address.
...And there you have it. Week #39...Just another average BUSY BUSY week for Amsterdam art lovers. Is that you? Test yourself. How many works of art have you bought this season? None? Disgraceful. One or two? Well, that's good, but you are NO collector. If you look closely at the price range, after the review, you will note that you DON'T have to have much money to be a connoisseur of artistic expressions. In fact, many galleries have payment programs that are coordinated with banks that allow you to buy over a three year period. It is easy. It is fun! It is educational! It will give you prestige in the artistic community. It will fulfill your aesthetic needs and cravings. And where else can you do ALL that than in AMSTERDAM...Kid you not!

Photo:  "Damn! What happened to 2009?...Oh, well, 2010 is just another year...Maybe." Here's wishing you: Not just another year, but the year! 
Photograph Piet van der Meer