Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #32

"The Amsterdam Art Season 2010-2011" starts with a vengeance this coming weekend with over 45 openings. But, hey, who's counting. 3D labels himself a "gallery bum" who has been doing the art scene in this city for nearly 30 years; and this first issue of the "3D List" newsletter marks the beginning of its sixth year.

At one time, the readers were referred to as member of the "7A Club." That is an acronym for "Amsterdam Aesthetics Alliance Admirer's Association of Authentic Art." If that seems like only a silly alliteration, well that's because it is. And 3D likes silly because that prevents me from being too serious. And this brings me to another thing. This list is NOT meant to be anything serious. 3D just wanna have fun! I try to be jocular in the way I see the Amsterdam art scene. I report on things and events sometimes with tongue-in-cheek. I support the artists and laugh at the snobs. So it goes. 

And what a city it is to experience the art industry. Amsterdam is the perfect international cultural stew. Like a very good bouillabaisse, that reflects the sea life of the Mediterranean, Amsterdam has the best sampling of cultural from around the world. And it is spiced with the creativity of those various multiple ethnic groups. It is mind blowing to consider that this small city has 177 nationalities/ethnics living in it legally. London, New York and Paris are only good soups. Their ethnic population diluted by their sheer size. All other "big" cities are like a thin gruel with little flavor and much blandness. 

3Ds' motivation, for doing the list, is out of love for the most unique city in the world: Surprising Amsterdam.

Come and share a wild ride through this aesthetic wonderland for the next ten months...And, it's off to the races...


Bits & Pieces: 

Museum Reviews: "The Temporary Stedelijk"

                                The Renovation of the Stedelijk 

                                De Nieuwe Kerk

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BITS & PIECES: (You can once again click on to the web-site address. I think.)

ART STUDENTS WANTED: "Preliminary to the exhibition 'Betsabeé Romero - Cass & Traces' the Tropenmuseum organizes a workshop/Master Class. The museum is looking for students that would like to participate." To apply, send motivation to: j.d.bruijn@kit.nl; The event takes place 18th-20th September. More info at: http://www.tropenmuseum.nl/eCache/FAB/44/029.html 
ATTENTION: Artists & Designers: "Expatica"---an online news and social network (in English)---is sponsoring "I am not a tourist" fair at the Beurs van Berlage on the 10th of October. It is a one day event. This year, they are offering "...artists, photographers, performers, fashion designers and anyone else with a creative or interesting skill" to exhibit FREE. Based on previous years attendances they expect about 4,000 paying visitors. Apply at: events@expatica.com 
ATTENTION: Graphic Designers: The "Franciso Mantecon International Advertising Poster Design Composition, 9th Edition" is now open for submissions. Two entries allowed of only unpublished work. "...On the theme [your] choice, although ideally they will reflect corporate issues of the organizing company...relating to their white wines." Grand prize: 10,000 euro with three prizes at 2,000 euro. More info: comunicacion@terrasgauda.com 
ATTENTION WRITERS: "Versal," the Amsterdam based literary review is now accepting submissions for their 9th annual edition until 15th September. Online submission only at: https://www.versaljournal.org/
Also see their web-site: http://www.wordsinhere.com/program.html for coming events.
The Hungarian theologian, Marcell Mártoffny, said, "Nowadays, art doesn't need theology but, instead, theology needs art." Aaaah, the art gods should be pleased.
...Also read this somewhere recently: "It is an ancient mystery of the Orient. Don't ask questions you don't need the answer to." 
Who owns Michelangelo's "David?" A report was commissioned by Italy's federal government to answer the question. They have now submitted their conclusion. See: https://www.nytimes.com/. Article by Elisabetta Povoledgo (NY Times, 31st August). 
Reinder van der Woude is an Amsterdam' artist and musician. He has written and performed the song "Amsterdam (Your Like A Cat On Heat)" [sic]. There is both an English and Dutch version as well as a beautiful video tour of the city: English version, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvYVSFSf0ts or Dutch version, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v-h0kzmGp1QLk or something like that...
Did you know that "In the Netherlands it is officially a heat wave when the temperature tops 25 Celsius for five days of which three are over 30 Celsius?" Hey, just thought you would like to know. 
...And New York City had 34 days this summer when the temperature was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. What's that? About 30+ degrees Celsius. That's why 3D loves the Dutch weather. Better here than living in a sauna.
The Hermitage - Amsterdam has announced that since opening, the 20th June 2009, that there has been 1,000,000 paying visitors. That comes close to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum totals.
Saw this somewhere...It refers to the Brazilian football star de Suzo who is accused of killing his lover. "We want our icons to be saints. But we give them the liberty to taste of the best of life's pleasures. And they are all like in that they are human. And when they react with human behaviour we are often shocked." This reminds 3D that it was reported, last week, that Elin, Tiger Woods' ex, got about $100,000,000 as her divorce settlement. Tiger, himself, has taken out a $60,000,000 mortgage for his new bachelor pad. 
Good news on the economy: "The Dutch economy grew strongly in the second quarter. The increase was 2.1%. A big leap over the 0.6% increase the previous quarter. Exports were up 12%. Industry grew by 8% with 17,000 new jobs." https://www.dutchnews.nl/
...And more good financial news: "LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton," the French luxury goods giant, said that first half profits rose 53% after a "robust rebound' in demand for expensive watches and jewelry and fine Champagne." Art will be next! Kid you not.
"People think they're refreshing themselves, but they're fatiguing themselves." According to Marc Berman, an University of Michigan neuroscientist, on multitasking with gadgets. (http://www.iht.com, 28th August.) 
...Also, in the same issue, of last Saturday Herald Tribune, there is a half page article profiling Barbara Kruger. She has the main gallery on the upper floor of the Stedelijk Museum for the show just opened (see below for review). The story, by Dorothy Spears, "Spelling out our flaws in black and white," quotes Kruger as saying, "'Referring to the art world,' she said, 'It's all about rumor and innuendo, possibility and speculation, and the promise of profit.'" If you find that cynical consider what an English art critic said several years ago when asked his definition of art: "The market place determines what is art!" 
"Facts aren't facts, and that's a fact." Virginia Hefferman (IHT, 23rd August).
Looking for a new pot to piss in? Look no further. Check out the e-bay auction site for this gem". "A North Carolina collectibles dealer is selling a toilet ripped from the former home of the author J.D. Salinger." The opening bid is a cool $1,000,000...and it's not even gold plated. Hey, for that price, 3D will stick to the simple pot...Maybe Tiger is interested.
3D won a Melkweg Card with a short piece on an experience he had their 25 years ago: http://melkweg1970.blogspot.com/ 
Mark Twain, the 19th century American writer and wit, said, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." 3D found this in the book for "SAIL Amsterdam 2005." 

MUSEUM REVIEW:  The Stedelijk Museum

THE RENOVATION: 3D often reacts with trepidation when he reads an announcement that a building will be renovated to bring it up to contemporary needs. Wim Beeren, the Stedelijk Museum director (1985-1992) said that it would not only be necessary to repair the wear and tear of the one hundred year old building, but also more square meters of space were needed to make it a "world class museum." It would take another 10 plus years before anything started happening. The new wing (completion date still a mystery) caused much of the delay because of several factors. But, now, after seven years since the closing of its doors, the old space is back on-line. What should you expect?

Gratefully, none of my fears were realized. The integrity of the interior---not to mention the exterior---remains intact. Perhaps the most notable change is the flooring. The old "reddish herringbone parquet floor" has been replaced, on both levels, by an oak parquet. And just when 3D was beginning to feel nostalgia for the old I wandered into a gallery that contained only two plastic holders for flyers. The flyer, titled "route along 18 corners," [sic] by Willem de Rooij, was original printed in 1993. It features photographs of 18 gallery room corners. Looking closely, one can see that the condition of the many corners was poor and corners, of course, get little foot traffic. So there was a necessity. And the new oak floor is lighter in color. 

The walls are new and the smell of fresh paint is still a bit overwhelming, but that will pass. The former book store/gift shop is once again a gallery room. It is assumed that a bigger and better space is planned for the new wing. So too for the library. But the restaurant area is still in the same place, but that, too, will eventually be moved to the new wing. 

Overall the space looks bright and user friendly. And old comfortable shoe that hasn't lost its comfort because of the new heels and soles and an expert polishing. So what was there to worry about?

THE EXHIBITION: "The Temporary Stedelijk at the Stedelijk Museum" presents two shows: "Taking Place" and "Monumentalism---History and National Identity in Contemporary Art: Proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions 2010"

Let's dispense with the only complaint 3D overheard: "There are about 25 galleries that are completely empty!" Yeah, but you gotta understand. The renovations are NOT complete. Some of them tie in with the building of the new wing like the climate control system. The latter means that the present state of the facility is detrimental to the museum's fine collection of 19th and early 20th century art work. I also saw somewhere that the number of visitors would be limited because of fire department regulations. I have no idea if this is permanent or because the new fire system---like the climate control---will be integrated with the new wing. 

But, again, the museum has been closed for seven years and even the substitute space at the old Central Station Post Office was only an abridged edition of the Stedelijk. And that has been closed now for nearly two years. So what was to be done. We have a new director, Ann Goldstein, who was chomping at the bit to show her stuff and an art community screaming that a key element of the Amsterdam art scene just wasn't there. The result is a perfect solution...while it last. 

"Taking Place" is unique because the raison d'etre is to compliment the avant garde and sometimes to enhance it by several completely empty galleries. An excellent example is the Ger van Elk gallery which features "The Well Polished Floor Sculpture." Minimal in the extreme. The gallery's floor---while now lined with the new oak parquet floor---is delineated into two halves: one half is coated with a glossy varnish and the other with a flat variety. Needless to say, the effect is subtle. In fact, on entering the space you "feel" more than actually see it. 

The empty galleries also serve another purpose: "Another feature...is an opportunity to directly experience the luminous, gracefully proportioned gallery spaces themselves, some of which will remain empty in strategic intervals between these room-size installations."

Diana Thater (USA) has five gallery rooms each of which emphasize this approach. Again, minimalism in its pure form. Four of the rooms are bare and the only hint of something going on is that fact that each is lit with a different shade of color which varies only slightly from room-to-room. Finally, we reach the fifth space which is much larger and features a slide projection of clouds which move across the the wall and ceiling like clouds naturally do in the environment. Cool. 

And you too can play a part in the current exhibition. Everyday, in the gallery that formerly held the gift shop, two people will sit each reading from On Kawara's (Japan) ten volume set titled "One Million Years (Past)" (1970-1971) and "One Million Years Future" (1980-1998). This is conceptual art on several levels. First, the books them selves are a study in typographic conceptual redundancy. And, second, it is interactive. You can go to the information desk and select a day, date and an hour slot to do the reading. During the hour you will read: "201,001, 201,002, 201,000" etc, etc, etc. The actual books are also on display. 

There is more of the interactive between artist, museum and visitor. When you enter the gallery "designed" by Romano Ondak, you will be greeted by a museum employee that will invite you to stand against the wall. The person will take a marking pen and record your height on the wall with a line. They will ask your first name and print that out and add the day's date. As the days roll by a long black line will form along each of the walls and the top and bottom of the line will be determined by the height of the tallest and shortest person. Here is your chance to be recorded for posterity. It was previously done at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC). Oh, yeah, there's "3D" listed. Hey, that's what the "3Ds" signifies: Daniel, Dan and Danny

The exhibition's piéce de résistance is displayed in the main gallery on the upper floor. Barbara Kruger has transferred this area into a typographic maze. The floor, along the four walls and climbing to the sky light are short phrases and pithy statements: "You blind my eyes..." and, on the floor in three meter high letters, "Please Laugh." The room is a black and white abstraction. Haughtily beautiful as it is visually provocative. The titles is, "Past/Present/Future." (Check out the Saturday edition, 28th August, of the Int. Herald Tribune for an article on Ms Kruger and a photograph of the gallery.)

Finally, for "Taking Place," there is a historical review of the Museum as seen through its posters which begins with 1905 and the Amsterdam school of design through Willem Sandberg's period from 1945-1965 (he was director and also a trained graphic designer who personally did most of the layout art during his tenure as the head boss) until now. 

The other theme for the "Temporary Stedelik" exhibition is "Monumentalism---History and National Indentity in Contemporary Art: Proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions 2010." Now that's a real mouthful.

 A call went out to artists living and/or working in the Netherlands to "address the concepts of history and national identity." A total of 359 artists responded and 19 were selected. Jelle Bouwhuis, who is director of the SM Bureau Amsterdam, curated. A hand full of work will be selected by Ms Goldstein to be purchased for the Museum's permanent collection. Expect to see a little of everything as far as style and technique is concerned: video, photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture, sound and installation. They reflect "various insights and perspectives on cultural artifacts, language, politics, labor and capitalism through their individual explorations of questions surrounding national identity." 

For those acquainted with the museum's restaurant, you will be pleased to know that the Karel Appel wall has also been tastefully restored and, with a donation by the "Friends of the Stedelik Museum," the wall directly opposite has a work byLawrence Weiner (USA/Netherlands). "His 'STATEMENT OF INTENT,' an often quoted declaration associated with the foundation of Conceptual art first published...in 1969" reads as follows: 







The press notes go on to say that "Weiner's work consist of language plus the materials referred to, wherein language is also considered a sculptural material." This all leads up to the commissioned piece that now stands opposite Appel's. It reads:








In conclusion: 3D assumes that Ann Goldstein's inaugural exhibition will probably being criticized by the art intelligentsia, but who cares. They are nothing more than a collection of snobs trying to out-snob each other. These same people are probably intellectual kin to those who attacked Edy de Wilde when he introduced the American Pop School to Europe and those who would later also pan his now legendary "Grandé Parade." Personally, I think it is a brilliant solution to a unique conundrum. The problem---and to quote the director herself---is that the "building is a building in the process of becoming a museum." What she has done is to call attention to the renovation work gallery by gallery and make a statement as to the direction she intends to take the Stedelijk to reintroduce it back into the international art scene. Our attention is not diverted by being interrupted by the Stedelijk's collection of masterpieces. And, of course, there is always resistance when you bring the avant-garde to the forefront. One is, more often than not, met with criticism than with cheers. She concluded the press showing with this: "This is just the beginning...stay tuned." 

De Nieuwe Kerk: 

The Nieuwe Kerk organization, in the past, always got everything right. But something has changed with how De Nieuwe Kerk venue is to be used; and so has the mechanics of promotion. When 3D arrived at the press conference, I asked for the English press brochure, but was told there wasn't one like in the past. However, the PR person said she would send it to me. Never got it! So today I went to the web-site and clicked on to it. There was an English click-on section and I did so and got a blank page. I went back to the Google page and saw a heading that said the page would be in English. Again, what I got was a blank page. Therefore some of what you read may be inaccurate. But, hey, it wasn't me.

Previous exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk have been under the direction of the team that now manages the Hermitage-Amsterdam. But they, of course, have their hands full with the new and permanent location. Who is running the events at De Nieuwe Kerk is any one's guess though the person who addressed the press conference was the same head of the PR department as before. 

The new intention of the venue is the establishment of a "Kerkmeester" (someone explained to me that in olden days this person was referred to as the "key holder." The duties of the "key holder" have been updated. The person selected (a different artists every two months) will create a piece, installation, whatever, for the space. The first artist to do so is Krijn de Koning.

When 3D entered the church I was taken aback to see scaffolding, in place, on the floor, below the center of the apse. When was the public opening? Would the space be ready? It turned out that that was an intregal part of the exhibition. 

Krijn de Koning has erected the scaffolding to bring us closer to the subtle or faraway details of the church itself. And indeed it is often a revelation. The details of the pulpit are amazing especially when you remind yourself that most of the small figures, you can now view (about 15-25 cms high), are completely invisible from the floor level. You are five meters above the floor of the church and it makes all the difference in the world. The pulpit, itself, extends about another seven or eight meters high. The carved nuances include a man holding a tablet of the Ten Commandments (with the Roman Numerals easily deciphered) and an inset features a woman and two children. Actually, it would be possible, with state-of-the-art miniature TV camera, to convey these details on flat screen monitors at floor level. 

De Koning has added an artistic element with the inclusion, mounted in the platform's floor, of a six part labyrinth which is color coded. There are three stair ways to enter into the space. The artist said it was meant for meditation.

The brass edifice, that fronts the tomb for Admiral de Ruijter, is exposed, at the top, allowing you to study the beautiful bronze work that was done 600 years ago. You marvel at the craftsmanship of the metal workers of the 15th century. 

Another revelation is being able to look---at eye level---at the stain glass windows which depict the Royal family's history. Your view of the organ cover is direct and the details of the paintings that decorate it are more easily discerned. Until 24th October. Entrance fee: 5 euro. https://www.nieuwekerk.nl/ 



This is interesting. People tell 3D that they see him everywhere. Only wish it were true. Loes Diephuis and John Prop have been sponsoring a non-commercial initiative for the last 12 years and no one thought to send me an invite until last week. What they have been doing is making metro stations more interesting for daily commuters. There is a glass enclosure, at the bottom of the stairs, of the Metro entrance at the Stadsdeel/Waterlooplein. Artists have been invited, over the years, to mount and exhibition using the space. For the last five years, they have also made use of similar spaces at the Weesperplein and Wibautstraat metro stops. Cool. 

The present show---at the Stadsdeel/Waterlooplein location---features an American artist Karni Dorell with a photographic installation. She has taken about 90 large size photographs (half by her own hand and the other half contributed by friends) and cut out the figures and laminated them in plastic. They are then suspended from the ceiling. The figures vary in size as well as identities: adults, kids and with various poses: running, leaping, standing, etc. At the metro station Weesperplein is the work of Tim Frerich; and Jonathan Gitelson is at the metro station Wibautstraat. Until 5th November. https://bit.ly/2vQpN3y 
"foam" (Keizersgracht 609) was the venue for the annual "'foam' Paul Huf Award 2010." To quote a lyric from the Led Zeppelin hit "Immigrant Song" (c1970) "In the land of ice and snow..." You can feel the winter chill as you listen to the guitar riffs by Jimmy Page. Alexander Gronsky, this year's winner, causes the same chill factor with his photographs of the frigid reality of the Russian winter. But he softens the howling winds by featuring the urban landscape as a background. We see the housing blocks, of apartments, as well as kids sledding and ducks marching in mass formation. In another room, there is a mix of photos that are graphically more stark. Until 10th October. 

"foam" uses its library for "young talent." Occupying the space is the work of Eva Maria Rodro (Denmark). Her photos could be snapshots taken of her friends in their environment like the front porch of a farm house with four mismatched chairs which has the flavor of a Walker Evans photograph. Sometimes the lighting is bad or vague, but in each case it establishes a mood, generally a lonely one, that corresponds to the imagery. The subjects are for the most part young teens to young adults; and their "environment" is rural Texas. 

There is a video of these young adults in their world: A boy, of about 16, holds a pet parakeet and from time to time sticks its head into his mouth. The bird doesn't appear to be worse for the performance. There is a juxtaposition from color to b/w. A few scenes, with the latter technique, reminded me of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

De Brakke Grond (Nes 45) is the venue for the Prins Claus Foundation's annual prize. And this year the winner is:Sammy Baloji (Democratic Republic of the Congo) with photography. His technique is not pure photography. He embellish with PhotoShop, uses the collage affect and creates a panoramic imagery by merging two photographs of the same background scene as if the scene was taken with a wide angle lens. In a sense, he is a conceptualist photographer and a journalistic one since his imagery is that of the laborers that work the mines and "often under slave conditions." However, sometimes the two photos (each 50x70 cms) do not match in color and/or to the structures in the background but not lining up thus creating a linear abstraction. He doesn't try to hide the fact either. The prize was worth 25,000 euro and the Foundation stated that a major contributing factor in his selection was "...for his powerful, socially critical work." But hurry. That exhibit closes the 12th of September. https://bit.ly/1Th5K2k 

Arnout Killian is showing at Van Zijll Langhout Exposities (Brouwersgracht 161). The exhibition features a single work which is reiterated six times in a diminutive size. The "original" was painted 12 years ago. The artist selected the work because the gallery holder requested an imagery with a "holiday theme." Killian had only one piece that fit that criteria so he painted six more version to help fill the wall space. Glad he did. It is a portrait of a young girl, about five years old, licking an ice cream stick and wearing sunglasses where each lens is shaped like a heart. The overall colors are bright and playful. Perhaps it would be accurate to describe the style as Pop-Con ( Pop School/Conceptual). And there are subtle differences between each piece which only reveal themselves under close scrutiny. (32x26 cms., @ 750 euro; 170x140 cms @ 6,000 euro). Be warned: a short show; closes 10th September. http://www.vzlart.nl/
Galerie BMB (Kerkstraat 127) presents a couple working together and independently. This exhibition is a project that they have done in unison. Hannah Schneider (Germany) hangs a series of drawings in pencil and wash of canoes. And at the center of the show are indeed two canoes. One is full size and made of polyurethane; and the other is made of fiberglass BUT it has been segmented into about ten sections of various sizes and staggered into a three dimensional posture which juts into the space like a lance. It dramatically greets you as you enter the gallery. There are smaller version of the same technique. One is a segments Dutch wooden show which is cleverly rearranged into a three dimensional abstraction. At the opening, Muyan Lindena, who devised the technique, was also cutting fruit and vegetables, with a Japanese cleaver, and arranging them systemically. Each one looked good enough to eat, but to the art lover their first notion might be that it would be pure cannibalism to do so. Schneider also contributes a video work which features the polyurethane canoe. She mounted it on saw horses and selected a sunny day. If you do not give it attention you will think it is a slide. But, if you watch long enough, you will see that it is an ever changing scene as the sun crosses the sky and the shadow cast on Schneider is always in flux. Nice! (21x30 pencil.wash @ 400 euro; 40x40x8 cms, paper @ 690 euro; 50x60x10 cms, wood 2 1,200 euro; 120x100x5.3 cms, polyurethane, price on request.) Until 25th September. http://www.galeriebmb.nl/   https://bit.ly/2OR3dk4 


Persheng Warzandegan (Iran/Kurdistan) is at BeemsterArtCentre (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21) with colorful abstract/expressionistic paintings. She makes use of recurring symbols in various pieces. She applies the paint thickly as well as thinly which creates an almost two dimensional effect. She doesn't favor any one or two colors but plays with the complete spectrum. Some works are colorfully assertive and other subdued. She also does ceramic pieces that resemble some of the symbols she uses in her paintings. The forms tend to be circular with geometric nuances. (40x40 cms., acrylic @ 250 euro; 100x80 cms., oil @ 1,400 euro; ceramics: small @ 65-75 euro; large from 450-1,100 euro.) Until 25th September. https://bit.ly/2Oju0Vk

It's always a group show at WALLS (Prinsengracht 737) and a very BIG group show. Therefore, 3D always makes note that only a selection, from the artist exhibiting, are reviewed and excuses himself to all the others left out. Sorry about that. Ratna Werrij is an artist who does something different. First, there is a canvas which supports synthetic white material weaved into a grid form. Then there is a projector which projects colorful squares that "dance" across the canvas. Next to this piece, there are two mixed media pieces in two dimension. Each layer with its own geometric design. Two large works are b/w geometric designs with pins and black thread bringing the composition together. (30x30x3 cms., mixed-media @ 200 euro; 151x100 cms., mixed-media @ 800 euro.)...Sophie de Kort does photo prints which are landscapes as seen through a mist. (70x50 cms., @ 200-450 euro; 70x106 cms., @ 850.)...Marcus Akerman reinvents the color chart. Each work, of his, has seven vertical sections and each contain several horizontal brushstrokes of colors. Some are in complementary shades and others contrast.(66x66 cms., oil @ 1,250 euro.) 

Jaco Putker does etchings in b/w with geometric designs. Actual, the designs are elaborate. His compositions are unusual as well. Good work. (30x40 cms., @ 275.)...Anouk van Tetering does something all together different with photographic prints, material and objects. She embellishes the photos with various types of fabric and sometimes uses rhinestones to decorate. "Je Maintiendrai" shows the Dutch lions, in profile, facing each other. The imagery is b/w but the eyes are ruby-like stones. (16x16 cms., mixed-media @ 50 euro; 70x70 cms., mixed-media @ 800 euro.)...Danielle Smits makes ceramic doll-like heads and "dresses" them in fabric BUT she sits them upside down and the opening of the neck can be used for flowers. Looks better than it reads. (150-350 euro)...

Maaike Anne Stevens makes objects? collages? whatever! The pieces range from one dimensional to three dimensional. Some are mixed-media like pen on paper which has been cut and shaped. There are also works that began as simple photos but have been cut into several geometric abstract pieces and reassembled. They are now non-representational abstractions. (26x16 cms., @ 350 euro; 60x42x25 cms., @ 850 euro.)...Jitske Kroon does enhanced photography. The "enhancement" is achieved in various ways. As an example, we see a b/w photograph of two laborers that could be by Walker Evans, but she has added small and colorful iron-on butterflies. The result is a juxtaposition of both color and imagery and is rather nice. (25x26 cms., mixed-media @ 425 euro: 80x120 mixed-media @ 780 euro.) 

Mary Kuiper is a sculptor that somehow achieves the effect of being representational while doing linear abstract designs. A few pieces look much like a bird nest in that it is made up of short linear strips that resemble twigs. She piles them atop each other much like the way a bird fabricates their nest. The result is a style that is the best of two worlds. (950 euro)...Rianne van Duijnhoven makes photos with an avant garde approach. Three examples are in b/w and three in color though it is not easily seen. Contrast and composition defines the unusual aspects of her work. (50x35 cms., @ 400 euro; 177x120 cms., @ 1,850 euro.)...Silvia Copray hangs a series of charcoal drawings which are figurative representation in a stylized form. the recurring theme seems to be people singing including three doctors in operating room smocks with face masks hanging loose. Good work. (30x24 cms., charcoal @ 100.) Until 23rd October. https://bit.ly/2LRAexM 


Reminder: 3D doesn't know everything. Kid you not! Some galleries don't send me invites but, through the art underground, I hear about things. Never know how accurate the info may be when I get the message this way so I prefix the info like this: (?)17-19:00. When you see it, phone ahead. Probably won't do you much good to check the gallery's web-site because 3D already has and has been unable to verify the fact. When you see 17-19:00* it signifies that the time may not be correct. If you ignore all these cautious warnings you go at your own risk...And don't blame it on 3D...It wasn't me. 

THURSDAY: 2nd September
THURSDAY: 2nd September 

18-21:00 Dutch Design Hotel Artemis (John M. Keynesplain 2). "D&.10.3:ZWART/WIT." Four photographers and eight Dutch designers show. By invitation only. RSVP: expo@aeonplazahotels.com 

20:30 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarstraat 134). "STEIM Hotpot Lab #9: Intersections and Just Noticeable Difference." Avant-garde/electronic sounds. FREE. RSVP at: knock@steim.nl. More info: http://steim.org/

FRIDAY: 3rd September
FRIDAY: 3rd September

16:00 MLB (Witte de Withstraat 32). Mark Pol, paintings. sorry no web-site on invite. 

17-19:00 South African House (Keizersgracht 141). "Gold Digger in Joburg," Su Tomesen. Work she made during the residency at The Bag Factory in Johannesburg. RSVP: info@zuidafrikahuis.nl. More info: https://bit.ly/2vsMxrc 

17-19:00 ARTTRA (2e Boomdwarsstraat 4). Benjamin Bridges (UK), paintings. http://www.arttra.nl/ 

17-19:00 VOUS ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314). Lieven Hendriks, paintings expect conceptual representation, sortaa. https://bit.ly/2vwApoe 

17-19:00 LUMEN TRAVO (Lijnbaansgracht 314). Jens Pfeifer, ink drawings, sculptures and glass work. https://bit.ly/2NlXt0m 

17-19:00 AKINCI (Lijnbaansgracht 317). Roger Cremers "Gold is the metal for quiet thoughts." "Using his modern 'magic lantern' of glass, crystal and lasers and paintings that include satellites and scientist." So "fly me to the moon and left me play amongst the stars..." Also, Charlotte Schleiffert's "Save the World." A drawing installation. https://akinci.nl/ 

17-19:00 Galerie A. Daniëls/Reflex (Lijnbaansgracht 318). Harland Miller (UK). "Butterside Up." Watercolors and drawings. http://www.reflexamsterdam.com 

17:00 Chiellerie (Raamgracht 58). Richard Cameron, "Early Works, paintings of people I know." Looks like conceptual figurative. Hurry, closes on the 9th September.

17:00 Beeld Hal Werk (Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85, Amsterdam North). 29 artists. https://bit.ly/2vMGUDj 

18:00 MediaMatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "DOEN pitchers gezocht." Not sure what this is all about. Generally, the announcements are in both Dutch and English. Not this time. Nor did clicking on to their site do any good. But that's Mediamatic. Go at your own risk! https://bit.ly/2vC2IzX 

20:30 Punt WG (M. v. Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 15). "The work 'Condensed Space' is a collaborative performance work by Yenyitzv, Astrid Marit and Chris Meighan." https://bit.ly/2nj8pAL   http://www.puntwg.nl  Also on Saturday.

SATURDAY: 4th September
SATURDAY: 4th September 

12-19:00 Serieuze Zaken Studioos/Rob Malasch (Lauriergracht 96). "NO PIC - NO POINT," Frank Schallmaire and "special friends." Aliens? https://bit.ly/2mrkyDb 

16:00 Galerie 59 (Eeghenstraat 59). Dorien Melis, works on paper. https://bit.ly/2OtOCLj 

16-18:00 Galerie Clement-Printshop (Prinsengracht 843). Marje Bijl, Jacquem and Ben Kruisdijk.          https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 

16:00 Wetering Galerie (Lijnbaansgracht 288). Jan van der Polhttps://bit.ly/2KZbO69 

16-18:00 Galerie R. Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarstraat 198). Jorn Janssen and Pieter Obelshttp://www.galerierogerkatwijk.nl 

16:00 "Galerie bart" (Bloemgracht 2). Barbara Wijnveld, paintings. http://www.galeriebart.nl 

16:00 Galerie Mark Peeters (Laurierstraat 39). A new gallery. There are four artist showing and they look like naïves. But who knows? https://bit.ly/2vrmAbe 

16:00 Galerie Rietlanden (Rietlandpark 193). Josef van Ruyssevelt, paintings. https://bit.ly/2AD6aSi 

17-19:00 Huis Marseille Museum for Photography (Keizersgracht 401). Dayanita Singh, phototgraphy. https://www.huismarseille.nl/

17-19:00 Galerie De Expeditie (Leliegracht 47). Pieterjan Ginkels, "Piste." https://bit.ly/2MaB2y0 

17-19:00 "g_i_s_t Amsterdam" (Bloemgracht 82). Thomas Elshuis, "Roots-Routes," photos; and Erik Sep's "ZOOM." He makes cool maquettes and they are BIG. http://www.gistgalerie.nl/ 

17-19:00 RON MANDOS (Prinsengracht 282). Anthony Goicolea (Cuba/USA), "HOME" is the latest exhibition in an ongoing series of work in which Goicolea uses drawings, photography, installation and film to explore his family history..." http://www.ronmandos.nl 

17-19:00 Cokkie Snoei (Hazenstraat 11). "Le Retour de Pére." Hans Kemna or Bert Sissingh, photography (one of them is the the photographer and the other not sure what he is doing there). See for yourself at: http://www.cokkiesnoei.com/ 

17-20:00 VERVERS (Hazenstraat 57). "Why Sept? & other questions," paintings by Johan Clarysse, expect Pop School style. http://www.verversgallery.nl/ 

17-19:00 Witzenhausen Gallery (Hazenstraat 60). Jowhara Al Saud's (USA) "Your Friends & Neighbors," photographs. RSVP: info@witzenhausengallery.nlhttps://bit.ly/2zCqZwM 

17-19:00 Galerie W. van Leeuwen (Hazenstraat 27). Olaf Otto Becker, photos. http://www.woutervanleeuwen.com/ 

17-19:30 Galerie Fons Welters (Bloemstraat 140). Claire Harvey (UK), "When, what, was, when." Preview of show at: http://www.fonswelters.nl 

17-19:00 M. van Zomeren (Prinsengracth 276). Katja Mater, "Density Drawings." http://www.gmvz.com 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (N.B. new location: Westerstraat 187). Rob Johannesma, photographs; and Antonietta Peetershttp://www.paulandriesse.nl/ 

17-19:00 "outLINE" (Oetewalerstraat 73). David Lindberg, "the same, but different." [sic] Mixed-media photo work. https://bit.ly/2LzEjXq 

17-19:00 A. Gelink Gallery (Laurierstraat 187). Carlos Amorales (Mexico) , "Vertical Earthquakes." https://bit.ly/2u9Hxa3 

17-20:00 TEN HAAF PROJECTS (Laurierstraat 248). "Wildfire," Carola Ernst and Matthias Hesselbacher. Two Berlin based artists. Expect paintings, drawings, woodcuts, collages and sculpture." Hey, they left out the kitchen sink. Maybe. https://bit.ly/2ux13gg 

17-19:00 "aschenbach & hofland galleries" (Bilderdijksttraat 165-c). Andrea Lehmann (Germany) "The exhibition consists of an installation that takes up the entire gallery constructed out of pieces of décor made of paper and cardboard, the most important parts being original paintings and works on paper. It is the third installation in a series titled 'Greenland.'" More ice and snow. http://gerhardhofland.com/en/ 

17-19:00 Galerie D. Stigter (Elandsstraat 90). Ronald Cornelissen and Iris van Dongenhttp://www.dianastigter.nl/ 

17-19:00 TORCH (Lauriergracht 94). Hans van Houwelingen, photos and Jonas Staal, ink drawings in "A history of violence."" https://bit.ly/2L7qYSK 

17-19:00 "tegenboschvanvreden" (Bloemgracht 57). Group show with five artists showing under the title, "A thin line - drawing." Check the names at: https://bit.ly/1ijJJ6u 

17-19:00 Mart House Gallery (Prinsengracht 529). Dineo Seshe Bopape, "Long live the immaterial...effect no.55." An installation with video and photo work. https://bit.ly/2AR5kS0 

17-19:00 Steendrukkerij Amsterdam (Lauriergracht 80). Bas Meerman's "Tracing Tradition," oils. https://bit.ly/2NkuUAi 

17-19:00 SLEWE (Kerkstraat 105). Ian Davenport, paintings. https://www.slewe.nl/ 

(?)17-19:00* GRIMM (Keizersgracht 82). Nick van Woert, "She wolf." https://grimmgallery.com/ 

(?)17-19:00* Galerie J. Jongma (G. Doustraat 128) ?????????????????, but who cares!

20:30 Punt WG (see Friday for info). 

SUNDAY: 5th September
SUNDAY: 5th September 

14:00 Galerie Atelier STAM (Prinsengracht 356s). Rob de Rens, realistic and figurative paintings. And Cécile ter Borgh, ceramics. https://bit.ly/2A720Sg

15:00 Jos Art (KNSM-laan 291). Robbert Fortgens, mixed-media paintings. https://bit.ly/2KTfwOo 

16-18:00 Galerie Eewal Amsterdam (Czaar Peterstraat 153). Erna Anema and Wim Borst. https://bit.ly/2vrzzKd 

16:00 Beeldend Gesproken (Borgerstraat 102). René Meeuwsen, "ZO ME." Mixed-media paintings. https://www.beeldendgesproken.nl/  

16:00 de Appel (1e J. van Campenstraat 59). Closing party for the Bjarne Melgaard/Rod Bianco show. Edwin Beckerwill talk at 16:00 on the work. At 17:00 there is a presentation of the latest F.R. David "With Love" issue whatever that is. http://deappel.nl/en/programme 

TUESDAY: 7th September
TUESDAY: 7th September 

14:30-16:30 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarstraat 134). "Conlon Music Prize for Disklavier Plus: Kickoff concert and presentation." FREE. Part of the "2011 Gaudeamus Music Week." http://steim.org/

WEDNESDAY: 8th September
WEDNESDAY: 8th September 

16-17:00 Openbare Bibliotheek Staatsliedenbuurt/Galerie Beeldend Gesporoken (Van Hallstraat 615). Ronald Faas, oils; and Petra Fenijn, aquarelle. https://www.beeldendgesproken.nl/ 

18-22:00 Open Art Fair - Utrecht (at Jaarsbeur). Daily, until Sunday, 12th September. Sorry no web-site on invite.

...And as 3D said in the introduction to this first week list of the new Amsterdam Art Season: It's off to the races. Indeed, 45+ openings this weekend. Saturday alone features 30+. But that's less than last year's first Saturday when there was about 38 or so. Whatcha goin a do? I guess DO it! Get on the bike and ride. Probably better to walk especially since the majority of the action is in the Joordan. Can't think of a better way to spend a weekend in Amsterdam than going to openings...There goes 3D trying to figure how to do it ALL.

Photo: "How sweet it is!" Credit: Selina Houwing.