Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #34

You heard it here FIRST: The recession is OVER! Kid you not. Last weekend there was an outbreak of measles...Ooops, 3D means RED DOTS. When you see a red dot next to a piece of art, at a gallery, that means your too late. Someone else has BOUGHT it! And, ART is business. Business is beginning to look up. Get on the bandwagon. BUY something yourself. You'll thank yourself in five years, ten years...hey, even in a month. Kid you not. Didn't I already say that?


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Museum Review: Tassen Museum

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What Is Happening This Week: 


Alice Rawsthorn writes, a Monday column, in the Int Herald Tribune, on design. More often than not, there is something about what's happening in the Netherlands. 

For the last few years, she has been campaigning to the Academy Award organization to add a new category for an Oscar Award: Titles. 3D agrees! Nothing riles me more, in this country, than the mad rush of people for the exit, in a cinema, at the "end" of a film. To me, the "end" is when the screen goes black, AFTER the titles. 

In you are an offender, than this is a MUST see for you, "Forget the Film, Watch the Titles" is a "compiled one-hour screening program featuring a selection of the very best contemporary title sequences (2000-now)." You can see it at the Rialto, on Sunday, 19th September, at 19:30. It is an initiative of www.SubmarineChannel.com. Oh, yeah, win a FREEticket by answering this question: Who directed the title sequences for the movie 'Se7en?'" Send the answer to: raphael@submarine.nl 
...And speaking of Ms Rawsthorn...She discusses design fairs coming up in her article, "From walls of type to shows of light," (IHT, 13th September; http://www.iht.com/). The London Design Festival runs from the 18th to the 26th of September. The events range from the Design Furniture Fair at Earl's Court to an Anti-Design Festival. Huh? Next month, the Dutch take over the Design Fair program...
Lou Reed has refused permission for Susan Boyle to sing his song, "Perfect Day," on the TV show "America's Got Talent." (Come to think about it: Why is she on the show at all? She's a citizen of Scotland). But, I digress. Reed, through his mouth piece, says it is for legal reasons. Yeah, sure. And the legal reasons are all $$$$ signs. After all, doesn't the cigarette paper company, Mascotte, use the same song, "Perfect Day," for a commercial? I guess that's okay since smoking ONLY kills people, but doesn't hurt Reed's bank account figures. 

What really gets 3D is Reed has so little respect for his work himself. 3D reported a confrontation he had with the man a few years back. He was at Serieuze Zaken Studioos for a book signing of a tome dedicated to his photographic work. After the crowd had cleared, I went up to him, we clasped hands and I said, "I have a complaint." He immediately dropped my hand and, walking away, said, "I don't take complaints." The body guard took me gently by the arm and lead me to the door. My "complaint" was that I bought the RCA LP' "Lou Reed Live" back in 1980. I was anxious to hear the live version of the song "Walk on the Wildside." And what did I get? The opening lyric, set to the song's music was, "I hate this f***ing song..." and he went on in that vain. The man has complexes upon complexes.
Does the artist name Marla Olmstead ring any bells? She has been "compared to the greats in the international art scene, such as Pollack and Kandinsky." She "rocketed from total obscurity into international reknown and sold over $300,000 worth of paintings." Hey, that's nothing to sneeze at! In the states, the TODAY Show and its competitor Good Morning America "got into a bidding war" to host an appearance. Oh, yeah, she's only four years old. 

But, just short of her fifth birthday "a bombshell dropped." "60 Minutes [a TV news program] aired an expose suggesting strongly that the paintings were painted by her father, himself an amateur painter." Her family struck back by approaching a documentary filmmaker "to clear their name." The result of the collaboration "received rave reviews." "My Kid Could Paint That," will be screened September 17th, at 20:30, De Balie (Leidseplein). Reservations at: https://www.debalie.nl/home/. Attention: Krista Jantowski. The announcement said it will be the only showing in the Netherlands.
...And while 3D is on a tear with mentioning or criticizing certain people in the news; let's bring it closer to home by a roundabout way. Heinrich Heine, the German poet, said, in the early 19th century, "Where they burn books, in the end they will also burn people." Indeed, less than ten years separated the Nazi's book burning of 1933 from the crematoria of the Holocaust. Last Saturday, was the day scheduled, by a Baptist minister, in Gainesville Florida, to host a bonfire fueled by the Koran, the Islam Holy Book. He called it off at the last moment.

Then there's Pretty Boy Geert, of Dutch fame, going to New York to address an anti-Mosque rally. Belgium and France want to ban veil wearing; the Swiss want a ban of minarets. What does 3D think of Islam? Not much! But, with that said, it is more or less the same as what I think about Christianity as well as nearly all other religions. I'm not an atheist nor anti-God, but I am anti-religion. It is an organized system of perpetuating mythology and insisting the fables are the "word of God." Let people believe in what they want as long as they don't try to inflict that belief on me. In turn, I allow them to take whatever comfort they ascertain from primitive logic. 
ANIMATION FREAKS: Thursday, 16th September is the start of the annual "KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival." More info at: https://bit.ly/1sGGNWx 
De Telegraaf reported that "TNT Post is facing serious problems with its household delivery services..." Really? Not mentioned is the fact that they have closed several post offices and others have become magazine shops. Want to send a letter? You must buy 10 stamps for 4 euro. You CANNOT privatize basic public services and that includes any form of transportation. Until a few years ago, the Netherlands had a world class infrastructure of public services. But the clowns in parliament have turned it into a sideshow presentation and the profit freaks are in charge. www.DutchNews.nl 
"33 foods to stay young." And the avocado is at #1; dark chocolate at #9 and walnuts #18. Life is good! More at: https://bit.ly/2kvcNe7 
Remember: on the 26th September you can once again see I LOVE ART, with 3D, at RTV-NH, at 10:00; 12:00; 14:00 and 16:00. This is an unpaid announcement. 

MUSEUM REVIEWTassen Museum/Museum of Bags & Purses (Herengracht 573) 

The current exhibition is "For Your Eyes Only: The Secrets of the Bags." "In their bags, women carry all kinds of accessories which are kept hidden from the outside world." So says the liner notes on the museum's wall. However, that's not quite true. On display, is a transparent Lucite plastic handbag (USA, c. 50s) which reveals everything. Obviously designed for an exhibitionist. A vanity case from the late 20s is simple and elegant in red and ivory. It could have been an inspiration for the Nike logo swatch. The bags on display range from small and compact to large and roomy. What the exhibition makes clear is that the roll of the handbag has changed over the centuries as have a woman's needs. At the turn of the 20th century making room for cigarette packets became necessary. Today, it's the Blackberry, cell phone and credit cards. 

Contemporary bags, on exhibit, include the "Guardian Angel." It is made of leather and felt and in raspberry red. Beautiful and by Vlieger & Vandam (2009). Next to it is "Bag in bad" (or maybe it's 'bag in bag;' can't read my own writing) by Ceaban (France, 2010) which literally defines the contents of a contemporary woman's purse. Unfortunately, not everything is labeled. In one vitrine, there is a purse covered with cherries and cherry tree branches. But it also cleverly includes---and nearly conceals---a parasol. I looked for more info, but found none. Not even an attribution. 

While you are there checked out the other floors for their permanent exhibition. You'll see the Pop School bagged to go. Katherine Baumann's "Diet Coke Can" (USA, 2007) is decorated with rhinestones; and so is Judith Leiber's (USA, 2008) "Cupcake." Next to it is Timmy Woods "Cheers" (USA, 2008) which shows a glittering cocktail glass on its side. Perfect for a chic club. The late Alexander McQueen (UK) is represented; and so is Bottega Veneta's with "The Décalée Jardin," a handwoven leather bag with 50 floral flowers and other types of leather decoration. Until 30th January, 2011.



Enrico di Tommaso (Italy/Netherlands) is at the Amstelkerk (Amstelveld 10) with an exhibition of his mixed media collage work and oil paintings. He has several influences, but most are members of the Pop School. Jasper Johnscomes to mind because of Di Tommaso's use of the shades of red, blue and yellow; and the Russian Constructionist. However, he has taken their inspiration and used the ideas, concepts and techniques for his own. His mixed-media work with photography is both imaginative and graphically exciting. There are also oils and mixed-media oils on display. The work is abstract/expressionistic. Colorful, but far from being overpowering as we generally expect from an expressionist. He also paints over photos and creates photo collages to good effect. (50x70 cms., painted photo @ 350 euro; 50x70 cms., mixed-media @ 450 euro; 52x60 cms., oil @ 350 euro; 150x100 mixed media/oil @ 650 euro.) At the opening there were NINE Red Dots. Until 11th October. https://bit.ly/2vWEt10 


At AYACS (Keizersgracht 166) is the work of two artists. Martien van den Hoek likes to paint in black. Well, there is some gray and sometimes even a touch of white. But, the work is neither grim nor depressing. Just heavy on contrast. The imagery ranges from a large portrait to a piece that is a linear abstraction to what appears to be a conceptualised "portrait." The brush strokes are that of an expressionist. (24x30 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 475 euro; 100x75 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 1,400 euro.).

The other artist, Samantta van den Berg, lends a little color to the exhibition, but not too much. The imagery is representational expressionism. That is, there is one piece that shows a parrot---or is it a cockatoo?---balanced on a perch against a linear expressionistic background. She has also done a painting of the world map. But certainly it isn't anything like what you would get from a cartographer. It is expressionistic and the outlined forms of the continents are not consistent with reality; but it works nicely. (All work is acrylic, lacquer, oil and charcoal: 25x40 cms., @ 700 euro; 135x80 cms., 1,760 euro.) Until 22nd October. https://bit.ly/2OjVnhR 
3D went to Da Costakade (150-154) for three atelier openings and got a nice surprise. Basically, each exhibition was completely different. Serge Verheugen studio did feature art as we expect it to be. And there was a little of everything as far as style and technique. Three large wood carved reliefs sat opposite a collage of paintings. Each of the 15 canvases measured about 30x40 cms., and pictured a white car or truck which was contrasted in black. A "real" Texas ten gallon hat stood out. It is made of steel and "decorated" with rivets that look almost like thorns and could have referred to the crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the cross. Next to it was an over sized metal container like the cardboard one used by McDonald's. The show stopper was a series of 40+ pieces of sculptured aluminium illustrating the various positions of the Kama Sutra. 

Next door was a shoe designer. He (sorry about this, didn't get the name. An e-mail to someone who should know has not had a reply...Maybe next week) makes everything from traditional designs to the far out. And next to him was SUBBACULTCHA! This is a music organization that publishes a magazine, organizes concerts, host a website and releases records. Their A6 magazine tends toward the risque, provocative and is often visually exciting. http://www.subbacultcha.nl/.

Nearly forgot. Not only was the art and music "fresh" but indeed the poon (fish) was "freshly" smoked. It was delicious; but so to was the onion soup with croutons; the lima bean salad...Gotta stop...The slavery juices are running...Also, on display, and in use, was the iron "smoker" doing its job. A small, very small company---about three people---fabricate BBQ grills and "smokers." They also cater what they smoke. https://bit.ly/2OtiQ0f 
...With a full belly, it was off to the Paradiso to the "the night of the unexpected!" And, that's what the audience got. In spades. 3D missed the first few opening acts but was in time for "Spring Relapse" by Sergey Khismatov and Alex Nowitz. The music was via the synthesizer and avant garde. It was accented with a light show. The latter used the building---a former 19th century church---as the backdrop. The Paradiso was renovated a few years back. This is probably the first time that 3D has actually viewed its interior architecture especially at the ceiling' level. After all, on nearly all previous visits, my attention has been on the stage and where the spotlight has been aimed. This time the spotlight was on the upper reaches of the church. 

A group, Ensemble Klang, six musicians and one reader, presented "Naralana's Cows" by Tom Johnson. This was cleverly done. The "story" is about a cow producing her first calf. We follow the reproductive element through, I think it was, 15 manifestations. After the first calf is born, two notes are played. After the next calf, three notes are played. When the calf's themselves begin to reproduce more notes are added. But with each birth, the music begins at the beginning. We hear the piece repeated over and over and over, again. It's something you got to hear to appreciate...Franciso López makes a lotta noise...with his mouth. He has no other instrument. He composes his own compositions and creates his own "instruments." The result was mesmerizing. 

"Killl" is from Oslo. They created a "wall-of-noise" that reverberated from wall to wall with a haunting effect. There was a flavor of Enrico Morricone but with a driving rhythm. It was intensified by an abstract curtained background which reacted to both white light and black light. 3D should have timed it, but my estimate as to its duration would be about 20+ minutes...The finale was, well, unexpected. A band of Balaganjur gamelan players, in traditional dress, played their symbols and drums to close the evening. Too bad you missed "The night of the unexpected" it was unexpectedly good. https://bit.ly/2B959lp 


"Erkin" (Russia/Netherlands) is at Mokum Gallerie (OZ Voorburgwal 334) with his realism still lifes of Chinese porcelain. The paintings are beautiful even though a good many of the bowls and dishes are chipped and/or have had sections glued back on to the main dish. Doesn't matter, the result is realism at its best. The colors tend to be mostly "Delft blue" with a few exceptions: a bowl with red raspberries for example. (21x21 cms., @ 6,300 euro; 32x22 cms., @ 6,700.) If you think the prices for these small paintings are excessive, well, there were SIX Red Dots and one Green(optioned) at the start of the opening. Until 10th Ocotber. http://www.galeriemokum.com/ 
"Galerie nine" (Keizersgracht 552) is exhibiting Dov Shlein (Romania/Netherlands) whose style is conceptualised minimalism that has been painted with an expressionistic brush. Some pieces are heavily painted and nearly devoid of any color besides white. Others combined white and gold in structured layers on the canvas. A series of 35 works, on canvas board, are mainly gold; some with a dull red/pink added nuance (available as one or individually). There is also a series of mixed-media work that begin as an etching but Shlein then paints over the imagery with white shades. 

A large collage consists of four sheets of paper overlapping with a collection of inverted "Vs" painted on the top sheet in white. Though many pieces are minimal, with a propensity for white coloring, each is surprisingly different and unique from the other. (12x18 cms., etching/watercolor @ 600 euro; 20x40 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 1,050 euro; 30x23 cms., acrylic on board 35 pieces @ 7,000 euro or one for 300 euro.) Until 9th October. https://bit.ly/2uCbyPs 
Juul van den Heuvel at A-Gallery does conceptualised minimalist' drawings at their best. Nearly all of the 94 works hanging are in b/w and of charcoal; there are only eight exceptions. As to what you will see are very simple symbols beginning with the elementary circle. The intensity of the charcoal is such that it is "self-illuminating." What that term is meant to help you visualize is that the imagery projects itself from the paper with power. More amazingly is the fact that while she uses the same symbols over and over and the result is neither a boring repetition nor redundant conceptualism. The eight color abstract exceptions incorporate different symbols and a more involved composition. Nice work. A short catalog is available. Damn, forgot to check the press list. Until...Forgot to check that, too. 
Galerie Rob Koudijs (Elandsgracht 12) shows new jewelry which means you never can anticipated what you will see nor the material that the designer will use. This present exhibition holds true to that explanation. Francis Willemstijn is back once again. In her last show, she used old car part from 60s Detroit-built automobiles that her father owned and loved. This time, she is making use of dried wood and tree bark she has found in the forest well aged and well dried. She combines the small pieces of wood with copper pieces that emulate fern stems or leaves from trees and small flowers. The result is an organic sculptured work that you can wear around your neck or as a brooch. The combined forms become conceptual pieces without loosing their individual identity. 3D was watching as a lady tried on one necklace. She commented, "I can't decide between this one or that one" pointing to another piece still in the showcase. I replied, by saying, "The one you have on is a perfect size. The other is too big." She answered, "Oh, I wasn't thinking of wearing it. I was thinking of hanging it on the wall." Well, there's that, too. Hey, that's two pieces for the price of one....And that ain't bad! (Brooch @ 900 euro; Necklace @ 2,200 euro.) SIX Red Dots. 

David Bielander titles his exhibition "Wisdom Teeth." Don't know why since there isn't a piece that looks like a tooth, but there is a pair of lips with a tongue sticking out ala the Rolling Stones' logo. Anyway, he has a whimsical approach to designing jewelry. He like leeches, crickets, snails and turtles. But his emphasis is on the form and how to play with it. Like the "lips." The piece is made from the rubber sealer found on Mason jars which are used to preserve fruit. The "crickets" have been fashioned from spoons; and a small turtle was once a bottle cap. A gold hedgehog is cleverly and beautifully fashions from small sheets of gold. All pieces are meant to be worn as brooches with the exception of the "face" ring. Unfortunately, this was not the show that Bielander had anticipated. Several pieces did not arrive from his studio in Germany courtesy of the German post office. (Brooch @ 200 euro; necklace @ 3,900 euro.) THREE Red Dots. Until 16th Ocotber. https://bit.ly/2LtDmQm 
[Dé is Ka] the floating gallery is now docked at the Hirsch Building (Leidseplein 23). Here today and gone tomorrow. Though sometimes it stays around for a bit longer. In this case, until the end of the year, at this location. It is a very big space and they are several pieces on display and most are large like Papa Adama's prehistoric dinosaur. It stands nearly four meters high and is three meters long. And, it moves. Or at least it bows its head at you. It is electrical to say the least...A drawings on paper by Gerdien Kroes is of a young girl on a horse and is about three by three meters in size...In the window, opposite the American Hotel, are two full size sculptured pieces by Lawrence Bailey. Each look like they could be the "Creature from the Black Lagoon." A scary b/w monster film from the 50s.

Inti Hernandez has constructed three wire objects and each is a meter or so in diameter. They hang in unison from the ceiling. At the center of each is a wooden object shaped like a globe, a sphere and a circular piece....Ewa Karolina Perlejewska shows three unusual sculptures and each in a unique form and concept, but you gotta see it to understand. And you have until the 30th of September to do so. No prices listed because, well, things from [Dé is Ka] are not always for sale, but that's another story. https://bit.ly/2Mf3ATS 
Papa Adama's Atelier/ArtGallery (Ruysdaelkade 159) is open for business. Hey, this guy gets around (see review above); and no wonder. His work is different. The style for his paintings and drawings is figurative abstract/expressionist, but the work looks like it was done by a naïve. But, naïve he isn't. He is both a graduate of the Rietveld Academy and the Rijksakademie. So he has been trained and exposed to technique in its various guises. But he has not turned his back on his African roots (Burkina Faso). The work is colorful, as you might expect, but also playful. A good example of this playfulness is the three by four meter drawings of the Damrak and Central Station. Oh, I left out the Godzilla-like creature that seems to have taken over the sidewalk. Godzilla-like monsters have a way of doing that. It's sorta like: Where does an elephant sit? Anywhere it wants to! 

In his new space he presents a very good overview of his sculpture work with a showing of 13 pieces. They imagery ranges from the tongue-in-cheek like the man with a penis the size of his torso to a "bird" fashioned from a fire extinguisher with bike peddles as feet. There are also his run-of-the-mill dinosaurs (as only he can do them) to monsters to a legless man in a wheelchair to four or five pieces inspired and given birth by bicycles. One is a linear abstraction composed from six pairs of bike handlebars. Until? Who knows. Stop by at anytime and knock on the window or door. Papa will probably buy you a beer. He's that kind of guy. (Drawings @ 400 euro; 50x50 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 400 euro; 60x60 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 900 euro; 200x156 cms., acrylic on canvas @ 2,000 euro; Sculptor pieces priced from 600 to 4,000 euro.) https://bit.ly/2KJjT9X 


REMINDER: 3D makes every effort to get it right, but that doesn't mean he always does. So, from time to time you see (?) and that indicates the info may be WRONG. Call ahead. The "*" means much the same thing in regard to the times. Good luck...And have a safe trip.

THURSDAY: 16th September, 2010
THURSDAY: 16th September, 2010 

(?)17:00* VIP's Gallery Amsterdam (Spiegelstraat 8). Jean-Marie Périer, photography. https://vipsart.nl/ 

17-19:00 CBK Amsterdam (Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71). Dominique Martin and Carmen Vossen, "Verhalen Zonder Grenzen." http://www.cbkamsterdam.nl/ 

18:00 BORZO modern & contemporary art (Keizersgracht 516). Vincent Mentzel, photography. https://bit.ly/2maQxaC 

18:00* Allard Pierson Museum (Oude Turfmarkt 127). "Alexander de Grote: Greek in Egypt," a coordinated exhibition with the Hermitage-Amsterdam. https://bit.ly/1Ety7Gc 

FRIDAY: 17th September
FRIDAY: 17th September 

17-20:00 Schrank8 (Wagenaarstraat 331). Miek Zwamborn's "Wunderschrank." She is the author of two novels and a "perfect treasure hunter...books, fabrics, images, stones, papers and observations." http://miekzwamborn.nl/ 

18:00 De Appel (1e Jacob van Campenstraat 59). Solo exhibition for Emily Wardill (UK) titled "window broken, break, broke together." Plus Otto Karvonen's "Alien Palace Birdhouse." Thought this was a "solo" show. That's what the invite said. No matter, two for the price of one visit ain't bad. http://deappel.nl/en/programme 

SATURDAY: 18th September
SATURDAY: 18th September 

15:00 P60 (Stadsplein 100a, Amstelveen). "Water: Sinking cities project," 8 media artists from Latvia and the Netherlands "will perform in two interactive audiovisual performances...In water we trust. Let's get wet." Hey, 3D has been all wet for years. https://bit.ly/2KGvFSg                 https://bit.ly/2M9MVFd 

16-18:00 Art A Casa (Kerkstraat 411). "Expositie 'Dishwashsafe," with Andrea Letterie, painting and drawings; Astrid Trügg, paintings and mono prints. https://bit.ly/2JL0Mff

16-19:00 Van Zijll Langhout (Brouwersgracht 161). Sefer Memisoglu (Turkey). An installation of photos and drawings. "The exhibition space is approached with the language of post conceptual art." https://bit.ly/2miHB38 

(?)16-18:00 "galerie ra" (N.B. New location, Nes 120). This is the targeted date for the new space opening. Let's hope they get it done. Expect new jewelry. https://bit.ly/2mkg3u7 

17-19:00 Maison Descartes (Vijzelgracht 2a). Gabrielle Wambaugh's "What you see is smaller than what there is." Expect sculpture work. https://bit.ly/2vSXGB2 

17-19:00 Motive Gallery (NDSM-werf; Ms Van Riemsdijkweg 41a; FREE ferry at CS). Aurélien Froment, "Langue étrangére Lanque maternelle Seconde langue." It's all Greek to me. http://www.motivegallery.nl/ 

17-19:00 ART AFFAIRS (Veemkade 354). Herman de Vries, "Eschenauer journal & text works." The "Eschenauer journal consists of 173 parts...based on philosophical papers." https://bit.ly/2LfBlnI 

17-19:00 Galerie Reflex (Weteringschans 79A). Harland Miller (UK). He does a playful take on classic book jackets. https://reflexamsterdam.com/ 

18-22:00 LOCUSLUX Amsterdam (Brouwersgracht 151). Grand opening for this new gallery. Jaap de Vries kicks it off with "CUT & PASTE." http://www.locusluxams.com/

SUNDAY: 19th September
SUNDAY: 19th September

14:30-17:00 "STORM galerie" (3e Oosterparkstraat 20) "DIVERSITY," marks the end of the Muslim holy month Ramadan. Expect Moroccan artists with "live world music by ASAFAR PROJECT. Curated by Johan van der Dong. Plus a performance by Ingrid Greijn. www.stormgalerie.nl

TUESDAY: 21st September
TUESDAY: 21st September

20-22:00 Amsterdam Fonds Voor De Kunst (N.B. @ Pakhuis de Zwijger, Grote Zaal, Piet Heinkade 179). Awards for artists' subsidies. The foundation has 8 million euro to distribute for: theatre, music, literature, film shows and art events. RSVP: secretariaat@afk.nl       http://www.amsterdamsfondsvoordekunst.nl/ 
Another great weekend of art...But, doable. So all you gotta do is DO IT! Almost forgot...BUY! something already. It won't hurt and you support not only ART but an ARTIST, his/her family and local cafe. It's a win-win-win type of thing. 

Photo: 3D says, "Charley has his angels and 3D has got his...But where did I put their wings to go with my halo?", The angels are from left to right: Jennifer, Julia and Esther aka "Nieuw Jurk.", Photograph by Piet van der Meer