Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #36

..And the RED DOTS continue to pop up like pimples on a teenager. This is GOOD! Good for the art community and even better for the one who BUYS something. Keep it up. And you can afford to buy art.

In the reviews this week there is a gallery selling beautiful photos of Amsterdam in glorious b/w starting at 15 euro. Huh! Kid you not. 3D bought one that was priced at 25 euro. Hey, I got no money, honey. So if 3D can DO IT! You can TOO! 

...And there are three WOWs! in the reviews of last week's exhibitions.


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                                               rumors and underground 
                                               mutterings the Amsterdam 
                                               art communuity. 

What You Missed Last Week:

What Is Happening This Week: 



ATTENTION: PERFORMERS. "Alligators! is a stage show that explores the possibilities for virtuosity, the superhuman, spectacle, danger, astonishment and the reptangular [sic]." Looked up the last word in the Oxford Dictionary and it ain't there. But, I digress...They want performers---amateur and professionals---to appear in short roles in a stage show at de Appel. Audition will be 4 to 6th October. The performances will be the 13th and 14th November. Contact: Ieva Misviciute at: ieva.mm@gmail.com. Sorry, no website listed. 
For what it is worth: "Aangepaste aanvraagprocedure ontwillekbudget beeldend kunstenaars...Geïnteresseerden kunnenzich op 1 oktober 9.00 en 12.00" So what's that in English. Beats 3D. More info at: www.afk.nl, www.amsterdamfondsvoordekunst.nl 
ATTENTION: GRAPHIC DESIGNERS. Check this out, "No Smoking Sign Library." "An on going collection of alternatives to compliment the archetypal 'No Smoking Sign.'" A total of 163 examples are now posted at: https://bit.ly/2Ovad59
 And you are invited to submit yours; you are also credited. Thanks to Cappy J for passing this on. 
ATTENTION: VIDEO MAKERS. "The Night Makes Everything More Fun...n8 and Cineville join hands and organize the 'Nachtshots 1 minute nocturnal video competion' for the second time. The concept is to show the difference between day and night in Amsterdam: Capture how the night transforms the city in seconds of moving images." You will be able to view these abbreviated epics at 13 Amsterdam cinemas and 17 museums and art spaces. A prize ceremony will take place at De Balie on Museum Night, 6th November. Deadline is 1st November, but enter before 10th October and "it might be included in the trailer" to be shown at the movie theaters participating. www.n8.nl/nachtshots
Check this out. A young lady is "collecting impressions about public life, about invitations, and about talking with strangers...I would like to invite you, to invite me, to join you, in an act of your everyday public life." Learn more when she will be available from 19-24:00, on the 1st October. Where? See: www.erinbrubacher.ca. She is working on her dissertation at the Univ of Amsterdam. You can reach here at: besteamsterdam@gmail.com 
Not to sure where to mention this: An initiative called MOEDER is to be held at "outLINE" on the 10th of October, Sunday, 14:30-18:30. It is where artists, writers, musicians and poet will pay homage to dear ol' mom and the "finale" will be a big pot of MOTHER's soup. 15 euro; RSVP before 6th October at: moeder.reservering@gmail.com. Chantal Breukers is the curator and you can reach her at: Laddle me up Scotty! 
"Stand out from the crowd! A Personal Branding Workshop." The announcement says, "It will help you highlight your talent and develop a strong personal image you can use to help sell yourself at an interview, apply in your advertising and marketing material and on your social networking media." FEE: 50 euro. Place: ABC Treehouse. Thursday, 21st October, 17:25-22:30. No website listed. E-mail: anne@power-to-change.eu
NIMk has announced that Kawel Modiri is the winner of the René Coelho Award, 2010. More info about the award at: https://bit.ly/2MglCbA 
"i am not a tourist" is a yearly event sponsored by Expatica , an English online website. This event is subtitled, "Lifestyle fair for internationals." You can expect a 'Mini'SpeedDate; workshops on chocolate making, salsa dancing, writing, genever tasting and more. Entry is 10 euro or FREE when you order the ticket online at: www.expatica.com/iamnotatourist The 10th of October. 
This from the "Mothership," a Rotterdam based Internet newsletter. "Artist Geert Mul is to receive the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award 2010 for his entire oeuvre...because of the innovative way that he deals with the overwhelming flow of information and images of today." Also, see at: www.enterthemothership.com/nieuwsbrief the German artist Johan Lorbeer "...leaning seemingly nonchalant and high in the air [with no obvious support] against a wall." How does he do that? https://bit.ly/2MaGd1O 
The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhynono, is expected, in the Netherlands, for a visit during October. However, the Indonesian ambassador to Den Haag has said it would be very much in doubt "if PVV is part of the next coalition government." 

Pretty Boy Geert responded by urging the Dutch Foreign Minister to summon the ambassador because of his "'scandalous statements' about the anti-Islam party and its supporters." Tsk-tsk! He sounds like a spoiled brat who carries on temper tantrum after temper tantrum then complains people are picking on him when they tell him to go play with himself. Demagogues are all alike no matter their nationality. Hey, Rush Limbaugh, you got a soul mate in Holland. 

3D may not like Islam or other religions for that matter, but as long as they don't enforce their primitive beliefs on me, let it be. In the meantime, still NO government! Seven months...and, counting...
CORRECTION: Last week, the 3D List reviewed a film compilation of movie' titles. The title was misstated. It should read: "Forget the Film: Watch the Titles." 


GRID2010 is being promoted---when you can find any promotion---as the "4th internationale fotografie biënnale." 3D recalls a previous one titled, "GRID2006." But not the others. So I googled "GRID" and discovered that there was something called the "Foto Biennial Amsterdam Photo, 2002." The site for GRID2006 said the name had been changed from the earlier one. Couldn't find any mention for the "3rd biennial" which should have been in 2008. Nor do I recall hearing about it. Asked around and got the same answer from others. When was the 3rd? A new mystery. 

But with that said, does the director of GRID know the meaning of the term: Biennial? The Oxford dictionary says: "taking place every other year." So, if the first was in 2002, the second, 2006 and the 3rd, no one knows, and the 4th in 2010, that comes out to every four years...And 3D didn't even take his shoes off to make the count. The correct term for once every four years is: Quadrennial. 

Anyway, the kids are back from camp! 3D did check http://www.gridphotofestival.com/ (Saturday) and there is now, finally, a program posted. Looks as if it was done in a hurry. It listed the venues, address, opening date, time, photographer(s) and their country of origin. No photos, nor mention of styles nor click ons. Maybe the powers that be read the 3D List last week and with post-haste did their job; and even though it is elementary it is better than nothing. Whatever. 

...Well, it gets more weird. Today (Wednesday), I again googled "GRID2010" and clicked on to www.amsterdamphoto.org which was the first listed website address and not the same as above. I clicked on to "Programma" and got a blank page. Echt waar! Today (Thursday), 3D clicked onto http://www.gridphotofestival.com/ 
once again and the "programme" page is blank. The list is GONE. What's going on here?

Well, since last weeks comments, 3D has received a couple e-mails which may explain what's up. It seems that some galleries were listed as participating, but this was news to the gallery holders. Sure, they said, they had been contacted some said NO and others said, "I'll think about it!" So they were very surprised when they began to get telephone calls from other gallery holders telling them that the GRID director had indicated they were participating. This may account for the lack of info since these same people complained and ordered there "participation" be deleted. 

Here is one reaction 3D received from P/////AKT which sent it to their mailing list: "Due to organisational circumstances beyond our control we unfortunately had to decide to withdraw our contribution to GRID1020...Since P/////AKT and the participating artists were looking forward to this group presentation we might take a rain check in the summer of 2011; in our own space and by our own standards." 

The idea of the concept for an Amsterdam photographic biennial is a very good one. But what is needed are professionals to organize and implement it. Stay tuned...



"foam" (Keizersgracht 609) opened a show for the late Dutch photographer, Johan van der Keuken (1938-2001), titled, "Pictorial Narratives." This is a must see exhibition for an amateur or budding professional photographer. On view is a classic photo taken by him of a man and woman dancing in the street. After his death, " another 32 negatives were found in his archives, taken on the same spot. They are never-before-published photos which form the basis of the exhibit." Also, what you see is that NOT every snap of the same subject matter is a masterpiece. There are so many variables that come literally into the picture. This becomes obvious as you go from one to the other. 

Then there are the landscape photographs which are more of a study in linear abstraction than they are representational. An overlarge photo that could be "Jaws" is in two versions. Both scary! Its title is: Dog God, River Gud, India." Several photographs appear to be studies or experiments in both technique and composition. Until 8th December. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 
Santu Mofokeng (S. Africa) was a recipient of a Prince Claus Fund Award of 25,000 euro last year. This current show at the Prince Claus Fund (Herengracht 603), titled, "Let's Talk" is not what 3D expected, but even better. The press announcement indicated that he chronicled apartheid, but the exhibition doesn't. Basically, what we see are landscape photos of mining sites, an artificial lake, gorges and a beautiful b/w photo titled, "South Beach/Replacing of sand washed away during the floods and wave action, Durban." Yeah, that's a mouthful, but what we see is sort of a contemporary b/w interpretation of the pointillist style and it is dramatic and abstract while completely representational. Sounds impossible, but check it out for yourself. 

The liner notes state: "Devastation and beauty merge in 'Let's Talk' a series of photographs displaying exceptional aesthetic quality in which landscapes portrayed in relation to issues of ecology, ownership and power." Until 26th November. Monday thru Friday, 09:-17:00. https://bit.ly/2LhADq4 


At Galerie Brandt (Prinsengracht 799) is the work of Kim De Ruysscher (Belgium) in a show titled "In Time," with this added suffix "new sculpture." And, yes, that is an important designation. What we see are everyday objects that are immortalized in marble or limestone: a white "cardboard box," a pillow, a paper sack, a shopping bag, a roll of toilet paper, a tooth paste tube. This is minimalism at its best. Simple objects in one color. The materials are marble, black marble, limestone and each one gives the forms substances but that isn't readily apparent. There is even a broken section of Styro foam, but it is meticulously carved and looking as unattractive as the real thing littering the street. 

There are several wall hangings. They look like monochromatic white paintings, but, again, they are carved from marble. Give this work a WOW! (34x25x3 cms., limestone @ 2,800 euro; 11x11x10 cms., marble @ 3,100 euro; 40x40x2 marble wall hanging @ 3,700 euro; 29x19x19 cms., limestone @ 5,600 euro.) Until 31st October. http://brandtgallery.com/ 
...And just across the canal at Morren Gallery---nee: Utrecht Gallery---(Prinsengracht 574) is the work of Candace Charlton (S. Africa) with a show titled "New Roots." She does portraits---all female---in a realistic contemporary impressionistic style. However, without the color palette of that group of late 19th century artists. The oil canvases tend to be dark without being moody. Her models are ladies of character as opposed to, say, ladies of great beauty. She also paints landscapes which have a vagueness to them like seeing the view through a mist. Give her a WOW! (50x60 cms., oil @ 3,900 euro; 80x110 cms., oil @ 6,350 euro; 130x200 cms., oil @ 10,500 euro.) Until 1st November. https://www.morrengalleries.nl/ 
Nabakov would have been pleased with this show at Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 2) for Fergus Greer. The famous writer was a butterfly collector and Fergus in "Leigh Bowery & other Butterflies," portrays 17colored photos of them that will cause flutters in the heart of any lapidarist. The other photos which use Leigh Bowery as the subject range from whimsical to monumental. The costumes and clothing are sometimes funny, sometimes absurd and sometimes just ridiculous...but all are dramatic and for the most part very colorful though there are a few works in glorious b/w. (40x30 cms., Ed 10, C-print @ 1,400 euro; 75x60 cms., Ed 10, C-print @ 2,400 euro; 122x122 cms., Ed 6, C-print @ 12,500 euro.) 

Also showing is the work of Corinne Kruger in the gallery's "annex," actually, the space is better described as an alcove. This is a series all about females showing an expression of surprise or awe. One is a self portrait and standouts from the rest. Kruger comes across as Dorthy experiencing the land of Oz of the first time. There is a boxed sets of photos titled "The Fragility of Goodness." Five C-prints (10x21 cms) an Ed. of 15 @ 450 euro. (67x44 cms., C-print on aluminium, trip tych @ 2,250 euro or 850 each; 100x65 cms., C-print on aluminium, Ed. 7 @ 1,450 euro.) Until 6th November. https://bit.ly/2lZLxFJ 
Gallery Vriend van Bavink (Gelderskade 58) is exhibiting the photographic work of Stefano Vigni and it is sort of like every pictures tells a story. And photos are meant to do just that and like one chapter after another makes for a book. The same is true when you view this series of photos which chronicle two archeology sites in the Joordan. What you see is not only the "digs" but pictures of the equipment used and the plastic baskets employed for storing artifacts. 

There is also what I would describe as "art photography" like two men seen from the knee down in working boots with their shadows. Several photos are studies of linear abstractions. There is a small installation which is cleverly and very simply done. It consists of a pile of dirt and two very old and well used shovels. (30x30 cms., @ 350 euro; 90x90 cms., @ 750 euro.) Until 25th October. www.__?__ 
A new initiative for the Amsterdam art scene is Dom Polski Gallery (Keizersgracht 173, 2nd floor). It has a simple raison d'etre and that is to show Polish artists living and working in the Netherlands as well as Dutch artists who see things with a Polish view. Hmmm. Don't really know that that means, but perhaps it will become clear in viewing future exhibitions. 

The first one is for "Baciar." This photographer captures Amsterdam like previous Dutch masters from Brietner to Van Elsken In fact, he has a way of composing his compositions that the automobiles that clutter the canals almost disappear. We feel ourselves projected back into the 19th century. There is a photo of the building, GGZKeizersgracht, where the gallery is located, and both are classic. 

The interior of this building is worth making a trip to the gallery. The stairway and decoration are beautiful examples of late 19th century design. And as I climbed the stairs, to the floor, with the gallery, I heard a chorus of angels, well, the truth be told, they were all in human form. I listened to what I thought to be old Polish folk songs. When I talked later to the group leader of the seven female choir, she informed me that they were Russian folk songs. That's good to hear since the Poles and Russian have been at each others' throat for about a thousand years. Things are changing...and getting better.

...And more good news...The PRICES! 15x15 cms., b/w photo @ 15 eruo; 25x25 cms., b/w and color @ 25 euro; 40x60 cms., b/w @ 65 euro. There is also a book titled: "Baciar: Amsterdam Classic" 128 pages with 60 photos at 25 euro. If you love Amsterdam the way 3D does, here is a great opportunity to have something to hang on the wall. Buy five or six for Sinterklaus gifts. Prices don't get cheaper than this! 3D even bought one. Monday thru Friday, 10-17:00. www.dompolski.nl
Life is full of surprises. 3D walked into "nico koster galerie moderne amsterdam" (Nieuw Spiegelstraat 42) and made a tour around the room. It looked like a group show for three artists. One painter, a photographer and shoe designer. I picked up a copy of the invite and it read, "Art Meets Shoe: Slaats Meets Slaats." It confused me. I asked one of the gallery assistants for clarification. Simple, the painter and photographer are one and the shoe designer is the painter-photographer's brother. It took me by surprise. Surprise, because the canvases and celluloid work could not be more different.

Miriam Slaats does unusual photography. Its NOT motion photography, but something like it. How to describe it? Well, I guess you have to see it. They are all in color, but not colorful. There is a linear abstraction that overshadows the imagery, but seems almost incidental like bad reception on a TV set. Also on view are her paintings which 3D would define as minimalistic expressionism. The artist paints on a white background, but with a minimum of symbols and includes a mixture of typography. The result is a clean and simple look with assertive power. Good work. Gotta give it a WOW! The lady is also a sculptor, poet and performer. Wonder what she does in her spare time? 

Her brother, Geert Slaats, is a fashion designer, photographer plus he designs shoes...And they are different. He says, "It is [the] shoe that provides 1000 opportunities with funky adhesive straps in numerous colours, prints and material, some of them being real jewelry...it transforms the idea of functional shoe into multifunctional and extravagantly." Indeed, the shoes have a true funkiness that reflect traditionalism and the avant garde...Oh, yeah, you can really wear them. Sorry, couldn't find a price list. Until __?__ https://bit.ly/2Ou1Mab 
"VERVERS modern and contemporary art" (Hazenstraat 57) hangs an exhibition of photography titled "SILENT WITNESS." Jan Koster does panoramic landscapes in color and generally as a dip-tych which dramatizes the scene beautifully. All his photos are on aluminium (60x90 cms., @ 5,000 euro; 2x60x90 cms., @ 4,000 euro; 100x160 cms., @ 5,000 euro)....Marquis Palmer photos "limited" landscapes. That is, he is not concerned with the vista but elements of it like two signs----seen from the back---in the middle of a desert backdrop. (80x100 cms., on aluminium @ 1,500 euro)...Cesare Bedogné is a departure from the others. His work is b/w and has a Surreal quality. Sometimes the imagery is mysterious. The actual subject matter is vague and often sketchy. Nice. (70x50 cms., silver gelatin photo selenium tonen @ 2,000 euro). Until 23rd October. https://bit.ly/2mkqkqc 


Jan Sikora (Poland) is at Gallery GODA (Weteringschaans 69) with representational oils that are expressed in an abstract-like form. The colors are subdued with much brown, ochre and gray. (67x80 cms., oil @ 1,850 euro; 95x95 cms., oil @ 2,100 euro.)...Anna Marchwicka (Poland) shares the space with her ceramic work. She uses common subject matter but in her own unique style. As an example, we see a woman in a bath tub with water up to her neck. But nearly everything is covered with colorful circles as well as symbols. Two people sit on a horse sidesaddle; them and the horse are adorned with symbols. There are also whimsical elements and playfulness in her imagery that makes you smile. (All ceramic: 22 cms., high @ 450 euro; 35 cms., high @ 400 euro; 20x20 cms., @ 600 euro; 45 cms., high @ 1,200 euro.) Until __?__ https://bit.ly/2MdqKOk 
At Galerie Rademakers (Prinsengracht 572) is Cathalijn Wouters who is an artists with several styles, but basically there is a unifying factor in that they all---for the most part---center around the same theme of being figurative, almost. It is most apparent in her pen & ink line drawings which are, of course, simple. Her oils are a different matter. They are expressionistic with an element of the figurative. The latter is not always obvious. Her work requires investigation. Sometimes you are looking at an expressionistic painting with that subtle nuance of the figurative and sometime you are looking at a figurative representation filled with geometric abstraction. 

A few examples are minimal linear abstractions in the sense that the imagery but the painting effort is also obvious. A dip-tych is both dramatic and monumental. Good show. (70x55 cms., ink on paper @ 3,500 euro; 120x120 cms., oil on linen @ 5,900 euro; 120x120 cms., oil on linen @ 8,250 euro; 135x400 cms., dip tych @ 8,500 euro.) Until 17th October. https://bit.ly/2JvtSz2 
At Galerie Wies Willemsen (Ruysdaelkade 25) is Jalal Alwan (Iraq) with his expressionistic paintings which range from the subtle to gently assertive which he enhances with gold leaf. His sculpture work is dramatic and monumental. One piece is in multiple shades of gray. Another work is polyester but looking like limestone with a very simple horse saddle. Nice. For what it is worth, he spent time during the 80s in an Iraqi prison, "In jail I learned the value of freedom, value of time and the language of the walls. Those three factors formed the elements of the global themes and techniques that helped me to make my artwork." (105x105 cms., mixed media canvas @ 2,200 euro; 131x48x32 cms., polyester + saddle parts @ 1,900 euro; 65x65x22 cms., raku style ceramic + wood @ 1,900 euro.) 

Joining him, on show, is Aqiqi: Husamaldin M. Ali (Iraq) who is also an expressionist, but does it with dimensionally painted canvases and relies on deep shades of red, yellow/ochre and from time to time a dab of blue. (70x100 cms., mixed-media/acrylic @ 1,800 euro; 80x100 cms., mixed-media/acrylic @ 2,200 euro.) Until 21st November. https://bit.ly/1ClAtnL 
Peter Bes is at Galerie Bel Etage (Prinsengracht 1017) with two very different techniques each of which are of a corresponding style. Hank Williams, the late American Country & Western singer, has been immortalized three dimensionally with paper, cardboard and acrylic paint. The tie he is wearing is real. From the top of his cowboy hat to the tip of his tie it measures about 80 cms., A very nice piece. "Kiel" is another assemblage from the same materials. It has a strong presence sitting on the fireplace mantel of the space.

His work on paper has the same simplicity as his construction work. But we see the featured subjects in full body. The sailor appearing to dance in the center of the spotlight is a good study of motion. A book is available at 30 euro; and a DVD documentary @ 17 euro. (50x 40 acrylic on paper @ 850 euro; 100x150 acrylic on paper @ 2,900 euro; construction work @ 950 euro.) FOUR RED DOTS at opening. Until 20th November. https://bit.ly/2vZHtd5 
A "new" gallery, "C&H Art&Design" (3D first heard about it a year ago, but couldn't find the address) is about to close, but will return early in 2011 at a new location with 200 square meters. The gallery holder said it would be a "New York style gallery" as far as the space itself is concerned. Unfortunately, through word of mouth, 3D only heard about the "finnage" for the last show at the old space. It is unfortunate because it was a show worth taking the effort to see.

Emily Kocken (USA/NL) came to Amsterdam at seven years old; she says her Dutch is better than her English. No matter since she communicates beautifully with the visual sense. On view were her photographs, films, works on paper and four small editions of books. Her b/w photography is often a study in contrast with an emphasis on the geometric abstraction of a space. A Polaroid series of five---in color, sorta---is a portrait series featuring the same subject. A dip-tych b/w photo could be a homage to René Magritte. Two portraits studies are a study in dualism in which the subject is represented in a mirror image. The photographic imagery ranges from representational to conceptual. 

Her drawings are very special. For the most part, they are conceptual with an added feature of the collage. Of the six hanging, three are b/w and three have a very subtle nuance of color. Typography also plays a part in three pieces. Also on exhibit are four films. Each is a conceptual work which reflects her photographic subject matter and style. Four books are available from 2008 to 2010. They range in price from 20 euro for a 1st edition with 50 copies to 50 and 60 euro for an edition of five and ten, respectively. The latest tome, "Collecting Evidence" is a catalog for the present show: 1st edition of five copies @ 32 euro. No websites listed.


At the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (Oosterdokskade 143) is a photographic exhibition titled "United Artists of Italy." A total of 22 photographic artists are showing nearly 100 works and all in glorious b/w. 3D often criticizes the new "oba" because the director refuses to follow the simple rules set down by librarians preferring to turn the library into a multi-media experience. Hey, it's okay with 3D but don't forget that a library is a place where you go to find books and magazines...But none of that now...On the Expo Zaal you will see photographic portraits of artists (international), writers (Italian) and all done by Italians. It is a very good show. Beautiful work. The work was assemble by Massimo Minini. It is participating with the GRID2010. And unfortunately, not many people were at the opening due to the fact that there is still little or no info available concerning the biennial. 

...And while you are at the "oba," check this out on the third and fourth floor: HEMA, annually, sponsors a design competition. You can see samples of the winners and runner-ups displayed in vitrines.


Reminder: When you see (?) beware. The information could be WRONG. And the same thing applies to the "*" at the end of time. Huh? Anyway, telephone ahead. This is 3Ds' weekly disclaimer.

THURSDAY: 30th September, 2010
THURSDAY: 30th September, 2010

(?)17-19:00* Amsterdam Historical Museum (Kalverstraat 92). "Amsterdam man & fashion."Focusing on men's fashion in this city down through the centuries. https://www.amsterdammuseum.nl/

17-19:00 Huize Frankendael (Middenweg 72). "The Keys," the Huize Frankendael Foundation "commissioned nine artists to make new work which reflects the past and present of the residual homestead 'Huize Frankendael' and the histories of its former residents." https://bit.ly/2KKCWRm      

17:30 "foam" (Keizersgracht 609). Jim Goldberg (USA), "Open See," a recent project from a member of the Magnum group. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

FRIDAY: 1st October
FRIDAY: 1st October

16:00 ARCAM (Prins Hendrikkade 600). "Twee Stromen Land: Anne Verhoijsen." Lecture. Lage Kade ARCAM. Entry 5 euro. More info at: https://bit.ly/2KKMmMx

16:00 "cbk Amsterdam" (Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71) Leo Schatz shows watercolors and drawings that are figurative expressionistic. https://bit.ly/19jzqUF,        http://www.cbkamsterdam.nl/ 

17-19:00 MLB Expositie (Witte de Withstraat 32) Hilly van Eerten presents, "RITME VAN DE STAD," mono types and graphics. http://www.hillyvaneerten.nl/ 

17-19:00 Temporary Art Space (Govert Flinckstraat 396 acter). Ten artists hang their work out to dry...or is that the paintings. But, wait! There's more than that. Expect: video, paintings, textile sculpture, sculpture in stone, photography, ceramics, etc. 

17-19:00 ABC Treehouse (Voetboogstraat 11). "MultiCulti-photographic points of view." An exhibition of photos that celebrate Amsterdam's multi-cultural community. Exhibiting artists: AmsterSam, Melissa Scholten, Patricia Ribas an Monyart/Monica Mastino. https://bit.ly/2Jp6HX6 

19:00 Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt (Central exposition at Chellerie, Raamgracht 58). This is the kick off party for the open ateliers in the area of the Nieuwmarkt. Quinten's Trio and dancers will perform. http://www.ateliersnieuwmarkt.nl/ 

20:00 Skybox (Marcusstraat 52). "SKYBOX VISION," with Gui Cunha (Brazil), Dina Danish (Eygpt), Liesbeth Trouw(NL) and Marco Pando (Peru). At 21:30 is the film "Boat." https://bit.ly/2MDYzEJ 

SATURDAY: 2nd October
SATURDAY: 2nd October 

12-18:00 Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt (See Friday for details) 

13-19:00 Pakhuis DE ZWIJGER (Piet Heinkade 179). "hollandse hoogte x 25," expect SpeedDate, interviews, cabaret, photographic exposition, music and debate. FREE. https://bit.ly/2KKLfwl,      

15-17:00 Galerie Petit (N.Z. Voorburgwal 270). Seiichi Hiroshima and Tom Thijsse. https://bit.ly/2MlNQlc 

15-18:00 WGKUNST (M.v.Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 28). "BEELDSONNETTE," by Ted van Lieshout. The man does it ALL: "dichter," writing, drawing, paintings and graphics. https://bit.ly/2v9vxoX 

16:00 Galerie Ei (Adm de Ruyterweg 154). Lia Braakman, paintings: portraits and landscapes. No website address.

16:00 Reuten Galerie (Prinsengracht 510-s). "Haar spiegels en transen," by Lynne Leegts, sculptures and photographs. 

17-19:00 BMB Galerie (Kerkstraat 127). Yong-Chang Chung (Korea). "Starting 1998 with the series 'an essay on mankind'...I have created 183 paintings. They illustrate the world from it genesis until today. Life has formed my art work...nearly every work is a dialog with life. My paintings [are] meant as an essay on mankind..." https://bit.ly/2nu6PMr 

17:00 SEELEVEL GALLERY (2e Kosterlorenkade 69). "bART" [sic] is a mobile project bureau and is responsible for 'Human Nature.'" The exhibition will consists of objects, installations and photography. Five artists. Plus music. http://game-city.nl/       http://carolineobreen.com/ 

18:00 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Odoren: Bowing, shouting and noodle slurping," "Tsubaki organizes parties, fashion shows and other upbeat Japanese happenings and events." Tonight, they've invited nine artists to perform for you." Entry: 6 euro. RSVP, but you must go to: www.mediamatic.net to do so. 

21-02:00 Streetlab (Postjesweg 2). Open atelier route sneak preview and it's also party time. DJs and VJs. FREE http://bertwouters.nl/nl/ 

SUNDAY: 3rd October
SUNDAY: 3rd October 

12-18:00 Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt (See Friday for details) 

15-18:00 BeemsterArtCentre (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21). Aras Kareem (Iraq), paintings. Sam Drukker will introduce the artists. https://bit.ly/2nu4TDz 

15:30-17:30 Galerie Josine Bokhoven (Prinsengracht 164). Marie-José Robben, paintings. https://bit.ly/2JHGNOt 

17-20:00 Kulter (Sanderijnstraat 21). Deniz Guvensoy (Turkey), collage paintings; Vanessa de Gruijter (NL), ceramic sculptures; Anja Hertenberger (Denmark), interactive embroidery bubble suits. Hmmm. "Hysterical Bubbles interactions" at 18:00 plus music by Hakki Takki @ 18:30. www.kulter.nl 

THURSDAY: 7th October
THURSDAY: 7th October 

Kulter (Sanderijnstraat 21). Artist talk with artist and art critic Deniz Guvensoy from Turkey. The talk will center around this by Marshall MacLuhan: "The wheel is an extension of the human foot. In the same way an artist's work can be seen as an extension of a basic aspiration to explain one's own identity." FREE. https://bit.ly/2nu6qJV 
As with every week there is much that is happening. Fun things, serious ones, musical events tied in with the visual world of wonderment...And it is all---or nearly all---FREE. All you gotta do is GO!!! There's goes 3D going, going and GONE to an opening of aesthetic delight. Kid you not!

Photo: On List #20, 3D had his angels...This week it's a temptress. "Hey, man, I get around!", Pictured with 3D is the Belly Dancer "Shaheen" who performed at an opening for Robert Pennekamp, Photograph by: John Melskens