Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #37

Hmmm...3D noticed something this week as I was making notes on the exhibitions I was viewing: I was assigning a lotta WOWs! This is the second consecutive week this has occurred. What's going on here? 

Over the years, I have observed, from time to time, that suddenly the art is changing. Something new is emerging. Around 1990, I noticed at Kunst Rai such a change. Artists were combining styles and techniques into one composition. Each had a different approach, but the concept was the same. A year or so later, at an retrospective exhibition for the American artist David Salle, I saw that it was he who had planted the seed.

This time around, there is no one concept, style or technique. But all styles and techniques that are being reinvented. That's good! And that's what art is all about. Maybe that accounts for the RED DOTS that keep popping up so consistently. Whatever.

What it all means is that this year could be a very exciting time to view what's happening in the art world. And if this in anyway interest you...well, you came to the right place. 


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Museum Review: Amsterdam Historical Museum: Man & Fashion 

Restaurant Review: Merkelbach 

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FOR THE CHILDREN: Creative activities for children ages 6 to 12 years old, daily for one week only, are on offer at the WGKUNST in the Wilhelmina Gasthuisterrein. Monday, 25th October it is East-Indian ink; on the 26th, drawing and painting; 27th, strip making; 28th, "herftsboom met kabouters, eekhoorns en egels," and the 29th, music, theater, collage making. See: www.wgkunst.nl for the program. The cost: 20 euro per day or 90 euro for the week. More info: info@wgkunst.nl 
A comment from a reader, of Essay #4, said, "Wow, to the point and inspiring! I recognize this very much now that the weather is getting bad..." Thanks Laura. But you must be living in Siberia. The weather in Holland never gets bad.

...And Sophie M. reacted to Essay #6 this way: "No light without dark, no good without bad, no joy without sorrow." ...And, folks, that's what life is all about! 

What are they talking about? 

They have read the "What Is Happiness" series of 16 essays. It is interesting reading...But, 3D would say that since he did the writing. You can read the essays, in Dutch or English, on the Internet, at these addresses:

English: https://ifthenisnow.eu/nl/artikelen/happiness-16

Dutch: www.damespraatjes.nl, https://www.goednieuws.com, www.zinweb.nl, and https://bit.ly/2w426F9 
ATTENTION ARTISTS: "Europol on the lookout for artists. EUROPOL law enforcement agency launches [an] international art competition. The Hague...With the new Europol headquarters due [for completion] in early 2011, the aim of the art competition is to acquire 55 pieces of art to enhance the design and atmosphere of the new building. Prices between 450 to 1,650 euro will be awarded." e-mail: art-competition@europol.eu for more info. 
TiPArt Fotoveiling/Auction 2010 will be on the 24th October, this year, at Christies. It is sponsored by the Young in Prison Foundation and is the fourth edition. A hundred top photographers have contributed a sample of their work for this cause that attempts to "enrich the lives of children [in prisons] by introducing creativity and sports. The children learn to develop useful skills and self confidence." The organization works in Colombia, Malawi, South Africa and Suriname. The viewing days at Christies (Cornelis Schuytstraat 57) are from the 16th to 23rd of October. To receive a catalog of this year's offerings e-mail: yipart@youinginprison.nl and you may also be invited to their preview showing which has been lavishly catered in past years. www.younginprison.nl/yipart 
SYMPOSIUM: for one day only from 9:30-18:30 at the Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). "Eye-Openers International Symposium on Connecting Young People and Cultural Institutions." Representatives from MoMA (NYC), Centre Pompidou (Paris), and the Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC) answer the question: "What can the museum play in young people's lives?" In English. 60 euro and 30 euro for students; includes lunch. RSVP: educatie@stedelijk.nl More info at: https://bit.ly/2HgDUVe 
The Club of Amsterdam's first program this year is the "Future of Hacking," with Frans Kolkman, Martijn Aslander, Alper Cugan and moderated by Arjen Kampshui. See the website for info concerning ticket ordering and discounts and location. https://bit.ly/2nlASUj 
Mediamatic BANK will hold a symposium on the 9th of December under the series "kom je ook?;" some lectures in English and some in Dutch. 3D mentions this particular event so far ahead in time because "the normal price of 99 euro," for attending their symposiums has been reduced. "As the new government announces extreme cuts in allowances for art and culture we've started a sale...The starting price of a ticket is 6 euro." "Starting price?" Well, check out their website for more info. Perhaps those RSVPing the quickest save the mostest. https://bit.ly/2vC2IzX 
ATTENTION: MUSICIANSSTEIM is offering a "Workshop Oscillator Machine," by Tom Bugs. "Come and build a W.O.M. [which] is a simple electronic noise synth kit that has been designed both to have a fun experimental instrument and to provide an interesting introduction to lofi audio electronics." 11th or 12th October from 10-16:00. Cost 85 euro which includes parts, etc at STEIM's Achtergracht 19 address. www.bugbrand.co.uk, www.steim.org/steim/events-for-registration-form. 
This is from a Dutch artist who spends much of every year in Rio (and every January and February he complains about the heat). "Today, elections. Politicians are the same everywhere, maybe just a little worse here [Brazil], however we [Dutch] have Wilders." 3Ds' reply: And what would the Dutch do without Pretty Boy Geert. It would be like living without Tricky Dick, Teflon Ronnie or Cry Baby George II. 

And speaking of Brazilian politics, an illiterate professional clown known as, Tiriricas, is off to congress after receiving 1.3 million votes in Sau Paulo state. Maybe Pretty Boy Geert and this clown could do a duo act. The new Laurel and Hardy of politics. No, no...that duo was funny-funny. Better they become the contemporary Three Stooges who were tragic-funny. Three? Well, sure, Pretty Boy counts as two since he often speaks from both sides of the mouth. 

...And more on Pretty Boy. "The European People's Party, an umbrella group of 73 centre-right parties, criticized on Sunday a post-election deal between Dutch conservatives and an anti-Islam party." Wonder who they are referring to? From: https://www.expatica.com/nl 

...And more on Pretty Boy Geert. Hey, he's the guy with the big mouth that can't seem to keep it shut, but now has lost his voice. Last Monday, he appeared in court and was asked if he had made statements that were read out to him one-by-one. In each case, he sat mute. He refused to answer...And the pony show goes on with the ass pulling or not pulling the cart. 
...But the Dutch had one moment of glory this week when the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a Dutchman, Andre Geim, and to Konstatin Novoselove (Russia/UK). 
...And there is also more good economic news for Holland...Bankruptcy in the Netherlands fell by 20% in the 3rd quarter of this year. This is the third consecutive quarter where that has happening. The recession is OVER!
Make my day! When Clint Eastwood said it, as Dirty Harry, it was funny! It ain't funny any more. There are now four states, in the good ol' USofA, that allows a person to go into a bar [cafe] with a loaded gun. Kid you not! Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia and Virginia are the states to avoid. Eighteen other states allow weapons in restaurants where alcohol is served; and "another twenty states allows those with 'permits' to carry guns into establishments that serve alcohol." 

Governor Rick Perry of Texas, a Republican, called for guns to be made legal on campuses [colleges and universities] after a shooting last week at the University of Texas arguing that armed bystanders might have stopped the gunman." Hey, right! In the shoot-out another dozen innocent bystanders could have hit the dust. Of course, if guns were banned the shooter would not have had one in the first place. America: Love it or leave it! 3D left! More on the subject at www.nytimes.com Search: "More States Allow Guns in Bars," by Malcolm Gay (3rd October). 
"Proposition 19" is an initiative and the title for a referendum that is meant "to legalize, tax and regulate recreational use of marijuana" in the great state of California where "The Terminator" is governor. who, 3D is sure, smoked it without inhaling. Good ol' Arnie. (See: "Reefer gladness," www.iht.com, 1st October). Ironically, in the same edition, of the paper, under "Briefly: Europe" is an article that says "Two center-right Dutch parties have included in their coalition agreement to make marijuana-selling 'coffee shops' closed clubs." Hmmm. Now what's that all about?
...And some like it hot! 3D cooks with peppers. Not just any pepper, but the hottest I can find. One problem is that your taste buds become immunized to the heat. An ex-heroin addict once told me the first year on junk was great because he could feel the hit. The next six years, the fix only quelled the body's craving and there was no hit! Bummer, but I know how it must have felt. An article, "A Perk of Our Evolution: Pleasure in Pain of Chilies," By James Gorman (www.nytimes.com, 20th September), discusses not the appeal of the chili pepper as a flavoring so much as the perceived masochism of those who seek out the best of the hot or, I guess, some would say the worst of the sting. 

There is a scale to measure pepper heat. On the standard Scoville heat scale the bell pepper is calibrated at "0" and the hottest Indian jolokia pepper rates 1,000,000; orange habaneros run 100,000 to 350,000...jalapenos [Mexican]...from 5,000 to 50,000." One American hot sauce maker markets a "limited edition of pure capsaici," the magic ingredient that makes your tongue flare and causes your sinuses to clear. The sauce is promoted thusly: "End of Life Hot Sauce! So Painful You Will Die! Visa, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal accepted." Advanced payment obviously.

"Man is the only animal that likes Tabasco sauce [a Louisiana hot sauce]." "...Only the animal with the biggest brain and the most intricate mind can do it." The article concludes: "Take heart, chili heads. It's not dumb to eat fire, it's a sign of high intelligence." And here is another encouraging factor. A few years back my alma mater had an article in the alumni' magazine about two bio-chemist, at the university, who were trying to synthesize the active ingredient in chili peppers---capsaicin---to create a medications that cleaned out a person's sinus sacs. My oldest daughter', who also likes it hot, pointed out that the only drawback of eating spicy peppers was that it bothered her sinuses. I assured her that that was the beneficial factor to eating them.
In 3Ds' wandering through the Oxford Dictionary, I discovered a new word: Metrosexual. That's a "heterosexual urban man who enjoys shopping, fashion and similar interest traditionally associated with women or homosexual men." Okay.
CORRECTION: Last week, 3D reviewed an opening for "Baciar's" show for his photographs of Amsterdam. The address for the Dom Polski Gallery should have read: Keizersgracht 174, second floor. Sorry.


...And the debacle known as the 3rd or 4th Amsterdam Photo Biennial or is it the 2nd or 3rd GRID quadrennial? rolls on. 3D received an e-mail last Friday (1st October) from a gallery holder that they had finally received an e-mail "programma." 3D did NOT. Anyway, I went to the website and sure enough there it was. I scanned it to saw that P/////AKT was still listed as a participant even though the art space organization had sent an e-mail disclaimer to that "fact." Checking closer, I also saw, still listed, two galleries that reported to 3D that they were never a participant. What are the organizers on? Prozac or magic mushrooms? Hey, this is better than poking fun at that Pretty Boy Geert. Come to think of it maybe he should take over as director for this "bigger than life event." A least he knows how to get attention. 

Since writing that, someone told me that they had seen a small booklet with the program. 3D went in search of it at all the usual places (De Balie, SmartProjectSpace, OBA) and has not yet found it. Stay tune...

MUSEUM REVIEWAmsterdam Historical Museum: Amsterdam: Man & Fashion Over Time

Today, when we see a man dressed flamboyantly we may do a double take while snickering under our breath. But it wasn't always so. In the 17th century, such men were described as "gentleman" and in the 19th century, "a dandy" was the term used. Now, the closest a man gets to expressing himself in a stylish or fashionable way is to put on a tie. Boring...Boring when you look at the well dressed gentleman from a few centuries back. Flowing velvet jackets, and waistcoats not to mention the "ruff," that frilly adornment which encircled the neck. 

You can see the evolution of men's fashion over the last five hundred years at the current exhibition at the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Emphasis is on not only the costume itself but the accessories as well. A cravat from 1820 introduces us to what we might call the beginning of the tie era and carries us right up to 2010 with one that includes camel hair which guarantees it will remain wrinkle free. This quality of tie cost about 200 euro. But, of course, it is probably cheap considering what the cravat cost in 1820 or the ruff in 1600. 

The vests on display range from the traditional to one decorated with a collage of postage stamps. Several Jewish' yarmulkes chronicle their history of design. Another gallery features 17th century paintings of members of the militia dressed to kill. Sorry, that's meant as a pun. The museum curators worked together with students from the ArtEZ and AMFI fashion institutes plus six fashion designers. 

This is not a big show, but it is well balanced and nicely presented. Until 30th January 2011. https://bit.ly/2slcN5K 

RESTAURANT REVIEWMerkelbach, Huize Frankendael (Middenweg 72): Art Dinner with David Lindberg (see review of his show now at "outLINE Amsterdam" below)

How does this sound for convenience? Journey to a country chateau for a fine dinner, in an ornate room, without leaving town! It doesn't get any better...Well, yes it does if the food is good. 

Several galleries, over the years and from time to time, have sponsored an "art dinner." 3D thought it was a good time to try one of them. Glad I did! 

The Huize Frankendael was built during the 17th century and until 2007, someone was still living there. Since then, it has been completely renovated and has become an art space with a organic restaurant called the Merkelbach. The chef is into "slow "food" as opposed to "fast food." He often wanders into the woods to pick wild mushrooms, but don't let that scare you, from the meal I experienced he knows what he is doing. 

On arrival, the guest were ushered into a small drawing room and offered Champagne. We also got a tour of the house itself which would be proper to refer to as a small "chateau." 

Dinner was served in another and larger room with 25 people around a beautiful set table. The first course was a salad made of beets, beet roots, wild radishes, "nagelkaas" (cumin cheese) and topped with a hazelnut vinaigrette and the greens were a mix of assorted greens. Different to be sure and...tasty. 

There were two wines, on the table, both French: Sentinell de Massiac, 2009 (red) and Sables Fauves, 2009 (white). When the dinner party was over there were still bottles with wine. Not bad for a one priced menu.

The entrée consisted of two fish dishes: sea bass and "harder" (silver mullet) with a sauce of fennel and tomato. Each variety of fish was prepared in a slightly different way. The harder was in the shape of a tin of tuna and constructed like a layer cake. Atop the flaky chunks of fish was a grilled tomato topped with breadcrumbs that had been nicely toasted making for a crispy crust. The sea bass was grilled and the flavor accented by the tomato puree that ringed the bottom of the plate. The "vegetable" was samphire which is a plant that grows in the sea. It was delectable to say the least. Wonder where I can find it for my own kitchen? 

The menu listed for the finale: "Koffie met friandises." I asked a few people the meaning of that last term. No one could put it into English. When the waiter asked if I wanted tea or coffee, I said neither. However, when it came time to serve the drinks, the aroma from the coffee that waft through the air had an affect on me and when the waiter inadvertently put a cup before me---and only then remembering that I had not requested it---began to withdraw it, I said, "Stop. I've changed my mind!" We were served three varieties of cookies. But then about five minutes later, a plate containing a chocolate "cake" was put on the table. It was sort of a mix of French gateau and an American brownie. Erg Lekker, like an angel pissing on the tongue as the Dutch are wont to say. 

Between courses David Lindberg discussed his work and showed both slides and a video. The cost of the menu was 49 euro and as I said the wine flowed freely. (See a review of Lindberg's latest show at "outLINE" below.) Merkelbach is located in Park Frankendael. Open seven days a week, from 08:30, for breakfast, until 23:00. For reservations: (020) 665.08.80. https://bit.ly/2KOarly 


A show for David Lindberg (USA/NL), that is closing this Saturday, is at "outLINE Amsterdam" (Oetewalerstraat 73) and is worth making the trip to see. It was not reviewed on its opening because that was the 4th of September when there were 30+ openings. 3D didn't make it. However "outLINE" sponsored an "artist dinner" and I went by the gallery to see the show before hearing the artist talk. 

He has a very unusual technique or more accurately put several different techniques rolled into one. He works with epoxy, fiberglass fabric, foam core and colored pigments mainly. From this material he "sculpts" and makes objects. According to a catalog published for a previous show, in Verona, Italy, "He picks up, juxtaposes, and glues together a whole range of everyday things (paper, fabric, metal wire, etc)..." What it doesn't say is what he uses these materials for nor how. And it is difficult to explain. Let's try. On entering the space there is a sculptured piece that goes from the floor to the top of the gallery's domed ceiling, about six and one half meters. It is like a circular stream of water falling from the heaven above or a leak in the roof. 3D asked how he shipped it? Didn't! It was constructed on the spot and the work was only completed at 09:00 o'clock the morning of the opening. He had worked through the night to finish it. 

Other work is "framed" with a rectangular piece of plastic covered with a photo and extends about 30 cms., from the wall. A circle has been cut into the middle of the rectangle. The rear of the cut-out circle has the same photo as on front of the rectangle, but in concert with the imagery; there is also a raised circle platform that extends about 10 cms., from the back and it, too, has a section of the original photo. From this you see several illusions and there is much tension from the juxtaposition of the imagery to the "sculpted" form. 14 examples on display. A large epoxy piece (170x252x23) dominates a wall of the space. It is transparent but speckled with torn sections of newspaper that have been saturated with colored pigments. Closed at 17:00. Saturday, 9th October. https://bit.ly/2LzEjXq


At LUX Photographic Gallery (Postjesweg 1) is an American, Elliot Ross, who describes himself as a "visual artist" and travels the world to photograph animals, birds and fish. Sure there is a lotta that going around. However, he does it differently, dramatically and beautifully. Wait till you see how he captures a pigeon or chimp (one looks like Albert Einstein in his classic photo) in glorious b/w. It is mind blowing. The subject matter gets your attention because of his technique and style in presenting it. What 3D means that indeed the subject matter is banal but since every subject captured seems to leap from the paper, well, there is nothing trite about it. Get your nose up to it and look at the fine detail which is achieved by a remarkable control of the contrast. 

Ross says he "was intrigued by a portrait of his late cat...The cat seemed to stare right at him...What was the cat thinking at the time?" That is what made him decide to photograph animals around the world. Glad he did. The opening was also the occasion for a book presentation: "Animal," photos by Ross and text by Manfred Zollner. Hardbound, 112 pages, about 50 photos @ 45 euro, Schilt Publishing. ISBN: 978.90.5330.730.4 ; special signed and number edition, in a slipcase, Ed. 25 @ 250 euro. (33x48 cms.,@ 900 euro.) Until __?__ http://www.luxphotogallery.com/ 


"foam" (Keizersgracht 609) presents the American Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg. His work is "characterized by powerful sense of involvement with individuals on the margins of society." Well, that's the short of it. One of the first photos that gets our attention is a "trip-tych" of two photos of young boys and separating them is a handwritten statement: "We have only seen father once in life." It pulls at your heart strings. 

Children are often the focus of Gilbert's attention. Some of them have had the features of the child scratched out rendering them anonymous. A photo of a one legged African has script that reads: "I was rebel in war."

Some work is ambiguous as to any meaning like his "collage" divided into 17 sections, mounted to the wall, that includes only two that are photographs of unidentifiable subjects the rest of the pieces are typographical in nature. A video "collage" consisting of four screens present a mesmerizing visual experience. Large blow up photos---in 12 or 36 sections---give us not only an image but tension as well. Truly, this is a fascinating show. You need not have any appreciation of the photographic art to benefit from seeing it. Until 21st November. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 


Hilly van Eerten is exhibiting at MLB Exposities (Witte de Withstraat 32). She is a print maker who limits her production severely by doing mono-types. The style might be described as conceptual representational. Basically, city-scapes is what you see, but done sometimes as a montage. It is the abstract arrangement of the buildings, etc, that creates the composition and makes the subject matter irrelevant. A very nice b/w work stands out, but with that said, so do several color prints. (Priced to sell at: 30x20 cms., 1/1 mono type 200 euro inclusive frame; 60x50 cms., 1/1-mono @ 475 euro, incl. frame). Until 30th October. See website for hours: https://bit.ly/2KNSx2C 
A photographic exhibition featuring the work of four photographers is at ABC Treehouse (Voetboogstraat 11) under the title, "MultiCulti: Photographic Points of View.. Monyart (nee: Monica Martino) does color photos that could be titled "caught in the act." Some are candid and some are posed. But the subjects are generally in the act of doing something. The people captured are contemporary street people or those from the nightlife. (30x40 cms., @ 150 euro)...AmsterSamhas a speciality technique of photographing this great and beautiful city in its reflection in canals or water puddles. He focuses on shops and as a result the reflection of a Burger King fast-food emporium reads: GNIK REGRUB. Hey, that's the way the Big Whopper taste. Meiliisa Scholten and Patricia Ribas also contribute. Untill 31st October. 

While you are there check out the first floor exhibition of the work by Brian Andreas (USA) who makes colorful and whimsical figurative drawings---and offered as laser prints---then adds a caption. But what stands-out are his wooden cut-outs which emulates the drawings but are more conceptual in execution with the added affect of wire sculpturing. Here are a few examples of the captions: "I'd probably have more trouble with ghosts of the past, she said, if my memory wasn't shot to hell." And, "He really doesn't have much to say, she told me, so don't get him started." And, "Most people don't know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable, she said. They know how easy it is to fall asleep and miss your life." (Prints: Small @ 12 euro and 45 euro with frame; Large: @ 35 euro and 60 euro with frame; wood sculptures @ 150 euro.) 
The smallest gallery in Amsterdam? SKYBOX (Marcusstraat 52) wins the honor hands down. You enter this former school, that has been converted into ateliers, and in the lobby, to the entrance, to the restaurant, there is a big box. It probably measures about two and half meters by two meters. That's it. The present show features four artists. Kid you not. All have done a video piece. Gui Cunha (Brazil) has filmed a "portrait" of a woman as her image is reflected in a pool of water. As a result the imagery is in constant flux...Liesbeth Touw (NL) does "Moving Pictures" taking a snapshot is not enough for her. She makes a video loop. On view, we look at a small airport, in Belgium, blanketed in snow with two flag blowing in the wind. Surprisingly, it is captivating. We feel the isolation and experience the loneliness.

Marco Pando's (Peru) "White Ling City" is a series of animated urban scenes. We follow a car through and across a city's landscape...Dina Danish (Egypt) does a fun series of videos as one. That is, we see a montage of four films on one screen. You could call the purpose of the exercise as lessons on sandwich making. But before you get too hungry, she takes two slices of toasted bread and inserts a package of soap bars between them or a package of Klennix, etc. Heartburn anyone? Hey, pass the mayo. Until __?__.

WGKUNST (M. van B. Bastiaansestraat 28; Wilhelmina Gasthuisterrin) presents the work of poet Ted van Lieshout who also draws does print work and makes objects/sculpture work. But from the exhibition 3D assumed he was a graphic/layout artist. There are several prints hanging that use symbols in a conceptually redundant format. In one work, stars, hearts, squares, ovals and circles are arranged erratically ten across and in 14 rows. Another features dice arranged, again, 11 across and 14 down showing the digits "1" to "6." 

Metal enamel street signs are aligned across the floor diagonally. Hanging from the ceiling is a series of objects connected by a long rope: saws, shoes, hammers, tool boxes on one line and the other has a bicycle theme: handle bars, wheels. peddles, pumps, seats, etc. (25x40 cms., framed @ 500 euro.) Until 24th October. https://bit.ly/2v9vxoX 
If you don't GO...You may never KNOW! This was the case for an exhibition at a temporary space aptly named "Temporary Art Space." It was for three days only. You missed seeing ten artists and designers. The show included paintings, photography, fashion sculpture, ceramic and stone work and even hats. It was the initiative of Marlijn Franken who---if the space is not rented soon---will offer future shows. Next time...See you there. 


Galerie PETIT (N.Z. Voorburgwal 270) offers the work of two print makers. Their influences are the same---Japanese print making---and the results of the influence completely different. Seiichi Hiroshima (Japan/NL) has a very unusual style for a print maker. He does mezzo tint engravings that are dark in color. The imagery consists of turtles, dragons flies, birds, frogs and crabs. But the subject matter is really secondary. It is the way he arranges the compositions, the colors and the emphasis and his use of linear abstraction techniques plus the final composition that makes these diminutive prints precious and with an unidentifiable visual allure. A special work is a dip-tych which is an eulogy to a departed friend. It is in b/w and shows two salmons, one with its mouth open symbolising life and the other with the mouth closed showing death. (All in an Ed. 25; sizes range from 15x5 cms., to 30x7 cms and in between; 150-275 euro.)

Tom Thijsse recreates or maybe better put he reinvents the Japanese colored woodblock of the 19th century which did so much to influence the French Impressionist. All the garish and kitschy colors are present and there to excite the eye. But the subject matter is contemporary. The brain is rewarded because on close inspection there is much humor in the imagery and, more often than not, there is a sexual connotation as well thus emulating the pornographic Japanese prints of that same period. Fun! (Editions of 12-15; 20x15 cms., @ 200 euro; 30x22 cms., @ 435 euro.) FIVE RED DOTS at opening. Until 27th October. https://bit.ly/2MlNQlc 
Reuten Galerie Amsterdam (Prinsengracht 510s). Lynne Leegte (UK/NL) shows under the title, "Haar spiegels en tramen." At first thought, the legend of Dorian Grey comes to mind as you study and admire the work. Grey because Leegte uses mirrors---real and bronze and in photos---as well as several pieces which imply a "self-portrait" aspect like her hair both presented as real and immortalized in bronze. And old table is set-up with mirrors, hair, a chair and it comes across as an installation though, in fact, it is several individual works. 

There is also a marble work on display. Her photography ranges from being an anonymous "self portrait"---the actual subject is hidden behind four handheld mirrors---and two photos which show only a pair of hands. The piéce de résistance is a bronze sculpture designed to lay on the table. It features a handheld mirror laying at the center of a mass of flowing locks of hair. Beautiful describes it best. Give this show a WOW!. Until 7th November. https://www.reutengalerie.com/ 
Yong Chang Chung (Korea/Germany) is at BMB (Kerkstraat 127) with dramatic and colorful b/w paintings. Huh? Colorful black and white? Can the two concepts go together? Well, color can be a relative term. When a b/w creation is filled with endless contrast---both subtle and abrupt---you feel the nuances of color. Got that? Of course, it helps to see the work to complete the thought. 

For the most part, the imagery is all portrait work with the exception of a Japanese World War II Zero fighter plane. The only color in the show is via two dip-tychs. One very large and the other very small. Both are in b/w and red. The larger work is hypnotic and mesmerizing. On the left panel you see a red flower, perhaps a poppy, with a black stem and on the other side there is a nude torso. The later is surprisingly detailed and seen from an unusual perspective. Nice. The b/w portraits do go beyond the figurative and representational with the inclusion of a linear grid within the imagery. It's a WOW! (All paintings are mixed media: Chinese ink; charcoal, and acrylic lacquer on canvas; 90x90 cms., @ 6,000 euro; 150x150 cms., @ 12,000 euro; 140x280 cms., @ 18,000 euro.) Until 6th November. https://bit.ly/2nu6PMr 


BeemsterArtCentre (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21) is showing Aras Kareem (Iraq) with work of many colors, but it really isn't that colorful. The colors in question are soft greens, browns, reds, etc. As to the imagery, well, it's a mixed bag. One oil reflects the early COBRA school very nicely. Next to that are two figurative expressionistic works. Another work has an expressionistic background enhanced by linear redundancy. Several works emulate the work of children with the colors and simplicity of the brush strokes. The work is very reasonably priced. (18x18 cms., mixed-media on canvas @ 100 euro; 30x30 cms., acrylic on cnavs @ 200 euro; 50x70 cms., acrylic on paper @ 600 euro; 80x80 cms., oil on canvas @ 1,350 euro.) Until 30th Ocotber. www._______________________
Marie-José Robben is at Galerie Josine Bokhoven (Prinsengracht 154) with, well, eye candy. With several pieces it's like looking at a display of penny candy or tutti-frutti ice cream. Your first impression is that the style is expressionistic. But on closer inspection you get the idea that it is representational contemporary impressionism. Bright and vibrating colors. Intense tension. A few evoke Van Gogh's last paintings in Arles without being in anyway derivative. She has captured his spirit. 3D would describe the subject matter as landscapes and flowers, but it is not really apparent which makes the work all the more appealing. Of the "flower" painting, it's mind blowing. Give this exhibition a WOW! (25x65 cms., oil @ 2,100 euro; 50x90 cms., oil @ 2,900 euro; 150x150 cms., oil @ 8,000 euro.) Until 16th November. https://bit.ly/2JHGNOt 
This was 3Ds first visit to KUTLER (Sanderijnstraat 21) a new gallery in the west. Anja Hertenberger titles her work "Hysterical Bubble Suits." The "bubble" looks like a pillow or paper sack filled with air and it is attached to a person's shoulder. Each piece has its own and entirely different design. As someone approaches the one wearing it that person triggers a sensor that deflates the bubble. When the connection is broken in reinflates. Cute. (1 mini-arduino; 1 ultrasound-sensor;1 impeller, 1 1.4-8.5 volt battery; radio receiver/transmitter; 1 h-connection. Hey, it's all Greek to me! Except the price which is 1,000 euro.)...Deniz Güvensoy does figurative work with lots of geometric abstraction to set it off There is a naïve quality in the technique. (110x80 oil @ 1,500 euro; 45x60 acrylic/collage @ 850 euro.)...Venessa deGruijter does ceramic dogs in rather whimsical poses and all in black. Nice. (80x43x50 cms., ceramic @ 6,000 euro.) 


Reminder: Always necessary to remind you that the (?) before the times of a gallery openings indicate the the info could be in ERROR. And this pretty much explains what the "*" is all about too; and it is the same: The times could be WRONG. You are advised to telephone ahead.

THURSDAY: 7th October, 2010
THURSDAY: 7th October, 2010 

19:30 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). "Theory Talks - Perspectives on the temporary institution," seven people will talk. Entree 5 euro + museum fee. RSVP: reservations@stedelijk.nl    https://bit.ly/2HgDUVe 

FRIDAY: 8th October
FRIDAY: 8th October

17-19:00 LUMEN TRAVO (Liojnbaansgracht 314). Kathe Burkhart, pop/con (contemporary Pop Art). https://bit.ly/2NlXt0m 

17-19:00 AKINCI (Lijnbaansgracht 317). Persijn Broessen and Margit Lukas, "Places We Know." https://akinci.nl/ 

17-20:00 ArtOlive Young Talent (Westergasfabriek, Pazzanistraat 37). Preview for the 10th edition of young artist with representative from all of Holland. http://www.artolive.nl/ 

18:00 Stone Valley (Hoogte Kadijk 40). Donna Corbani (USA), paintings and objects. No website.

19:00 De Brakke Grond/VCC (New 45). Frederik Heyman's "A Full Stomach," photography. https://bit.ly/1Th5K2k 

20-22:00 Arti et Amicitiae (Rokin 112). A documentary exhibition on the first complex of ateliers in the Netherlands. Films and photographic documentation of what had/has taken place. https://bit.ly/2nwAK6B 

SATURDAY: 9th October
SATURDAY: 9th October

11-13:00 ARCAM (N.B. @ Loods6, enter at Surinamekade 30). 150 architectural photos by Jan Venzel. https://bit.ly/2nnsDtj

12-18:00 Open Atelier Route De Baarsjes (central exposition at: Joop Westerweelschool, Balboaplein 44). 82 artists show their work. There are also four workshops this weekend on illustration, glass mosaic, weaving and still life paintings. http://www.openatelierroutedebaarsjes.nl/ 

16-18:00 AdK Actuele Kunst (Prinsengracht 534). Sipke Huismans with works on paper. https://bit.ly/2LRt0qC 

16-18:00 Galerie Clement Printshop (Prinsengracht 843). Terry Thompson (USA/NL), works on paper and bronze sculpture. Plus Sandra Kruisbrink, "Bomen," drawings and collage work. https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 

16-18:00 Galerie R. Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198). Henny van der Meer, steel sculpture work. And Dirk Salz, drawings and paintings. https://bit.ly/2ObCIFC 

16-18:00 Wetering Galerie (Lijnbaansgracht 288). Stephan van den Burg, "T.B.A.," drawings. https://bit.ly/2KZbO69 

16-18:00 Galerie Witteveen (Keizersgracht 538). Paul van Dongen, etchings, drawings and water colors. https://bit.ly/2NR0zdF 

17-19:00 SLEWE (Kerkstraat 1005). Paul Drissen. https://www.slewe.nl/

17-19:00 Witzenhuizen Gallery (Hazenstraat 60). Nisian Hughes (USA) "Life Still." His first solo exhibition in Europe. https://bit.ly/2zCqZwM 

19-23:00 ArtOlive Young Talent (see Friday) . This is the official opening. The show will continue until the 17th October. Entry 5 euro. 

SUNDAY: 10th October
SUNDAY: 10th October

___?___ The Jewish Film Festival (N.B. at Pathé Tuschinski). This is the opening film for the program: "Haar naam was Sarah." This is the 9th edition of the festival. https://bit.ly/2B7gXo8 

12-18:00 Open Atelier Route De Baarsjes (see Saturday for details) 

14-17:00 De Kunstfabriek (N.B. @ Cruquiusweg 94c) Carina Klijn, photography. https://bit.ly/2MJ5491 

15:00 Galerie Jos Art (KNSM-laan 291). Jef Gysen's "Er is iets mis met ons Barbie." Oils and sculpture work. https://bit.ly/2KTfwOo 

15:30 LOODS 6 (KNSM-Laan 289). "aanwasexpo" with big band music and a performance by Abida Velovic. https://bit.ly/2KO7m4Y 

16-20:00 PIMA - Pieter Lemmens Museum of Art (Hirschgebouw, Leidseplein 23). Marc Bain, Marieke van Diemen, Pieter Lemmens, David Lindberg and Ilya Rabinovich. http://pieterlemmens.nl/

20:30 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134). "CALARTS at STEIM." This is the 4th edition of an exchange program between CalArts (Valencia, Calif. USA) and STEIM. CalArts "has been one of the traditional hubs for music and art experimentation." Since 2007, the two schools have had an exchange program for "promising students." Great! A Dutch influence on the California society. Can't hurt! FREE. www.vimeo.com/7435812, https://bit.ly/2vGa73J

TUESDAY: 12th October
TUESDAY: 12th October 

20:00 Prince Claus Fund (N.B. @ De Verdieping, TROUW Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 127). This is something unusual for the Prince Claus Fund. They are sponsoring "a special evening of humour and satire [in both Dutch and English] with one of Africa's best known and important cartoonists: Godfrey Mwampembwam alias Gado. Also on the program are: illustrator Joost Stokhof aka The Things We Are; with a performance by poet Poetry Circle Nowhere, Najiba Abdellaoui and DJ ThreesixtyGado will be interviewed by Raoul HeertjeEntry: 2.50 euro. https://bit.ly/2vHnqRm 

20:00 NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). "Space Invaders Event." This is about the "absorption of gaming-element into daily life," and is an example of the merging of two worlds that is the subject of this event. Five speakers. Entry: 2.50 euro. RSVP. https://bit.ly/2m4s9Hy 

20:30 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarstraat 134). Edward Shanken's (USA) "Morphing musical instrument sounds guided by sound descriptors," by Marcelo Caetano (Brazil) FREE. www.artexetra.wordpress.com, https://bit.ly/2KMKjrt 

WEDNESDAY: 13th October
WEDNESDAY: 13th October 

20:00 Het Veem & DasArts (N.B. @ Van Diemenstraat 410). Nico Croes (strategic planner) speaks on "guerrilla marketing" at the Werkgebouw Het Veem, Plaats for Dans, studio 3.08. This is the first in a series labeled: "The Soirées & The Festivals." FREE. www.dasarts.nl/index.php?pageid=317 
Come go with me...I'm on my way to a star...Or maybe 3D should say he's on his way to see the future stars. Because every week there is young talent to be seen in Amsterdam galleries and art spaces. This week, is the annual show for ArtOlive which specializes in young talent. What are you waiting for...Time to go to a gallery near or far from you and buy, Buy, BUY!!! just thought I would remind you..

Photo: 3D bestows a kiss on Sleeping Beauty..."Damn, now where did that frog come from?" At Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs for the Lisa Holden exhibition. Photograph by: Peter Dumont