Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #38

There are moments of joy that come with the preparation and execution of this weekly "3D List." Then there is the frustration, aggravation and humiliation of performing the "chore." And it does become a chore when you get a feeling of a "conspiracy" to hinter the production of the 3D List.

Nah, it's not an organized conspiracy, but just certain elements coming together in time. 3D will relate three incidents that have occurred in the last week, but so as not mire you in a sea of self-pity, I'll do it over a few weeks. You will find the first installment under the rubric: Amsterdam Art Scuttlebutt. 

With that out of the way...Last week was great in the world of Amsterdam art. Several venues had outstanding work and it was sometimes set to music. Kid you not. And, get this, not only do the RED DOTS keepa comin' but two shows rated: WOW! WOW!! And that ain't bad...


Bits & Pieces: 

Amsterdam Art Scuttlebutt:

What You Missed Last Week:

What Is Happening This Week:


More good economic news...3D ran into the gallery holders for "BORZO modern & contemporary art," at an opening last week, and asked how their current show had been received? Vincent Mentzels recorded 51 sales of his b/w photography. The price range was: 300 euro; 600 euro; 900 euro and 1,500 euro. Reasonable prices to be sure. Perhaps that's the secret in reactivating buyers interest in art.
A Republican candidate for the great state of New York, Carl P. Paladino, described to a gathering of Orthodox Jewish leaders, his opposition to same-sex marriage: "I just think that children, our children, would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don't want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option---it isn't...There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual." He asserts to being a practicing Catholic. It figures.
LOVING AMSTERDAM: Last Saturday, as 3D crossed over the bridge spanning the Prisengracht, at the Spiegelgracht, my forward line of vision was diverted by a small procession of boats which seemed to contain pirates. Pirates on parade? Why not? 

About 30 minutes later, I was crossing the Leidsestraat, at the Kerkstraat, when my attention was captured by the chanting of "We Want Beer!" I stopped and saw about 30 young adults---many of the females were dressed as c.1920s' "flappers"---marching down the street. They were holding up signs that carried the same message: WE WANT BEER. 3D has NO idea what the issue is. But, hey, it's Amsterdam and it is what makes this city SURPRISING.
This from the website of "outLINE Amsterdam:" "Andy Warhol said, "My philosophy: Everyday is a new day." And don't you forget it.
The FLYER of the Moment: "Mighty*Society 8: de musical." It measures 30x22 cms., and is a perforated cut-out which, when worn, gives you a hairline similar to Pretty Boy Geerts. https://bit.ly/2MJCgxf. ontwerp: https://178.nl/     (3D thinks. The microscopic pica size made it difficult reading for these ol' eyes). 
SUPERHALLO will "perform" this Saturday (16th October) at the Canvas Restaurant (Wibautstraat 150, top floor) with their "Eeto-theek" during the evening hours. 
The next Dutch prime minister is said to be "a staunch believer in economic liberalism and the 'American Dream.'" He holds Teflon Ronnie and Iron Lady Maggie as good examples on how to lead a country. Oh, my. Is he not aware that Teflon Ronnie campaigned on ridding Washington of waste and promised to slash the budget; and the result was that the national debt, of the USofA, went from $1,000,000,000.000 to $3.700,000,000.000 in eight years? And that was after indeed slashing the budget. When 3D lived in Manhattan the homeless---what there was of them---were not visible. I now understand that you trip over them. Where did they all come from? Ronnie cut Federal support for the mentally impaired. Buses loaded up people living in institutions and deposited them on street corners across the country. Is this what we should expect in Holland?

...And there's more. Derk Jan Epping is quoted as saying, "For him, the strength of a city like New York or a country like the US is that people who are born with nothing can truly make something of their lives." Hey, Derk-the-Jerk, the school system is in free fall (American students test in science and math after ten other countries). Teaching staffs have been cut. Schools closed. The highways have small pox scars from all the pot holes. The inner cities are free fire zones. The American Dream. well, yes, it was possible, in the past, for the lower middle class to reach a decent financial level so that part of the "dream" came true. But, the resulting society is a nightmare. And I thought Balkenende was wanting in vision and leadership. Looks like Pretty Boy Geert has competition for the demagoguery crown. 

...And there's more: "Germany risks lurch to the right," by John Vinocur (www.iht.com, 12th October) says, "The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark: passionately democratic countries with strong creeds of tolerance, where parties of the right have now entered the political mainstream pushing anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic agendas...The [new] Dutch government, whose existence is based on the parliamentary tolerance of an anti-immigrant party, will be sworn in on Thursday. This question, a kind of ill wind off the North Sea, comes with it." 
...And that's not all: The next government has announced that they will raise the BTW tax on theater tickets to 19% from the current 6%. Oh, yeah, at the same time the 6% rate will still be valid for sports events. Go figure!
This is a WOW! If only for the perseverance needed to accomplish the feat. "Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has filled the cavernous [1000 square meter] Turbine Hall at London's Tate Modern Gallery with more than 100,000,000 handmade porcelain sunflower seeds which visitors are invited to walk over." It is 10 cms., thick and weighs 150 tons. Each one was "painstakingly crafted and painted using traditional methods by 1,600 skilled artisans from the Chinese city of Jingdezhen...Each collaborator produced over 60,000 replica seeds each." Gosh, what happens when they take root? https://on.msnbc.com/1eBPioG 
"In California, Pot Is Now An Art Patron," by Randy Kennedy (www.nytimes.com, 11th October). "Nonprofit arts groups tend to spend much of their time scrounging for grants and praying for corporate largess." Life Is Art, is a foundation located in Sonoma County, California, and just north of San Francisco. "The group plans to present an inaugural exhibition on its land of sculpture and installation work by more than 20 visiting artists." They "recently began to reap a new kind of financing in the form of tall happy looking marijuana plants." The exhibition is on the land used for the cultivation of the plant during the growing season. 
The open ateliers event in the Baarsje was last weekend. Prior to that 3D forwarded an invite I had received to Pete Purnell because there was a pose that flavored---in more ways than one---a photo that Purnell had won the Baarsje' second prize last year for his interpretation of 3D as Henry Hudson. I had this reply: "I must admit, it certainly looks suspiciously like someones been hijacking my ideas, y' can't trust no one these days...It wouldn't surprise me if you go into the Rijksmuseum tomorrow you'll see that this idea has been 'borrowed' there too." Hmmm. Wonder what he means by that? 
Apologizes to the "aanwas 6" (BBK) group that showed at LOODS6 on Sunday. 3D used the catalog and made notes, but the catalog has since disappeared. Much good work to see, but hurry it closes the 17th of October which is this Sunday. https://bit.ly/2KO7m4Y, https://bit.ly/2vH6F93 
Last year there were 547 armed robberies on Amsterdam' shops, up 11% in 2008." Because of this, the city council will conduct an experiment in which shops will not accept cash and you must pay with smart card pin machines. Well, this is rather stupid because it would probably be found to be unconstitutional in the EU court on appeal. And for several reasons. Number one is that the Netherlands accepted the euro as legal tender; and, second, it is discriminatory against people without chip cards and tourist. 3D will boycott stores who do not accept cash. you gotta make a stand.
CORRECTION: 3D got this e-mail: "the website address of Deiska is incorrect due to a little typo." Hey, got news for ya, a typo in an e-mail or website address is NO "little" typo. https://bit.ly/2Mf3ATS 


The gallery, Alex Daniels-Reflex, at Lijnbaansgracht 319, will close during January. Well, the family still has two other locations. 
3D gets no respect! Last Spring, I sent the following e-mail to the Public Relation Department of the Van Gogh Museum: March 15th, "Several weeks ago ago I sent a request to have my name and publication added to your press list. From 1985-2008, I did receive mailings but they have stopped without explanation. (signed) Daniel R. Gould, Publisher of 3D List." The reply came on the same say: "Dear Daniel: I don't know why suddenly you don't receive any mailings from us. Our apologizes. I have added you to the mailing list so from now on it should be OK. Please contact me if you have further questions. Kind Regards: Willemijn K." 

Fast forward to 6th October. "Hello Willemijn: I refer you to the e-mail sent by you last March (see below). In my preparation for this week's newsletter I came across an announcement for a new exhibition at the Van Gogh. But, once again, I have NOT had a notification. Is there a press conference? Sincerely and much thanks; Daniel." A few hours later I had this reply: "Dear Daniel: Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately, it is not possible to invite you to press reviews. But we are very happy to provide you with our press release. Kind Regards; Natalie B." 3D immediately replied: "'It is not possible to invite' me to press reviews? Why not? Sincerely; Daniel." 

That was answered immediately with: "Dear Daniel; We can only invite a selection of journalist. Unfortunately for you it is not possible to put you on the list. I hope for your understanding and again I am happy to provide you with press releases on our exhibition programme. King Regards: Natalie B." Not to be deterred I answered: "Sorry, I don't accept that. for over 20 years I attended press conferences at the Van Gogh first to review exhibition for my own publication, Amsterdam TODAY, and, later, as a correspondent for an American art magazine. I know how many people are generally present...Unfortunately, I can not offer you my understanding since I don't understand. Sincerely; Daniel." That was sent 6th October. There has been no reply. What is strange to me I generally praised their shows at the museum. 
What no comments about GRID2010 this week?...Sure there are. At an opening, last weekend, someone pointed out that the "director" of GRID was there. They also said that this show had been listed on the GRID website as a participating gallery. So, on my way out, I stopped at a table, with flyers, looking for the reported little booklet that lists all the exhibitions. NONE were there...And, more. Het Parool reported on GRID last week, in their Saturday edition, and said it brought embarrassment on Amsterdam. 



VOUES ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314) is featuring the work of Reto Boller who makes wall sculpture/objects made of wood, silicon, lime, material, metal, polythene, sticky foil and wire. That constitutes how he does it, but what he does is even more interesting. Large cut-outs (125x190x2 cms) from Polythene are detailed but not defined. That is, there is no apparent recognizable form. It is an abstraction with illusion of symbolic notations. Another wall hanging combines aluminium, sticky foil and wire to create a linear abstraction. Still another piece is a combination of wood strips that have a rococo decoration. the strips have been cut into short lengths and reassembled as a three dimensional work and painted over. (60x37x30 cms., wood, silicon, acrylic paint, lime, sticky foil @ 3,900 euro; 220x130x2 cms., Polythene @ 12,000 euro.) 

In the back gallery, Adraian Koerfer (Germany) returns with a completely different show than the last one at this gallery. If 3D were to try and classify him it could be as a conceptual artist that works in several techniques and even styles. In this show there are a series of works incorporating photography. However, when you view the work, the photography element never really comes to mind. It's the imagery that not only gets your attention, but keeps it. A series of 24 A5 photos are all the same as far as the structure is concerned. In fact, structure is what the series is all about. Of course, each photo appears to be unique---and it is----but they all come from the same womb and click of the camera. Another series of four is the result of Koerfer playing with a laser scanner and using light refraction. The result is an imagery that is a study of abstraction with a strong dimensional aspect. A video emulates the series of 24 photos but he does it as one but with a constantly changing color definition; there are 198 different images on the 17 minute loop. (63x56 cms., Ed. 3 photo/scanner @ 1,400 euro; 24xs 12x18 cms., Ed. 3 @ 3,500 euro.) Until 20th November. https://bit.ly/2vwApoe 
Kathe Burkhart (USA) is back at LUMEN TRAVO (Lijnbaansgracht 314) with her idolization of an American icon---who was really from England---Liz Taylor. On entering the lobby of the gallery space you are confronted with an ala Andy Warhol collage of four water color drawings of Liz though, at first, 3D thought it was Michael Jackson. Inside the gallery, there is a series of watercolor drawings on paper and the imagery emulates the covers of bygone Hollywood film gossip magazines. One cover reads: "LIES: That Keep Liz Awake nights." The one next to it reads: "Marriage is a rest period between two passions." 

One wall is dominated by about 140 photos---b/w and color---all of them---you guessed it---of Liz. And a very young Liz. In some, she shares space with Richard Burton her two time husband (there were eight?). At the center of this collage is a 120x220 cms., painting titled "CAZZOMATTO," and, again, it features Liz. Surprise! It is listed as "a site-specific installation." (30x20 cms., w/c @ 1,800 euro; 270x170 cms. site-specific installation @ 25,000 euro.) Until 13th November. https://bit.ly/2NlXt0m 
...And through two doors and you are at AKINCI (Lijnbaansgracht 317) with the work of a duo: Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukacs, in a show titled "Places We Know." You enter a darken gallery space and your attention is immediately taken by a two and one half high by about three meters wide film screen. It is an animated film...Or is it? It looks like an animated film, but there are no figures in motion and the only movements is the camera seemingly panning a forest. You don't see any branches bend in the wind. The camera walks us through the wood poking its lens from time to time through bushes. Suddenly, we find ourselves experiencing a thunder storm and it dissolves into a morning mist covering the foliage making everything vague. The music is well composed an enhances the imagery beautifully. An engrossing film with NO characters, No real stories and zero automobile chase scenes. But there is "drama." Cool! 

In addition to the film, there are photographs on display. They appear to be individual cells from the film itself and they do capture the mood. The small gallery has a wall of 12 photos, but these are different landscape scenes. (Video loop digibeta, Ed. 10, at 11 minutes @ 4,500 euro; 77.5x77.5 cms., C-print on dibond and framed, Ed. 3 @ 1,500 euro; "The Present Absent," collage, 12xs photos, Ed. 3 @ 6,000 euro.) Until 6th November. https://akinci.nl/ 

At De Brakke Grond/VCC (Nes 45) is an exhibition titled, "A Full Stomach," by Fredeik Heyman (Belgium) and 3D says: WOW! WOW!! Where to start? Let's begin with the videos. One video is projected onto two walls each section of the imagery perpendicular to the other; it reflect the original set with two walls as the focal point which sort of looks like a NASA space center prep room. A rather strange looking "machine" is being assembled. Two people are in white suits with hoods. On another wall two other videos reflect a scene similar but different. Two large photographs preserves the imagery. 

Then there are the photographs. Obviously, they have been posed and a set fabricated and all this with the additional aid of PhotoShop, but, hey, it doesn't matter because the results are spectacular. A man in his jockey shorts lays on the floor with a contorted facial expression and seemingly arising from his head is an ice cream cone with three scoops: strawberry, orange and blueberry. It is all against a black background. There are several drawings, all in watercolor. The style is Surreal to whimsical figurative. Fun to look at; and interesting to motivate yourself to dissect some meaning from them. But it doesn't matter. 

The piéce de résistance is an installation that is edible. One person described it as a "gingerbread house" like from the old fairy tale. What you see is a mattress on the floor with a body laying on it. The body is covered with a blanket decorated in a diamond pattern. It all looks as if it was fabricated from marzipan. Adjacent to the top of the head is a pile of "bones" made from bread but look like bones. At the section of the body we expect the stomach to be located there was a large bowl of humus (and very good humus, I might add). You took a "bone" and used it as a spoon and dipped into the mix. And the eating experience continued to the top of the "house." It is an A-frame roof and it is covered with "tiles" that are edible and taste a lot like sugar cookies. Each one is in the shape of a hand. Fantastic! It is called "an eat performance installation" and Flemish Otark Productions is responsible for the food segment. 

In the back gallery, there is a series of four VideoSnaps (this is a new term 3D has coined). I am beginning to see more of this technique; in fact, another review, which follows, features it, too. What is VideoSnaps? A video camera has been used and the scene itself is static, almost. What movement there is is very subtle and if you do not give the piece your full attention you will more than likely miss it. During the term coining process I considered: VideoGraphic and PhotoVideo. But neither really convey the concept. We talk about taking "snapshots" with a camera. It all happens in a "snap" of the finger on the tiny button. Thus: VideoSnaps.

One is titled: "We were crying an ocean while cutting onions and unfortunately were hit by tsunami." A dip-tych VideoSnaps has this title: "I was riding backwards 52 kms to go back in time to start all over again." (Sentiments 3D doesn't share; the good times would be fun, but the bad ones I don't want to revisit.) A "naked" woman stands against a brick wall and her body is configured as another brick wall and her face is a very large clock face. The other VideoSnaps show a bike rider with the same lady in the background. Intersecting, from time to time, is a bike rider and pedestrians. Cool! Until 7th November. www.brakkegrond.nl, https://bit.ly/2zwFhib 
This is interesting...At Arti et Amicitiae (Rokin 112) is an exhibition titled "ZOMERDIJKSTRAATATELIERS 1934-2010" and what a nice show it is. It traces the history of an atelier complex in the Rieverenbuurt district. And it does it in three important ways. There is work by some of the artists who lived and/or worked there: Jan Wiegers, Charlotte van Pallandt, Jaap Hillenius, Jan Wolkers up to contemporary artists like Geer Steyn, Arhan Günermengi and Roland Berning. Your only regret will be that there is not more art work on display. But that is mainly the fault of a maquette, of the building itself, and measures about five meters high by 15 meters long. Impressive! Flashing in some of the windows are photo samples of the artist's work who had occupied that particular studio. It was designed by Anika Ohlerich (www.archetypisch.nl). 

Directly to the left of it, and on the wall, is a schematic rendering of the 32 ateliers in the building. Each atelier's address is noted and below that is a chronological listing of the artist who occupied the space, over the years, since 1934. No 16''' list 16 artists. The latest one has been there since 1970; No 22''' has had but four artists over the course of 76 years. On the walls, there is a multicolored portrait by Jan Wiegers; Ruud Lanfermeijer (2010) contributes a figurative/conceptual oil with lots of color; and Roland Berning who is still painting clowns but, now, with a conceptual approach. Berend Hoekstra's large abstract/expressionistic oil from 1999 which more or less defines the artistic evolution of the last century. Good exhibition. Until 12th November. 

In the other gallery there is the work of two artists under the title, "The Plot Thickens." Martijn Veldhoen uses light and contrast as his theme to explore figurative expression. but he approaches the concept in an unique way with light boxes that, well, are different. On one of them, we watch a person connect simple lines; a projection piece looks like a short film from c1910 in both simplicity of the movement and the b/w contrast. Sharing the space is Sebastian Diaz Morales who does strange objects from common parts and material. Until 7th November. https://www.arti.nl/ 


Stephan van den Burg is back at Galerie Wetering (Lijnbaansgracht 288) with his remarkable drawings/collages. This is an easy: WOW! WOW!! The work is almost exclusively with pencil. He also uses tape to achieve the imagery and enhance the mysteriousness of the illusion. And he uses tape in several different ways; sometimes to aid in creating parallel lines and, at other times, drawing on the tape itself, cutting it and rearranging the segments creating complex linear abstractions. But you will probably neither be concerned by this nor distracted because the resulting imagery---basically conceptual in form and subject matter---is so engrossing. 

A few works are just typographical like "MINGUS" which is drawn and repeated four times. Another work is in multi-parts of 20 pieces. It contains examples of work from different series. Van den Burg has as the 20th piece a schematic drawing of the wall installation---as you see it---which includes its location and describes the work as to size, material, etc. Clever and "price on request." The drawings of a shirt is a perfect example of his ability to take banal subject matter and turn it into something extraordinary. Then there are two series of 20 works (each 11x4 cms) that again reflect styles of abstraction, representational and typographical styles. (25.4x25.4 cms., pencil, tape @ 700 euro; "conqueror series"20xs @ 2,200 euro.) Considering the quality of the work the prices are cheap. Until 6th November. https://bit.ly/2KZbO69       (P.S. Unfortunately, this may be my last visit to the gallery. But more about that in a week or two.) 
Terry Thompson (USA/NL) is back once again and for the nth time---at Galerie Clement (Prinsengracht 843) with his conceptual mixed-media work. His wash drawings are often enhanced with a collage. Sometimes it is a page from a book thus introducing the typographic element. His "paintings"---defined as such because they are on canvas---are also mixed-media and even more so than the works on paper since the materials are paint, pencil, charcoal and collage. He is also showing his bronze sculpture work which can only be described as not only quirky but work that ranges from whimsical to almost representational. As an example, there is a bust with a hand reaching over the back of the head. The face has a very long nose that resembles Pinocchio when he is lying; and with ears that match. All three appendages look like a finger. 3 RED DOTS (30x30 cms./, mix-media @ 475 euro; 50x66 cms., mixed-media @ 820 euro; 120x100 cms., mixed-media @ 2,385 euro; bronze, Ed. 6 @ 1,800 euro.) 

In the gallery space above is the work that Joyce Kilmer, the English poet, would have been overjoyed with. Sandra Kruisbrink does "Trees." It is all about trees. And Kilmer's classic poem is titled "Trees." The most famous stanza is, "There is nothing more beautiful than a tree." Kruisbrink illustrates this point of view by depicting the ordinary tree in several different ways. There are her cut-outs which is a technique that harks back to the 19th century where b/w side profile portraits and landscapes were popular. Other works are studies in linear abstraction which seems to only incidentally to resemble a tree. She does this by overlapping imagery and in using different material to do so. If you have a thing for trees, this is a show for you! And 3D will say it one more time: "There is nothing more beautiful than a tree." Kid you not! 2 RED DOTS. Until 6th November. https://bit.ly/2J3VcnE 
Galerie R. Katwijk (Lange Leidsedwarstraat 198) is exhibiting Dirk Salz' work which is of an unusual technique. He works with epoxy to create sometimes nearly monochromatic pieces or work thats imagery comes close to subliminal. Basically, most are in white, but there is also all black and all red examples. They do project in their simplicity and are elegant. (40x40 cms., epoxy on panel @ 1,450 euro; 100x100 cms., epoxy on panel @ 3,600 euro.)

Also on show is Henny van der Meer who makes meticulous metal sculpture wall hangings from steel. Some are representational like several branches of trees grouped together. But he turns it into a conceptual piece by making two copies of this group and then attaching them together end-to-end. Another work has five tree trunks with branches and limbs extending from the trunks. But the composition is as much a linear abstraction as it is representational. It is all in the way he presents it. (77x19x9 cms., steel @ 2,200 euro; 68x52x18 cms., steel @ 7,500 euro; 80x100x15 cms., steel @ 12,000 euro.) Until 13th November. https://bit.ly/2ObCIFC 
Sipke Huismans is exhibiting at AdK Actuele Kunst (Prinsengracht 534) with small piözographical/C-prints. Some of these beautiful prints emulate so nicely the work of the late Belgium artist, James Ensor. The faces are cartoonish, but even then, there is emotion which is sometimes accented with pathos and sometimes joy or even bewilderment. the larger work incorporates the figurative with both symbols and abstraction. Some look like a comic strip telling a story. Strangely enough the smaller work is more colorful then the large ones. 19 RED DOTS. Yes, 19! But the work is very reasonable in price. (40c30 cms., print, inclusive frame @ 100 euro. 65x100 cms., watercolor on paper @ 3,100 euro.) 
Paul van Dongen previously showed at the now defunct Praktijk. In this first show at Galerie Witteveen (Keizersgracht 538) he once again hangs his meticulous drawings. They are meticulous in both detail and execution and are done in pen & ink. The subject matter is the male nude in various and unusual poses. But even better there are several w/c which are in a rainbow of colors. His use of color in doing colorful portraits is reminiscent of Jan Wiegers (See "Arti" above). His print work ranges from imagery akin to 19th century botanical prints to bumblebees. (8.5x11 cms., Etching Ed 5 @ 287 euro; 30x29 cms., Ets Ed 5 @ 574 euro; 38x57 cms., w/c @ 1,419 euro; 170x118 cms., drawing @ 8,370.) Until 6th November. https://bit.ly/2NR0zdF 
SLEWE hangs the new work of Paul Drisen whose work often evoke the memory of Rothko because of the vagueness of the colors; and, in other work, it is the Russian constructivist like Renchenko and maybe a little Kurt Schwitters or Bernard Léger on the side. But he departs from these artists in that his work has a naïve quality. You see it in his brush strokes and even from the perspective element of the compositions. One particular piece is as busy as a seven year olds work, and could well be but for its intelligence and uncanny sense of composition. (12x12 ms., collage on cardboard @ 250 euro; 65x50 cms., mixed technique @ 3,650 euro; 130x120 cms., tempera on canvas @ 8,250 euro.) Until 6th November. https://www.slewe.nl/ 
3D mentioned a new video based technique that is popping up more and more for which I have coined the term: VideoSnaps. And at "witzenhausen GALLERY" here it is again with the work of Nisian Hughes (USA). Seven of these VideoSnaps are nudes viewed on miniature TV monitors. In one, the subject holds her pose against the landscape. The only motion that is apparent is the movement of her golden locks gentling blowing in the wind. In another, a nude is again stationary against a backdrop of a curtain which moves from time to time like the motions of a flag in a soft breeze. Three other works seem to be at first glance back lit photographs, however, if you give each a little time, unexpected things occur like the beautiful bouquet of flowers that slowly droop into death; in another, if you watch long enough, you will see a fish bat its eye. (5.5x8 cms., video in steel frame Ed. 3 @ $4,000; 41.5x60 cms., video in steel frame Ed. 3 @ $9,000; 50.8x74.9 cms., Ed. 3 @ $13,000. N.B. The prices are in "$." Perhaps it has to do with the fact that since the end of June the euro has gained in value against the dollar by nearly 20%. Don't fret, $13,000 is only about 9,400 euro. Now doesn't that sound better?) Until 6th November. https://bit.ly/2zCqZwM 
"Art Olive Young Talent" is back at the Westergasfabriekterrein (Zuiveringshal West, Pazzanistraat 37) with their 10th Year anniversary show. Not only will you see the work of new graduates from academies around the Netherlands, but there is a selection of artists from previous years. Here is a very quick and sketchy overview of what to expect. Sven Fritz wood sculpture piece is imaginative and doesn't conform to accepted forms. Nice...A table of ceramic work had no name tag. Pity, it was good work...Chiel Tansse has done an epic size drawing of a military fighter jet that measures 900 cms., x 240 cms., and in the style of the Pointillist...A tea serving set, which looks like it came from the set of an Alice in Wonderland movie, by Aniek Meeldijk, is very nice...Both Kirsten Wilmink and Esther Nienhuis are back again and there has been an evolution in their style...A huge canvas by Joram Rouker is, well, mind blowing in that it mixes the figurative/representational and abstraction into one cohesive composition.

Lilian van Neek has made her space into a b/w installation consisting of several diverse elements. Great!...Karin Rianne Westerdorp's 300x196 cms., charcoal gum drawing is not only a masterpiece, but CHEAP at 1,675 euro...An installation by Elsbeth Ciesluk incorporates several hundred wood fragments of various shapes, colors and lengths. It lays on the floor and measures 180x350 cms...Andy ten Broek's "Blue Ripple" is in the tradition of a Rube Goldberg contraption, but even more so. It measures 300x300x170 cms., and consists of five different circular parts in five different diameters and it vibrates both metaphorical and in reality. Cool...At the entrance there is what looks like one of those Bavarian horns that ar so long that the end sits on the ground. This interpretation, by Andy ten Broek, measures 220x220x1,500 cms. Sorry to those 3D left out. Until 17th October. Entry: 5 euro. http://www.artolive.nl/ 


Galeri Jos Art is presenting a solo exhibition for the artist Jef Gysen, titled, "Er is iets mis met ons Barbie." He is heavy with the oil and that says a lot in describing Gysen's work whether you are looking at his canvases or sculptured nudes. His paintings are representational expressionism with subdued blues, greens, grays, ochres and white. The imagery, as a result, is vague and understated. His "Barbies" are nudes that are and are not sculpture work...But you gotta see them to understand. He poses them in various positions. But then he paints all over them and with the same paint-heavy brush he uses on his canvases. Some are very colorful; some reflect skin tones. The "body" becomes a canvas. 

In the lower gallery of the space, there are smaller works. One work "Interieur" (40x70 cms.,) illustrates two old fashion coat hooks which are beautifully realized creating an illusion as if they are three dimensional. The background colors---which are really in the foreground---are special, too. "Groeps therapie" (175x45x55 cms.) is a hanging sculpture piece with ten figures clinging to each other. Great! There are also paintings on glass and he uses several styles to realize the imagery. (18x25 cms., oil on glass @ 700 euro; 40x70 cms., oil @ 1,650 euro; 90x130 cms., oil @ 3,100 euro; 200x140 cms., oil @ 5,100 euro; 30x10x7 cms., sculpture---boetseerwas, polyester---plus oil @ 700 euro; 88x20x20 cms., sculpture---boetseerwas, polyester---plus oil @ 2,500 euro.) SIX RED DOTS. Until 7th November. https://bit.ly/2KTfwOo 
PIMA (Leidseplein, Hirschgebouw) mounted a good exhibition but with one flaw. There were NO name tags, size descriptions nor prices. As a result, 3D cannot identify who did what. 3D did complain but was told that the artist felt that "tags" would divert the viewers attention from the work. Hey, the Rijksmuseum has tags and people are lined up to get in. And the fact that several pieces measured as large as two by two meters to one that was two by five meters, well, 3D doesn't think the name tag would have been distracting. Anyway, it makes my job easier and since it was a busy weekend and 3D was beginning to drag his behind I just enjoyed what I saw and heard. Heard? Yes, there was a choral group of seven persons. They performed a cappella pieces by Bach and Handel; and the sound was akin to Gregorian chants of the 15th and 16th century. The only musical instrument---and used sparingly---was the Barok fagot. They were all dressed in black. They were exemplary and they only drawback was the poor acoustics of the large open space. The name is: Ensemble La Silva. www.ensemble-lasilva.com www.__________________________
During the 90s, a regular once a month outing took me to STEIM. On the last Thursday, of the month, there was a program. It was diverse. Electronic music, avant garde sounds, old traditional instruments performing and sounding differently. Those nights are no longer. 3D still lists their programs even though it has been years since I attended. As I left the Hirsch building I saw by the clock that it was only fifteen minutes to showtime at STEIM with four young people from CalArts in Verona California (USA). So I headed in that direction. Good decision.

The lobby has been spruced up at the Utrechtsedwarsstraat (134) entrance. The decor has been thrown together imaginatively, quickly and---most of all---cheaply. The cost investment may have been minimal but the aesthetic results are nicely, nicely. The ceiling---plus a wall---emulate a Mondrian linear abstract painting with the same shades of red, white and blue. It goes beyond Piet because it has a few extra dimensions. The blue drapes that hang along one wall---and perpendicular to the ceiling---is one example. Then there are cross beams that define the linear aspects. In a corner is a combination "neon" like abstraction against an abrupt contrast with light. At the opening, a stacked set of chairs added to the abstraction. Maybe 3D needs a camera. It was a perfect composition especially with the added elements: benches, table, coat rack all of which intensified the linear rectangular visual. 3D contributed to the composition by laying on an orange table---in a perfect square form---a rolled poster, a blue plastic bag and a green bottle of Grolsch.

...Then there were the sounds. I use sounds as opposed to the term music because it would be misleading to some people who expect rhythm and melody. Years ago, at one "sound events," at STEIM, I talked with a young man, from Den Haag, who said to me---about the nights performance,---"I didn't consider that music!" Well, "No," I replied, "but they were sounds and I like sounds." Sounds have no rules. There were four people performing. When the program began, 3D closed his eyes and kept them shut for a good 15 minutes while each of the performers made there introduction into the program one by one. It was only after there was a unity, that I opened my eyes and began to study how the sound were being made. A woman held what looked like a skeletal violin and for the first half of the performance she only fingered the strings with the hand that forms the chords. All the while she was slowly waving the bow but never coming within more than 15 cms.,m, of the strings. In the last half she did use the bow. A man had a trombone and in the first half the horn laid in a vertical position on the floor. He had wiring and other gadgets attached and there was sound. In the second half he played it using his lips.

A lady had set up on a table various types of things that she could realize sounds from including a balloon shaped glass half filled with water which she inserted an implement into and agitated. She also played a double bass violin. Another lady was mainly doing vocals, but not the normal sounds you would expect. They ranged from grating to melodious. The program was 45 minutes long and the time went quickly. Oh, yeah, it was FREE. 3D may try to get back into the habit of attending the events at STEIM.

Next at STEIM is a workshop from the 20th to 23rd of October. If "Just in Time programming with Super Colider" gets your attention check out http://steim.org/. The invite says, "beginners welcome." The four day workshop cost 150 euro. http://steim.org/ 


The Prince Claus Fund sponsored an evening with the Kenyan political cartoonist, GADO. The man is very good at a demanding art form. Here are a few example of his efforts that were projected on a big screen: An African poitician proclaims to his constituency: "Eureka...Eureka...We found oil." A citizen replies: "Any chance you might discover water?" Both the insight into issues and the art was on the level with the best in the west. Another example: "Homosexuality is unAfrican and foreign" says an older man as he holds the Bible above his head. His daughter answers with: "So is the Bible father." And Gado seems to hold Pretty Boy Geert at the same level of esteem as 3D. His rendering of PPG, in this regard, shows the man with fire spewing from his mouth and his hair in the wind and the caption reads: "The Gospel according to Geert Wilders." He is published mainly in Kenya, but his cartoons have appeared in the USofA, UK and across Europe. He lives now in Holland. 

During the discussion phase the point was made that humor tends to be a cultural/ethnic thing. 3D once tried to use American comic strips to help teach Japanese English. But gave up since I realized so many of the jokes were a play on words and difficult to explain. However, in viewing several examples of Gado's work, I no longer think that axiom holds true with political cartoons. Gado laid to rest that assumption.

Two quotations were also flashed on the screen which bear repeating: "You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you find humor in anything, even poverty, you survive it." Bill Cosby, the American comedian said it.

"Imagination was given to man to compensate for what he is not. A sense of humor to console him for what he is." Francis Bacon (1561-1626), the philosopher. 


Reminder: When you see (?) please be warned that the info may be incorrect; and the "*" means much the same. It is suggested that you phone ahead.

THURSDAY: 14th October, 2010
THURSDAY: 14th October, 2010

11-18:00 "Galerie bart" (Bloemgracht 2). Yvonne Lacet, abstract paintings. The "reception" will be a closing party on the 20th of |November at 16:00. www.galeriebart.nl

16:30-19:00 ViP's Amsterdam (Spiegelgracht 8). Teun Voeten's "Tunnel People," a photo exhibition and book presentation. www.vipsart.nl, https://bit.ly/1w6JhsB 

17:30 "foam" (keizersgracht 609). Ahmet Polat (NL), "Kemal's Dream." Polat has a Dutch mother and Turkish father. He was raised in two worlds. "His photography focuses on young people in present-day Turkey." https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

(?) 20:00* Rembrandt House (Jodenbreestraat 4). "A Connosseur's Cabinet: Prints from the Frits Lugt Collection." More than 85 prints. https://www.rembrandthuis.nl/nl/ 

19-21:30 Club of Amsterdam (N.B. at: Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Rhijnspoorplein 1). This month it is the "Future of Hacking." Check their website for ticket info and availability. The programs often sell out. https://bit.ly/2nlASUj

19:00 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). "Talking Film: Mieke Bal and Michille Williams Gamake...is a program that gives artists and designers an opportunity to screen either their own film or that produced by other artists or film makers." 5 euro + museum entry. In English. https://bit.ly/2oTKhoK  

20:00 W139 (Warmoesstraat 139). Lot Meijers. The booklet, from the art space, doesn't really describe what you should expect. https://bit.ly/2JitdRx 

FRIDAY: 15th October
FRIDAY: 15th October 

15:00 W139 (Warmoesstraat 139). Lot Meijers will give an "Artist' Talk." On what? Who knows. See above. https://bit.ly/2JitdRx 

17-19:00 SM Bureau Amsterdam (Rozenstraat 59). Joep van Liefland, "Black Systems - Extended Version." https://bit.ly/2LiYVzL 

17-19:00 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). "Best Designed Books of 2009." It should be noted that Amsterdam is a charter member of international book and journal publishing. It all started about 500 years ago. One of the major reasons that The Netherlands is an important country, on the international cultural map, is because books, well into the 19th century, relied on print makers (engravers, etchers and wood block cutters) to illustrate the medical, botany, engineering, architectural tomes of the day. Today, book design, in this country, is as exciting as the work done by avant garde artists. Thirty books have been selected. The exhibition will travel to several venues in Holland and abroad. A catalog, designed by Hansje van Halem, is available @ 27.50 euro: ISBN: 978.90.5965.125.8. https://bit.ly/2oTKhoK 

17:30 "YiPs-Young People in Prison" (N.B. at: Christie's, Cornelis Schuytstraat 57). 100 photographs have been donated by photographers for this charity auction. On the list of what's on offer is work by Erwin Olaf and it only gets better. The organization works in four countries---Surinam, South Africa, Malawi and Colombia---aiding young people incarcerated. The photos will be on display from 16th-23rd October from 10-16:00 seven days a week. The auction is at 15:00, the 24th October. That's the United Nations official "birth date." www.younginprison.nl/yipart 

20:00 Amstel Gallery (Two addresses and one without a number: Keienbergweg __?__; and Stadhouderskade 155, take a guess). Mel Bagshaw. https://www.amstelgallery.com/ 

_____* Het Veem Theater (Van Diemenstraat 410). "The Festival at Het Veem Theater...the participants are commissioned to (re)create a piece especially for The Festival. The artists offer one half of the equation and they need your presence---the reaction of the audience---to make up the other half." 10 international young artists. RSVP: https://veem.house/nl/. 3D did click on to the website for the times, but found none listed. Weird. It is for two days only. 

SATURDAY: 16th October
SATURDAY: 16th October

12-18:00 EYE (Film Museum, Vondel Park). "Home Movie Day" with family films. See https://bit.ly/2OwgkpY 

13:30 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13) "Gallery Talks." This week, Rutger Pontzen, critic and curator speaks. In English. For more info and reservations: https://bit.ly/2oTKhoK. FREE, but you pay the museum entry fee. 

16:00 Galerie Mokum (OZ Voorburgwal 334). Joke Frima, realism/flowers. http://www.galeriemokum.com/ 

16-18:00 "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552). Johannes Karman, paintings & Herman van der Made, stone sculptures. https://bit.ly/2O2dGJ6 

16:00 Ton de Boer (Czaar Peterstraat 139). Petra van der Steen, drawings. https://bit.ly/2KR3wYQ 

16:00 Galerie W. van Leeuwen (Hazenstraat 27). Michael Wolf, photography. Portraits? Well, sorta. http://www.woutervanleeuwen.com/ 

16-18:00 Willem Kerseboom Gallery (Leidsegracht 38). "Op Straat, with works by legendary street artists...Work by 'Mear One,'Kofie,' and 'Retna'...The work is in collaboration with L.A. Art Machine and all artists are LA street artists." https://bit.ly/2zLE86v 

(?)17:00 "g_i_s_t Amsterdam" (Bloemgracht 82). Rozemarijn Westerink's, "SNOW." and Flore de Koning's, "ZOOM." http://www.gistgalerie.nl/ 

17:00 TORCH (Lauriergracht 94). Carlos and Jason Sanchez (Canada), photography. But be warned! The invite describes their work as "distressing." https://bit.ly/2L7qYSK 

17-19:00 Cokkie Snoei Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 11). Esther Janssen show under the title, "Svell---slang for a marriage between 'sweet' and 'hell.'" Well, if that sounds depressing, the reproduction, on the invite, is joyful, whimsical and colorful. At 17:30, the big man himself, Wim van Krimpen, will introduce the artist and her work; and he came all the way from Rotterdam to do so. http://www.cokkiesnoei.com/ 

17-19:00 Galerie D. Stigter (Elandstraat 90). Helen Verhoeven. https://bit.ly/2LcyITk 

17:00 "RONMANDOS gallery Amsterdam" (Prinsengracht 282). Hans Op de Beeck's (Belgium) "Still Life." "A solo show for this multi-disciplinary artist comprises a series of sculptures and a video work." https://bit.ly/1NONWvU 

17-19:00 RudolfV (Kerkstraat 427). Olivier de Crayon, digital prints; Jan van der Ster, mixed technique; Sjouke Dijkstra, photography; Nerses Djaladian, mixed technique on paper; and Fieke de Roij, sculpture work. https://bit.ly/2mdb7ay

17-20:00 PIMA/Deiska (Hirschgebouw, Leidseplein 23). A group show of five artists. However, even more interesting, there will be talks on various topics. Francine Medelaar, Director of Materiaal Finds, "will share information about the mechanisms and possibilities for interest FREE loans that her organisation offers to artists and designers." The program concludes with the artists and speakers, et al, attending a dinner at De Kring and you are invited. For this, RSVP: donna.wolf@deiska.com, More info at: www.deiska.com, https://fondskwadraat.nl/ 

(?)17-19:00 "outLINE Amsterdam" (Oetewalerstraat 73), Melani Bonajo. https://bit.ly/2LzEjXq

SUNDAY: 17th October
SUNDAY: 17th October

14:30 Lloyd Hotel (Oostelijke Handdskade 34). "Public Soundtrack City Tour." Well, this is all about squatting and its history in Amsterdam. But 3D refrains from going into details because he doesn't understand this part: "free admission yet you do need to pay a 50 euro guarantee and an identification please book at: info@soundtrackcity.nl." Huh? Translation, please. More info, maybe at: https://bit.ly/2MdhPMZ 

16-19:00 Schrank8 (Wagenaarstraat 331). This is a "finnssage Miek Zwamborn Wunderschrank." The exhibit was reviewed previously on "3D List #3." Zwamborn combines her writing talent with her training in art. www.miekzwamborn.nl. This is worth noting. On that review, I mentioned that Hansje van Halem was a graphic layout artist and you could kill two birds with one stone by making an appointment to see Zwamborn's show and her work as weel as checking out Van Halem's portfolio. Well, you can also see Van Halem's efforts at the Stedelijk Museum's, "Best Designed Books 2009" exhibition. She designed the catalog. http://schrank8.blogspot.com/

17-20:00 KULTER (Sanderijnstraat 21). "Nough presents Goom," nine artists present "new and not so new media art." https://bit.ly/2nu6qJV 

MONDAY: 18th October
MONDAY: 18th October

14-17:30 Lloyd Hotel (Oostelijke Handdskade 34). "Prikkelend Slow, A Fashion Workshop." It is "designed to 'prikkel' thinking and creativity about the activism potentials of fashion in an increasingly complex world." FREE, but RSVP: info@slowlab.net More info: https://bit.ly/2Oywdw4 

THURSDAY: 21st October
THURSDAY: 21st October 

18:00 DasArts (Mauritskade 56). Jan Ritsema, theater maker and initiator of PAF, open process of reflection at DasArts." https://bit.ly/2w0YPX8 

19:30 ABC Treehouse (Voetboogstraat 11). Book presentation for Joshua Phillips "None of Us Were Like These People," Based on first hand reporting from the Middle East with interviews: soldiers, their families and friends and military officials." FREE, but RSVP: treehouse@abc.nl, www.noneofuswerelikethisbefore.com, https://bit.ly/2Jp6HX6 
And there you have it...Another typical week on the Amsterdam Art circuit. More than enough to do. The weather couldn't be more perfect; and while it is no longer summertime, the livin' is still easy. So, get out of the house and into the reasonable fresh air and do the rounds. 3D guarantees that sometimes you will see something that will blow-your-mind, make you trip and chill you out...And all without medication or mind expanding drugs...And it doesn't cost a penny. Win-win. Do it NOW.

Photo: 3D trying to get into the head of Vincent Schulz, pictured in front of a painting by him, at his exhibition at AYACS, Photograph by: Johanna Gloge