Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #39

...And the WOWs! keep-a-coming...And that's cool! 3D is always chiding his readers that if you don't go, you don't know. Why wait for me to tell you all about it. Be the first on your block to know what is hot, exciting and, well, mind blowing in the great city of Amsterdam.

Part of the fun in being an "art sleuth" is discovering artist that are new on the scene. They are not always young and a few have been aging and evolving both their skill and vision over the centuries----or it may seem to them, at times, that its been centuries. But a real artist never despairs. His working is his therapy to get through the day, week and years. But they all---young and old---need your encouragement and especially your support. Read: Financial. BUY something this week. Pleeeease...


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This sounds good..."Bestel deze unieke print Achter Glas, 1956 van Johan van der Keuken gratis bij Pixum." 3D hesitates to do a translation because of his very, very limited Dutch, but I understand the key word: "gratis." So check out the website: www.pixum.nl/foam for more info. 
Something new on the art scene...Well, almost new. "Zapp Magazine is an international art magazine on video. The 'videozine' presents exciting developments in contemporary art through registrations of shows, performances, artists' videos, interviews, etc." It will be presented, officially, at BOSCH ART FILM, Saturday, 23rd October at De Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch Hall 4, 19:30." It really isn't new but has been resurrected. Originally published between 1993-1999 (10 issues) and with one issue in 2007. Each video issue is 90 minutes long and covers the world art scene. It is published in Amsterdam. https://bit.ly/2PbapaP 
Lloyd Hotel is in Tokyo with "Still in LLove" [sic]. This is a celebration of 400 years of trade relations between the Netherlands and Japan. The event features "Japan and Dutch designers [who] will fit out the interior of the hotel by each creating a unique room...the exhibition includes a café that will serve food exclusively sourced from Nara." Over 50 Dutch designers and artists participate with 117 different rooms and public spaces offering exhibitions, presentations and meetings. The concept is by Suzanne Oxenaar, Artistic Director of the Lloyd Hotel, and realized by Jo Nagasaka, Architect Director of Happa Hotel "...a temporary pop-up hotel in his gallery in Tokyo." www.lloydhotel.com, https://bit.ly/2MRlXhO 
Halloween has come to Holland. Giving a party? Check this out: www.entertainment.msn.com. There are hints on: Things to do; Party Plans; Food ideas; Oddities and Costumes. Have fun and happy horror.
"Art magazine to artists: Drop dead!" Hey, that ain't nice, but indeed "A brain trust over at London's ArtReview wants you to know that artists no longer matter very much. For the first time since it began publishing the Power 100, a subjective annual ranking of who counts in the international art world...no artist made the top 10." Oh, the horror, the horror. www.latimes.com (14th October). 
TED, the California lecture group, that has its roots in technology, entertainment and design, announced this week that they would give their annual prize of $100,000, for 2011, to "J R," the Parisian street artist. He is noted for plastering colossal photographs in cities around the world. Sometimes he uses them for provocative statements like: "You never know who's part of the police and who's not." You may remember him from his "foam" exhibition back in June of 2007. It was an unique show in that it was the first time that the exhibition was not inside the museum but located at five locations throughout the city: Paradiso, Anthenaeum, et al. Former winners included Bill Clinton, Bono and Jamie Oliver, the chef. See article titled, "Award to Artist Who Gives Slums a Human Face," by Randy Kennedy at: www.nytimes.com (19th October).
In front of the Tropenmuseum at the Mauritskade entrance there is a VW Beetle titled the "Tattoo Car" (2010). It is part of the exhibition "Cars & Traces," by Betsabee Romero (Mexico). https://bit.ly/2MhPIMQ 
...And on the Dutch political front there is this from the lead clown's mouthpiece..."Anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders should never have been taken to court on inciting hatred charges because he has already been found guilty," said his lawyer Bram Moskowicz [whose list of clients also includes the Hells Angels]." He continued, "Judges, in a previous court, have already decided that Wilder's statements are insulting to Muslims." Well, yes, it is confusing, but I think that's Bram the Ram's intention. Confusion. As to Pretty Boy Geert's "guilt," well there are all those video tapes of him attacking Islam from every conceivable direction. Unless he has an a twin brother or there is a look-a-like speaking for him, I guess he is "guilty." Freedom of speech? An American Supreme Court judge said, in the early part of the 20th century, that free speech did not allow someone to yell out "fire" in a crowded theater.
...And more on the parliamentary three ring circus show...The new prime minister, Mark the Shark, has distant the CDA and VVD parties from Pretty Boy Geert's contingent by saying "That the CDA and VVD parties saw Islam as a religion and the PVV saw it as a political ideology." Not sure what he really means by that. Actually, he should be asked to explain these parties' stand on the Catholic Church. Now that group really does have a "political ideology." Ban abortion, homosexuality, stem cell research, etc., etc., etc. 
...And this section of the 3D List has been chronicling cuts in the cultural subsidies by attacking the conservatives on where they place their priorities...But maybe it isn't conservative ideology that is at fault. The new British prime minister is also a conservative, but Cameron announced this week that "17,000 troops, a fleet of fighter jets and an aging aircraft carrier would be sacrificed" in an attempt to balance the UK budget. He is suggesting an 8% cut to the annual defence budget. 3D thinks he's got the right idea. Are you listening Mark the Shark? 
...Finally, on the political front, 3D predicts that the new Dutch coalition government, consisting of three parties, with only 76 seats out of 150 seats, in parliament, will not last a year. 
A couple people e-mailed after reading about the Van Gogh's PR department snub to the "3D List" saying that they didn't think it "important." Yeah, that's the message 3D got, too. But how do you measure importance. Sheer numbers? The quality of numbers? That is, who are the people who take the time to click on to the weekly list? What? 

In September, something had gone wrong in my transferring a list to the blog spot. In searching for a solution to the problem, I discovered, "Stat." I clicked on. Wow, there was a list of countries from where the click ons had originated. China included. Yesterday, I checked it out again. Here are the statistics for the period "21st September to 20th October: NL---1,959; USA---240; Denmark---131; UK---90; Germany---62; Russia---45; Canada---44; Poland---34; Turkey---29; China and France---18." Who are these people; and why are they reading the "3D List?" The Internet is amazing.


Peddling past the BLOW UP Photographic Gallery (Elandsgracht/Hazengracht) I saw the space empty. Looks like another gallery has bit the dust.
...And more on GRID2010...The mystery as to why there are NO programs available, for this non-event, at places you would expect to find them, has been solved. 3D was told that there is a charge of 1.50 euro. Well, of course De Balie, OBA, SPS, etc do not "sell" flyers nor booklet programs. But why are none of the programs available at "participating" galleries? 3D suspects that they, too, had to "buy" them and either give them free and absorb the cost or sell them to clients which would seem cheap. 
...And still more about GRID2010...This from a gallery holder: "We're participating in the GRID...the 'organization' of GRID managed to make four mistakes in three artists' names, mentioning two artists who are only hanging in the gallery and not in the Winehall of the Cruquiusweg, not mentioning the artists' group whose pictures they published...not mentioning a specifically instructed 'courtesy of...' despite at least 10 e-mails, five telephone calls, four face-to-face conversations and sending them files with the right specifications file by file so no misunderstanding could arise. Signed S.R." The gallery went on to say that the opening night ceremony was a complete disaster and went into details ending with "I spent most of my time trying to mollify angry embassy official from the country of the photographers I was hanging."



Teun Voeten hasn't decided which is more affective. To tell a story of a thousand words with one photograph. Or, to tell a story in thousands of words with several photos. He is hanging b/w photographs at "VIP's International Art Gallery Amsterdam" (Spiegelgracht 8). The work is heavy on the contrast, but considering the subject matter, it is appropriate. He spent time below ground, literally, touring New York City's subway tunnels that are populated with "Tunnel People." There he chronicled this odd and diverse population of homeless people: Men, women, children and even cats. We see them preparing a meal; congregating and "partying" on a Friday night. (Hand printed on Silver Gelatin Fiber paper, Ed. 35, signed and numbered @ 450 euro.) 

The opening was also the occasion for two book presentations by Voeten. But one of the titles was not what you would have expected from a photographer because it is prose and he gives us background stories to go with an insert of 16 pages of b/w photos. Ironically, perhaps, he begins his tunnel exploring odyssey on the 31st of October, Halloween. He describes Riverside Park and the people jogging, walking their dogs, etc and oblivious to the fact "that right underneath their very feet is a hidden underworld." If you have any humanitarian sympathies, don't miss this show. (22.50 euro. ISBN: 978.1.60486.070.2, 304 pages. First published, 1996. This is the second edition.) 

The other book is titled "New York, New York," and you get what you expected: B/W photos of the architectural edifices that dot NYC's city scape; plus the homeless photos in this exhibition. Striking work. And he spotlights the classic buildings like 3D's two favorite NYC skyscrapers, the Art Deco masterpiece, The Chrysler Building (3xs); and the late 19th century gem the Flatiron Building, designed by Daniel Burnam (2xs). This is the catalog for the show and it is in a signed and numbered edition of 400 and priced at ONLY 10 euro. But there is a very limited supply remaining. Until __?__ https://vipsart.nl/ 
From a photographic exhibition that's heavy on contrast---capturing the NYC' homeless---to another also heavy on b/w contrast capturing the general population of various cities in Turkey. Ahmet Polat walks in two different worlds: the European and the Turkish by virtue of the fact that his mother is Dutch and his father Turkish. Raised in Holland and for the past five years living in Turkey. Thus he sees the Turkish society from different perspectives and he has a very good eye for subject matter: Young people hanging out at a Burger King; two lovers on a ferry; three professional? club? ladies sucking on their Marlboro's and beach scenes. His compositions are excellent. There is a very large photo (250x280 cms) of birds in flight hovering just above the ground. It could be a cell from the Hitchcock classic, "Birds." His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, New York Times, Paris Match and Vogue. Until 8th December. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 


Black is back! Well, it probably never went. Joep van Liefland is at SM Bureau Amsterdam (Rozenstraat 59) with two themes: Black and b/w contrast and media. And the show's title is, "Black systems (extended version)." On entering the space, you first notice a vitrine housing 12 video cassette cases all in black but with a few exceptions. A 2 and 1/2 by 3 meter wall hanging has the image of a TV that's on the fritz with the screen showing staggered b/w bars. Next to this, there is a canvas with the silkscreen of an old reel of tape from a tape recorder. Before it stands a c.50s Telefunken record player cabinet with a small Sony b/w c.60s TV. A film is playing from time to time being interrupted by a "lost signal" and, again, the staggered lines fill the screen. 

A seven by three meter black room has been constructed in the middle of the space. Enter it and you see two walls of black video cassettes; two vitrines of cell phones and TV remote controls; a cabinet with 10 b/w TVs of various sizes, plus other electronic equipment; and two walls of books that look like a compilation of various sets and with ornate bindings and all with the same title: VIDEO. Two prints portray moments in Radio/TV's evolutionary history. One is a b/w "test-pattern" which was common to see before TV programming became 24/7. The show, overall, is a study in conceptual redundancy held together around the theme of b/w and TV/Video. But forget the philosophy behind the concept and get off on the visual experience of contrast. Until 28th November. https://bit.ly/1uSN1xM
Amstel Gallery is at a new location----Stadhouderkade 155---and the first show was a visual delight with more colors then a showcase of penny candy. Mel Bagshaw (UK) inaugurates the space with highly polished and sometimes dramatic color photography. The linear notes describes one series, titled, "Doll Face," as "roles where women have a strong visual identity and potentially underling dominance and sexual power." What we see are 12 photos, of the same model, in 12 completely different roles and manifestations ranging from nurse, executive secretary, flight attendant, high school girl with lollipop, dominatrix madam, etc. The colors are in a word: Vibrant.

Several photos show the subject---a lady or ladies---sprawled on the floor, down a flight of stairs, across a road, etc. Depressing? Not at all,. The lady on the floor is dressed in orange down to her toes and contrasted against a b/w checkerboard floor. Another shows a woman lying at the bottom of a pool----lined with small tiles---in an orange bikini. In another, there are two ladies laying across a bowling alley dressed in zebra patterned dresses with a red and green bowling ball as a nuance. Beautiful work. (140x105 cms., photo in epoxy, Ed. 9 @ 4,500 euro; "Doll Face" series as installation, photo in epoxy, Ed. 12 @ 5,700 euro N.B. This is for the first four numbers only.) Until 27th November. 


Joke Firma is at Mokum Galerie (OZ Voorburgwaal 334) with a style that is a mix of realism and contemporary impressionism. That is, unlike true realism the imagery is not meticulously rendered in detail and unlike true impressionism the imagery maintains its integrity in form and color. What does make the work special is her skill with composition. Some of which form unusual scenes: a pumpkin patch; or two rotting pears with small crab apples and a dragon fly. (8x10 cms., oil on panel @ 500 euro; 20x30 cms., oil on linen @ 3,800 euro; 100x180 cms., oil @ 18,000 euro.) THREE RED DOTS 15 minutes into opening. Until 14th November. http://www.galeriemokum.com/ 
Johannes Karman is hanging paintings at "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552). He is a conceptual minimalist. A series of monochromatic "ribbed" canvases are in cream white and reflect Jan Schoonhoven in a favorable way. His color work is more daring and inventive. He overlaps two 30x30 cms., canvases and they are both basically monochromatic with some more so than others. That is, a red canvas, on close inspection, reveals two subtle diagonal red lines and each with a different shade from the other as well as the red of the surface painting. Next to it there are two yellow canvases and each have a black horizontal line dissecting the upper edge of each section. Two 200x20 cms., vertical canvases are curved and dramatically jut out from the wall, at the middle, by about 5 cms. He also hangs a neon sign reading: "The Light Is In Me." (46x38 cms., oil on canvas @ 925 euro; 61x38 cms., oil on canvas @ 1,200 euro; 201x20x5 cms., oil on canvas @ 1,900 euro.) 

Also showing is Herman van der Made who's works in stone. Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say he "enhances" found stones. He collects glacial stones washed up to the coast of Scotland, Denmark and Holland. As a result, most of the work are beautiful---and naturally shaped---ovals. But it is his carved nuances that bring them alive. One has an illusion of a face that brings to mind Modigliani. Next to it is a stone that has been split down the middle and one side is in its natural state and the other side has been polished. He has done this with other pieces as well. Minimal and elegant. (16x21x9 cms., granite @ 5785 euro; 22x21x13 cms., "gabbro" @ 900 euro; 38x19x17 cms., "basalt" @ 1,500 euro.) Until 13th November. https://bit.ly/2O2dGJ6 
LA has invaded the Amsterdam street art scene with its own version of the genre. "Street art" has come in from the cold and the practitioners of the style now work on canvas and paper. At Willem Kerseboom Gallery (Leidsegracht 38) you can see how three of LA's street artists have evolved in the transition from street to gallery. "Kofie" hangs compositions of geometric abstraction. A visual show stopper---if only because of its size (350x350 cms)---is dramatic and has an intensity created by a complicated series of linear angles and contrasting b/w areas. (60x60 cms., found paper, ball point pen, acrylic on panel @ 3,000 euro; 350x350 cms., acrylic/spray paint on canvas @ 25,000 euro.) 

"Retna"---not to be outdone by sheer size---has a canvas measuring 350c450 cms. And, wow, it is simple but busy in its imagery and dramatic and intense because of the contrasting b/w. The right side of the work is a portrait---could be a mime---and the left side is a series of symbols that resemble typography. Nice. Two small works feature portraits of ladies with an overlap of symbols creating tension. (135x95 cms., silkscreen, ink, Xerox collage and enamel @ 7,000 euro; 360x450 cms., @ 30,000 euro.)

In the other gallery....well, for something completely different...is the work of "Mear One." Each work, and without exception, is busy, busy, BUSY and often in different ways. A full body portrait of a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like maintains true skin color but the hair, dress and back ground and floor is a multicolor extravaganza. Three other works pay homage to Fritz Lang's classic SiFi film, "Metropolis" (1924?) with its towering and futuristic skyscrapers. "The Katharsis" (350x350 cms.) has, in addition to the architecture, a reference to American Indians with a profile of a Bald Eagle; and a reference to Da Vinci's schematic drawing of man. It has surreal elements plus graffiti and is titled, "Look What We Became." Also, there are several silkscreen prints from this same artist that are from editions of 5 to 100 and priced from 200 - 900 euro. (61x122 cms., oil on canvas @ 7,500 euro; 122x153 cms., oil on canvas @ 18,000 euro; 350x350 cms., oil on canvas @ 25.000 euro.) Until 13th November. https://bit.ly/2zLE86v 
Let's get it out of the way...WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! for Hans Op De Beeck (Belgium) now showing at RON MANDOS (Prinsengracht 282)...And, get this part, as 3D was locking his bike, I glanced at the windows and the space was dark. Ooops, I thought. Goofed again...However, I noticed that the door was open, so I went inside. Indeed, the space was in half light. Only a few strategically placed spotlights provided what light there was. And the space itself was a study in gray. (Come to think of it, I seem to recall that the painting referred to as "Whistler's Mother" is actually titled, "Study in Gray.") The show's title, "Still Lifes," perhaps should be suffixed with "Studies in Gray." The walls have all been painted gray and a dark gray/black carpeting covers the floor. The artist had demanded these embellishments as conditions for gallery to show him. Glad he did! The resulting atmosphere is dramatic.

The reason for this theatrical approach is that the work, in a sense, reflects a stage play. Scattered through the space there are tables standing about 130 cms., high. But, no, they are not ordinary tables. They are made of gypsum including their "tablecloth." Atop are maquettes that could be a design for a stage set...almost. As an example, one table has a two wall section with three windows; a fireplace with mantel; a desk and a chair; plus a pen and a pencil; and a tangerine, partially segmented; and a glass. The size relationship is not true. That is, while the desk and chair relate to each other in proportionate size---but are in miniature---the pen and pencil are actual size and appear to be much larger, relatively, to the desk and chair. On another table, there is a "still life" consisting of three bottles; a tree, a folding chair, a water fountain and three pine cones. Everything has been carved or molded with gypsum...And then the show gets more interesting. Op De Beeck also does washes, photography and video. A b/w wash of a gas station is in a word: Beautiful. This hangs perpendicular to a man sitting in a large ornate c.17th century formal drawing room which is lighted for affect. Another large piece looks like the cosmos and, again, in b/w. 

A video brings together several elements seen in the maquettes, but is also a study in contrast, linear abstraction, fantasy and there is, maybe, even a story. The musical score, which is a-tonal, sets the mood. You want more...Well, there is! A small gallery could be the studio for a contemporary music/sound composer. A large hexagonal table is topped with PCs. keyboards, sound speakers, various electronic pieces and the floor is strewn with electric cords and cables to feed the energy needed to bring it all to "life." And, again, all in gray. Great! (90x90 cms., photo mounted on Dibond Ed. 5 @ 9,000 euro; 100x81 cms., water color wash on Arches paper @ 11,500 euro; 84x103x132 cms., Ed. 3 sculpture, synthetic gypsum, steel & wood @ 30,000 euro.) THREE RED DOTS. Until 20th November. https://bit.ly/1NONWvU 
Esther Janssen is showing at Cokkie Snoei Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 11) with "Swell." The work vibrates from the wall! It is like the imagery was intensified with neon light. One painting depicts an American suburban housing tract with cookie cutter designs. Floating above this tranquil scene are 25 hot air balloons and while most are in traditional shapes a few are more daring. You will see other balloons looking like ponies, a heart (both the iconic style and a schematic one with arteries), a penis, Darth Vader, etc. A sculpture/object picks up on the horse imagery. We see a cage measuring 175 cms., high and 140x90 cms., enclosing a stylized blue pony with an exaggerated flesh colored penis; and don't overlook the pink bow on its rump. 

Another work is a collage of sewn fabric/material. The image is a cabinet holding a TV and stereo system. Another "painting" is a suburban Christmas scene with Santa Claus, elves, Jesus (and the cross), a giant penis with a Xmas tree formed from lights. Fun, whimsical and imaginative. Give it a WOW! It should be noted that the "paintings" are done digitally. She composes the work on a PC and prints editions. (60x60 cms., digital painting Ed 5 @ 2,000 euro; 43x43 cms., sewn paintings @ 3,400; 100x100 cms., sewn paintings @ 8,000 euro; "Pony" 130x90x140 cms---without platform---sewn sculpture @ 12,000 euro.) Until 20th November. http://www.cokkiesnoei.com/ 
There are always five artists at RudolfV (Kerkstraat 427) so you are sure to see something that gets your attention. In the front gallery there are mixed technique paintings made from plaster with marble powder added and mounted on cotton. Jan van der Ster then paints the imagery---using various techniques---which are often enhanced with typography. The result is conceptual figurative and an abstract visual experience. (30x45 cms., plaster/marble powder @ 750 euro; 45x65 cms., 800 euro; 100x120 cms., @ 2,500 euro.)...In the same room is the stone work of Fieke de Roij. She fashions from granite simple forms and often combines two pieces into one work. Most---if not all---is monumental. Elegance personified. (475 euro, 850 euro and 1,800 euro.)

Sjouke Dijkstra is a photographer who doesn't stop with the image captured digitally. It is only the beginning stage. Dijkstra takes the photo---and sometimes several---and manipulates the imagery with PhotoShop and prints on paper and canvas. You get distorted figurative imagery against an abstract/expressionistic background. (70x100 cms., @ 750 euro; 180x100 cms., @ 990 euro.)....In the back gallery is the work of Nerses Djaladian who makes conceptual figurative washes, on paper, which has nice influences from Picasso. There is a mix of styles and often with subliminal images. (450 to 900 euro.) 

And now for something completely different...Olivier de Crayon has come up with a new and an imaginative technique 3D has not seen before. He photographs a Tokyo' Ginza scene----with all its garish colors---then he transfers the imagery also onto a metal screen with a grid of pin-point holes. He cuts the metal into five cms., strips across. Next, he lays the actual photo into a frame and then adds the metal strips---staggering them across the image---and at about three or so cms., from the photograph. It creates an unusual illusion. Cool! (120x70 cms., mixed technique @ 2,200 euro; 100x100 cms., @ 2,500 euro.) Until 20thNovember. https://bit.ly/2mdb7ay 
There was a "finnesage" at Punt WG (Van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 15) for "Rooose" [sic] and that's all he wrote. Rooose is a conceptual sculptor that works with metal and keeps it simple. Very simple. An example is a two meter high staff with a five cms cross bar that sits atop. It is held by what looks like a small shovel that has been bent to provide a base support. His forms are all linear abstractions. Of the 10 pieces in the show, four have small glass or mirror attachments. Good work. https://bit.ly/2B6Wtfb 

Hanging on the walls was the work of Helga Kos who does abstract/expressionistic work. In some cases there is a hint to reality as if the work could be a landscape. Two works in pastel and pencil have a nearly subliminal figures and a childlike flavor in the imagery. Sorry I missed the opening and if you did too, well, it's all over baby blue. https://www.helgakos.nl/ 
Pala Salih is at De Levante (Hobbemastraat 28) with something very different. He constructs wooden boxes that when hung extend about 10 cms., from the wall. At the center of the form's surface he cuts a hole about 20x15 cms., and it is recessed thus creating a nook. Into the nook he arranges a coarse material or a small crunched canvas. The surface is painted in an expressionistic style, but he severally limits the colors to shades of white, gray and pale blue. (40x60 cms., @ 2,182 euro; 150x130 cms., @ 3,273 euro.)

Sharing the space is Safaa Khazal who uses the air brush technique to achieve a look of wrinkled fabric thus creating a distortion in the color of the fabric due to the refracted light and the fabric itself. Three are colorful and four are in b/w. Three of these combine the abstraction of the color distortion with another linear abstraction in contrasting b/w. (160x50 cms., air brush @ 700 euro; 160x110 cms., airbrush @ 1,400 euro.) Until __?__. https://bit.ly/2P7DrrT 


Reminder: Always be alert for the (?) symbol because it indicates that the info may NOT be correct. The "*" indicates the same thing in reference to the time. Call ahead for verification. This is the weekly "3D List" disclaimer.

THURSDAY: 21st October, 2010
THURSDAY: 21st October, 2010 

How odd...Nothing is happening...

FRIDAY: 22nd October
FRIDAY: 22nd October

13:30 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). The "Gallery Talks" program continues and features Rachel Esner. She will give a tour of certain exhibits in the current show, now on display, at the museum. FREE + museum entry fee. RSVP: reservations@stedelijk.nl, More info: https://bit.ly/2oTKhoK 

17-19:00 Art Affairs (Veemkade 354). Simon Raab's "what comes together must come apart." Expect colorfully conceptual work. www.artaffairs.net, https://bit.ly/2vJwS6Z 

(?)17:30* Gallery Rademakers (Prinsengracht 572). Thom Boekhoven"'s "Voorbij de Stilter." https://bit.ly/2JvtSz2 

17-19:00 Art-Inn (Servaes Noutsstraat 12). "Amsterdam Kleurencanon," by Mathilde uP, photography. http://www.mathilde.mupe.nl/

SATURDAY: 23rd October
SATURDAY: 23rd October

10-18:00 "foam" (Keizersgracht 609). GKf Festival. The Dutch Photographers Association is celebrating its 65th anniversary. They are hosting an international festival at "foam" on the theme, "The Value of Photography." "Admission free to photographers, photography students and anyone interested in photography." More info: https://bit.ly/2P9G10w

11:00 until 11:00 Sunday "Henk 24 Hours ADE [Amsterdam Dance Event] Festival (ITW-hall, NDSM-laan, Neveritaweg 1). It really is a "24 Hour" event which features a continuous showing of short videos and films for a total of 1,440 minutes...bring your own speed. The invite also says, "24 hours of electronic music, performance, art and much more." http://www.hollanddancefestival.com/ 

16-18:00 Art A Casa (Kerkstraat 411). "Hout Met X Factor," by Monique van Stokkum, paintings plus assemblages on old wood. https://bit.ly/2JL0Mff 

16-18:00 Gallery LWW (1e Bloemdwarsstraat 5). Ana Carvalho (Portugal), photography which she uses to "build an imaginary city full of imagination, fantasy and absurdity.." www.galerielww.nl

16-18:00 Galerie de Stoker (Witte de Withstraat 124). "fben-Leef je eens in in een stedeling...Maroesja bij Max." https://bit.ly/2Niwzqa 

17-19:00 Aschenbach & Hofland Galleries (Bilderdijkstraat 165c). Peter Vos, paintings. http://gerhardhofland.com/en/ 

17-19:00 Galerie Paul Andriesse (Westerstraat 187). Henri Jacobs and Stephen Wilk with "Carrousel." http://www.paulandriesse.nl/ 

17-19:00 Dom Polski (GGZ Building, Keizersgracht 174, second floor). "SAMEN," with Blanka Wasowicz and Rutger ten Broeke, photography. https://bit.ly/2M8mXlI 

17-19:00 Galerie Fons Welters (Bloemstraat 140). Shana Moulton with "The Castle of Secrets." In Playstation, Flurin Bisig's "The First Rendezvous." https://bit.ly/2NOPpoX 

17-19:00 Steendrukkerij Amsterdam (Lauriergracht 80). Alexander Lichtveld, "Lead & Pencil." https://bit.ly/2NkuUAi 

17-19:00 A. Gelink Gallery (Laurierstraat 187). Sarah van Sonsbeeck, "Breaking the Silence." In The Bakery, David Malijkovic (Crotia). https://bit.ly/2u9Hxa3 

17-19:00 Galerie Rob Koudijs (Elandsgracht 12). Annemarie van Gorkom and Mi-Ah Rödiger, new jewelry. https://bit.ly/2LtDmQm 

17-19:30 Gallery Gabriel Rolt (ELandgracht 34). Paul Haworth with "5." https://bit.ly/2nFBTck 

(?)17-19:00 Mart house Gallery (Prinsengracht 529). Jack W. Holden, paintings, videos and sculpture. https://bit.ly/2AR5kS0 

(?) P/////AKT (Zeeburgerpad 53). Jean Bernard Koeman. https://bit.ly/2LTHPwH 

SUNDAY: 24th October
SUNDAY: 24th October

16-18:00 WALLS (Prinsengracht 737). "Multiple Choice," and indeed that's what you get...18 artists showing. https://bit.ly/2vM1C77 

16-18:00 "outLINE Amsterdam" (Oetewaalserstraat 73). "A great exhibition of 20 painters connected with PRESENTeert, a pamphlet on painting 'challenging the myth of the painter.'" https://bit.ly/2MdcR2V, https://bit.ly/2LzEjXq 

WEDNESDAY: 27th October
WEDNESDAY: 27th October 

17:30-22:00 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (Gashouder, Westergasfabriek). This is the preview night and admission is by invite only. You DO need the card. Contact a participating gallery that knows you and request one. The event is daily until the 30th October. There is also a discount card---two for the price of one---and it is available online: https://bit.ly/2lYcw2M 

20:30 W139 (Warmoesstraat 139). "Ginterdorfer/Klassen-LA JET SET." This could be interesting. "Jet Set" is composed of "Saga" and six other Ivorian immigrants living in a Paris suburb. "They examine the tension between European theatre and African street dance culture." In French with English translation. Entry: 9 euro. https://bit.ly/2JitdRx 

THURSDAY: 28th October
THURSDAY: 28th October

11-17:30 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (see Wednesday, 27th Oct) 

10-17:00 & 19-21:00 Auctionhouse De Zwaan (Keizersgracht 474). Viewing days are until Sunday. For more info and the online catalog: https://bit.ly/2Mh8gJ4 

19:00 Schijnheilig (Passeerdersgracht 23). "A visual art exhibition 'Creative Cities, Artistic Towns & Fantastic Villages.'" No website on invite.

19:30 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). The "Talking Film" program continues with Navid Nuur (Iran) that "takes [you] along on a visual excursion" with Bart Rutten. 5 euro + Museum entry. RSVP: reservations@stedelijk.nl, More info: https://bit.ly/2HgDUVe 

As always, much to do this week. Saturday is a normal very, very busy day. And the diversification of what is on show is almost overwhelming. All of it right here in good ol' surprising Amsterdam. You don't have to hop on a bus, Gus; nor take a plane, Jane, to see something you have never seen before. Suffice, Mike, the bike will get you there. And Dan the Man will greet you at the door. Floor. You just gotta DO IT! 3D told you so. 

Photo: Jeroen Henneman at SLEWE, Photograph by: Dixie Solleveld