Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #41

3D keeps screaming that the recession is over! And there is more evidence that supports that contention. Last week saw RED DOTS in multiple numbers at a couple of galleries. Then there was the Affordable Art Fair. A report from just two galleries made me smile.

"Gallery nine" reported 18 RED DOTS which is a wonderful surprise since they show conceptual avant garde work; and RudolfV had 8 Red Dots. I had three e-mails from readers saying that they found there way to Art A Casa and bought "sardines." They were over joyed with their purchase and the price. Folks, this is what it is all about. Artists creating and people BUYING. It makes the world go round. Putting money into circulation. Buying art is better than an ocean cruise and there is no sea sickness to suffer from. It's win-win.

P.S. There may be an interruption with the 3D List posting in the coming weeks. As regular readers know I do the list at the new Open Bare Bibliotheek. However, I have been pushed out. This has created a problem. I am now in the process of filing a discrimination suit against the library. I never would have dreamed, until recently, I would be forced into a position of doing such a thing in this country...But, hey, the times are a changin'. 


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Art Fair Review: Het Sieraad: Jewelry

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Scams, scams and more scams...The misuse of the Internet is appalling. Last week, I sent an e-mail to someone castigating them for passing on to me click-on address for one of those "...Friends, I recently found a very good site. It can offer you..." deals. She replied that she had not. Of course, she hadn't, but how was I suppose to know. Well, you never do. A month or so ago, I got another of these "I recommend you try this site to buy..." And who sent that? ME! But I hadn't! How do these people get our e-mail addresses? Trickery is how. 

In reviewing these incidents, I recall that the same lady who had NOT sent me the e-mail with her reply address had sent an e-mail sometime last summer. There was just a click-on which said something about photos and had my full name. When I clicked on, I got a blank page. I assume that that was the "bait" and I took it hook, line and sinker. BEWARE.
ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: At Fotovakschool (Nieuw Spiegelstraat 10, formerly de Appel's space) is a workshop lead by Alice Ramos (Brazil) for beginners with a basic knowledge of photography. Language: English. FREE. Maximum: 30 people. RSVP: cathelijn.st.amsterdamphoto@gmail.com 
ATTENTION ARTISTS: "AVRO...is looking for students who like to participate in a debate on art subsidies...Please send in your artistic opinion on how to finance the arts, what importance the arts has, and what is going to happen to art without much of the subsidies. More info at: https://bit.ly/2Mrxqbf. Want to participate? Contact: Ernst-Jan Hamel/AVRO at: ernst-jan.hamel@avro.nl 
Since the opening of The Temporary Stedelijk, at the end of August, there have been 50,000 visitors. 
See what is happening on the Den Haag art scene at: https://bit.ly/2Bk3Pfz 
"The Paris Review" was founded in 1953 by a group of writers and editors---and published in English---is now online and FREE: www.theparisreview.org. "Spend sometime with the rambling 1968 interview with a pill-popping Jack Kerouac, who by the end is so whacked-out that he asks his interlocutor, 'Why is there a little white beard in your mortality belly?'" Each issue has one or two interviews. The very first was with E.M. Forster. He was followed by Hemingway, Jorge Luis Broges, Hunter S. Thompson plus another 300.
Memo to Mark the Shark and Derk the Jerk. The new prime minister and one of his appointed ministers wants the Netherlands to emulate the American Dream. Here is the current status of that NIGHTMARE. "It is 6th in global innovation based on competitiveness, but 40th in rate of change over the last decade [thank you Georgie Porgie II]; 11th among industrialized nations in fraction of 25 to 34 year-olds who have graduated from high school; 16th in college completion rate; 22nd in broadband Internet access; 24th in life expectancy [hey, folks, that is what universal health care is all about]; 27th among developed nations in proportion of college students receiving degrees in science or engineering; and 48th in quality of K-12 math and science education...Charles M. Vest, the former M.I.T. president, worked on the study...[he said] 'This is not a pretty picture, and it cannot be washed away.'" See complete article, "Can't keep a bad idea down," by Thomas L. Friedman at: www.iht.com, (28th October). 

...And more about DREAMLAND..."US falls in corruption survey, moving down three places to 22nd," by David Jolly (www.iht.com, 27th October). The least corrupt are 1) New Zealand; 2) Denmark; 3) Singapore; and the Netherlands is ranked, 7th. 

...Nor should we overlook the fact that the "economic liberalism" that endears Mark the Shark's heart for the USofA nearly brought about the total collapse of the world economic structure. Also, the USofA has not had a favorable balance of trade in products (manufactured goods, agriculture, etc) since 1971. So much for the benefits of "economic liberalism." 
Did you know that Oscar Wilde's mother, Speranza, named him "Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde?" Just thought you would.
MuseumNacht is this Saturday. 3D says go at your own risk. The promotion brings out an army of people. This results in very, very long lines at popular exhibitions. The wait can be an hour or more which makes the specially priced ticket---that allows you entrance to all venues---an expensive investment since you may only be able to see three or four shows because of the lines. 3D is campaigning for a Paris style museum night where the venues are open until sun up on Sunday and ALL are FREE. 
METROPOLITAN/DELI (Warmoesstraat 135) is celebrating its first anniversary. This Saturday, at 20:00. you have read about Kees Raat's incredible chocolate creations in this section of the 3D List previously. Now check out for yourself what an eating experience it can be to sink your teeth into the dark brown delights. There are taking this occasion to introduce the following: "cerious breakfast" [sic], "cafe Bicerin," and ice cream with a dip sauce. Enjoy!


Until the 20th century, jewelry was more about making a statement of wealth than it was about adornment. Precious jewels and gold, in abundance, that dangled from the necline, the wrist and graced every digit of the hand. The 20th century brought to the market "costume jewelry" where the diamonds and rubies were made from paste. But it did decorate and accent the body and clothes. Towards the end of the century, "new jewelry" became a term to describe the new niche in the market. New jewelry is made from everything thing imaginable. It is sometimes simple, other times highly elaborate and everything in between. 

You now have a perfect opportunity to see an unbelievable and comprehensive overview of what is available and from around the world at SIERAAD until this Sunday. But let me take you on a very short tour:

Malu Berbers works with---of all things---plastic. But don't let that put you off because you won't see it. The bracelets are real cool and the brooches and necklaces are a surprise as well. She draws, in water proof ink, on the plastic. The same with the rings. 59 to 129 euro...Angela Jansen works with rubber, metal, plastic and crystals. she shapes the material into rings, ear rings, necklaces and bracelets. One series consists of whimsical animals like you expect to see in a Dr. Seuss children's book. 15 to 85 euro...Isablel Schaupp does a full range of jewelry from rings to necklaces. Some pieces are elaborate with beads, wire and miniature wire "baskets." 75 to 760 euro...Eva Schreuder works with gold and silver plated in very simple styles which come across elegantly. She etches words like "you" and I'll" onto the metal. She does these in edition of 17 and they sell for an amazing 17 euro. Sweetwater pearl ear rings @ 62.50 euro....

Frauke Timmermans does a take-off on 19th century silhouette cut-outs, but in metal. Also, necklaces made of felt with gold or silver adornments. 40 to 230 euro. ..Eelco Veenman does something completely different. A large necklace resembles a young girls charm bracelet with 33 "charms." It is titled, "Collector." It refers to things the designer has made over the years but now in miniature like a bird cage, knife and parachute. Some items you can wear and some you can't. But you gotta see them! 1,000 to 6,000 euro...Zita Jansen does more traditional jewelry design but the fun is in the presentation. You will see a large maple tree branch, above the booth, with examples hanging like Christmas tree ornaments.The material she uses is gold, silver,, bronze and textile/fabric. In fact, her rings are interchangeable with a pearl, fabric and a metal base. You can take it part and arrange it to fit your mood. Clever. 250 to 4,000 euro...

Ute van der Plaats works with themes. Her necklaces tell a story and there is a brooch that is like a footnote to the tale. She uses the same theme to make two necklaces and one brooch. Everything can be purchased separately. The material is more often than not, recycled from the flea market. But you will find a couple of pieces that are reproductions of Roy Lichtenstein's work. Very nice. 30 to 450 euro...Nelle Content shapes meta that looks like the results of someone peeling an apple where the skin is of an irregular line and with a three dimensional effect.. Well, this is another one you gotta see. 90 to 300 euro..."...Fabienne Vuilleumier uses plastic and silver; and the results are elegant. Kid you not! 100 to 2,000 euro...Julia Miltenberger uses super light neoprem to make colorful geometric designed work. Nice. 12 to 89 euro...Looking for good kitsch? Look no further than at what Sally Collins has to offer. She has it in spades! She combines silver, gold with textile and fabric. She crochet, tears, cuts, etc and more often than not combines it all into simple to elaborate pieces. 45 to 2,200 euro.

Don't miss "Stone Matters." It is a large installation consisting of rubber inner tubes used for the tire of scooters to big trucks and measuring 25 to 150 cms., in diameter. But that's what gets your attention. On an adjoining wall there is a display of jewelry by 20+ designers. Expect to see anything and everything you don't expect to see. More? A large booth is titled, "Inspiration." It is just that. Work inspired by who knows what? But the results are very nice. Eight people, all Dutch, contributed. 35 to 3,900 euro. Oh, yeah, there is nothing "traditional" about the work. 

On your way out, you will find the only new jewelry gallery at the fair, "galerie ra." But they are not showing any trinkets. Instead there are nearly 200 book titles on display all about new jewelry and design. 

There is a very well illustrated catalog available at 3 euro.

In conjunction with this event there is also the "DowntownArtJewelry Festival...A jewelry route through Amsterdam. from the 4th to the 7th of November. More info at: www.bsidefestival.wordpress.com, and for a map and list of participants: www.bsidefestival.wordpress.com/where-is-the-b-side/ that you can print out. 


...And more on Grid1020...The final nail...A gallery holder came up to 3D, last weekend, at an opening, and handed me the illusive GRID2010 program saying " I just got it a few days ago. Thought you would like to see it." It is rather useless. There is no real Table of Contents. There is a page, at the beginning, that has "Locaties" (locations) and that is divided into ten geographical areas. But there are NO page numbers for the locations; in fact, there are NO page numbers at all in the program. 

"AMSTERDAM-OOST/cruquius" is the first section. The first two pages are for "Duitsland." The next two are for "Polen" and the third is "Tsjechie." The pages that follow are: Kenya and Columbia.There is NO alphabetical order, not by country, gallery nor by photographers' names. This is also true for the other geographical designations. Nor is there an index at the back. How do you find the names of galleries, photographers or a country, you are particularly interested in, is any ones guess.

Nor is there a standard style to the type face. The type face design changes from page to page; there is a mix of bold and normal, but no consistency. The pica size also changes from page to page. Then there are typos like "De balie," in bold and red print. On the opposite page, with a photograph, it is "De Balie." 

And this is suppose to be "GRID2010 International Photography Biennale Amsterdam Metropolitan Area [sic]," however it is ALL in Dutch with a few exceptions; and those exceptions are ONLY in English and a few in both languages. The introduction, written by the Managing Director,r is nearly unintelligible in the English translation. To wit: "She [Amsterdam] wants to go from its social orientation committed to a society of acceptance, respect and tolerance are central. This is already more than eight years reflected in the design and implementation of a comprehensive arts education and social societal programming." Huh?



A special performance was staged at W139 (Warmoesstrat 139) by the Paris group, JET SET. Three male performers entranced the audience for 90 minutes in an exhilarating theater piece. All were dress in black and leathered and/or bedecked in a scarf or necklace. Two were black and one white. One black man spoke in French and the white man translated his words into English. The group have their origins in the Paris suburbs and carrying on the influences established by Doug Saga (1974-2006) who was from the Ivory Coast of Africa. He along with six other Ivorian immigrants founded a band which mixed Congolese soukous (music) and choreogrpahy. 

The black man told a story. It was real and it was improvised to suit the place and situation. They projected the dialog with beat and dance. It was, in a way, a continuous rap, in both English and French, done with style and rhythm. The dance became robust as the story developed. They were fun as well. 

One black player was silent for the first half. At one point, he takes out an enormous 50 cms., long cigar and lights up arrogantly and blows smoke in our faces. Another performer goes up to a photographer, who had been recording the event, and begins to lick the lens of his camera. All this was against a black curtain that was five meters high and lined the back wall of the space.

It was an evening of spectacular and entertaining theater. The players were Gotta Depri, Hauke Heumann and Franck Edmond Yao. (No web-site listed for the group. www.w139.nl.) 


Galerie Serieuze Zaken Stuioos (Laurierstraat 96) is hanging the work of Roland Berning who is now doing something different while sticking with the same themes that he introduced into his oeuvre 25 years ago. The Disney elements is still there as is the fun and games and jokes. Already in the early 90s he was playing with the figurative vs abstract/expressionism. He has coninued to develop that style and has added collage parts to enhance it all. A new element are the cut holes which resemble the type where you stick your head in and become Mona Lisa. 

But back to the overall imagery...He breaks all the rules for compositon going to the edge of both the figurative and expressionistic. Some works have a strong flavor of street art. In several pices the same figure appears and always in the same pose, dress and colors. There is a series of six drawings titled: "Pinocchio." He has taken pages from an over sized children's coloring book an embellished them in a variety of ways. Nice! SEVEN RED DOTS. (42.5x55 cms., drawing @ 800 euro; 70x90 cms., oil on canvas @ 2,250 euro; 160x122 cms., mixed media/acrylic on triplex @ 4,000 euro.) There is also a catalog specially priced at 10 euro; 90 pages, hardbound in 4-color. Until 1st December. https://bit.ly/2mrkyDb 
There is a new gallery in town: Jeanie Hofland Contemporary Art (De Clercqstraat 62). the first exhibition is for a Canadian artist, Michael Jones, in a show titled, "Tolerance Time." The press release says, "Jone's project revolves around the complex motion of tolerance post-9/11 in relation to the Vancouver Multicultural Society's state sponsored activities of the 1980s and 90s." He expresses the theme in several ways. At the entrance to the gallery there is a sign in 51 languages (except English) that says "Welcome." Inside, there is an abstract mosaic collage that says, "Learn the rules." A photograph shows a similar piece but it flanked on four corners with a quarter section of the world globe. On the wall there is a four-color "unity symbol" in yellow, red, black and white. 

Included is an eight minute 16mm film, "Broken Window," which combines all the factors into a short scenario. It is a drama of sorts involving a police officer---played by the artist himself. Another wall of the gallery has about 20 or so posters all promoting the virtues of a multicultural society. (91.5x61 cms., ink on whiteboard @ 970 euro; 83x63 cms., broken mosaic tile @ 1,250 euro; 90x61 cms., acrylic on paper @ 1,500 euro; "Broken Window" 16mm, 8:04 min Ed. 3 @2,500 euro.) Until __?__ No web-site address listed. 
At SEELEVEL (OZ Voorburgwal 153) are about seven photographers. All female? Anyway, from the price list 3D was able to determine five first names to be female; the other two were listed as: "Freudenthal/Verhagen." But I digress...The styles are as diverse as is the subject matter. Unfotunately, while there is a price list, there is NO key that indicated who did what neither by number nor location. there are NO name tags nor numbers with the works. Hey, give us a break! This is becoming too common amongst galleries. Is it that they overlook the obvious or are too lazy? (Editions range from 5 to 10; and prices from 1,000 to 5,600 exclusive BTW.) Until __?__
Erik Andriesse (1957-1994) died too young. Too young because he was taking the figurative and representational into uncharted areas. The work, in this exhibition, at Galerie De Expeditie (Leliegracht 47), consist of drawings that he made between 1985-1993. You will see flowers, skulls (human and animal) and skeletons. But don't let that keep you away since both the skulls and the skeletons are either studies in b/w and shades of gray or expressionistic. He had a fascination with flowers and he did them differently from any other artist you have seen. The works are all on paper in chalk, charcoal, ink and/or wash. FIVE RED DOTS. (34.5x48 cms., @ 3,000 euro; 69.5x99 cms., @ 7,500 euro; 300x138.5 cms., @ 18,500 euro). Until 4th December https://bit.ly/2MaB2y0 
"tegenboschvanvreden" (Bloemgracht ____) has a group show of five artists with a theme that, well, it is not really apparent. There are several pieces that are maquettes of buildings made from either wood or plaster or both. A plastic sack is stuffed with lots of plastic sacks in various colors. Five cardboard Black & Decker boxes, in different sizes, are aligned as one. A stck of eating plates and cup saucers are all of different sizes and stacked in a way the the final shape looks like a big egg.

A two meter high plaster head is monumental if only because of its size. There is an "installation" of 20, 30 or more transformers with their wiring meandering from the center like the tenacles of an octopus. As to who did what? That's anyone guess. No names tags nor numbers. But there is a price list with photos for each work. (Khan Lee's plastic bags @ 1,125 euro; to Johan Tahin's plaster/metal head---222x140x160 cms., @ 27,500 euro and everything else priced in between.) Until __?__ https://bit.ly/1ijJJ6u 
Hebert Hoffman (1919-2010) was not a photographer, but someone who took pictures. His "Living Pictures" are now on view at TEN HAAF PROJECTS (Laurierstraat 248). The collection documents a subculture of people who decorate their bodies with tattoos; they range in age from the young to some in their 50s and 60s. In 1961, he opened a tattoo parlor in Germany. What you will see are his clients with their bodies exposed to the camera including genitalia. The latter is represented with two penis heads that have a cartoon face tattooed on them. And females are also part of his "diary." The people appear to be quite ordinary; and perhaps the tattoos are meant to tell their story or the story of their alter ego. No matter. These b/w photos are striking in their grotesqueness. Damn, forgot to check the price list. Until 18th December. https://bit.ly/2ux13gg 


Reminder: The (?) indicates that the info could be incorrect. And the "*" means the same when it comes to the times. You are advised to phone ahead. 

THURSDAY: 4th November, 2010
THURSDAY: 4th November, 2010

17-21:00 Het Sieraad Jewelry Fair (Gashouder, WesterGasterrein). This is an unusual fair because only individual jewelry designers are invited---NO galleries. This means cheaper prices and the chance to talk with the maker of an item that you will cherish. This year 205 international designers participate including 17 booths for "young talent." https://www.sieraadartfair.com/nl/ 

17:30 "foam" (Keizersgracht 609). "Immersion, fotografie & Video," with Alexandre Maubert, Justine Pluvinage and Vera Sch"ope. There are two other locations for this exhibition of young French photographers. See below. https://bit.ly/2Lavlwl 

17:30 Maison Descartes (Vijzelgracht 2a). See above at "foam." 

17:30 Museum Van Loon (Keizersgracht 672). See above at "foam." 

18-21:00 LOCUSLUX Amsterdam (Brouwersgracht 151). Pascal Danz' solo exhibition with "out of focus." https://bit.ly/2Mj8jYW 

19:30 Stedelijk Musuem (Paulus Potterstraat 13). "Theory Talks: The modes of history...looks at the different modalities of history that (art) historians have available for incorporation into a contemporary practice." Hendrik Folkert, Keith Moxey (Columbia Univ., NYC), Donald Preziosi (UCLA, LA) and moderated by Eric de Bruyn (Groningen Univ). Language: English. Entry: "5 [euro] entrance fee museum," not sure what that means. RSVP: reservations@stedelijk.nl, https://bit.ly/2HgDUVe  

FRIDAY: 5th November
FRIDAY: 5th November

11-18:00 Het Sieraad Jewelry Fair (See Thursday for more info)

13:30 Stedelijk Museum (Paulus Potterstraat 13). "GalleryTalks," with Liesbeth Bik who "leads a tour focusing on highlights from the two exhibitions" now on view. Language: English. FREE, but you pay museum entry. https://bit.ly/2HgDUVe 

16:00 "cbk-amsterdam" (Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71). "Installatie Muck," by Daniel Verkerk. www.cbkamsterdam.nl

17-19:00 Persmuseum (Zeeburgerkade 10). Book presentation for "Empty Your Pocket," by the photographer/artist, George Maas. This is an on going project by Maas where he asks men to "Empty Your Pocket[s]." You will see 289 examples and probably even 3D exposing himself. Huh? https://bit.ly/2MrDqAL 

17-19:00 ARTTRA (2e Boomdwarsstraat 4). Photobook presentation for Aram Tanis, "Blowing Smoke and Seahorses." Works in b/w. http://www.arttra.nl/ 

17-19:00 AYACS (Keizersgracht 166). Stijn Mulder, paintings. https://bit.ly/2OjVnhR 

17-20:00 [De is Ka] (Hirsch Building, Leidseplein 23). "The story comes full Circle." An "exhibition featuring the historical photographs taken in Atelier Jacob Merkelbach in the Hirsch Building in the period 1913 through 1969." An interpretation of the work by Isi Kunath. https://bit.ly/2Mf3ATS 

17-19:00 Oranjekerk (2e van der Helststraat 1). Jo Hameleers, paintings. https://bit.ly/2OJgEBS

17:00 or 18:00 Chellerie (Raamgracht 58). The invites list TWO times. "De dames Fokkens," a duo exhibit for Louis and Martine Fokkens. They paint the Red Light District in a naive style. 3D suspects that they use to sit behind the windows too. According to The American Heritage Dictionary (1st edition) the English word "fuck" is from 17th century Dutch word "fokken" which means to breed. Tell me about it. See what you can learn by reading the 3D list. No website address.

19:30-21:00 Op Stekker (Noorderstraat 61). Angel Gonzales Llacer (Spain) paintings. https://bit.ly/2L22QAh 

20:00 DasArts (Mauritskade 56). Bojana Bauer gives " a lecture on the complex relation between language and embodied artistic practices." FREE. https://bit.ly/2w0YPX8  

20:30 SKYBOX (Marcusstraat 52). Arnout Killian and Willy Wodka. This is the smallest, tinest, most miniature gallery in Amsterdam. Kid you not. https://bit.ly/2MuCjQS 

SATURDAY: 6th November
SATURDAY: 6th November 

11-18:00 Het Sieraad Jewelry Fair (See Thursday for more info)

15:00 Galerie PETIT (NZ Voorburgwal 270). Be J. Birza, sculpture work and Anna Metz, etchings. https://bit.ly/2MlNQlc 

16:00 MLB Exposities (Witte de Withstraat 32). "Joy of the Earth & Light of our Pottery," ceramics by Junko Shigaki and Erika Futo. https://bit.ly/2zzw6O6 

16-19:00 Jaski Art Gallery (Nieuw Spiegelstraat 29). Emilio Kruithof' "The Gift." http://www.jaski.nl/ 

16-19:00 Galerie Brandt (Prinsengracht 799). Emmanuel Barcilon (France), abstract paintings. http://brandtgallery.com/ 

17:00 Van Zijll Langhout Gallery (Brouwersgracht 161). Go Eum (Korea) whose exhibition was inspired by the Korean poem, "Till A Peony Blooms." Film, video, collages and an installation. https://bit.ly/2m7l7Sk 

17-20:00 VERVERS Gallery Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 57). "Fiat Lux, let there be light," group show of 12 photographers doing the 80s and part of the "Fantastic Photography" nationwide exhibition. https://bit.ly/2mkqkqc 

17:00 Galerie M. van Zomeren (Prinsengracht 2776). Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes, "Detail in Reverse." http://martinvanzomeren.nl/shows 

(?)17-19:00 Galerie D. Stigter (Elandstraat 90). Helen Verhoeven's "The Thingly Character." https://bit.ly/2LcyITk 

19:00 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). "Ignite Amsterdam 2," "...a wide variety of speakers to express themselves, their work, or an idea. Musicians,, artists, designers and writers will take turns wooing you just five minutes." At least 19 people and/or organizations take part including the ubiquitous Papa Adama. He does get around. Entry:P 3 euro. RSVP: https://bit.ly/2vC2IzX 

19:00 Smart Project Space (Arie Biemondstraat 111). "Smooth Structures," seven artists, curated by "Enough Room for Space," a Rotterdam based artists' collective. https://bit.ly/2ufXTyc 

SUNDAY: 7th November
SUNDAY: 7th November

11-18:00 Het Sieraad Jewelry Fair (This is the last day. See Thursday for more info). 

15:00 Galerie Ei (Adm de Ruijterweg 154). Michel van Dam. No website address. 

16:00 ABC Treehouse (Voetboogstraat 11). Rene Zuiderveld, photography. "Rene's work often expresses itself through a sharp use of color, a nod to the kinky/fetish world, and through the sometimes joyful eroticism." https://bit.ly/2Jp6HX6 

TUESDAY: 9th November
TUESDAY: 9th November

18:00 Bellamy-etalages (N.B. @ Euroland, Kinkerstraat 279 + other locations in the neighborhood). "Caissieres Kiezen Kunst." Reception at 18:00 at Beeldend Gesproken (Borgerstraat 102). https://www.beeldendgesproken.nl/ 

20:00 NIMk (Keizersgracht 264). Olia Lialina (Russia) "will discuss...the subject of Digital Folklore and the book on this subject." Entry: 2.50 euro. Language: English. https://bit.ly/2m4s9Hy 

20:00 DasArts (Mauritskade 56). Jan Verwoert will lecture on "'What Was Mine Is Yours Now: Theft and Empathy.' The success model of corruption versus a culture of compassion." https://bit.ly/2w0YPX8 

WEDNESDAY: 10th November
WEDNESDAY: 10th November

20:30 STEIM (Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134). "Hotpot Lab #11 - Niche Music Talk 2" "There are just too many songs on iTunes and too many sub-genres to explore, so we have invited some expert listeners to help to help us navigate through this mess." USB sticks are welcome. Five separate programs. FREE. https://bit.ly/2Mh0jaN, http://steim.org/ 

THURSDAY: 11th November
THURSDAY: 11th November

14-16:00 ARCAM (Prins Hendrikkade 600). "Uitnodiging lancering UAR Amsterdam." RSVP: w.thissen@nai.nl, www.nai.nl/uar
Sorry for the delay in this weeks list but 3D ended up making use of three different locations to use the Internet. So it has been done quickly with no times for all the nice little touches. Apologizes for all the mistakes that I haven't the time to look for. Life is hard!

Photo: Photograph by: Diederick Kraaijeveld