Going back in time: Daniel Gould’s 3D List, Art in Amsterdam #7

We're living in a winter wonderland...Snow, snow and more snow, but it all adds up to perhaps only 10 centimeters. In the American Midwest, where 3D grew up, that amounts to no more than a winter's sneeze. It's easy sliding.

Someone told me the Amsterdam' artist club, the Kring, canceled their new year reception last Sunday because of the weather conditions. It probably wasn't really necessary because the gallery crowds on Saturday were okay. Enough people turned-out to keep the large open rooms warm and cozy. The only thing missing were the red dots. That's something that we, as an art loving community, must work on. 


Bits & Pieces:
Art Fair Review: REALISME10
What You Missed Last Week:
What Is Happening This Week: 


The "Foam Album 09" is now available with "A portrait of 2009." It is an overall view of Foam's activities for the last year. https://www.foam.org/nl/home. Available on line or at the museum's bookstore. No price listed on the announcement.
DasArts has announced a "call for applications" and the deadline is 29th January. www.dasarts.nl/application 
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Registration now open for the 6th anual "powerHouse Portfolio" review in Brooklyn (NYC, USA), on the 28th February at DUMBO. http://powerhouseportfolioreview.com/ 
What is in a word? This correction appeared in the Int Herald Tribune: "An appraisal...about David Levine, the caricaturist for the New York Review of Books...may have left the incorrect impression that the Russian writer Aleksandr Pushkin, the subject of one of Levine's drawings, was homosexual. The description of Pushkin as 'a gay man' was a reference to his demeanor, not his sexual orientation." You gotta watch what you say and how you say it!
The comic strip "Non Sequitur" has a lady "interviewing" a man as a possible husband. She asks him to complete the following sentence: "The perfect man is..." He ponders the question than replies: "An oxymoron!" 
Laser 3.14, Amsterdam's street poet, strikes again...Actually twice, at the same address. Seen at 2e Laurierdwarsstraat 60, "Your Lips Started and Ended It All." And, "A Harvest of Broken Dreams." Not sure if he is ending another relationship or starting one anew.
A 3D reader, Cappy J., forwarded this address: www.kickstarter.com. It is an American organization that introduces projects in need of funding capital to an on-line international audience. They list your description of your concept and allow "investors" to post through their credit card a sum of money. If enough people pledges enough to represent the amount you need the money is then turned over to you. They are now in the process of expanding internationally.
"The 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating," by Tera Parker-Pope was a repeat on the New York Times web site. Here they are in order: 1. Beets, raw; 2. Cabbage, raw on sandwich or in a salad; 3. Swiss Chard, sauteed in olive oil; 4. Cinnamon, sprinkle on coffee or oatmeal; 5. Pomegranate juice, lowers blood pressure; 6. Dried plums or prunes to you; 7. Pumpkin seeds, roasted and as a snack; Sardines, packed in olive oil, eat plain, in a salad or on bread with a sliced onion and mustard; 9. Turmeric, "The superstar of spices," mix with scramble eggs or in any veggie dish; 10. Frozen Blueberries, blend with yogurt or make a smoothie; 11. Canned pumpkin, mix with butter, cinnamon and nutmeg. More details at: www.MensHealth.com (As of 14th January, this article was listed #2 as "Most Popular" for NYTimes readers. Go to the "home page" (www.nytimes.com) and scroll down to "Most Popular" on the right hand side.) 
...And if the latter interests you, this may also: "17 Bad Skin Habits to Break." www.lifestyle.msn.com. You would probably guess this one is on the list: Smoking. "...If you keep smoking...you'll develop more and more deep wrinkles and blotchier skin tone...every decade [ten years] of smoking results in a perceived extra 2.5 years of age." Ladies, that means if you started at 20, then at 50 you will look 60.
Damn! Got it WRONG, again. List #17 reviewed the Pépé Smit show at "witzenhausen Gallery." 3D mentioned the hand puppet that looked like an alien with a mouth as big as its face and with teeth. Smit informed me it really represents "Vagina dentate, a tooth vagina as in old myths where men are haunted by it..." Hey, it gives 3D nightmares too. 
These things are happening at the ABC Treehouse (Voetboogstraat 11). "The Music box" is an initiative of ABC-T that features singers, song writers and musicians who are beginning artist or experienced ones trying out new material. Every last Friday of the month. Entry 5 euro.

At the same place is "Wordplay at the Treehouse which is a monthly open forum for poetry, fiction, humor or anything else based on the spoken word performance. Friday, 22nd January, 20-22:00. Entry 5 euro. https://bit.ly/2Jp6HX6 
ART FAIR REVIEW: REALISME10 (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam). 

Art Fairs are both rewarding as they are frustrating. Rewarding because of all that you see; and frustrating because, to see it ALL, you can't give any one gallery---not to mention---any one work the proper time for appreciation. But, to be more positive, you know which gallery you should ask to be included on their mailing list. 

This year, 3D is being very selective while trying to give a good overview of what is showing where as to style. Here goes...

On entering the PTA the first thing one notices is that they are flanked by an "army" of gnomes. About 200 of them: 50 are in gold; 50 in the colors of the Dutch flag; and 100 in colors which reflect the color spectrum...Galerie Lieve Hemel and Collectie Harms Rolde are across the aisle from each other and both exemplify all the elements of realism from the hyper to the impressionistic...Galerie Lilya Zakirova shows the extremes of realism. Sometimes you must seek out the imagery to perceive it like with the works of Natalya Zaloznaya...Adjacent to her is Galerie Bianca Landgreef who presents work much in the same vain. Paul Smulders could be described as a figurative expressionist...Galerie Rademakers shows the meixed media work of Barbara Broekman. These large canvases (3 meters x 120 cms.) have a laser copied classical painting reproduced and each one has been enhanced with embroidery.

Looking for a sign of spring? That is, flowers? Look no further than Jan van Hoof Galerie or how about vegetable paintings? You'll find everything from sprouts to carrots at Gal Wiek XX...Eduard Planting Fine Art Photography presents a range of photos in both color and b/w. A little something for every one's taste...A find selection of realism as seen through the eyes---and hands---of sculptors is at Galerie de Ploegh. there is even a small flock of sheep...Galerie Ulrich Gering is exhibiting drawings, photos and oils of ladies. The drawings are very nice...Galerie de Vis has a very good selection of bronze and figurative ceramic work. Small miniature portrait ovals like from the 18th and 19th century are available for 35 euro. Who says you can't afford to buy art?

Birds by Gerard Prent is a featured work at Galerie Marie Chailloux..."Gallery bart" is showing sculptor work, photography and two hyper-realistic paintings...Galerie Utrecht dose the same with sculpture, photos and paintings. Walter Elst is sort of a contemporary 17th style hyper-realist...One of the oldest galleries in Amsterdam is Galerie Petit (est. 1969). The are showing something completely new in style: Johan Scherft has painted eight miniatures of insects and animals. All are framed together in two rows of four. Separating the rows is a holograph depicting the jungle. Cool. All in all, the gallery hangs about 70 pieces which gives and excellent overview to their stable of artists...At Jos Art the range of style is from mixed media expressionism as done by Suzanne Glerum to conceptual figurative by Anton Martineau. 

A few galleries like Galerie Willy Schoots, Galerie Dom' Arte and Galerie R. Katwijk had more abstract/expressionistic work than they had realist. Hey, that's okay. It broke up your mind set. Like eating bread between each sip of wine at a wine tasting. The show continues through this Sunday from 11-19:00 daily. The entry fee is 12 euro (Pas 65, CJP, 8 euro). There are discounts available. See web site for info: https://bit.ly/2Nh12ol 



At the Cafe Engelbewaarder is an exhibition for two photographers. Joyce van Belkom shots in color and likes it a lot and sees it everywhere and if several manifestations: A military man with his regalia and colorfully dressed kids in the backgound; a lobby with a mini- skirted lady with dog being ogled by a young man; Three mini-taxis looking like a collection of hard candy. 3D liked the "bouquet" of plastic water bottles attached to the last car of a passenger train. All were shot in Albania...The other photographer, Oiet den Blanken preceded her to Albania by 20 years. He did his shots all in b/w which certainly fit the mood of the country at that time. He captures the "official" scenes such as soldiers, monuments, as well as, the unofficiall, such as: a pool room filled with players; and plain ordinary railroad tracks. Until __?___.  

2x2 PROJECTS (Veemkade 350) shows the work of a Japanese artist Kenichi Yokono. 3D had expected something a bit different: woodblock prints. What he got were woodblocks. Period. End of statement. Yokono carves the wood that could be used to make a print; but he doesn't. He carves out the imagery then paints it all white. Next, using, I think, a high quality roller, covers the high parts with red paint. The result is a piece that looks like a woodblock print but with more depth. His imagery is complex. In "Night Walk" (150x150 cms., @ 8,000 euro) we see a woman walking through a wooded area. Overall it is representational, but there are oddities---and the unexpected---as well. "Explosion" (114x89 cms., @ 5,500 euro) is a female looking like a cheerleader for an American football team, but her body decoration ranges from explosions to abstract geometric forms. "Adict I" and "Adict II" are elongated vertical " story panels" (paint and wood, 180x35 cms., @ 6,500 euro/each). Both are in b/w and red. The faces are grotesque and the "stories" are told with symbols and objects like a bus, teapot, zebras, etc. Until 13th February. https://www.mediamatic.net/en/page/109208/2x2projects 
Arti et Amicitiae presented a show with examples of work from their new members. Claire Begheyn, the Dutch incarnation of Little Bo Beep, is back with her sheep. Last fall she showed her "flock" at Hotel Armetis, but this time there is something new. Of the 15 sheep grazing, in the small gallery, two are in living color. Nice...Next to the sheep are photographs of floral flower arrangements by Mirjam de Zeeuw. Colorful and with unusual bouquet compositions...MMC [sic] Shobbe shows geometric abstraction. One is on felt and the other looks like a contoured harp strung with twine...Mari Stoel has a two meter high wood construction on display. It is a both a "table" and a "door." Huh? Yeah, well, you gotta see it to understand.

Alice Brasser could be described as a contemporary impressionists who sees the world "darkly"...Fer Bank hangs photos that represents scenes of Amsterdam as enhanced with PhotoShop. The result is an eerie and surrealistic vision of the city...Corinne Kruger continues with her series of photographic portrait studies of females...Cludia Kölgen does color photos, but of the ten examples none are really alike in imagery nor style, but she does have a style you can perceive...Anna Carlgren wprk is a two sided piece that could NOT be either more simple and minimal as it is complex. She cuts small rectangles from plexiglass and at the center of a large 50x50 cms., Plexiglas sheet arranged the smaller rectangles so that they refract light and distort imagery on the other side when you peer into the center....Eric Don has wood sculpture pieces in the other small gallery. The wood work ranges from figurative to the linear abstract to conceptualism and each piece rest on a metal stand which conveys the sense of the work. Until 31st January. www.arti.nl

Galerie Mokum (OZ Voorburgwal 334) mounts their winter group show. The work range in style from realism to representational to contemporary impressionism to figurative expressionism. Douwe Elias's work is a good example of figurative expressionism. His strokes create vague lines and often disconcerting colors as they relate to the subject matter, The overall effect is something different...Peter Hartwig's "Lunchtime, New York" is another example of this style...In contrast, Akinnori Miura is a true realist bordering on the hyper-realism school. His paintings of strawberries looks good enough to eat. Pass the whipped cream, please. A pencil drawing of his is masterful...Jantina Peperkamop's "Roos" is a very simple realistic portrait thats imagery is complex in its variations as affected by its inner light. The artist' method of signing her work is unique, subtle and, like the rest of the painting, elegant. Until 7th February. http://www.galeriemokum.com/ 
At "Galerie bart" (Bloemgracht 2), Joyce van Dongen returns with new work. She approaches the blank canvas from several different directions. The subject matter is a complex element and she confuses the viewer with a juxtaposed imagery like a lit and elaborate chandelier surrounded by olive green vegetation. But the imagery is not what her work is all about. She is mostly concerned with technique and the sense of how you use paint. The backgound may be a "flat" painting that is then enhanced by a thick application of paint. she achieves depth in many different ways. The show includes several small works as well (15x25 cms., @ 150 euro). An interesting side note is a group of 16 cut-out "collages" (11 b/w; 5 color) that are "layered. They are study "sketches" from which her paintings emerge and are not for sale. (130x100 cms., @ 1,850 euro; 155x215 cms., @ 3,550 euro). Until 13th February. https://bit.ly/2m4yS4n 
There is a new gallery in town..."tegenboschvanvreden" (Bloemgracht 57) is showing for the second or third time since opening. "INSIDE:INSIGHT" is the title of this two person exhibition. Ejderkan A. Tastekin is in the front gallery with two unique pieces. One is best described as either a sculpture, an object or an installation. Take your pick. What you see is a "stairway" to the ceiling that ends at a rectangular frame that is ringed with a halo of blue light. The staircase, itself, is enhanced with Plexiglas that connects each step. The Plexiglas has linear grooves and is "lit" to create a neon like effect. Flanked on two sides are several silver rectangles that define the space to the room. On the wall, is a drawing which appears to be the prototype sketch. On another wall, is a two dimensional conceptual linear abstraction in blue and yellow. There are 27 individual rectangles----some monochrome, some with yellow paint grooves---separated by a grid of white. It all adds up to a disconnecting imagery that you just can't take your eyes away from. (Acrylic & mdf, 151x105 cms., + add ons @ 2,500 euro; mixed media, 264x200x200 cms., @ 8,000 euro; pen & ink, 100x151 cms., @ 700 euro.) 

Rosa Everts is in the back gallery and, in a sense, her exhibition is more of an installation than it is individual pieces though, indeed, everything is priced individually. Her theme centers around empty rooms with emphasis on their electrical conduits. All work in b/w with one exception. Each is a study in linear abstraction. The "installation" part is manifested by a light socket with cord on the floor and an electrical cord connected to the overhead fluorescent light on the ceiling which seems to tie everything together. (Ink jet print on dibond, 45x68 cms., @ 500 euro; mixed media in ink jet on paper, 65x98 cms., @ 600 euro.) Until 20th February. https://bit.ly/1ijJJ6u 
Artline (Bloemgracht 65) hangs the work of Eduardo Gruber whose style is linear expressionistic/abstraction which tends to break all the rules of composition, but, at the end, works. A large pencil drawings is even a better example of this artist's ability to create something from nothing. And the best part is it is up to you to explain that "something" to yourself. (36x46, oil on paper, @ 2,200; 140x140 cms., oil on linen @ 12,500 euro; 146x114 cms., pencil on paper @ 6,250 euro.) 

Juup Linssen shares the gallery space with his mixed media work. Each piece of work could be described as a study in gray and white. In every work, there is a linear aspect. Some are even layered giving the work a 2D quality. Conceptually simple and, in a sense, complex minimalism. (52x42 cms., mixed media @ 1,900 euro; 100x73 cms., mixed media @ 2,150 euro; 122x111 cms., mixed media @ 4,500 euro.) Until ___?___. No web site listed. 

Pieter Hugo's photographs are at Cookie Snoei Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 11). The exhibition is NOT what 3D had expected. There were no examples of film from "Nollywood" (Nigeria), but photographs of people made-up to appear in the films. (Hey, I misread the press release. Must need new glasses.) But, I digress. The photos are captivating. All are portrait studies...but, well, not what you have come to expect from portrait photography. The subjects, more often than not, appear to be like Voodoo practionaries with faces decorated grotesquely. The press release also emphasized Hugo's trip to Liberia and his photos of young boys and teens wearing Boy Scout uniforms donated by scout troops in affluent countries. Those are now being shown at Cokkie Snoei Rotterdam and not the Amsterdam location. Until February. http://www.cokkiesnoei.com/ 
Four Japanese females did their best to make TEN HAAF PROJECTS (Laurierstraat 248) a warm place on a cold day. Chinatsu Takemura does unusual portraits. The artist is interested in the moment, the place and the circumstances more than the subject (36.5x25.7 cms., type C-print @ 450 euro)...Yuhki Touyama works in b/w photography. The artist is attracted by whatever subject matter which catches her eye. We see portrait compositions with emphasis on linear abstraction and sometimes just plain flowers (38x25 cms., gelatine silver print @ 650 euro). Unfortunately, there is no indication as to the edition number for either photographer...Maya Nukumiau's work is easy to visualize if you think of Vaserely the Pop School geometric abstractionist. But, in this case, the work looks like it is done on acid! And here is a twist: WithOUT much color. The overall composition is in b/w with a bare minuimum of colorful abstractions. (55x45 cms., pen on paper @ 650 euro; 73x91 cms., acrylic, marker and holograph on canvas @ 1,450 euro)...Pawel Jaszczuk does b/w photos where the imagery seems to reflect "salarymen" who didn't make the last train/metro home. (425 euro.) Until 27th February. https://bit.ly/2ux13gg 
MB Art Agency---the floating art gallery---showed Ilya Rabinovich (Willemsparkweg). This exhibition was billed as a voyeur delight! But you could have brought the kids. It was NOT a tantalizing sexual experience. On entry, into the space, you were met at the door and given a small "bike light" and directed to the darkened first floor. Once there, you wandered through three rooms and sought out the visuals. The light---with minimal wattage output---illuminated several photos hung in unexpected locations on the walls. The photos, again, are not erotic nor especially revealing---there was a series that looked as if they could have come from a family photo albums like you would expect from the neighbors next door. You did experience a sense of discovery. Until ___?___. https://bit.ly/2Nk5iUi 


Reminder: The (?) means that the information may not be right. And the "*" refers to the time and that it, too, could be wrong. Oh, the horror...the horror.

THURSDAY: 14th January
THURSDAY: 14th January 

16-18:00 Premsela & Vrije Universiteite (@Grand Café Bright City, Claude Debussylaan 2-8). "New Year Symposium: Design Denkers" all about the design culture. Three academics talk. https://premsela.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/ 

(?)17-19:00* Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (Piet Heinkade 2). Marc ver Elst, paintings. 

20:00 WG PUNT (M. v. B. Bastiaansestraat 15). "Rummy Night," Music and Poetry. FREE. https://bit.ly/2LiHeQR     https://puntwg.nl/ 

FRIDAY: 15th January
FRIDAY: 15th January

(?)17-19:00 VOUS ETES ICI (Lijnbaansgracht 314). Martin Schuppers, "Düsseldorfewr (Dis)solutions," expressionism. http://www.francisboeskeprojects.nl/ 

17-19:00 Galerie Alex Daniels-Reflex (Lijnbaansgracht 318). Alla Esipovich (Russia), photography. https://reflexamsterdam.com/ 

17:00 Sanquin-Galerie Joghem (Plesmanlaan 125). John Cees Smit, abstraction and figurative paintings. https://bit.ly/2KTO5El 

17:30 BeemsterArtCenter (Sint Nicolaasstraat 21). Ellen Walraven (Sarajevo), "Ik werk van realistisch naar abstract." https://bit.ly/2NOQuhv 

20:00 "agentur" (@ Theater of Tropen Museum (Linnaeusstraat 2). "Duet for Cannibals: Encounter with Empires," Jopse Alejandro, video; Dominique Gonsalez-Foerster, video; and Wendelien van Ottenborgh, video. "Duet for Cannibals is a screening and discussion program bringing together a selection of works by contemporary artists and filmmakers, as well as footage from the Tropen Museum archieve." 7.50 euro (includes one drink). www.agentur.nl  

SATURDAY: 16th January
SATURDAY: 16th January 

14-17:00 Galerie Insolite (Herengracht 148). Geeske Harting, figurative paintings. Peter van Oostganen, realistic paintings.  

16:00 Galerie 59 (Van Eeghenstraat 59). Moki Last, works on paper.  

16:00 The English Bookshop (Lauruergracht 71) . Versal, Amsterdam's own international literary magazine is having a new year reception. Versal's editorial team will answer questionas about literary life in the city: workshops, groups and clinics that are available.  

16-19:00 GRIMM (Keizersgracht 82). Group show of gallery's artists. https://grimmgallery.com/ 

16:00 Galerie Witteveen (Keizersgracht 538). This exhibition features four young artists who specialize in drawing: Jasmijn Visser, Toni van Tiel, Irina Birger (Russia) and Melle de Boer. https://bit.ly/2NR0zdF 

16-18:00 "Gallery nine" (Keizersgracht 552). Peter Verdonk, paintings and drawings. https://bit.ly/2L7k0jZ 

17-19:00 SLEWE (Kerkstraat 105). Three artists showing. Expect conceptual minimalism. https://slewe.nl/ 

17:00 "RON MANDOS gallery Amsterdam" (Prinsengracht 282). Magriet Smulders, "flow still lives with an edge;" and Bouke de Vries, ceramics. https://bit.ly/2N6qgWC 

17:00 Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Elandsgracht 34). "Everything Beautiful in Far Away," It is a show about abstraction as seen by four artists. https://bit.ly/2mjOOQt 

(?)17:0"* TORCH (Lauriergracht 94). Danielle Kwaaitaal, "Whispering Waters," photography. https://bit.ly/2L7qYSK 

17-19:00 Fons Welters (Bloemstraat 140). Jan de Cock (Belgium), installation. https://bit.ly/2mggCVE 

17:00 Galerie M. van Zomeren (Prinsengracht 276). Andrew Lewis and We Wykehanists. http://gmvz.com/ 

(?)17:00 Amsterdams Centrum voor Fotografie (Bethaniënstraat 39). A showing of work resulting from a workshop. https://www.acf-web.nl/ 

17-19:00 A. Gelink Gallery (Laurierstraat 187). Yael Bartana. "If you want, we'll travel to the moon together."...But where did 3D put the tickets? Do I need my passport? https://bit.ly/2u9Hxa3 

17:00 Galerie D. Stigter (Elandsstraat 90). Group show. https://bit.ly/2LcyITk 

(?)17:00* E. de Bruijn (Rozengracht 207). See web site: https://bit.ly/2JpGcRo 

17-19:00 "aschenbach & hofland galleries" (Bilderdijkstraat 165). Andrea Lehman, oils; Heringa/van Kalsbeek [sic], objects; Rik Meijers, mixed media. 3D notices they have a new web-site address: http://gerhardhofland.com/en/ 

17-20:00 WM Gallery (Elandsgracht 35). "TEN (pictures) by Wanda Michalak." 10th year anniversary for the gallery. http://gallerywm.com/WP/ 

20:00 Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68). Bardot Proviant Klub, "Are seal more piteous than pigs, cows and chickens?...The exhibition...is all about media, misunderstanding and Greenland." To which 3D says, "Seal you there!" Groan!!! Expect "a performance 'Wizards, Giants and Elves,'" by Abner Preis, the Bardot Cinematheque and delicacies from Greenland. Delicacies? What? Ice cubes? https://www.mediamatic.net/en/page/2360/bardot-proviant-klub 

21:00 SMARTProjectSpace (A. Biemondstraat 105). "Improperties/Hadley=Maxwell,"a Canadian duo presents silk screens, drawings, installations, video and sound. https://bit.ly/2ufXTyc 

23-05:00 De Verdieping (Trouw Building, Wibautstraat 127). "ART OF NOISE #2:" An "after party" for seven galleries with five djs. Entry FREE with an invite (obtainable at any of the participating galleries) or 12 euro at the door. Galleries: E. de Bruijne, Fons Welters, RON MANDOS, M. van Zomeren, GRIMM, D. Stigter and Gabriel Rolt. Check any of the galleries web site for more info. 

SUNDAY: 17th January
SUNDAY: 17th January 

14-17:00 PS (Leidsekade 60). "HICA, as arranged." Group show of nine artists. https://bit.ly/2uiHcCb 

16-18:00 WALLS (Prinsengracht 737). "New Beginnings," 16 artists show.  

16:00 Galerie De Stoker (Witte de Withstraat 124). "Expositie Mensfiguren en Wand objecten van Nini Tervoort." https://bit.ly/2Niwzqa 

TUESDAY: 19th January
TUESDAY: 19th January

17-19:00 "witzenhausen GALLERY" (Hazenstraat 60). "Undisciplined #4: Carolina Rachel Antich," photography and video. The continuation of this weekly series of five presentations under the same theme. https://bit.ly/2zCqZwM  
Saturday is a busy day! That's good if it remains cold, because going from one gallery to another will warm you up. Kid you not. And warm your hands by taking out your wallet and BUYING a work of ART. Let's get into a good habit for 2010. Let's spend our way out of recession by spending money on ART! Do it NOW. Do it tomorrow. Do it this weekend. Did it YESTERDAY...But DO IT! Why? Because 3D told you so.

Photo: 3D "performs" at Stadsdeel-Centrum's New Year reception at the Paradiso. He was asked to clear the room. Hey, 3D loves to sing...But no one likes to hear me!, Photograph Piet van der Meer