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The AmsterdamDrawing Fair, 2013

Last year, Francis Boeske and Hans Gieles organized the first AmsterdamDrawing Fair. This was an indirect answer to the downsized Kunst RAI. Their main criteria was to present a specialized fair and to keep it practical as to cost: The cost of setting it up and passing those cost savings on to the exhibitors.

In 2012, the two utilized their gallery, VOUS ETES ICI, and the Nieuw Dakota---on the other side of their gallery's wall---as the venue. The space accommodate nearly 20 galleries though, admittedly, in a cramped area. Didn't matter, it was a huge success. So much so that, this year, they put up a prefabricated tent that provides 1,200 square meters of space; and there are 40 galleries represented. But, with that said, it is still cramped. 

I should point, out at this point, that there is more than just drawings. The full title of the fair includes the phrase "works on paper." Expect to see collage and water color work as well as pencil and charcoal. It is not all black and white...In fact, there is much color.

I will walk you through the fair beginning with the left side. At the entrance you will be offered a schematic layout of the area and the galleries' location. Take it! Use it! It will help eleminate confusion because there are certain elements of the layout that makes it a labyrinth. 

Tanjana Pieters offers a very nice selection of five artists. Anyone stands-out.

Paul Andriesse features the typography of Rory Pilgrim with such pithy captions as "I Don't Know What To Do Anymore,"  and "I'm Lost For Words." Hey, that's never been a problem for 3D.

Onrust hangs a work by Eli Content that measures 195x332 cms. It is a collage on paper cuttings with an overlay of white paint and atop that black drawings of fish and swans. It works. 

SLEWE is showing Jan Roeland with his iconic ducks. The artist's paintings are a mainstay at the gallery's Kerkstraat address, however, here, you will see his drawings which measure 14x16 cm and in pencil.

De Expeditie galeriest Zsa-Zsa Eyck has taken a sabbatical year...Almost. While she is not making use of her gallery this year, she is attending fairs. Jack Ferri exhibits 100 quirky strip-like drawings...And everyone different.

Thomas Rehbein shows three artists and a nice collection of water colors.

Barbara Seiler hangs Lin de Mol's mixed-media collages which are, well, strange.

Van de Berge shows from conceptual minimalism to abstract to representational.

At Witteveen is Charlotte Schrameijer's collages of photographs that have been digitally reproduced and then cut-out. Well, you gotta see the work to understand how she shapes it. Nice!

Art Affairs has found a novel way to deal with the limited space. They are showing only one artist: Herman de Vries. But, in a way, it is akin to viewing the work of four artists since each of the walls features one of his style. The typography section is special.

What would an art fair be without the gnome..Rob Malasch hangs Kort Stuyf and his very colorful abstract drawings. His style is unique.

At Steendrukkerij's space you will see a panoramic oil pastel drawing which is a b/w sea scape by Marc Ruygrok. His style is contemporary impressionism and titled "How So"  which is included in the work. You will be captivated by it.

Gabriel Rolt is hanging one of their most successful artist, John Lurie, of movie fame, as well as the art world. His drawings are quirky and he uses a naive style to emphasize their strangeness.

Maurits van de Laar exhibits Rens Krikhaar's pencil drawings of sea subjects and you get the feel of an adventure in viewing them.

At Van Gelder, Elvire Bundnelle makes strip-like linear drawings that really project from the A4 format paper.

Jean Brolly is showing Francois Morellet's linear abstracts that are very simple in composition but assertive. 

Fons Welters brings one of his most successful artist to the fair, Claire Harvey. The only way to classify what she does is to say she is unique. She is a practitioner of the miniature style of drawing but she combines the technique with Plexiglas and/or celluloid. There is one piece that is almost a work of sculpture and stands about one meter high. 

Kathe Burkhart is at Annie Gentils with mixed-media drawings in her unmistakable style. Also the work of Dirk Zoethwhose representational linear drawings look like they could be illustrations for a children's book.

At Reuten-Reuten you will see the work of Lucus Hoeben who makes monochromatic black drawings that look like portraits. Huh? Well, yes, you gotta see them. Also Barbara Ploderman's cut-out-3D relief-collages are very, very special. 

The Patrick Heide gallery has Sarah Bridgeland's mixed-media-drawings-collage-3D work which is good but different from the aforementioned Ploderman. Showing with her is Karoly Keseru who does typography and conceptual abstraction. 

Gerhard Hofland has the work of Robert Seidel's mixed-media, on paper. The work resembles children's book illustration of architectural subjects. Cool!

Martin van Zomeren hangs an unique work by Matt Bryans. He takes newspaper cuttings and arranges them as a large collage (142x288 cm) and paints over it all with a white wash that allows the nuances of the print to come through. 

Ornis A Gallery shows Marliz Frecken who's style is a mixed-media bag from abstract to naive-like and with plenty of color.

Annet Gelink brings to the fair Raymond Pettibon who style is reminiscent of that of a graphic novel in pen and ink. The captions are right-on! 

At C&H is the work of Jantien Jangsmai who is in many ways a story teller, but without using one word. She makes drawings that mix the figurative with symbols and all in the covering of a naive style. You heard the song, "Every Picture Tells a Story."  See it live and in-person.

At Ron Mandos there is one drawing by Anthony Goicolea that justifies the cost of entry to the show. It is sorta figurative while also having a surreal flavor and all in black/white and shades of gray. 

VOUS ETES ICI hangs Koen Taselaar that does typographical inspired pieces that don't look like typography. The alpha symbols resemble the first letter illustrations seen in hand written Bibles. However, he dazzles you with color and it all comes together like a colorful abstraction. Cool!

Michael Sturm is showing Astrid Koppe's conceptual style of strange and unusual forms. Nice!

At TORCH are the drawings of Teun Hocks which are simple and fun. The style is like strip art.

Cokkie Snoei has the work of Pieter Kusters with his weird, unusual and unexpected imagery. Good work!

Livingstone hangs Raquel Maulwurf's charcoals and pastel sea scapes. One work is truly panoramic and measures 76x264 cms.

I have not listed all the galleries...Missed a few. But from reading this short overview, I am sure that you will find something to like. In fact, that's the easy part. The hard part is deciding which of several you will select to buy. Good luck!

Again, expect to be cramped especially on Saturday and Sunday because of space limitations. It would be best to go on Friday, during the day. (No children' strollers allowed.) 

...And, the journey there will be a pleasant and FREE ferry boat ride from Central Station. Facing the harbor, look to the far left and you will see the docking area for the NDSM-werf. Google "GVB, ferry times" for info. At certain hours the ferry runs every 15 minutes. During off hours it is every 30 minutes. 

The times from today (Thursday) through Saturday are 11-19:00; and on Sunday it is 11-17:00. 

More info at: www.AmsterdamDrawing.nl