Good Trouble Truth (Remembering John Lewis) by Mara Lemanis

                               Good Trouble Truth (Remembering John Lewis) by Mara Lemanis  


Good Trouble Truth

(Remembering John Lewis)


Because you knew the truth

when we broke shy of truths

scorning creeds

from minds

strapped tight

to totems

edicts chiseled

deep in stone


Because you trained

Your daily flesh

as votive to your truth

Our thoughts ignited

words that you

poured hot into

our animal life


We spoke as you did

marched singing as you did

bowed toward your lead

bore cudgels, bullets, chains

Some of us died

All of us cried exulting

in the truth that 

cut through creeds


Because you honed

The nerve

To charge our rights

Because you ground

out rights

with blood

You shed, spliced into

Our bloodstream

forging a covenant

constant as our revolution

round the sun


Because it was your will

that primed this truth:

We are the ones

who overcome

We are the ones

who give out rights

as gifts 

to one another

steering home

Our birthright.


--Mara Lemanis

Images: 1) John Lewis, 2) Selma Bloody Sunday, Getty Images