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September 30, 2011

Jim Driscoll to Daniel Gould




November 8, 2011

Jim Driscoll to Daniel Gould


DAN....Received your package and $$$.  Thank you.  

Much enjoyed your review of the Indiana Jones sequel.  Having also seen it, you were right on the money.  Ironically, I recall the local reviews of the original  (``Raiders Of The Lost Ark``)

and they made the same the serial genre.   These films all seemed to emulate the studios` practice of re-editing serials into feature films  (``The Lone Ranger`` ...into...``HiYo Silver``;

``Zombies Of The Stratosphere`` ...into.... ``Retic, The Moon Menace`` , and so on.   This particular entry into the series was described as very violent, and Speilberg apologized afterward, which helped result in still another entry.

Related Q:  OBITUARY..............You mentioned several Detroit area theaters, including the Deluxe (I remember the name, but where was that..), the Drexel and the City.  I do not recall those last 2.

Please tell me where they were, if you can recall.   .....................................JD



November 9, 2011

Daniel Gould to Jim Driscoll


Hi JD;
Well, that's a relief to know that I have finally settled the bill.
As to the location of the Drexel I seem to recall that it was on Warren or Harper at Lakeview (across the street from a housing project). I would go there with my father so it was always by car. The Deluxe, I think, was on Harper where it crosses with I-94. Large cinema. The City, again, I think  was on Chalmers? (I don't want to confuse it with the Uptown) and could it have been at Harper? During the late 60s it became a venue for traveling rock bands.
Glad you liked the Indian Jones review; I had fun in writing it. Often I am introduced to an artist, by the gallery owner, as an "art critic." I quickly correct that label---semantics, again---and say that I only describe art as I see it; I don't take a position on whether it is good or bad (I keep that opinion to myself). Then I sometimes add that when it comes to reviewing films I am often critical. I have read more on that subject than art; and have been studying it as an "art form" even before I understood the concept (those Saturday matinees).  I made a docu about ten years ago and discovered that I not only was a good director and scenario writer, but an excellent editor. I mentioned this to an advertising director who replied, "That's the hardest part of making a film!" A lotta truth in that.



November 9, 2011

Jim Driscoll to Daniel Gould



OK....I think the Drexel you mentioned was actually the Parkside....on Warren across from Chandler Park ....near or at Lakeview. I remember seeing "HELLFIRE" there, with Wm Elliott (prev.  Wild Bill Elliott) , and had an accident in my pants walking home from it !!!

The Harper/ I-94 theater was the Vogue. The City has me guessing...on Chalmers, you say?    It must be the Harper, on Harper, just to the left of Chalmers.  It was a very nice theater, like the Cinderella.

Of course, perhaps some of the names you had were earlier monikers for these theaters.   I think, for example, the Time had an earlier name....maybe even the City ??

Also, do you remember the East End, (Jeff Av),  the Plaza (Jeff Av near St. Jean) and the Civic (Kelly / Whittier) ????


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