Not an Island by Mara Lemanis

Not an Island by Mara Lemanis


Not an Island


You bear a grudge and a torch

It’s about freedom, you say,

I pursue life

I pursue liberty

that is my happiness,

consider, you say,

the lilies of the field

how they grow;

They don’t pursue, I say,

they do their bio

--That’s me, you say,

I do bio too

you can’t stop what I do;

 I say you’re not an island;

--You daring me?

you can’t cadge what’s mine,

you say, I won’t let you;

You got yours, I say,

through a social contract

you, me, them

--I got it clear and free;

Eminent domain could free it

away, could clear your turf

--They’ve got no right;

They’ve got huge oversight

--I’ve got a natural right;

You’re not an island

--it’s a God-given right;

I say the sponges got it first

before the world was earth

and after them the horseshoe crabs,

you’ll have to fight the crabs for it;

--When did you ever fight?

I don’t fight

not independent like you

I’m with the social contract,

maybe the crabs can subcontract you;

                                                                 --You think I’m gonna real-deal that?

To cinch the deal you take those crabs

to the top of Everest

--Like I take you to Lenin’s tomb;

it’s the evolution they’ve been waiting for;

--I’ll take them to a shark tank

Chip in, help us all get free

what’s a little sacrifice?

--What’s mine is mine

Imago Dei don’t sacrifice;

Egotism, bosom serpent

redeem yourself!

we hold these truths

in common…

--Not on your life--

It’s the Godly thing to do

--How would you know Godly?

It’s what we share;

--My contract is with God alone!

We are not an island


Mara Lemanis