On God #13

June 7, 2011

Bob Wilson to Daniel Gould



Once again you astound me with remembering incidents from my life. For a moment
I was ready to aver that I never had a philosophy prof named Reagan, but the incident you
describe did take place, so I will accept your memory of the name. No psychological background
to the bad handwriting. I was the only kid in my grammar school who didn't pass the Palmer
method regimen and never got a Palmer certificate.

Yes, I am lazy. I am no longer as proud to announce that as I used to be. My favorite story was and is
"Lazy Boy" by Robert Heinlein, one of my favorite authors.

For the moment, at least, I am abandoning my mission until God whacks some backbone back
into me, which I fear He will do at least as painfully as the last couple sessions have been.
I can't convince anyone. Family (Ginny says she'll divorce me if I persist with it). Friends: universal
rejection on all fronts. Acquaintances: blank stares.
Over and out.