On God #15

July 1, 2011

Daniel Gould to Jim Driscoll


Hi JD;

Well, you DO agree with me on certain aspects of this discussion ON GOD. You say, "Much of this skirts the issue, but again does not answer the Q." Exactly!!! I couldn't have summarized is better. It is WHY I am an agnostic.
I have many questions and as the years have gone by, I have found the answer to several of them...But, not ALL. And even at the advanced age of 70, I do know one thing for certain and that is I won't have ALL the answers before I die. But that's okay since I won't need them since there is NO where to go after lights-out. Like a kid's electric train, with a circular track,  there is NO beginning nor is there an END. It is always back to square one what ever that is. I find that as comforting as you do your belief in an omnipotent being.