On God #19

July 28, 2011

Daniel Gould to Bob Wilson


Hi Bob;
I have noted "Ecolodgical Adventures." I shall Google the former term since it is not familiar to me. Knowing you, you may have taken the liberty of coining a new term a la A. Burgess "Clockwork Orange". Then you go on to say the concept will go on to make you "the most hated person in the world." Such hubris, but from you I can accept it with a certain glee. The "hints" seem not that cryptic; I think you are picking up the baton of the "Mad Bomber" (I seem to recall he had a Polish surname). Or is it "John Gault" from A. Rand's "Atlas Shrugged".

In other words, I am assuming that the fact that you have refused "to participate in the Internet revolution" is inspiring you to attack it. I thought that your "refusal" was because you never taught yourself to type (you can do so on line, with free lessons, with two methods to select from). But if, indeed, your refusal had to do with the actual Internet revolution---actually it is the "digital" revolution that is changing everything---you are being forced to become part of it to attack it.

This is similar to the Arab' Catch-22. It is said that the Arabs have tried to force the Jews from Israel not because of their religion but that by bringing the 20th century into the region they threatened all the traditional Arab societies. Sadat was forced to lead the Arabs into the 20th century to fight them if he expected to have any hope of defeating them; and he did recognize the dichotomy in doing so. But I await what I am sure will be your eloquent arguements.