On God #3

May 16, 2011

Bob Wilson to Daniel Gould

Dear Dan,

Because you are in a small minority of people who are interested in my career as a prophet you have succeeded in inspiring me to actually sit down and compose an e-mail. No small feat.

I am in search of an internet savvy John the Baptist to get my program going. I tried to entice Singularity University into providing the expertise to launch a social media campaign to introduce my message to the world. I couldn't even send an e-mail to their leaders.

The reason I chose SU for potential help is that their raison d' etre, the imminent confluence of communication capability, computer technology, archival knowledge, and whole new scientific disciplines is not only in concord with the message I bring, but is the tipping point that we face in the development and evolution of humankind and the central message I am supposed to deliver.

What I would ask you to do is succeed in enlisting SU to provide the infrastructure and expertise to disseminate the message-as well as contribute any expertise you might care to lend to the effort.

I know your first thought is wondering  just what the message is.

As succinctly as possible: God is not only real, he cares about and is trying to communicate with us. We don't listen or don't want to listen. Previous attempts to have messages delivered via special messengers have been co-opted by organized religions and been subsumed into the business of running the religion. Rather than duplicate work I will try to figure out how to append the aborted e-mail  to SU. Please read it carefully as it is a summation of my message.



Photo: Anton Raphael Mengs, 'St. John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness'