On God #4

May 17, 2011

Daniel Gould to Bob Wilson

Hi Bob;

...It's serendipity all over again!
Your e-mail, describing your message to the world, has left me flabbergasted, flummoxed and fascinated.
This Thursday, I attend a lecture on Singularity (scroll down for click on). I am now looking forward to it more than ever.
Another coincidence is I am reading "The Atheist Manifesto" written by a contemporary French philosopher.
I have only read your  "manifesto" twice so far; it will take several more readings for me to grasp its true significances and to have an in-depth understanding. And I do have much to say on the subject. In fact, I have been discussing with my grandchildren the concept of God and the role of religion in its misdirection of the world. I am still an agnostic; and I am anti-religion. As to a Godhead, I lean towards Einstein's quest for an unification theory as being the description of the "supreme being." The one reservation I have with your concept is the lack of a definition for the term "God." As it reads now, you could be confused as a "prophet" or a Scientologist---heaven forbid.
I checked out the web-site for the Singularity University and see that it is located in your neighborhood and that they offer a 10 week graduate study program as well as three day workshops. Since you have been unable to make contact with the powers that be, doing one of the two---or both---would be your foot in the door. Not to mention interesting.
As to your hubris that the manifesto would make you the most hated man in the world, well, I think not. Sorry. There are too many who would agree with your position.
Again, I will be back to you on this.



Registration: the future of the Singularity

Dear Daniel

We received your registration. Your ticket will be at the registration desk  

We are looking forward seeing you at the future of the Singularity, Thursday, May 19, 2011

Registration: 18:30-19:00, Conference: 19:00-21:15

Location:  HTIB, Eerste Weteringplantsoen 2c, 1017 SJ Amsterdam

Best regards

Club of Amsterdam
Felix B. Bopp