Russia around the period of the Russian Revolution in color! (1917-1919)

Russia around the period of the Russian Revolution in color! (1917-1919) 

Для моих российских зрителей: Россия периода Русской революции в цвете! The original B&W film has been restored and colorized at request of a number of our Russian viewers. It shows highly interesting scenes of the aftermath of the second revolution that took place in 1917.

Most scenes in this film were filmed around 1919. In 1917 the Russian Tsar Nicolas II was thrown-off the throne and killed by revolutionairies under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. His entire family suffered the same fate. For more details please read the timeline and the CC captions.

The original film has been motion-stabilized, slightly speed-corrected, enhanced and colorized using modern A.I. video software. Music: David Celeste, Haempus Naeselius a.o.

Timeline: 00:00 Novonikolaïevst (Novossibirsk) in 1919 00:04 A station in Novonikolaïevst 00:38 The bridge over the river Ob 00:57 The local market 01:24 Floods at Barnaoul in 1919 01:36 The banks of the river Ob and a bridge 02:13 La Sorbonaïa 02:21 Panorama of the town 02:46 A saw mill 03:00 Remnants of a fire 03:34 Prisoner camp 04:18 The wounded arrive at the station 05:34 A Czech armored train 05:43 Russian soldiers and British cannons 05:53 Russian soldiers with French machine guns 05:56 A military parade 07:27 Semipalatinsk in 1919 07:31 Panorama of the town 08:13 Near Semipalatinsk on the railroad of the Altaï 09:07 Primitive dwellings for the workers 09:49 Navigating on the river Irtych 10:40 Construction of a quay. Much obliged Rick88888888

Photo: Tsar Nicholas II