The century of Asia: the inevitable global power shift. Felix Meritis 2008

23rd Globalisation Lecture with Kishore Mahbubani and Frans Timmermans, Minister for European Affairs November 3, 2008, Felix Meritis

 "You in the West have no idea how the rest of the world looks at you. They see an emperor without clothes.The world has changed tremendously, but you do not understand what that means."

For centuries were Asians (Chinese, Indians, Muslims and others) on the sidelines of world history. Now they are ready to claim their share of world power. East is modernizing rapidly, it has the fastest growing economies and the largest financial reserves. Also on a social and cultural level it changes a lot. But how do Europe and US respond on the stormy rise of Asia? According to the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani the West only seems to anticipate in economic changes in the East. It is worrying that the West is unable to recognize this new reality and is sticking to its supposed superiority in economic, military and morel area.

By contrast, stabbing their heads in the sand and Western governments refuse to accept that the shift of economic power also will involve a shift of political and cultural power.