They Did Not Say by Mara Lemanis

They did not say


They did not say

you are wrong

they said your vision

lacks right

you said,

all visions are right

that do no harm

your vision

harms ours, they said,

our vision is

tidy and small

your vision is

messy and gross

invasive and vast

inclusive, you said

                                                                                 intrusive, they said

our minds are refined

your vision turns

sand into mud

with images crass

clashing and strange

sapping autonomy

deranging harmony

my vision is like

the ocean, you said

it nurtures the land

it mirrors the sky,

your ocean will drown us

water is life, you said

first, they said, 

we drain the excess

and pipe it 

to tidy wells

that deepen our vision

where is compassion,

you asked

not our mission,

they said.


              --Mara Lemanis