Time Travel back to wonderful Europe in the 1930's in color!

Time Travel back to wonderful Europe in the 1930's in color! 

You can now go on a wonderful long trip back in time to Europe as it was shortly before WWII. This time-travel journey lasts nearly an hour (!) and takes you to a large number of European countries like Portugal (Lisbon), Gibraltar, England, Algeria, Italy (Scicily, Palermo, Capri & Naples), Monaco, France (Nice), Switzerland (Geneva, Alps), Nazi Germany (Rhine trip, Cologne, Münich, Berlin, Potzdam, Hamburg), Belgium (Brussels), Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest) and back to the US on the Queen Mary via Hamburg.

The exact date of the film is unknown. Prelinger mentions that possibly it were two trips in 1935 and 1936. However, I found an "Agfa 1938" frame while editing this film, which would also correspond better with the footage of pre-war Nazi Germany. The route that this film follows shows that it most likely was not shot during one holiday in Europe. For that the order of the scenes is far too illogic.


For more details, see the time line below. The original B&W film has been drastically enhanced by means of modern A.I. video software. Among other it has been motion-stabilized, slightly speed-corrected and further enhanced. Colorization was done with the great "DeOldify" software. We don't have enough nice copyright-free music to fill nearly an hour of film footage. Therefore this film is silent. Source: The "Wathen Collection" on Prelinger archives.

Draft Time line (to be completed):

00:00​ FIRST TRIP: Departure from New York on the "Italian Line" 00:22​ Arrival at the first European port of Lisbon in Portugal 01:46​ The rock of Gibraltar 02:16​ Algiers in Algeria, Northern Africa 03:20​ Departure to Italy 03:45​ Arrival at Palermo in Scicily 04:22​ Departure from Scicily with the vulcano Mount Etna in the background 04:31​ A youth hostel in Naples 05:01​ The bay of Naples 05:20​ The Isle of Capri 06:25​ Arrival in Monaco 06:59​ Nice in the Cote D'Azure, South of France 07:06​ Boulevard des Anglais and Negresco hotel 07:26​ View from the hotel 07:50​ Hiking in the hills around Nice 08:00​ In the Alps 12:39​ Interlaken-Ost station in Switzerland 12:53​ Lake scene at Luzern and boat trip to Flülen 14:00​ Heidelberg Germany 15:45​ The river Rhine near Cologne 15:58​ The Dom cathedral in Cologne 16:16​ The Hindenburg zeppelin passing overhead 16:20​ On to Bruges in Belgium 16:45​ Manneke Pis in Brussels 17:54​ Arrival in England 18:01​ London 18:04​ Houses of Parliament 18:08​ Big Ben clock tower 18:15​ Parade grounds behind Horse Guards 18:20​ The Horse Guards 18:29​ Buckingham Palace 18:52​ Grenardiers Band 19:10​ Tower Bridge 19:22​ The Tower of London 19:32​ Near traitors gate 19:36​ Beefeater (uniform wrongly colored) 19:40​ Liberties store 19:47​ Trafalgar Square with Nelson's column 20:06​ Piccadilly Circus 20:18​ Eros statue 20:25​ Berkeley Square 20:40​ Sunken Gardens, Hyde Park 20:47​ Strand (?) 20:58​ University City Oxford 21:06​ One of the Universities 21:44​ Chipping Norton 22:12​ Picturesq cottages 22:20​ A Fox hunt 22:40​ Stratford Upon Avon 23:40​ SECOND TRIP with the Queen Mary to Europe 26:00​ Paris, France 27:00​ [To be determined] 28:23​ View over the Seine towards the Notre Dame 28:29​ Notre Dame cathedral from the rear 28:40​ The Eiffel Tower, seen from Trocadero 28:50​ Paris World Fair Yugoslavia pavilion (under construction in 1936 or in 1937?) 29:03​ Steps down from Trocadero towards the Eiffel Tower 29:10​ View on the pavillions of the 1937 World Fair (under construction) 29:40​ Pan towards the Trocadero building 29:51​ Statues at Trocadero 30:01​ Rue des Beaux Art, Saint-Germain-des-Prés Quarter 30:18​ Saint Chapelle 32:28​ Arrival in Insbruck in Austria 39:07​ Vienna in Austria 39:10​ Rear of the Hofburg 39:22​ Statue of Emperor Franz, Hofburg 39:38​ Entrance to the Hofburg 39:51​ Neueburg in Vienna 39:56​ Statue of Archduke Karl, Heldenplatz; Townhall in the background 40:10​ Parliament building 40:19​ Statue of Pallas Athene, the goddess of wisdom 40:40​ Townhall of Vienna, to the right of the Parliament building 40:45​ Burgtheater 40:54​ Votive church in the diastance 41:10​ Votive church 41:20​ Broad avenue with view on (?) 41:29​ Townhall of Vienna 41:55​ Under the Hofburg 42:12​ World famous Vienna Opera "Wiener Staatsoper" building 42:32​ Kärntner Strasse in Vienna 42:36​ Stephan's Dom 42:51​ Hotel Metropole 43:00​ Gardens Schönbrunn Palace 43:20​ Gloriette at Schönbrunn 43:30​ Schönbrunn Palace near Vienna 43:44​ Budapest in Hungary 47:25​ Famous Chain bridge in Budapest 48:47​ Arrival in Salzburg in Austria 52:34​ Arrival in Münich in Nazi Germany 53:10​ Berlin (?) 53:35​ Unter Den Linden, Avenue in Berlin 53:46​ By train to Potsdam 53:51​ Beautiful Sans Souci Palace just outside of Potsdam 54:15​ The windmill next to the Palace at Sans Souci 54:42​ Brandenburger Tor (Gate) in Berlin, entrance to Unter den Linden 54:45​ Siege Saule 55:10​ Hotel Bristol in Berlin 55:29​ Arrival in Hamburg, filmed from Alsterarkaden 55:34​ Hamburg harbor 55:48​ Sea crossing during very stormy weather.
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