Two Fine Art Galleries, one small town in Canada

Galerie Q would be seen as a unique phenomenon in any small township anywhere.  It is housed in what was the first post office of a picturesque rural valley community and has been lovingly renovated with wide open areas for best display, chandeliers, attractive unique furniture pieces to set off the art and, ultimately, to house the works of world class artists.

It is original in many ways.  It has a focus on indigenous peoples’ art works, in particular on an artist from the Canadian prairies in the province of Saskatchewan.  The artist is R.C.A. Allen Sapp, 1928 to 2015.  These works are in the galleries’ private collection and are highlighted and displayed from time to time as a public service for the enjoyment of the Galerie Q patrons.

He is a beloved artist across Canada, and the memories of a difficult youth, yet having the opportunity to grow up in the warmth of his grandmother’s love has indelibly colored his depiction of his life and his “oeuvres.”

He called her “Nokum” which mean grandmother in his native Cree.  The emotion, love of family, love of his culture and the role of nature, its beauty and its hardships, intertwine to weave his story on the canvas.

In the early days, he copied the white man’s version of the world in his paintings, but it is when he let that go and started to paint what he felt and remembered about his people that made all the difference in his artwork.  These are the works that began his climb to both self-expression and was heralded both by his heritage peoples and the rest of the country.  His heartfelt story is depicted in paint growing year after year garnering more respect and honors.

French Canada is not just Quebec, but there are pockets of French Canadians across Canada.  Galerie Q is dedicated to celebrating the peoples of French heritage that settled in Canada by presenting French Canadian artists outside of the main French centers, such as Quebec City and Montreal.   These artists are selected for their works of great beauty, delicacy, innovativeness, creativity.  Their works that are exhibited are portrayals of the life and spirit of the French Canadian people.

A highly desirable and collectible artist, 30 year professional impressionist artist, Raynald Leclerc, born 1961, paints impasto with a palette knife creating a highly textured canvas.  His skill is evident in the spontaneity of his color application and the appearance of brilliant sunlight.  His landscapes have a three-dimensional quality that is intriguing.  Galerie Q has an extensive collection of his works.

Christian Bergeron is a master of his own style, enhancing various collections in Canada, U.S.A. and Europe. He uses a spatula and acrylic paint to achieve his prismatic style, bright colors and contrasts.  He selects explosive colors, utilizes luminosity in his work and imbues his canvases with the joy of life.  To give credence to his art are his many fans that collect his work in Canada, U.S.A. and Europe. 


Cavan Art Gallery is named for the town of Cavan in Ontario, Canada.  It is a pretty gallery which is in a repurposed building that was built as a barn about 100 years ago, but it is transformed.  The old beams are still there, but the feeling is contemporary and modern.

There is art on the walls that exhibits the work of Dianna Brown Green, whose background is from the Cree indigenous tribe.  She paints her spiritual connection to her culture and its many legends.  She spent many summers canoeing in Algonquin Park up in the north of Ontario where she was able to reconnect to Mother Earth and her many creatures. 

Dianna studied textile design at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and her paintings are held in both private and corporate collections in Canada, Europe and the United States. 

The Cavan Art Gallery also exhibits work by local artists such as Lucy Manley, Keene, Ontario and Micheal Zarowsky, Toronto, Ontario. 

Lucy Manley has been painting in her favorite medium, oil, en plein air for many years.  She applies great enthusiasm to the movement of her brushstrokes to achieve her loose and flowing style.  Her choice of colors center on the bright and engaging and her subject matter in her landscapes reiterates the land, rivers, hills and dales of this part of the countryside. 

Micheal Zarowsky paints in the environs of Cavan raising his unique mixed media pieces into the spotlight.  His highly detailed trees, forests, lakes and rivers populate the birch panel painting supports he favors.  His mediums of choice are acrylic and watercolor.

His compositions are brightly conceived and the color selections are brilliant.  He also loves to paint winter scenes and these are very well regarded.  There is a real peace and grace, like a dance of snow, pale blue shadows and glowing light in his works.

Image 7: Valerie Kent