What I Know by Mara Lemanis

What I Know by Mara Lemanis


What I know


The earth loosed waves of carbon

to grow my thought

linked disks of iron

to grow my blood

these things engendered me

I know

thoughts trading gas 

blood cycling mass

spun from ancient wastes 

though what I know

knows me much more

stored deep inside 

calderas spewing haze and humus

what my mind can't devise

it dares to improvise

launch tall mythologies

stamped in scripture

--"In the beginning..."--

 biblical oaths

dressed in legend

--"All’s well that ends well"—

pitched in proverbs

chains of letters words

thrown up against

the dark mesh of the sky

weaving a lodestar

to wink down at me

a time-worn hoary joke

poking the borders of my thought

it mimes me well

I pray it stays aloft

where I have coaxed

a sacred promise 

to make my carbon myths

shine like a cosmic vow

to hang a testament of fire

that will not end

when all the earth

has turned to gas.


                                                                                   --Mara Lemanis