Wonderful old London around 1900 in colour!

Wonderful old London around 1900 in colour!  

An extremely interesting collection of colourized old film footage about London more than a century ago. This footage spans a period between 1895 and around 1915.

Some footage is very old and damaged, so the picture quality varies with each scene (from excellent to reasonable). There is not much that can be done with software to repair damaged film.

From a historic perspective the deciions has been made to enhance as many old films as possible, including the lesser quality ones. The original film has been motion-stabilized, speed-corrected, contrast- and brightness corrected, de-noised and restored, enhanced and colourized with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence sotware.


00:00​ Welcome to old London around 1900! 00:04​ Empire Theater at Leicester Square 00:46​ Westminster Bridge and Big Ben clock tower 01:15​ Tower Bridge 02:00​ Many pedestrians on Old Waterloo Bridge (demolished in the 1930s) 03:58​ Foggy London, Location? [Near Bank of England?] 04:21​ Piccadilly Circus with Eros statue 05:07​ Pettycoat Lane market 07:38​ Hyde Park Corner near Apsley House ("No.1 London"], Duke of Wellington residence 08:10​ Hyde Park Corner 09:14​ The Strand looking east towards St.Clements Danes Church 09:30​ Location? 09:45​ Crimean War memorial near Pall Mall 10:00​ Court building 10:15​ Charing Cross Station entrance 10:35​ Busy Traffic (near Trafalgar Square?) 12:10​ Thames Embankment near Westminster Bridge; Boats to Greenwich 12:27​ Black Friars Bridge 13:04​ St.Margaret's Church and Big Ben 13:20​ Beer barrel transportation 13:29​ Trafalgar Square and National Gallery 13:58​ Base of Nelson's column with the four lions 14:13​ Looking up the Strand 14:16​ Suffragettes protesting for Women's Rights 14:28​ Suffragettes procession 14:36​ Royal Exchange (building with pillars) and the Bank of England 16:41​ St.Bartholomew's Gatehouse in West Smithfield, next to Barts Hospital 17:25​ St.Bartholomew's church 18:08​ St John's Gate, St John's Lane in Clerkenwell 18:35​ Crosby Hall, home to Thomas More, in its old location 19:45​ Old Dick Whittington Pub, oldest in London, Est.1500 20:03​ Henry VIII's wonderful hunting lodge in Chelsea 20:27​ Outskirts of London 20:31​ Spaniards Inn, Spaniards Road, Hampstead 21:01​ Extremely old (damaged) footage 22:14​ Horse-drawn Fire brigade 22:57​ Location? 23:40​ Naval Officers gathering, Admiral William Sims of the US Navy 23:53​ Nancy-pants officers (sorry!) 24:02​ House of Parliament seen from the Thames 24:14​ Grenadiers procession 24:45​ Street scenes 25:05​ Liverpool Street Station 25:25​ Snowball fight in the Park (which park?) 26:02​ The End. The music is by Harry Davidson and his Orchestra. Much Obliged Ricks Film Restoration