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Art makes us who we are. The plays we see, the books we read and the movies we watch, shape our ideas about communities and our place within them. But art is not just a medium for ideas. The inhabitants of ancient Athens felt their love of culture set them apart from other Greek cities. The Athenian elite poured time and money into the arts, while great dramatists from all over Greece competed for the favour of Athenian audiences. In much the same way, the Edinburgh International Festival brings together the inhabitants of Edinburgh and attracts artists from far and wide. Truly a city worthy of its title: ‘Athens of the North’.

Then: The

The Dionysia Theatre in ancient Athens

Every year, in the four months of winter, the citizens of Athens would gather to celebrate a string of festivals to honour the gods. This festival season began with the rural Dionysia and culminated...

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City of brilliance The Athens of Pericles

The 5th century B.C. is often considered the golden age of Athens. Although many historians are quick to point out that Athens certainly wasn’t the only Greek city of importance, few would deny...

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The Theatre of Dionysos Performing for the gods

Writing about gods, monsters and heroes is one thing, showing those same characters on stage quite another. Ancient Greek theatre held to different conventions than most modern plays. The plays...

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Now: Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Festival Home of the arts

The Edinburgh International Festival was launched two years after the conclusion of the Second World War, with much of Europe in pieces. The festival was the initial brainchild of Rudolf Bing,...

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Global festival city Culture from far and wide

Each year, Edinburgh attracts thousands of artistic greats from all over the globe. What started as a single festival, quickly grew into a city-wide event. The Edinburgh International Film Festival...

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Usher Hall Musical heart of Edinburgh

The symbolic heart of the Edinburgh International Festival is perhaps Usher Hall, one of the most important venues for the festival since the first edition of 1947. Usher Hall was funded by Andrew...

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Tentoonstelling ShakespeareNL en voorstelling Shakespearience
Chantal Mouffe
Ivo van Hove
Milan Kundera
Günter Grass
Manuel Martin
Felix Meritis (Amsterdam)
A Walk Through Edinburgh
Bringing Europe Together
The Berlin Wall
Edinburgh Festival
The Dionysia
European Union
Dialogue and Collaboration between East & West
The International Festival Wratislavia Cantans - Polen
Generation Europe
After the Arab Spring - Europe and the World
Milan Kundera
Velvet Revolution
Jan Palach and Prague Spring
Edinburgh Castle as seen from the NorthEdinburgh Castle as seen from the North

ITIN Route A Walk Through Edinburgh

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